The Government of New Utopia

The Government of New Utopia

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Leesburg, FL

#2 Apr 30, 2012
Please keep up the good work with all the info you post. These crooks will have their day. Keep posting, and when the time comes the good people will be backing you 100%. Thanks again!
Lazarus is dead

United States

#4 May 20, 2012
Prince Lazarus is dead at 80 -

Who will lead this country forward now?
Klusssurr dust

Oslo, Norway

#5 Jun 6, 2012
Watching wrote:
Please keep up the good work with all the info you post. These crooks will have their day. Keep posting, and when the time comes the good people will be backing you 100%. Thanks again!
So did new utopia get closed dowen ? Since the guy that had new utopia webiste in florida been closed dowen in court by bancrupci court ? And they dont have and pasport or trust company info on the new utopia site that got started after lazarus got dead....
Bob Williams

Leesburg, FL

#6 Jun 7, 2012
Heard Bob Williams was in the ER at LRMC a few weeks ago!!! Apparent heart attack. Is he next?
Klusssurr dust

Oslo, Norway

#7 Jun 7, 2012
Did any charter citizen get back there money?

some of the charter citizens start a proecte somwhere ? I Dont read Fl media so maybe did happen but
mean i dont take 12 year to build a resort/gated comunity ,,,,, and not any classaction for members?
klusssurrdust intresing

Hamar, Norway

#9 Jun 14, 2012
hi thank you very much for your anwser only found littel bit abut new utopia in wikipeida and goggel did look one the links yhe some of the names have been in this project before over the last 10 years look like (visited the new utopia eh the old one regiualery and they have been investoers or give ideas to this project but it looks like it have changed form a tax hevan island to a kind of transhumanism resort...

hmm did not look like you anwser my other qasutins?
i mean looks like its 2 utopias now...
and the principalty utopia website that you are linking to...
where do all the busnnis plans and chareter citizens go a new project somwhere ?
if it ws a settelemnt sowmerher or a eh real classaction lawsuites in florida or texas (becuse before this foks had comapnys and projects that had texas adreas in the housten area and then some of them moved back to tulsa okhlahoma...)
the honest invesoter and ambioues hopefull citizens , will not those at least some of them be a good eh asset for some bussnisnman somwhere elese if he going to start a free zone or bussnis park or a resort in a gulf state or camboida or pafic island ?

the owener of the new utopia that was in fort meyers and are now start a new site in ohklahoma before he had a new utopia floitla comapny whatever happend to that are a scince misnter or somthing like that in the eh new new utopia site
( at least thats they have there post adres now when the king are dead i think the owner of the domain name are post box in utah..)
but they dont have the pasports or the bussnis/bank/ship regsitration and companys like they did have before 2009 maybe florida fbi arest all the pasports and company papers and evrybody that follow florida newspaper or usa bussnis media knows that?
but not the eh new utopians that dont live in usa ?

did yours be charter citizens of this thing since you know abut the new utopia guy are dead?

the owener of new utopia project or maybe one of the owner...
lookes like he moved form fort meyers to oklahoma agin...he did have a post box in new utopia busnisses before in tulsa and now its just the prinicpailety utopia (that are in uk before i think it was in fort meyers and saresota )that offer pasports and comapny tax shelters
why ?and lawsuites agisnt this new utopia foks going one now i belkive i read the lazarusd long was guilty of fraud in 2007?

hope i get any anwser
sorry for my bad enghlis :)

btw any newspaper in this area i can get some info from abut this stuff?
i have only used grayhound bus to orland from lousina and spend 1 week in orland and 2 weeks in disnyworld but guss orlando are not real florida... once dont know much abut florida so sorry if ask stupid quastin :(
klusss cheap office

Hamar, Norway

#10 Jun 15, 2012
hmm a mulit milion company in a small texas towen just like the last one did have adres in a housten suburb :)
this are the palce that are suposed to be the eh new new utopia comapny are hmm maybe the olde one got sued in caymen island ? or belize?(becuse they was suposed to have trust that the new utopia was going to build there..)and what did happend to new utopia devlopment.. the other company that was suposed to start constrction very soon just like dallas devlopment company and global devlopment company...
Klusssurr dust

Oslo, Norway

#13 Jun 17, 2012
Are follower from newutopians
At least look like the new foks or what you want to call them at read your theard
Tech govonoer and sombody else i think was a conuslate or investor in new utopia in 2004 somthing like that (way back machine are a nice website ;) you van look a webiste before ) and one harris c dale did quit as minister/govoner after the flotila company post was posted the hariis guy did have dallas devlopment copertaion type it in goggel )that was suposed to build this new utopia thing in 2005-2013 in his delopment plan but probly sued for fraud looks like his nevda company got revoked in 2005 his hq for the suposed to multimilon company was a suburban house in housten just lokk at wikipidia new utopia talk page .... This other investoers in new utopia abut that time (and the server was in housten eara ) was from texas in abut 2003 2005 so is you stuff not somthing you should send to housten chronhicel 3 in the texsa area (look info on wikipidea ) 3tx fraud (?) that agin register there company in texas when they suposed allredy been 3court cases. Abut new utopia ther (pat frideman site and somthing called scamdog posibel allso a fun thing to type into the way back machinn...
How can a frud guy stat a new company in a other state
Why di they end up the x investoer from before in the same city asthe constrction company that was to build new utopia allso relocalte?
Have anybody looked on what new utopia investoer do in caymen island ?
new utopia a dystopia

