why don't white males date black women

Wilkesboro, NC

#23 Jan 15, 2013
conceal carry wrote:
<quoted text>
"No" should be "know" as in "probably dont KNOW"
"Meen" should be "mean"
"Dont" should have an apostrophe "don't"
"Iny" ?
Where did you graduate, Pickens high?
It's called sarcasm! I thought that would have been clear. To answer your question, No, but I did work there for a while.
conceal carry

Talladega, AL

#24 Jan 15, 2013
MJS wrote:
<quoted text>
It's called sarcasm! I thought that would have been clear. To answer your question, No, but I did work there for a while.
Just sayin.
I had to find an interpreter here at work just so I could understand what you wrote.

FYI. I'm not the greatest person when it comes to grammar. And even worse when it comes to typing on this tiny phone. Plus I have spelling check turned off.

As far as the topic is concerned, I don't care for the thug mentality in black folk but you find it in other races as well. It's just way more prevalent in the black race.
Not attracted to black woman at all but that's just my preference.

Good day sir.

Wilkesboro, NC

#25 Jan 15, 2013
I don't see a problem with a person who sticks to their own preferences, I'm not big on fat chicks, nothing against them, I just don't want to go that route. It's the racism that gets me

I don't know about this "thug mentality", I find black people to be honest, they'll say what's on their mind, and then drop it, as if nothing happened(if they trust you that is). I consider that loyal and trust worthy, unlike someone who is really nice to you, and talks shit behind your back(Like a big majority of white people, and Mexicans).

Make no mistake, I'm not a person that pretends to be something I'm not. I'm me, southern as hell, back woods, and happy with that. But I really appreciate a person who is real and honest, not just some fake ass wanna be that thinks it's cool to act like they're someone that they are not.

Like me or hate me, it's just the way I'm made, and I ain't changing my ways for anybody.

Good day to you as well. Try not to work too hard.
conceal carry

Taylors, SC

#26 Jan 15, 2013
Post a " white on white" crime and I will post 2 for your 1.
Look at the stats man.
conceal carry

Taylors, SC

#27 Jan 15, 2013
Better yet. Let's look at black on white crime and statiistics. Shall we?
Your argument is mute, regardless.

Franklin, NC

#28 Jan 15, 2013
conceal carry wrote:
Better yet. Let's look at black on white crime and statiistics. Shall we?
Your argument is mute, regardless.

Exactly my point, rather than ratting out a friend, or turning on him and going behind his back, a black man remains loyal. Sometimes that loyalty results in settling things the old fashioned way, but atleast it's honest. I'd much rather a person who gets pissed at me bringing their problem to me like a man, rather than trying to figure out a way to stab me in the back. White people are deceitful as Hell, and you know this, it's just the racism you can't see past!
conceal carry

Eastaboga, AL

#29 Jan 15, 2013
White people are no more deceitful than any other race. I see no statistics to prove this so I am assuming some "white" folk you were once friends with were "deceitful to you.
And I am far cry from racist good sir. I have several African American friends. Some in law enforcement in this community.

As far as the topic is concerned, I believe that for the most part, white men just don't find arrival American woman attractive. Or possibly that they will not be accepted by their peers or family dating an African American woman.

Wilkesboro, NC

#31 Jan 16, 2013
The first sign of a racist is when they start telling you how many "black friends" they have! Sorry, but it is a fact!
conceal carry

Taylors, SC

#32 Jan 16, 2013
MJS wrote:
The first sign of a racist is when they start telling you how many "black friends" they have! Sorry, but it is a fact!
Lol.Did you read that in the enquirer?
white boi

Piedmont, SC

#33 Jan 30, 2013
Hi to all you fine ladies.

United States

#34 Feb 4, 2013
Its not about the color of ones skin its how you play the game if you workhard all things are possible

Anderson, SC

#35 Feb 10, 2013
smaller penile organ

Asheboro, NC

#36 Feb 14, 2013
LoL wrote:
How retarded to say black women are more beautiful, softer skin, etc. Are you crazy? Each race has beauty just as it has ugly. I'm pretty sure if you judged which race looks better NATURALLY when a white woman wakes up her hair is silky smooth, can be styled with a wave of a hand, needs no oil or lotion to have SUPPLE skin.... And well you know the rest... Since someone wanted to say black women are "better". & It's true as mentioned above they are loud & obnoxious the larger the group gets!
I agree

United States

#37 Apr 10, 2013
Ajay Daviss wrote:
I live in the south and im originally from here and all my life i haven't seen a white male black female relationships I'm a black female and some of thhe comments i hear from some white males (not all) they make it seem like there something wronng with dating a black girl so I've always wondered why is it because its the south?
I would love to date a black lady I just moved to Greenville SC but cannot find one to even hit on

United States

#38 Apr 10, 2013
Black women 45dont like us white men.

