What About Lake Sheriff Borders?
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#114 Apr 30, 2012
that you now have literally thousands of enemies. Your actions and favors for your friends have had a negative impact on hundreds of people as well. The simple favor of hiring a friend of a friend and ordering Major Longo and Captain Theobold to give that friend of a friend the special assignment they wanted had a major impact on others lives and practically led to the destruction of those others lives. You don’t care and even your friends see that! Over the last five years you have spent untold millions of our tax dollars to appease so many of your “friends” that you think you have bought them off. However, money can’t buy you real love. Money will only buy you liars and fellow dregs of humanity from whom you buy the words you want to hear. Sadly you are using our tax dollars (other people’s money) to buy your friends! The moment your back it turned your “friends” are telling their “friends” what a rotten person you really are, how do you think all your little secrets wind up on the internet? So you are wasting our tax money!

You have brought all your problems on yourself. You alone are to blame for whatever comes your way. Your jail secrets have long been the talk of Lake County, Your lifestyle alone has made Lake County the laughing stock of Florida, especially at the Florida Sheriff’s Association meetings and conventions where one past president said all you done was show up and disappear with the boys.
For many years your involvement in organizations that attract young boys and men has been scrutinized by people. People have whispered when you get around young boys you look like a kid in a candy store. Again, your very own actions have for years brought about suspicions of your lack of character regarding your actions with and around young males.

While you have circled the wagons and empowered all your friends and associates to find out who is blogging things and telling the truth about you, we suspect that will be a very large task and not really worthwhile in the end. For you see, so far in the USA the truth is protected by federal law even though you violate federal laws almost daily. From most all the information we have seen on the internet about you and you’re carrying on you and you alone have brought on yourself. You have developed a relationship with local news outlets whereby you control breaking news articles with 48 hour delays concerning Lake County events pertaining to the sheriff’s office and other Lake government agencies. Some say that is to filter the content and make sure certain people are protected. Anyone who violates these orders is fired immediately.

On the subject of the Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes reported November 21, 2009. At that time few if any people knew how involved you were with the board of director’s. What the people did know from the beginning was that the management of Green Isle Ranch did not like the fact that these rapes of five young boys by an older student was reported to authority’s period. The man who reported it and demanded some help for the victims was gone within 48 hours after filing the report. The people also knew that you had aided in the suppression of a criminal investigation on behalf of your fellow friends and board members of Green Isle in 2000-2001 concerning the multi-brutal rapes of a nine year old Sumter County boy at Green Isle. The real people who really care about the children and their safety was watching this and waiting to see if the boys would be treated fairly and protected from further abuse at the hands of Green Isle management even though they had run off the man who reported the crimes.

What the people saw regarding this report of rapes was stalling on the part of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. After one victim interview on November 25, 2009 and the other four interviewed On December 16, 2009 the case come to a dead stop.
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#115 Apr 30, 2012
All the while these victims were still at Green Isle; threatening suicide and screaming for help.

The original complainant and former Green Isle Executive Director Reverend Steve Zepp has told people he believed God sent him there to protect these victims!

After Reverend Zepp was forced to leave the ranch God apparently replaced him with Clayton and Angie Berkey as house parents for these victims. The reason we say replaced him is because the Berkey’s like Reverend Zepp went to bat for these victims who were not receiving treatment for their abuse and in fact being told by Green Isle management to keep quite and not tell their stories. At the time little did Clayton Berkey know that the Sheriff of Lake County was a founding board member of the Green Isle. Just like Rev. Zepp the Berkey’s lost their jobs also!

Clayton Berkey was demanding help for these victims so adamantly that by February 3, 2010 while he was off on break from Green Isle he still had the plight of these victims on his mind. On that date he called, texted and emailed the Green Isle new Executive Director Paula Whetro several times prompting her to call the LCSO to report that a former disgruntled employee was threatening her. At 4:07 PM on that date Deputy Walker arrived to take the complaint.

Later that date, amazingly, Clayton Berkey got the attention of the Orlando TV stations and his breaking news stories about the five rape victims hit the airwaves on February 3, 2010 on several outlets. It was apparent to many watching the Green Isle debacle unfold that the call earlier that day from Paula Whetro was nothing more than an attempt to discredit Clayton Berkey who by his actions in describing the events surrounding the victims was surely telling the real stories of the victims! Insiders at some of these media outlets later told everyone that you had exercised your power to stop these breaking news exposures and they couldn’t figure out why you would not want this made public and would not want these victims to have the support and medical and mental attention they deserved. It was then that some honest media people really begin to look at the makeup of the Green Isle management and found out your involvement from the beginning in 1987. They paid dearly for their efforts to bring this to light. Like Zepp and the Berkey’s, they were fired as well.