Hamar, Norway

#14 Jun 18, 2012
got some ideas and stream of counsicnes
how much woud you get if you sued them for fraud ?
a tax lawyer and engginer would know how to sue this foks i special when new utopia try to market it to MENSA foks
will not any of the eh honest new utopia invetoers/counslent have infomation for the new utopia comapny/island ?
that lazarus long had been a bad reputation did wall stert journal and be investgated by fbi before the new utopia sec and the close dowen of the fort meyers site will you not look on his recored now he are dead ?
(maybe utopia companys cam move money but is it real good idea and not get foks angry by ask for investement and citizenship from tax layers and other unversty foks then fraud them and not build there promised island ?
would you not get any info if you look into the new utopia failuers for 11 years?
as a native amarican you can have accese to stuff that non natives have settelmes court cases "power grab from boerad of govoners" would it not be somthing in some public recoerds sowmere as a amrican citizens you would have acsses too ?
if you get to kow the charter citizens they made banks/coperations in new utopi ( when it was in fort meyers if you know there name you maybe can find stuff since this probley are id fraud if not real fraud... the website did write a statement that they had 20 banks/comapnys incopertaed in the princepality... you had to fil out a lot of info on the pdf fils for banks and comapnys.. it did look like on the 2007 new utopia site they said they had 12 pages of foks that want intrested to start a bussnis in new utopia some of the consulates have offshore companys in other tax sheters before the new utopia site did link to pasport sellers that have a dont ask dont tell policy...must be some public info somwhere in texas oklahoma or florida
becuse they did ask for help form tax lawyers marin bilogist and archtetcts some years ago,,,good educated ppl should have the time and mony and brain to get back waht they wanted
tax shelters

United States

#15 Jun 19, 2012
From what we hear US law basically turned there heads the other way on these organized gangsters.

They are connected from both sides of the political spectrum democrat and republican so no matter who is in charge they have them in their pockets. There is a lot of money missing here!

But maybe there is something going on as too where the money has gone. Here in Lake County the head mobster Bob McKee is the step father of Damon Bentley and has other tight connections to much of the other missing money. We suggest you contact the American Embassy in Norway. Apparently the same criminals have been involced in this long going scheme for years as you say from the different locations of operations. More than likely Lazarus death announcement was just more of their smoke and mirrors. A lot more facts are known today that just siz months ago. All you have to do is follow the money trails.
hmm mony

Elverum, Norway

#16 Jun 20, 2012
more facts ?

money trail ?
other then belize

like new utopia devlopment trust


and caymen island

why should it be smok and mirror when its allredy a settelment ?
hmm mony

Elverum, Norway

#17 Jun 20, 2012

what they did have in belize or have in belize

so any comments on this links ?
do this allso have a costa rica link ?
one mr crushenten and read sea mamgement somthing like that type in goggel ...

hmm they say they start cosntrction 2 motnh before howared trney get dead...
Utopia Is Scam

United States

#18 Jun 22, 2012
Klusssurr dust

Oslo, Norway

#19 Jun 22, 2012
Hmm pat frideman site are not updated anymore what they talked abut was in 2004 think happened som lawsuites since this pat frideman guy moved on to seastead project (a boat thats goibg to be libertarian paredise get as much pr as new utopia did ) and now i think he meved on to a gated comuntiy that are a freezone like shenzen in china and singapore called draft citys or somthing like t hat they want to build in hounduras and mauritis but thanks anway :)
dont look like those micronatian/build libertarian utopia summery /scam new nation sites are much updated anymore ... Btw new utopia did get a reptutain for be a scam on those sites 7-8years ago
But then i was busy learn a langues an move to a country simmelar to new utopia in real life.... Maybe many of the new utopia foks give up there dream and make paulville in texas and move to new hampsire or palau ... Rumered that ian swayer guy allso are a fraduster (type his name in goggel but some allso said he did make frezones in cariben countrys why are sll this projects honypot for fraudster..?)
Anbodyelse have any links..? Anybody know if any former new utopia foks have started somthing else freezone/resort/gated comunity /perment resident program in other places ?ian Swafyer was suopsed to start somthing elsae in 1999 but dont know anythinge more

What monry trail?
What more facts did get now ?
So was lazrus/howared turny frozenn in his owen cryonic company;) or what did happen to him?

United States

#20 Jun 28, 2012
Four Jets and flights to the Caymen Islands.

What about Morse International Airport in Leesburg?

Follow the money.

Hamar, Norway

#21 Sep 12, 2012
fraud fight ?a war island

did any of the former charter citizens ?
any of the investoers build a gated counity or export zone anywhere else in the world ?
did look up former new utopia investoer or somthing like that got a gated comunity in hydrabad that was try to sell aparments...
looks like they offical is at war between the oiffcal uk new utopia and the eh new

its of course a lot of erorr ther (the new utopia law say princess and prince take over after the king and the son have been on this project before they moved to usa )

this Michael McDonnough guy was a then minister before i wrote that i was here he was closed dowen in his post box in oklhaomha before it open in fort meyer whit his flotilla comapny (sell houses on new utopia for 100 000 ++ before it got closed dowen in 2004 and was in bankrupciy court in fort meyers in 2009 )

how can sombody start a comapany in other state when he are fraud in a other ?
in this country they will lose there licens and the goverment can look on the atm card if they have any income not paid tax on
The Truth is out there

Oxford, UK

#22 Sep 12, 2012

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