Fed Up With Communicomm

Fed Up With Communicomm

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Fed Up With Communicomm

Winchester, KY

#1 Jan 14, 2010
Who in the Claiborne County Government can I contact to see about getting them to NOT renew Communicomm's franchise and allowing another (better) company to come in and handle the cable TV for the county?

I'd like to watch some UT games but unless they are on WVLT, MyVLT, ESPN or ESPN2 then on Communicomm you're out of luck. CSS, FSN South and ESPNU are all part of the SEC/ESPN deal and have carried Tennessee (and Kentucky) games at times this year... but not on Communicomm. They HAD CSS, but wanted to have the Sportsman's Channel in their lineup so bye-bye CSS. When asked about ESPNU, "We can't get that channel" and when asked about FSN South, "Our contract doesn't allow it"... but you can carry the Fox SOCCER channel that maybe three people outside the LMU campus would watch (and LMU students can't get it because FSC is a digital-tier channel)???

All this and I'm paying over $100 a month for bad picture and super-loud channels, unneccesary duplicate channels and little selection of HD channels (when they work)?

Anyone else want some other company (Comcast, New Wave, or someone else) to offer cable in Claiborne County? Enough is enough!
no like ugly man

Ooltewah, TN

#2 Jan 14, 2010
one word for you, DIRECTV
sick of this

Tazewell, TN

#3 Jan 14, 2010
I pay 98.02 now for internet and basic cable. My internet connection is sooo slow when all the comunicom subscribers get on at the same time. The few stations I get on cable play the same thing over and over and now I have to pay 102. a month its not worth it but since this is my only hobby and actitivy I enjoy I guess they got me over a barrell.
Would like to know what other cable companies charge for same service.

Harrogate, TN

#4 Jan 14, 2010
I agree with you that CommunistCom sux. The only reason I don't go with satellite (as the above poster mentioned) is because we have tv in 4 different rooms and don't want to have to pay extra per tv. I think it is funny how they claim all their channels are digital, but yet my tv cannot receive the channel name/call sign, as you can if truly digital. Not to mention, we received a notice a couple of weeks ago that CommunistCom is raising their rates Feb 1 by around $3. Seems like their prices keep going up and their selection goes down. I have had more tv and internet problems with them this year than I ever have before. At least if you live in Knoxville and get cable there, you get over twice the channels (included at no extra charge), along with faster cable internet, and phone service for what was $99 a month. CommunistCom seems to regulate internet speed by causing downloads to have "bursts" in speed. If you start downloading something, it will go fast, then slow, then fast again, almost like a pulse. If we had another option, I would be on it too. I considered DSL, but it isn't yet available in my area.

Tazewell, TN

#5 Jan 14, 2010
I still have internet with them only because its faster than the dsl i had with the phone company. For tv i went with dishnetwork more channels for the price. O better service too it will go down but it has to be very very hard rain. You get 4 rooms where with direct tv you dont. We had direct and they only wanted to do one room and you pay for every extra box and room you wanted. with dishnetwork 2 boxes does 4 rooms remotes will work through walls and floors. So we are very satisfied with dishnetwork!

Speedwell, TN

#6 Jan 14, 2010
Communicomm tv is a joke , i have internet with them ,but like the other guy said ,fast and slow,,mostly slow ,and mine goes off when it rains ????
I thought it was against the law for a company to have a monopoly on something like that ?
Centuryshi# is not much better , i have dropped phone service with them ,and went with Vonage ,,works great ,and cheap too ,no long distance charges ,and lots of free services at no extra charge.
Oh well ,that is what ya git when ya live in "HICKVILLE"

Tazewell, TN

#7 Jan 15, 2010
I am almost beyond upset at the fact that CSS has been removed from our cable lineup in favor of The Sportsman Channel. I watched CSS all the time. My favorite time, though, being on Sunday nights when they always show the Alabama game replay from the day before at 9:00 p.m. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Also bring back CSS!!!!!!!!!
dum dum dum

Tazewell, TN

#8 Jan 15, 2010
I can't stand Communicom, I changed to dish network about 5 years ago, and you get I get twice the channels, I have tv n 4 rooms and its only 57.00 dollars a month, I do have internet with them but thats because i got the 19.95 for one year deal, as soon as its up I am changing back to centurytel!
pissed off

Harrogate, TN

#9 Jan 15, 2010
sick of this wrote:
I pay 98.02 now for internet and basic cable. My internet connection is sooo slow when all the comunicom subscribers get on at the same time. The few stations I get on cable play the same thing over and over and now I have to pay 102. a month its not worth it but since this is my only hobby and actitivy I enjoy I guess they got me over a barrell.
Would like to know what other cable companies charge for same service.
i agree i rememer not to many years ago it was just 19.99 a month for the basic package this is ridiculous