After the original Green Isle Boys rapes report on November 21, 2009 (LCSO case #: 09 191988) and according to the report on file prepared by Detective M. Pointevent the last action she took on this case was on December 16, 2009. After the Clayton Berkey breaking news reports hit the airwaves on February 3, 2010 on the early morning hours of February 4, 2010 she hit the ground running.

On that date not only did she and her partner Det. Yoho interview the suspect Tyler Anthony Jackson at the Crystal River High School at 10 AM but, another Det. Team of Fawn Tomon and Mike Miller also interviewed the suspect at his residence on that same date!

She wrote a report on February 8, 2010 and another one on February 9th. Neither indicating any arrest or real actions being taken against the suspect who committed these heinous crimes. All nothing more than smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact that you wanted to sweep these crimes under the rug and turn your head on these victims all for your friends and co-board members to protect the facility from any more possible lawsuits. Then mysteriously the word on the street is the suspect went before Judge Takac in May 2010 and received adjudication withheld. The suspect Tyler Anthony Jackson has received speeding tickets and even a domestic dating violence injunction filed against him on 3/3/2011 by an older male lover and more recently a careless driving accident citation – that don’t sound like probation does it.
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#116 Apr 30, 2012
Don’t blame others for your shortcomings and your faults. Like the post turtle you are you should never have been elevated to the position you hold.“They” were simply looking for someone they could control but we don’t think they realized how much baggage you are carrying. Untold numbers of people have suffered at your hands because of your inability to manage the power your position holds. Hundreds if not thousands of people know what is going on in the agency owned by the public and “ruined” by the likes of you. If you are so dumb as to believe that you can control what the people say and write through threats and intimidation against people from your friends you are even dumber than we thought. We are well aware that this great country is on a downward spiral heading straight to hell. But, if the likes of you believe you will stop the people from telling the truth you are mistaken. Interesting in that everything we have ever seen or heard not once have you ever denied all these things are true. All you want to do is stop the people from telling the truth just like you can do with the Sentinel, the Commercial, Channel 2, 6, 9, 13, 35 and others.
Honest Christians and other decent people will always work to protect the abused and downtrodden. Many people believe you have a lot of old clandestine relationships lurking out there in the dark. Having your friends out threatening people and accusing people of things they have not done will only encourage these people to dig deeper and work harder to bring to light all these atrocities in which you have been involved over the last twenty plus years.

This is not about politics - This is about you and your abuse of power and people. People you come into contact with from all walks of life. People abused by you in your jail! The cover ups of the child abuses and child sex abuses for over 20 years at the Green Isle Boys Ranch. Allowing some of your employee’s to abuse others at your directions and sanctions and covering up same as well. Employee’s you have protected by encouraging them to lie and abuse their fellow employee’s and former friends and associates. Even those you call your friends say this is all about what a really rotten human being you are!

Having said all these truths- We encourage you to look deeply into your being. While we do not believe you could possible ever make a real honest leader because we do not believe you have the soul it takes to treat all humans equally and with dignity- we do believe it is possible for you to ask for and receive forgiveness on a spiritual level for all the abuses and atrocities you have brought on people. We really wish you had taken the opportunity that fell in your lap and put it to work doing the right thing for the people who need and deserve the right things to come into their lives. It was your choice to succeed or fail in this endeavor and you chose the latter, no one else is to blame but you.

Your “friends” are saying you are having second thoughts about running for this second term. They say you are basically being pushed and forced to do so by staff. They are concerned about your health. Not the friends you are rewarding or paying for their friendship but you do actually have a couple of people who never seem to give up on humanity. Even some of them are saying – all good things have to come to an end. Once the dust settles everyone at the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the voters and taxpayers of Lake County will be better off.
schemes to defraud

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#117 May 2, 2012
It would suffice to say that we, not only here in Lake County, but the entire nation are living in the worst of times since the depth of WWII. The suffering is personal to most decent Americans and some don’t even share their pain and misery with their own relatives and friends.

Then, as if to add insult to injury, they are forced to submit to abuses by various government agencies and their employee’s. This is simply akin to a dog biting the hand that feeds him.

In the case of Lake County government they have long operated as a closed shop union. Looking at the interoperations over the last twenty or more years; every action was and is either secret or top secret. Under the table deals are cut and the winners are always the poker cards they hold close to the chest.

Sometimes in this old world when folks get what the pray for they don’t know what to do with it. As with the current sheriff for instance. Almost every Lake County elected official endorsed him in his first election in 2008. One local courthouse media outlet even covered his vehicle in graphics depicting the current sheriff.

