John Morgan Ethics Questioned

John Morgan Ethics Questioned

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try an pin me

Eustis, FL

#3 Mar 23, 2012
same old bull$hit claims, show the facts or shut the f%#K up period. where are the "victims" and why haven't they come forward?? are they scared?? for what?? come on you worthless f&*k, unless its your kid or somebody who you can control to come forward then shut the f*(K up. If you can produce then by all means post the dirt and let the public decide. and for those that "track" ip addresses and claim to know who it is..........try to find something else you THINK you're good at
Are You The Scapegoat

United States

#5 Mar 25, 2012
try an pin me wrote:
same old bull$hit claims, show the facts or shut the f%#K up period. where are the "victims" and why haven't they come forward?? are they scared?? for what?? come on you worthless f&*k, unless its your kid or somebody who you can control to come forward then shut the f*(K up. If you can produce then by all means post the dirt and let the public decide. and for those that "track" ip addresses and claim to know who it is..........try to find something else you THINK you're good at
Your friends say this blog is Deputy Jeff Taylor ranting and raving. They say you like to talk dirty and you are a dirty person. Your rants also sound like you might be the weak link in this little boy’s playhouse of horrors. Everyone knows about Gary Borders; Baby Ann Irvin) dong the cooking) Sgt. Chip Ray; "Then retired and now back to work" Capt. Steve Moss presence at Green Isle. You sound like you might be friends with and trying to protect Tyler Jackson just like Borders and others has.

Why do you people refuse to accept responsibility for five brutally raped little boys not getting the justice, medical and mental health attention they deserved? Borders refused to allow an investigation and real prosecution of his friend Tyler Jackson. Why don't you tell the people why sheriff Borders refused to allow his office to honestly investigate and prosecute the suspect? Why don't you tell the people why the sheriff's office made no official news release on (case #09 191988) ever! When the news of the rapes was broke by house parents on Feb. 3. 2010, it was immediately removed from all local TV stations and the several video's of house parent Clayton Berkey describing three months after the report that the little boys were threatening suicide and nothing had been done for them. But Green Isle called the sheriff's office earlier that day and complained that Clayton Berkey was a disgruntled employee making threatening call; emails; texts and such. Pretty obvious the only threaded Clayton Berkey was to Green Isle was the threat that the brutal rapes of five little boys would leak to the people and the people would find out that sheriff Borders was a founding board member and had an ongoing presence at the ranch and is even pictured smiling and next to the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson; the boy who's crimes he hid and refused to proceed on until Berkey got the news to the people. Yes! On February 4, 2010 the next day Borders ordered his people to go back to work on this case. Total fake! And Total BS claiming Tyler Jackson was put on probation. He is still at large in Citrus County getting speeding tickets, careless driving accidents and even had a domestic dating violence injunction filed against him by another make born in 1963. Why would a boy born in 1992 be dating another guy born in 1963? Is this because he is use to "dating" men born in the 1960’s? Why did Gary Borders and his friends open this ranch in 1989? If it was because he cares so much for the little boys then why would he go to so much trouble to hide the sex crimes that documented evidence proves has leaked from the 20 plus of Borders involvement at Green Isle Ranch?

If a person truly loves kids and truly cares about the well being of kids they will not stand for anything bad to happen to those kids! The facts prove that Gary Borders has covered up many crimes that eventually come to light at Green Isle. As in the 5 boys raped by Tyler Jackson report it also indicates a male ranch employee was exposing himself to these little boys. Nothing was done about that!

The long history of sex abuse at Green Isle shows that Gary Borders involvement even before he was sheriff is questionable.

How can any person love the little boys so much they spend all their spare time with them. Then when they are raped conspire to cover up the rapes? The only logical answer is there is a lot more horror stories hidden in the Green Isle Ranch!
Democratic Intervention

United States

#7 Apr 1, 2012
Originally Posted on Monday, October 10, 2011 12:07:43 AM – anonymous blogger

Barack Obama will be in Orlando and nearby Lake Mary on Tuesday, pushing his so-called Jobs Bill and raising money for his reelection.

He starts at the Downtown Sheraton, and then moves on to the Heathrow/Lake Mary home of Morgan & Morgan partner John Morgan.

Don't have a schedule yet, but FReepmail me if you are up for a little sign waving.

BTW, spread the word. John Morgan, who loves to claim he is a lawyer "For the People," is hosting Obama. Tell anyone you know; they might want to know that he is that close to Obama.

January 2011 - Charlie Crist Joins Morgan and Morgan – For the People -

Crist was a full-time politician since 2000; he served as Florida Education Commissioner (2001-2003) and Attorney General (2003-2007) before being elected Governor (2007-2011). Crist stated that his work as Attorney General will be an asset as he assists Morgan & Morgan in handling major class action lawsuits:“Having had the privilege of being Attorney General and working ‘for people, against the powerful,’ as John [Morgan] would say, I think is certainly going to bode well for the future.”

