A bip-a-dee bop-a-dee boo

A bip-a-dee bop-a-dee boo

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#1 Sep 15, 2012
I found out something the other day on Facebook it was kinda neat I thought I'd share.
Did you know.......
Tic Tac's, ya know how you open the one end and flap it open and dump right? Well did you know that that is wrong? The little box was actually designed to be used the opposite way and there is a little canal on that very flap that allows a tic tac to flip out and you then take it off the flap.

Ya know your old when your sitting in front of the computer screen on a Saturday night at 11:30pm watching old reruns of the X-Files. Wow, I'm feeling it tonight.

Went yard sale-ing today and got some fun things.... thought I'd share....(ok ok I need to get some friends...lol... I know I know)

Waffle iron - 2.00
police scanner - 10.00 (I really paid 15.00 but I lied to my husband so he wouldn't b**t*h if it ended up being a piece of crap)
A playpen (for my puppy)- 3.00
3 pairs of shorts -.50 cents each (holy cow huh?)
Oh and a whole butt load of patterns... yea yea I like to sew. it's all kinds of craft ideas not just sewing I got the whole book for 2.00 (I was tickled about that).

Well have a good night and be safe out there....... If ya just want to rattle on about something on your mind feel free but please..... please don't rip people up about there spelling or no gossipy crud like who's sleepin with who.... who cares about that let's hear about the good sale at Grant's in Richlands where I found TWO boxes of little Debbie cakes for ONE DOLLAR!!!!! Can you believe that ONE DOLLAR.... I'll admit I bought a crap load...lol Hey toss them in the freezer and they'll last a while ya know.

Raven, VA

#2 Sep 16, 2012
You'll discover for every bad person,there seems to be a ratio of 20:1 of good people in this area,although some people may not agree.Especially in Churches(Holy Ghost sort),and since you have pets,people that share your interest in animals.You seem like a nice,caring person,I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends!
Just Me

Minneapolis, MN

#3 Sep 16, 2012
How refreshing. Great post!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

United States

#4 Sep 16, 2012
Well I never did buy the darn Tic Tac's even though I meant to but forgot every time I was in a store. Doncha just hate that? You know what I have resorted to with that? I am always making my grocery list! Before every trip out I make a list. But I'll be darn if I don't forget the darn thing EVERYTIME! I have actually resorted to writing it on my hand. I hate when you see people out with writing on there hands it's sort of juvenile but let me tell you..... it comes in handy. You wont loose it in your purse or forget it in the car, I guarantee it...lol Just watch it when you wash your hands after using the potty's out or you'll be washing your list away (found that out the hard way too).

I didn't hit any good sales today or get nothing cool to tell you about but I did have a real delicious dinner. We had breakfast for dinner. I love doing that. I finally broke down and spent the money on a couple of those ham steaks. So I cut it in like 6 pieces, made omlette's stuffed with hash browns, onion, mushroom, cheese and green pepper. Made some home made biscuits (thanks to great value brand rise and bake biscuits) and a nice cold Pepsi. Wow was that yummy. I made them way to big, I ate way to much and now I am way to lazy and tired.

I tell ya I love that were able to open the windows and doors now instead of being shut up in the house in the air conditioner. It's been so nice out lately hasn't it? I'm excited about fall coming I think. Except we have to buy a new (or gently used) coal/wood stove before it gets to cold. But we can always jump off that bridge when we get there.

Oh oh I did learn something else cool off of Facebook yesterday. It's a really pretty idea. And awesome gift (I'd want one). So you carve a pumpkin depending on what size you want the final result. Clean it out real good (and of course salt and bake your seeds, that's a given)drop a potted mum down into the empty pumpkin. Get a big autumn colored bow and pin it to the front top of the pumpkin and there ya go. You can imagine how pretty that would be right? I think I may try it.

Well have a good night and glad to see a couple people stopped by to say hi. Yes I am a animal lover.... I guess it's because we don't have children and fill that void with that...lol

Nighty night and make tomorrow count cause there will never be another day like tomorrow. Oh and you know what's fun..... EVERYONE you pass while driving? Wave.... it's fun!

Springfield, NJ

#5 Sep 17, 2012
Love to have a friend like you Shellie, you are super interesting.
Thank you

Cherryville, NC

#6 Sep 17, 2012
Thank you Shellie, I am going to try the pumpkin/mum idea!!!!
c howell

Greer, SC

#7 Sep 17, 2012
i must say i have really enjoyed reading all this here,,such a nice post,,instead of downing everyone and gossiping,,talking trash,, very refreashing reads here,,but i am in need soon of a place to rent 3br house or doublewide..in nice area of tazewell..if anyone here no's of anything please post me a number to call so i can get in touch with landlord and go lok at it..thanks so much for any info and for delightful post..

United States

#8 Sep 17, 2012
Today has been kind of a gloomy rainy day but at least it isn't too hot or two cold. Do you believe though I still have my air on? Just to get the humidity out of the air and have some noise so my dogs don't bark at every little thing outside.