But soon all of these people realized they were like the man who prayed for a barrel of pepper.“He said Oh Lord send me a barrel of pepper.” When he got it he said.“Oh heqq that’s too much pepper.”

Such is the case of the sheriff they all wanted. They say ignorance is bliss; if that is true they should change the name of Lake County to Bliss County because ignorance is abundant in Lake County.

Those who control and run all agencies of Lake Government are professionals at the games of smoke and mirrors! They tell the people what they want them to think and believe and the people are dumb enough to accept it.

A prime example of that is the request someone made to Jimmy Conner to update the taxpayers of Lake County on the current BCC construction projects. He can run his mouth about everything else and take credit for reducing the cost of the judicial expansion and destruction of and replacement of perfectly good courtrooms and such but, he; one fifth of the ruling power of Lake County’s BCC can’t make a public disclosure to the taxpayers of Lake County about where “our” construction projects stand at this particular point in time!

Exactly the same has been happening in the sheriff’s office. The BBC has been funding some items for the sheriff directly from the general fund bypassing the sheriff’s budget. So, the sheriff gets 1/12 of his annual budget amount every month but, if he needs something on the side they might just fund that directly from the county general fund. By doing this how do we know what the sheriff’s budget really is?

The waste of money in Lake County is astounding. County leaders are running schemes to defraud not only Lake Taxpayers but dragging state and federal taxpayer’s monies into their schemes as well.

Of all the problems and ongoing schemes and scams run by Lake County officials nothing overshadows the current sheriff and his band of malcontents.
schemes to defraud

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#118 May 2, 2012
Like the spoiled little children he attracts they are never happy. They are constantly demanding new expensive toys.

TAXPAYERS WATCH – The cell phone “pay per minute for use” billings from last weekend until the website gets back up. Just recently it went from $15 to $20 thousand in one month! No telling what this crisis will cost the taxpayers of Lake County as an unforeseen expense!

Everything that is wrong at the LCSO can be blamed on one cause and effect. The current sheriff, plain and simple. While he is not totally responsible for the culture of corruption Lake government has become he is responsible for failing to do anything to bring it to an end.
His total lack of experience in Law Enforcement was no doubt an asset to his support of the “system.”“They” knew he would be easy to manipulate, the un-experienced sheriff who had instantly attained his greatest stature in life. And they ere right!

Apparently what they didn’t know or simply chose to ignore was his history. Then again why would they bother to care about the history of a sheriff when Bob McKee has been hanging around some Lake government job or another for over 35 years and no one ever bothered to look into his history either?
Bob McKee can’t even make a public speech without announcing he holds a Masters Degree in something. Once it was criminal justice; then when that was proven to be false he waited a while and changed it to public administration. He should just tell the truth and brag that he is an expert in Public Corruption if lying about his education is that important to him.

Gary Borders has a lifelong penchant for young boys. So much so that at age 27 he and some of his like minded friends started their own boy’s ranch for abused and troubled boys coming mostly from broken homes.

Here is where you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. If a young man is so concerned with helping young boys that he and his friends go to all the trouble to develop a boy’s ranch for the boys benefit, why then as the sheriff of Lake County in 2009 at age 49 would he not immediately arrest the rapist identified in the original report of the rapes of five little boys ages 12-15? This was not a mystery crime. It is not like this rapist was on the run. They knew immediately who he was and where he was. But all this case got was some lip service and shut down. Only after the disgruntled former house parents leaked the rapes to the media 2 ½ months later did he create an arrest and solution. More smoke and mirrors! A secret arrest and secret court sentencing and back on the streets of Citrus county getting traffic citations and injunctions filed against him by an older male partner.

Insiders say “the sheriff” done this hoping to cover up the 20 plus years of horror’s that are hidden at the Green Isle Ranch. It does not take much sense to figure out no matter what the reason , he sure didn’t do it in the best interest of the five little victims for whom one would think their care and security should be job one for the sheriff of any county!
where is the truth

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#119 May 6, 2012
Interestingly, there is one Orlando Local TV station that has done very comprehensive reporting on the LCSO computer hack job. Apparently they don’t take orders to suppress the truths about Lake County government like the other local media outlets do! Recently Channel 6 reported:
The hackers have only released a fraction of what they claim to have stolen. Including roughly 16,000 law enforcement files online, claiming to have stolen 40 gigabytes of sensitive law enforcement information. Some of it is so sensitive, law enforcement cannot knowingly make it public, including names of child victims, sensitive 911 calls, witness and victim statements, names of young crime victims, names and personal phone numbers of SWAT team members and a blueprint that could allow sex predators to avoid arrest. The hackers are also thought to have stolen sheriff employee passwords.