Irvine, CA

#40 Apr 28, 2013
Wow. That's some extremely racist sh.t. F.ck you.
Yeah wrote:
Not that the majority of black women want to be with white men but the stigma of the black woman was created by racism and by the imaginary pedestal that the white woman has been placed on. White ppl are all about eliminating competition by any means necessary. If you compare black women and white women, it is clear to see that black women hold their beauty a lot longer than white women plus the body of the black woman is the ultimate of balance, bountifulness, beauty and femininity with ample curves. Our skin is soft supple and comes in a wide range of color. White women cannot compete so the white man decided to condition society, to brainwash society to make everyone desire white women. "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". What, you are not a gentlemen unless you prefer a blonde over all others?? Brainwashing.
This is why the black woman is "not desireable" out in the open. In spite of the brainwashing, of course there are men of all races who think black women are beautiful but they may not want to endure criticism from their peers.
Black women have been hammered to make the white woman feel desirable. Whites seem incapable of accepting other ppls talent or beauty, they want to be at the top, in everything, and they will destroy, lie, do whatever to be #1, even if it's clearly a lie.

United States

#41 May 13, 2013
“White men are curious about black women. So I tend to see a few white guys with black women. Most of time you see black women with a white man if she acts white or converted her personality to white ways. I guess black women are curious too to date white men. Besides black women work with white men in the professional world which gives them more opportunity. Not meeting black guys in the right area, giving upon black men and along with the hype of dating white men or she thinks she will find happiness with a white man are some of the causes of dating outside her race. White guys normally doesn't have to act black to get a black woman. If she doesn't sound white then he probably wouldn't date her. Now when black women date white man she gives him upmost respect. More than she would a black man. Why cuz she feels comfortable and we as black still have that stigma as being negative. But listen white guys black women are acting fake around you. She would like to marry a black man. But some may not appeal to them because some act too thug or mistreatment. What is better than to raise a black child with a black father. I'm computer specialist in a public school and I see mixed students get picked on because their daddy is white. Why put your children through your mess of white men are with you for your body and black women are with white men because you've giving up on black men. Besides the white man had you during slavery and they want you again. Black guys don't like to sound white or convert to white ways. To avoid the stare looks white guys usually brings her out to most of his events. Not black events. They look down on black event so do our own race. Now I'm a black guy who's educated, and engaged to a black women and I have to admit that white women are attractive and cool personalities. White women show black men more respect than black women and vice versa. Crazy right? But most white women will accommodate to black man like black would with white guy. All this is that people try to search for happiness by dating outside your race but deep inside people would really like to be with their own race if the treatment is different. Yes black women they might show you more attention but your still missing all what you can share with your partner. Music food and family. Most people pretend to like it but they are faking it. I have dated a white women and she was fine. But I was acting and being not myself and really I felt uncomfortable around her family. Sometimes I wouldn't go around my family because of the pressure. But like the guy said earlier people should marry their own race. Yes its 2013 but think about if everyone is the same then world would be a boring place. Black women if you took a survey of many nice black guys you would be shocked. No I'm not racist I love everyone only if they love me haha. It's more than just personality and treating you nice it about sharing and long term affect on your family and children.”?

Dublin, OH

#43 Jun 9, 2013
This is exactly why white men typically don't date black women. Just look at where this post went with its comments. A simple question turned into a racist debate. Today's society simply just isn't accepting of white men black women relationships especially and I mean ESPECIALLY in the black community. I know black Americans like to "think" they're so opressed but the truth is today's white males have it the worse. I know this because I'm mixed (white father Turkish mother) and don't even look white due to dark complection so I've been on the outside looking in. I personally have always liked black girls more than anything but growing up watching black on white racism in the media and listening to blacks be so racistto white men (yes that iincludes black women) completely turned me off of the idea of being with a black woman. I have grown out of that now and realise black women are the absolute best women on this planet but the truth is black Americans have destroyed their immage and blame it on the past that current whites are innocent of so its very typical to hear white men say(I'd never date a black girl) and the tone of the voice isn't saying (I don't think they're attractive) its saying (they're racist as fuck so hell no). I've even had black girls second guess getting with me when they find out I'm half white and I just role my eyes and think (oh god fucking grow up). There is the hard ugly truth. You want more acceptance from when people? Black Americans need to look into the mirror to see the problem.

Since: Mar 13

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#44 Jun 9, 2013
I find them attractive and sexy...plus sz, yummmy

Greenville, SC

#45 Jun 11, 2013
Simple answer. We know better.

Why would we want to? Most of them are freeloaders, atleast here in SC.

We use the Black Males to rid the white scum off our hands. Obese white women with no self esteem and White trash gutter sluts that just NEED someone.

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