Ok so I have to know how many of you all fell for the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" trilogy. I did, I did.... lol. It's not as bad as they make it out to be. Yes they are very...ummm shall we say.... "risque", but where all adults (at least you should be if your reading those books) it's not like we don't know what goes where. The love story throughout it is really cute, and you kinda of get giddy with the flirting between the two main characters. I just finished the second and now off to the third.

So does anyone like games on the internet like on Facebook? I like to play Hidden Chronicles, Chefville and Words With Friends. I hate though how you have to ask for everything to advance in the games cause even though i have friends to ask for the stuff, I never get it. Also I have satellite internet and it's sort of slow. I mean it's better than dial up but not by much. You can really tell when the kids get out of school and suck up the bandwidth or what ever it is called. I'm not up on my mega-pixel-giga-kilobyte-bit-r ate-band talk. Actually I haven't a clue about any of it...lol But I can sure act like I no what I'm talking about to someone who knows less than I do.

Anyone go to the Cedar Bluff Festival? I didn't I wanted to but i didn't. I talk about going every year and when it comes either time slips away and it's over before you know it or I'm broke and what's the fun in going broke.

Speaking of time slippin away... has anyone ever been at the battle of the bands and got the funky deep fried potato thing they have? Oh my, it's huge! Looks very yummy but i have still yet to get one and I've lived here on and off for 13 years now.You watch when I finally do get one I'll be disappointed and wont even like them. SO maybe I shouldn't EVER get one.

It's kind of like your horoscope if you read tomorrows, today is it still accurate or do you subconsciously make what you read happen?

Or like how your head itches when you hear some one has lice....(eeeewwwww) or your bumm itches when you see the dog scoot across the carpet. OH MY GOSH I'M ONLY KIDDING about that one!!! But you almost thought "yea really" didn't you...... lol

Speaking of scooting on the carpet.... I'd better scoot on off of here and look busy so my husband don't think I sit around on the computer all the time. i have to check in on my games anyway then who knows what....

Have a great night and hope your Monday wasn't to unbearable. I know Monday's sort of set the tone for the week so if it went bad finish it off with a hot shower, bowl of ice cream and a good movie.

United States

#9 Sep 17, 2012
Dang wrote:
Love to have a friend like you Shellie, you are super interesting.
Wow tanks - that's a pretty cool thing to say. Hey ya never know maybe you already know me...lol wouldn't that be a hoot!

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#10 Sep 17, 2012
Thank you wrote:
Thank you Shellie, I am going to try the pumpkin/mum idea!!!!
K!!! Hey let me know after you did it how it turned out and if it was a pain in the bumm. I want to do it but I'm on the lazy side and will procrastinate for ever then come up with all kinds of reasons why i didn't do it this year and try again next year.....lol let me know! and over bake your seeds till there browned up pretty good they taste better!

United States

#11 Sep 17, 2012
c howell wrote:
i must say i have really enjoyed reading all this here,,such a nice post,,instead of downing everyone and gossiping,,talking trash,, very refreashing reads here,,but i am in need soon of a place to rent 3br house or doublewide..in nice area of tazewell..if anyone here no's of anything please post me a number to call so i can get in touch with landlord and go lok at it..thanks so much for any info and for delightful post..
Yea i tend to get a little lengthy though..lol

Your in luck I happen to have the current Bargain Finder sitting right next to me. I'll throw out a few & you let me know if you want to whole ad. I'll wait an hour after I post for your reply K...

Here we go.....

Maxwell, Va (?)
3 Brd, 1 Bth $420 a month
No pets, no smoking,

Bluefield, VA
2 Brd, 1 Bth $435 a month
Oh it has a private deck, that would be nice, heat pump, city water (YEAY!!) Credit check and background check? HUmmm I don't think id want to rent from them unless they provide me with the same info, don't you agree?

Richlands Va
3Brd, Bth 650 a month
small yard, no pets need references

Hurley, VA (?)$400 per month
2 Brd

Richlands VA No price listed
2 Brd

Trammel VA (?)

Honaker VA (?)

Abington va (?)

Swords Creek, VA (?)

Jewell Ridge, VA (?)

Patterson, VA (?)

Swords Creek, VA (?)

Coeburn / St Paul area

Grundy, VA

K- so that's the list of houses for rent in the up to date Bargain Finder. If the cities I listed that don't have info and you want it let me know I'll list it for ya....

Good luck and I hope this helps.
c howell

Greer, SC

#12 Sep 17, 2012
thank you but really would like tazewell or close to tazewell,,do not no what the surrounding areas are named sooo,,but it must be 3br,,and my wife and i smoke,,we have no pets,,but 2- 15yr old twin girls and a 12 yr old girl,,soo 3br 2 bath a must,, but yes thank you for info and more info you have close to tazewell or in tazewell,the 3 br in richlands sounds goodbut need more info,,, and love reading your post :)

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