Their legal analysis said "They've compromised some of the most critical information available,". "How do they [LCSO] know that the information on their mainframe has any integrity at all at this point? As a prosecutor, the last thing you want is for a jury member to think,'Is this evidence legitimate? Is there something wrong with it? Is there something suspicious about it?'"
An internal email sent from the sheriff to employees Thursday afternoon in response to concerns about employees' private information being released.

------Original Message------
From: Sheriff
Subject: Update on Computer Issue
Sent: May 3, 2012 1:58 PM

Good Afternoon,
I wanted to take a moment to update you on the recent situation involving
the hacking into our computer system; however, please do understand that the
Federal Bureau of Investigation has strictly limited us as to what
information we can release. Even so, I understand that a situation such as
this one can easily create anxiety and stress for those affected, and I want
to communicate with you and reassure you as much as I possibly can within
those limitations imposed upon me.
I have heard concerns from employees regarding the possibility that their
personal information may have been compromised. What I can tell you at this
point is that we are still working with analysts to determine what exactly
was accessed during the breach, but at this point, there is no indication
that sensitive financial information of any sort has been obtained, nor is
there any indication that files from Human Resources have been accessed.
With that being said, there is a possibility that any Social Security number
stored on the network drive could have been accessed. In other words, if
you store any standard document on the network drive that is pre-filled with
your Social Security number, then it is possible that the document may have
been obtained by the hackers. If this is the case, then you may want to
contact your financial institution and inform them simply as a precautionary
measure. You may also want to contact one of the credit monitoring services
that are available to assist you. According to the Federal Trade
Commission, if an individual feels that their Social Security number may
have been exposed, they may call any one of the three nationwide consumer
reporting companies and place an alert on their credit reports. Here are
the three companies provided by the Federal Trade Commission:
• Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
• Experian: 1-888-397-3742
• Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
You can also visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website at www.ftc.gov for
additional information. As we continue to review the files that were
infiltrated, we will immediately notify any employee whose personal data is
discovered to have been accessed so that protective measures can be taken.
Your protection and peace of mind is our biggest priority throughout this
process, and we will continue to provide you with updated information as it
becomes available.
Thank you, Sheriff Borders
where is the truth

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#120 May 6, 2012
More jailhouse mentality. More lies, control and suppression of the truth the people of Lake County suffer every day at the hands of this sick man!

Now unfortunately even the employee’s of LCSO who are expected to support and follow him to the very end are also the victims of the results of his sick actions.

This malicious attack occurred on April 27, 2012.No notifications was made to employee’s that their personal information was compromised then and as per this latest email notification “the sheriff” continues to deny employee sensitive information was obtained.

This is and should be an incident of major concern to everyone in Lake County. The ability of the sheriff’s office to effectively perform their sworn duties to protect and serve the public at large was completely lost for some period of time and greatly abused by the information released regarding swat team members and such.

A true leader of such an agency would have made an immediate personal news release to all local media outlets announcing the truth and not as per usual more fictions, lies and deceit.

The one question that everyone including media employee’s continue to ask over and over is why? Why would an international group of cyber hackers attack a little old agency like LCSO? Maybe they should look deeper into this agency. See what makes this agency the talk of people all over Florida. The answer is mostly civil rights violations and human abuse! An agency run by a man who has condoned, lied about and covered up the sexual abuse of juvenile males at his Green Isle Boys Ranch for over 20 years. A man who has abused prisoners under his total control and power. Maybe this is Gods way of bringing to light the atrocities certain members of the human race have suffered at the hands of and under the orders of Gary Borders. One thing for sure everyone in Lake County has heard about the Green Isle horror’s and to this day not one person has ever confronted the subject in public. Gutless people, always expecting someone else to do their dirty work!
the victims suffer

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#123 May 12, 2012
Law Enforcement agencies covering up sex abuse and child molestation crimes is nothing new. Places like the Green Isle Ranch are nothing more than havens for pedophiles because they know no matter what happens they are protected from exposure and prosecution by the system.

Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse


What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander."
-- Elie Wiesel
Stunning Allegations

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#127 May 24, 2012


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#128 May 24, 2012
My blessings to Captain Ford and his family! Thank you for your voice!

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#129 May 24, 2012
Captain Ford ~ Our church group offers our blessings as well to you and your family. In these days where it seems satan has the upper hand on most people it is a breath of fresh air to see people who have the intestinal fortitude to sand up for what people know in the hearts is right. To bring these atroicities to to attention of people who care hopefully some day these crimes committed by the powerful agains the weak will be stopped and punished instead of rewarded by their friends!

