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sleeper just waiting

United States

#21 Mar 5, 2011
Clarence painter you think your something.You need to go back to bed with chad so and let the grownups worry about this shit.I'd hate it if you got hurt.You ain't nothing and never will be.As for jerry,You just wish you be the man that he's always been.You punks ain't talking about some kid,Your talking about a grown man,Who has proofed his whole life, that he is a real man,So you punks go back to the neeple,Its rated R now.GOOD WHEEL HUNTING.

United States

#22 Mar 5, 2011
I hope guys now know this shit isn't worth it.I'm friends and family with both of the familys.Whats a whooping or a piece of ass,Nothing to someone lossing a life.Let it go.Paul and jerry needs to settle it for good.Leave everyone els out of it. Which paul I think done knows how that feels but settle it like a man,and stop the stupid shit.

Tazewell, TN

#23 Mar 5, 2011
First of all this is Clarence Painters cousin and he hasnt been near a computer all night so you need to quit useing someone elses name on here. 2nd I dont know what actually happened last night,I just know that a kid almost got killed over stupidity.And yes it may be his own fault so now he has a gun shot wound to remind him of just how stupid that was.And the only other stupid people are on here making threats to one another. What do you wanna do ...go out and really kill someone and let the cops read this crap and put you away for life? I dont know Jerry so I have nothing to say about him or to him.All I know is that Clarence has been with his family all night and not near a computer so leave his name out of it.
Friend of both sides

Tazewell, TN

#24 Mar 5, 2011
Why is it that everyone is out to get Jerry Green when it was J.J. Green that whooped Paul's ass? Either way, all these other people need to stay out of it, all your doing is starting a war. Someone will end up dieing if this continues, whether it be a Leedy, a Green, or an innocent by stander. No woman or man is worth all this bull shit. This is all hurting so many people, and the sad thing is that no one can see it for all the hate and resentment. Come on people, you are supposed to be adults, let this go, I know you are smart enough to see what I am saying is true. There's gonna be killings if this doesn't end. Anybody that knows Jerry knows that he loves his family, and he wouldn't have set out to hurt any of them, including chad Green, even though he was trying to burn his house down. Let this go, please.
just a bit of info

United States

#25 Mar 6, 2011
I want to set something straight with everyone of you right now. Yes, Jerry Green is SOMEWHAT of a "Good Man" to the public eye but you people really have NO CLUE as to how he treated Bean Bug the last years of their marriage. Yes, she's not perfect either, but Jerry sure as hell wasn't gonna try to help her. He turned his back on Bean because of the Greens. The Greens ain't crap! Hell, most of them have killed themselves anyways! What Chad did was inexcusable and I agree IF Chads intention was to set the house on fire then I'd of shot his ass too. But, I know Jerry. He wouldn't have done anything to hurt Chad...especially since Chads father Scottie killed himself. Im just trying to say...Jerry does have a sense of loyalty to his in his sisters...his kids(JJ and Rebecca Green)As far as what has caused ALL of this...the affair between Paul Leedy and Billie Jean Green??? ANY WOMAN would have done the same damned thing if all she did was work her ass off to make her husband look good, stare at the same damned cracks in the walls of THEIR HOME, and when she asked to go with him into public...he refused to take her anywhere. Bean DID take care of Jerrys sister and Pauls wife, and the Leedy bros mother while she was dying...when a man can't and won't even give his wife emotional support...then she will find that support elsewhere.....WHETHER they slept together or not....All she needed was a damn shoulder to cry on. She has taken care of all them effin Greens with their noses in the air and she ALWAYS stayed in the back ground. Then WOOP right when she has a problem Jerry was aweful quick to divorce her. Maybe because his sister Charlene paid for it. Just to make it look good on them. One mistake in an entire marriage after the way Jerry treated her? BULL SHIT!!! You all know nothing about Jerry green out of the public eye. He loves having the reputation of the do gooder, and yes, he does do alot...side jobs and extra work. BUT when you have a wife at home patiently waiting for you to just look at her for one second, maybe that second job, or the JC FAIRGROUND wasn't quiet worth it. SO, to the Leedy's, to the Green's, and to all you other people that want to get on here and bad mouth Billie Jean GREEN(Bean Bug) don't know NOTHING about what pushed her to do what she did. YOU KNOW NOTHING about the kind of emotional abuse, the constantly being told to not embarrass the Green name or family. You all can defend Jerry Green all you want, and you all can blame Bean for all of it....but WE KNOW THE TRUTH. Keep up with the public Jerry. Thats all they're seeing anyways. You all really don't know this man....I know the truth. God knows the truth, and Bean and Jerry know the truth. Unfortunatly you all will never know it unless you listen to Bean Bug, because she will tell the truth. It can be proven. Yea, she made a damned mistake...and ole Jerry was ready and waiting...funny how 2 people can be married for so long but be so quick to take EVERYTHING from"the woman he loved" 'the mother of his children",'the woman who worked her effin ass off for YEARS while he was building his reputation in this big, fine county of ours. Hahaha. Y'all don't know shit!
Not a Green and PROUD

Tazewell, TN

#26 Mar 6, 2011
HaHa a last resort attempt to make Bean Bug feel better, no one is gonna believe this bull shit. She worked where all her life? And alot of people took care of Paul's wife before she died, but they didn't screw him once she was dead either. What abuse? And if there was abuse, why didn't she leave? And a shoulder to cry on? She was married before God, you don't cry on someone else's shoulder, and you are RIGHT about ONE thing, God knows the truth. I don't feel any sympathy for you Bean Bug. I am NOT a Green, and thank God right now I am not, I wouldn't want any one to know that I even knew a Green right now, a Leedy either, just look at all the hurt that has been caused? I walked up to Bean Bug at the fair one year, and she was so pilled up she couldn't walk or talk straight, so EMBARASSMENT, yea, If Jerry Green was embarassed, he had every right to be. And at her son's baby shower.... I left because of the embarassment, and if you were there, you know what I am talking about!!!!! And as a last note... to get on here and talk about someone's dead brother that killed his self is pretty damn low and pathetic. You should be ashamed trying to hurt someone that way, using a suicide to do it. Shame on you. God forgive you, and me that I even felt compelled to respond to this pathetic forum. This Topix should be banned.

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