Harrogate, TN

#10 Jan 16, 2010
pissed off wrote:
<quoted text>i agree i rememer not to many years ago it was just 19.99 a month for the basic package this is ridiculous
Same deal with cable internet. When they first came to my area, I dumped dial up because I had a seperate phone line installed due to having teens. Within 6 months of having cable internet, it went to $24.95, 6 months later it was 29.95. It has went up at least $5.00 a year since and is now around $50 a month. They patted themselves on the back for increasing their speeds, then changed from "Unlimited" to a limited amount of bandwidth with extra charge if you exceed their amount. That is like installing a turbo on your car, then having to cut back on fuel usage.
Makes sense to me

Tazewell, TN

#11 Jan 16, 2010
I'm checking into Dish Network. I could probably split my internet/cable up and it cost the same plus get more channels and a MUCH better HD selection.
Fed Up With Communicomm

Winchester, KY

#12 Jan 16, 2010
CSS is a cable-only channel. You can't get it on Directv or Dish. It's owned by Comcast and they will not put it on satellite.

Troy, MI

#13 Aug 6, 2010
I live in Eatonton Ga and believe me the communicomm services are not any better. As soon as my ending service date is here I am switching to satellite. I just want to make sure i have it disconnected at the end of my billing cycle so they cannot bill me for additional time.I am also changing to satellite internet. I have gotten from a technician a price list and found that an area 10 minutes from me pays the same montly rate and their transfer rate (bps)is higher. Yes this is in same city , same county just 10 minutes up the road.When I questioned communicomm I could never get an answer for that.
Watch out

Tazewell, TN

#14 Aug 6, 2010
Here is a BIG tip for you - when they come to disconnect your service, make sure the paper says you turned in all your boxes!!! They disconnected all mine while I was at work, and then a YEAR later after I had thrown the paper away, I got a bill for $500.00 for a box not turned in!!!! They were the ones that came and got them. I did not keep a stinking box!!! Who would want one??? When I refused to pay it, they turned it in to the credit bureau!!! They are a low-life, money-sucking, unprofessional company that does not deserve to be in business!! I called and reported them to the Better Business Bureau, and everyone in Claiborne County needs to know what they are getting into with this company!! The local worker evidently kept one of my boxes for himself then I got the shaft!!! The local office people were extremely rude. When you call the local number, you also end up talking to someone in Alabama that knows nothing!!! Do NOT use Communicom if you want to be treated fairly!! It is a downright shame they do not have more competition here!!! My advice is - RUN!!! Get away from them as fast as possible and/or never start up with them in the first place!!!!!

Tazewell, TN

#15 Aug 6, 2010
they dont care about their long term customers the new ones get the deals they got it backwards im switching soon if everyone would drop them they would change quick

Tazewell, TN

#16 Aug 6, 2010
I don't have many problems with my internet thru Communicomm. Their tv service is ridiculously expensive!

But for tv, we have Directv..it's alot better than Dish Network (went out every time it rained).

Vinton, LA

#17 Aug 22, 2010
I'm in louisiana with them with a 5mb download service with speeds tested at almost 7mb but somehow they are bottlenecking video it has loaded so slow for the past couple months. they are scammers

United States

#18 Aug 22, 2010
I use verizon Internet and Dish for TV
I am very satisfied ,Internet is very fast
Dish is a little high but all of them are
I like my setup right now
communicomm sux

Tazewell, TN

#19 Aug 22, 2010
Well let me tell you what they done to me. I was a new customer and had the basic cable and internet. I got about 25 dollars off my internet for 12 months. I went and asked for their new wireless modem and they charged my bill for switching boxes. Hell i could have swapped boxes myself. Then they tried to tell me where i was a week late on my bill it cancelled my discount. My bill then was about 120 a month. That is ridiculous. They dont have any good channels and they raise the price every year and then they dont give nothing back. Where are some new channels? Even Comcast gives you 89 channels for 45.00. Why is communicomm so special that it takes 50.00 to give you 78 channels. Then there are three that is just used for advertisments. four are christian channels. 3 are espns. Hell GIVE US SOME DIFFERENT SHIT! WE PAY ENOUGH FOR IT. That is why i am now a happy Dish Network customer.
CommuniComm is a Joke

Ogden, UT

#20 Aug 31, 2010
CommuniComm, when they took over the cable contract from Fannon Cable, they came in like all politicians do. They made promises of fair prices, excellent reception, great internet, lots of channels, and the biggest promise, "They would make service available to every home in Claiborne County". That was a BIG JOKE!!! There are a lot of areas that they will not run service to unless you get so many people to agree to get it. Example: On Forge Ridge Road, cable is ran to Indian Creek Trail (from Harrogate) and to Forge Ridge School (from Tazewell). But those in between those 2 points (which is about 3 miles), they will not bring cable to them.
Then, with the rates, a large number of people are on fixed income (unemployed, Social Security, SSI, etc), they can't afford that amount.

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