We have all been told this corruption in Tavares is a lot deeper and better organized than folks around here realize. If that is true Captain Ford and his family could be in danger. Strange things have happened around here.
Please Join Us

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#130 May 25, 2012
Many of the revelations brought to light in the interview between the Right side of the Lake Publisher and Retired Lake County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Ford against Sheriff Gary Borders are criminal in nature.

Allegations of crimes made against a person when reduced to writing and made under oath before a person prescribed by law to take oaths and acknowledgements become probable cause to initiate criminal investigations and bring criminal charges against the accused.

Apparently there are many witnesses to Gary Borders crimes committed in the jail from Civil Rights violations as well as sexual activities with inmates and some employee’s.

These allegations are not politically motivated and have in fact been the subject of ongoing communications around Lake County for greater than five years now.

Even within the Lake County jail not all of the occupants are harden criminals however, even the harden criminals are supposed to be protected in the country that claims to police the world on civil rights violations. For years these allegations have surfaced about Borders and the jail and Green Isle.

The 2009 Green Isle Boys Ranch rapes case alone is a clear cut case of Obstruction of Justice by Sheriff Borders. He shut the case down on December 16, 2009 and made it go away! When he was caught he reopened it and faked a solution as always. Fixing a case of Obstruction of Justice does not absolve the crime of Obstruction.
The people of Lake County deserve an honest investigation into the crimes which have been committed by Gary Borders. We feel sure that Captain Ford would assist in an investigation of these crimes by possible providing even greater details. We also have reason to believe that many other witnesses will come forth if they are provided authentic whistleblower status – These people need their jobs! They are the good life line to the honest moral people of Lake County. We the people of Lake County need to support our good employee’s and they in turn will help us clean out this corruption.
Contact The Governor

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#131 May 25, 2012
Want you join us in politely demanding the Governor Rick Scott order a criminal investigation into the Lake County Sheriff’s Office as well as any other direction of our county government that investigation might take them. Please join us in sending the below email to Governor Rick Scott At:

[email protected]

And follow up with a phone call

Dear Governor Scott:
It has been brought to our attention by credible sources that over a period of years certain crimes may have been committed by the now present Sheriff of Lake County; Gary Borders. Rumors of certain sexual encounters while jail administrator as well as rumors of the cover ups of sexual crimes while serving as a Board Member of the Green Isle Boys Ranch from 1989-2010 also continue to come into play. While the FDLE claimed to have once looked into the Green Isle Boys Rapes case and claimed to have found no wrong doing the case investigation was obviously stopped by Sheriff Borders. People later learned that the FDLE agents who were assigned to investigate Borders halting of the investigation on December 16, 2009 were in fact friends and former associates of Sheriff Borders. Just Wednesday of this week on May 23, 2012 our concerns were refueled by startling revelations which were brought to light by a 21 year retired former Captain who served directly under then Major Borders at the Lake County Jail for 15 years before Borders become Sheriff of Lake County.
Governor, we respectfully demand an independent investigation into all of these allegations. They are not as politicians would say politically motivated, they are simply cold hard facts the victims have suffered at the hands of this man for years. All we ask for is an honest independent investigation not run by friends of the sheriff who will continue to cover up his crimes. The facts will speak for themselves and the witnesses will come forth if you promise to provide them whistleblower protection.

Governor, you have daughters, you must have some idea what it would feel like if someone had the power to abuse them and was then allowed to walk free and be protected by the same system he has sworn to uphold the law in.

Thank You,

Resident of Lake County Florida

Those who send this email to the Governor might want to follow up with a phone call. You will probably be put to Rex Newman or Warren Davis. Both of these gentlemen have been employed in the governor’s office for years running interference and protecting several governor’s from the truth sent to them by the citizen’s of Florida. Warren Davis has admitted to some of the governor’s emails being intercepted by FDLE agents in the past. So, if you are onboard and serious about bringing an honest investigation into these crimes you might want to be persistent and make sure the governor gets these emails!
Concerned Citizen


#132 May 26, 2012
Hmmm if the present Sheriff is so awful I find it odd that 80 plus percent of the vote 4 yrs ago went to him. Now onto other things the Pro Carpenter camp would have us believe he is such a moral and upstanding person ... yet he has had affair(s) and surrounded himself with shady people. It is apparent to me that the mudslinging has just begun and is only going to get worse ... too bad adults cant act accordingly.It will be interesting to see how the election plays out and whether we will keep the current Sheriff who seems to have done a fairly decent job or guy that surrounds himself with has beens and never will be's that are disgruntled
Truth Shall Set You Free

Lady Lake, FL

#133 May 26, 2012
Dear Concerned Citizen, it is so obvious you are not a concerned citizen, more like a Lake County Sheriff employee. As far as I know, you could be the Sheriff himself. I find it odd, that you accuse everyone of mudslinging, however you are doing the exact thing. I also find it funny that on another blog I wrote, you accuse me of being a disgruntled employee...Guess what? You are totally wrong!!! I don't wear a green uniform and never have. I will admit I wear a uniform but it isn't for the Lake County Sheriff's office. My intentions have nothing to do with being an employee, but have everything to do with what is right. I can actually go to sleep at night knowing I don't commit crimes and follow the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, something the current Sheriff of Lake County doesn't follow. I also have enough class to not be concerned about his personal life, just his professionalism. Maybe you the pot, should stop calling the kettle black!!!Maybe you are guilty of committing crimes and are praying that you don't get caught...FYI, you always get caught. So quit being a hyprocrite and say something that is intelligent!
Everyone Is Concerned

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#134 May 26, 2012
Everyone in Lake County should not only be a concerned citizen they should be very concerned about the devious sexual encounters reported to have been going on between the current sheriff and little boys and jail employee’s and inmates for years. Furthermore, they should also be concerned as to how a well know sexual pervert (not just gay) could be elevated to the office of sheriff of this county without any serious background investigations on his long questionable behavior around young male juveniles.

Prior to becoming the powerful sheriff of this county his sexual encounters were confined to the Lake County Jail employee’s and inmates and the Green Isle Boys Ranch mostly with the exception of his Chris Belton affair which was more about Belton’s access to receive all the bail bond business possible from the jail as well as help in getting the county to trade off the property Belton had where McKee and Havill’s offices and the parking garage is now located for the land at the front door of the Lake Jail. For some time now he has had a mostly gay lover deputy Scott Stone although friends of Chris Belton say they still have an occasional day fling especially when Chris Belton wants to get some insider information for his friends such as who ratted them out and caused them to get busted and stuff.

A little education on the political process here in Lake County will show the people with brains just how this thing works.

The August 26, 2008 Sheriff’s primary election had a total of four candidates; votes received.

Gary Borders – 15,685 votes
Tom Mysinger – 5,593
Patty Wells – 2821
George Knupp – 1326


Lake County is primarily a Republican County. In recent history with the exception of the supervisor of elections race most all county offices are virtually elected in the primary election. In most cases as with the 2008 Sheriff’s General election the opponent is put into the race by the Republican candidate and/ or their friends to block or close the primary election to anyone who is not registered as a Republican. This is also the case in this years sheriff’s election. Candidate Thompson was placed in the race simply to block and close the primary election. He has put up over $5,000 dollars and has absolutely no chance what so ever of being elected sheriff of Lake County if there is a Republican on the November ballot!

The fact is Gary Borders was really elected in the August 26, 2008 primary election through the manipulation of the computer votes as well as the disappearance of 9000 absentee ballots that had been requested and never got back for county by the supervisor of elections.) You can see the affidavit from the man who made the program this is how they manipulate the voting machines here:


Read the part where those who know what and how to do so can enter the networking room and manipulate the machines to communicate directly with the precinct scanners!

Clint Curtis’ affidavit that he made the program for Bush friend Tom Feeney who is now employed by a lobbying group in Tallahassee known as Associated Industries of Florida.


Then it was off to the General Election for Gary Borders – Absolutely no competition, just a name on the ballot for the purpose of closing the primary election to all voters! it’s a landslide for any Republican whose name appears on the ballot. The smoke and mirrors culture of corruption goons always love to use this figure to make everyone who does not know how it works thank the elected criminals where elected by a landslide.
Everyone Is Concerned

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#135 May 26, 2012
In the November 14, 2008 General Election the votes were;

Gary Borders – 109,408 or 80.90%
Dan Sells – 25,843 or 19.10%

Smoke and Mirrors – Just like the one year old Child Predator arrests stores on Channel 9 yesterday!

If Dan Sells (who by the way just like Thompson recently just walked in the supervisor of elections office and plunked down the filing fee in cash) had not been a candidate in the November 2008 sheriff’s election every registered voter in Lake County would have been allowed to vote in the August 26, 2008 primary.

How would that change the race? Well it would have been a lot harder for them to manipulate all those votes and absentee ballots for sure. Anyone with brains knows the “9000 missing ballots” were not votes for Gay Borders and that for sure! In order to vote in that “closed primary” they had to be registered Republicans. Then you have to factor in the possibility that another 25,843 voters who voted against Gary Borders when they were finally afforded the opportunity, some of which could also be the same voters whose votes were allowed to be given to one of the other three primary candidates on August 26, 2008.

You can figure it any way you want too but, the fact remains if they didn’t put someone up to run from another party and these races were honest Gary Border would have lost his butt in August 2008 and everyone knows that including him. He had the recent polls results and knew he was a loser in 2008 – when his friends on channel 9 showed him at the victory party that night he was more surprised he won than anyone else. We doubt he even knew they were fixing the race for him.
Gary Borders sick lifestyle and history of “handling children” as he called it on one job application has been whispered for over thirty years now. Everyone knows he is fond of little boys. This fondness stretches back to the boys clubs of Osceola County, then he and his friends started the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont. He was fired from the Osceola County Jail in December 1988 and come to work at the Lake Jail in January 1989 – all the while he played at the Green Isle Boys Ranch on the week ends. In an interview this past week his 21 year employee (15 years directly reporting to Borders when he was jail major) stated he had never heard Gary Borders mention the Green Isle Boys Ranch. Over 20 plus years several little boys reported being raped – every report was covered up and no one was ever prosecuted! What is a man Gary Borders age doing hanging around and playing with little boys at his Green Isle Boys Ranch? Then when an older boy at the ranch rapes the younger boys why didn’t sheriff Borders immediately arrest the rapist? Some say because Borders and the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson age 17 were special friends also!
Borders sick sex life has not just surfaced because he is running for re-election. It has been well known and documented for years. Most good honorable people like Captain Mike Ford have probably long believed that this nightmare would somehow come to an end on it’s on. However thanks to Borders (continued)
Everyone Is Concerned

United States

#136 May 26, 2012
powerful friends at channel 9 and other media outlets just like the spin they done yesterday with John Herrell lamenting all the sexual predator arrest they made almost one year ago proves Borders is somehow not a sexual pervert himself! Nothing could be farther from the truth! Follow the 77 page summary on the Green Isle Ranch story. See where he stop

ped the rapes investigation and then follow it on back all the way back to Osceola County. He spent every spare minute of his like around little boys and then covers up for one who rapes five other younger then him. Something is bad wrong here!

Captain Mike Ford did make other stunning remarks about Borders jailhouse sexcapades of which the facts have long been known and at least some of the witnesses lied to the FBI when they investigated those sexual encounters between then Major Borders and jail inmates in his office.
As for this concerned citizen being worried about candidate Carpenter having had extra marital affairs and such; from the rumors on the street it seems he has admitted to not being totally faithful to his wife of many years at some point in their life. Rumors say they have long ago made up and he was forgiven and their marriage apparently survived the storm. That is by not means unusual behavior for normal heterosexual adults who marry especially at a young age. For some unknown reason it appears normal human behavior between couples who absolutely unequivocally love each other sometimes get wandering eyes at around the age of forty. The important thing is their marriage survived and they forgave each other. The most important thing is his wander eyes were wandering at the opposite sex and not young males!

The issues with Gary Borders are not politically motivated. Politics is not the solution to a situation where someone as morally challenged as Gary Borders falls into a job which supplies so much cash flow and so many human lives to manipulate. This man is sick! He needs to be immediately removed from office. In fact he should never have been put there in the first place. When he was everyone thought it wouldn’t last anytime. Under normal circumstance it would not have but; with the help of Lakes well connected culture of corruption her we are almost six years later. The destruction of human lives at the hands of this one man is deplorable.

It is up to the people of Lake County to demand a solution to this madness. Politics usually just replaces one politician with another. They usually just go along to get along. If they make waves their counterparts label them trouble makers and such.

Just the facts reported this week by Retired Captain Mike Ford should bring about a criminal investigation into the actions of Sheriff Borders immediately. During this investigation the sheriff should be removed from office so as to not be accused of intimidating the witness against him, of which there are many.

Lake well organized culture of corruption will once again halt and interfere with all such investigations because they know when that happens the walls of Lake County’s corrupt history will come tumbling down.

Read the updates on the blogs from Captain Mike Fords interview. Insiders say more evidence is coming out by the hour now!


Everyone Is Concerned

United States

#137 May 28, 2012
For over twenty years the Green Isle Boys Ranch near Clermont and the Lake County jail provided Gary Borders with an endless supply of boytoys.
Everyone including Border old friends and so-conspirators is concerned alright because more and more people throughout Lake County and the entire state of Florida are now finding out the truth about the Green Isle Ranch. The Bridges of America group who actually owned Green Isle Ranch continues to operate as vendors for the Florida Department of Corrections collection over $1 MILLION per month for various prison services. These are the same people who owned Green Isle Ranch.

Remember when State Representative Marleen O’Toole asked Gary Border about mentoring some boys involved in her Take Stock in Children organization she said Borders asked her if he could take the boys home; when she replied No! his reply was why would I want to waste my time then.

That statement alone leads a prudent person to wonder why did Gary Border waste his time for over 20 years at the Green Isle Ranch? Did he take the boys home from there also? How many other well connected deviants might have also taken boy from the Green Isle Boys Ranch to their home or other outings?

The answers to these questions is what makes the Green Isle Boys Ranch such a hot potato! The people know a lot of powerful people were involved in the horror’s and nightmares of the Green Isle Ranch.

If not, why then would someone like Gary Borders work at least five days a week as a major face to face with an employee (now retired Captain Mike Ford) and never mention the Green Isle Boys Ranch? Yet at the same time pictures prove that then Sheriff Gary Borders was at the Green Isle with his jail cook Baby Ann; Captain Steve Moss and Sgt. Chip Ray? The answer here appears to be Gary Borders didn’t share his secrets of Green Isle except with his certain friends he could trust.

So, everyone is concerned. The caught have now really been caught and they are concerned about more and more facts of sex abuse charges coming forth. What they are really concerned about is Florida has lifted the statute of Limitations on child rapes and they can got to jail;some for life!

Good, honest people of morals are concerned because the find it hard to believe that sexual abuse of children has been ongoing and covered up by the highest law enforcement authority in Lake County, the sheriff himself!

Everyone shoe be concerned enough to demand these crimes committed by whomever is guilty are brought to justice immediately. Haven’t we had enough victims at the hands of Gary Borders?

Why would Gary Borders spend his life around little boys and then cover for a 17 year old boy who raped five boys 11-15 ? Why wouldn't he remember he is supposed to be the chief law man of Lake County and put all rapists in jail? The only logical reason is he was friends with the rapist!
Everyone Is Concerned

United States

#138 May 28, 2012
There are literally hundreds of victims who would love to just wake up one morning and see this joke be over. This sad world we live in no doubt needs some comedy from time to time but the people who were raised to know right from wrong and appreciate living in a world that espouses those values don’t find any comedy surrounding the actions of a sexual deviate like Gary Borders. He first arrived in Sanford. Florida and no one seems to know why or how he got connected to the Osceola County Boys Clubs and other events that attracted young boy but he went to work at the Osceola County Jail and spent all of this spare time hanging around young boys at events. Always able to hide just below the surface, he was just there on the back burner like the bottom feeding pond scum he is. Picking up victims at boys athletic events until he and his friend Don Brown and some other sicko’s formed the Green Isle Boys Ranch in Clermont. Planning started around 1987 and the Ranch opened in 1989 the same year Borders was fired from the Osceola County Jail and come to work at the Lake County Jail.

People have known for years that Gary Borders was “funny” and lived an alternative lifestyle. They have known for years of his infinity for young boys. The proof goes all the way back to his first wife “Beata” in Ashland, Kentucky and he fled to Sanford, Florida with a carpet cleaning job with his half/brother.

The facts of a man who has spent his entire adult life hanging around young boys athletic events and joining with his well connected friends to start their very own Green Isle Boys Ranch (the fact of which is not mentioned in any of his personnel records anywhere) and the many accolades he received for those endless efforts (with the exception of Green Isle) can be found in letters from both Osceola and Lake County located in the 77 page Green Isle Summary on the internet.
Now we have a career Lake Jail Captain Mike Ford come forth with what should be perceived by every moral resident of Lake County, Florida stunning allegations of Gary Borders sexual deviate behavior within the walls of the Lake County Jail. Mr. Ford served out his sentence for the people of Lake County with dignity and after doing so decided to share the truth with his fellow Lake Countians. Thank You Captain Ford! What else is a dignified man or woman to do when culprit is the one in power? What else is a person to do when the higher powers only serve to continue to cover up the crimes of their powerful friends and associates? Even though some of the witnesses lied, the FBI had credible evidence of Gary Borders jail sex with inmates as far back as 2009 and failed to interview all of the witnesses, some of which had direct evidence and contact with the victim. Back then the spinners spin was that it was consensual sex and much like Captain Ford’s remarks about Gary Borders being friends with the Stone family that was supposed to make it alright.

Let’s remember at that time Gary Borders was the jail major, his victim was an inmate and one with some brains might be led to believe an inmate might consent to anything at the hands of their captors! No matter what else it is what about a Civil Rights violation? If a female was in jail and a male jailer took her out for sex what would they call that?

The problem here is everyone has always known something was not right with Gary Borders. A lot of people just tried to ignore him and turn their heads on his sickness. Many, many others saw an opportunity and used him and covered for him. No one in their right mind ever though it was possible for this sick sexual deviate to become the sheriff of Lake County, but he did! That opened more opportunities for him with the young boys. It also opened a lot of opportunities for the criminals in Lake County, Florida to have a sheriff they can control right in their pockets.

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