March 27, 2012 – An invitation hosted by among others - John Morgan PA to attend a fund raising event tonight for Republican Sheriff Gary S. Borders the Mission Inn. Fast and Furious local Republicans are asking themselves Why? What is the connection here? Why is the powerful Democratic Obama Major Supporter involved or even concerned in the lake County Sheriff’s election? Ok – so his brother Michael is the jail dentist – he also has a practice on Burleigh Blvd next to Morgan & Morgan’s For the People office! Is being the jail dentist that lucrative? When Republican turned Independent former Florida Governor Charlie Crist lost the Senate race to Marco Rubio –John Morgan welcomed the defeated Crist with open arms.

Remember Charlie Crist was homeless when he left the governors mansion unless his fake wife agreed to let his live with her. He has never owned a home in his life. He lived with his parents in Clearwater most of his adult life. He flaunted the South Florida home of his make believe wife Carol Rome for a while. Where is “Mrs Carol Crist anyway?” She signed on for that fairyland imaginary trip to Washington DC when Crist thought John McCain was going to name him VP on the 2008 presidential ticket. When all that soured Charlie Crist was meeting Obama in the panhandle of Florida and even once at Martha’s Vineyard! Now -

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Tuesday March 27th he wouldn’t rule out voting for President Barack Obama in November.

Crist — who was a member of the Republican Party until 2010 and is now a registered independent — said in interviews with MSNBC and CNN that he would “consider” casting his ballot for Obama on Election Day.

Consider? Sure, I would consider that,” Crist said “I really think he’s sincere and genuine in his heart, he’s trying to do what’s right for the country overall.” that the Republican primary has been “pretty nasty” and making an attempt at unity, such as he did with Obama during his time as an elected official, may be political suicide.
This has been a tough time for the president to govern, I think everyone understands that. But we’re starting to see some positive signs going forward as it relates to the economy. That’s very important.” Crist pointed to the improving economy as a reason he might vote for Obama in November.

Democratic Intervention

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#8 Apr 1, 2012
Democratic political movers and shakers have continued to infiltrate RINO (Republican in name only) races and some have been saying for some time now that Charlie Crist is stored out at Morgan and Morgan while they plan his 2014 run once again for Florida governor on the democratic ticket! Does John Morgan’s interest in the local sheriff extend to those plans? Does this political powerhouse have plans to run Gary Borders as lieutenant governor on the democratic ticket with Charlie Crist? If so his success at re-election as sheriff would be vital to ticket. Changing party’s means nothing to RINO’s look at Lake Property Appraiser he got mad at the Republican’s and like Charlie Crist changed to Independent – but when he got ready to run for re-election he “run” back to the Republican Party. Only Republicans can get elected in Lake County unless you are the 40 year office holding supervisor of elections!

These people do not do anything without a reason. If John Morgan is in the camp with Gary Borders so are Charlie Crist and Barack Obama. Birds of a feather flock together!

There are some very interesting similarities between Charlie Crist and Gary Borders! In 2006 Charlie Crist was just 50 years old and white headed. Earlier that same year Gary Borders had dark hair but soon at the age of 46 he too was white headed! Why is their hair white before age fifty? Why does their skin both have that yellow jaundice tint? What about all those fake tans? Why do they blink their eyes at a high rate of speed and neither one of them can look you straight in the face!

For Charlie Crist it was his old friend and lover convicted felon-- Florida Funeral Directors Association - Bruce Carlton Jordan of Sumter County on probation. Also, that 21 year old GOP staffer Jason Wetherington coming forward about their little fling.

For Gary Borders it’s been dozens and dozens of significant others (and most are still on our payroll) until they hit that magic too old age! Questions about all those years at Green Isle Boys Ranch and the rapes cover ups!- but the main parallel here is Andrew Washburn – convicted felon and still on out-of-state-parole now stored out in South Florida.

John Morgan does everything for a purpose. His real purpose for this one is yet to be known for sure. Maybe he’s just trying to collect up all the Obama supporters he can. Maybe they do have plans for Charlie and Gary in the future. The problem is when we do find out what they are planning it might very well be too late!

The people have the ability to communicate effectively now! There is no excuse for anyone not to know the truth. It’s everywhere and the lame stream media can no longer control it unless you succumb to their repeated lies and deception against the truth; and you don’t even have to pay for it anymore; that is unless you fail to read and educate yourselves and your loved ones – for that we will all pay dearly!
Good Time Charlie

United States

#9 Apr 2, 2012
Charlie Crist’s ‘Very Close’ Ties to the Florida Legislature

Dane Eagle -
The 2012 Republican primary season could possibly yield a new crop of nominees, as incumbency in politics is arguably more of a liability than an advantage to a political campaign. As far as contested Republican primary races go, the Mica vs. Adams congressional primary will be the “hottest” race to watch as well as the Stearns vs. Jett vs. Oelrich primary race in the newly drawn 3rd congressional district.
But as most of the focus will be on federal contests in this presidential election cycle, some important state legislative races could go largely unnoticed. One of which that may have gone unnoticed now will not if it weren’t for our ol’ friend former Governor Charlie ‘Chameleon’ Crist, as he is still very much influencing races in advance of his likely Democratic Gubernatorial run in 2014.
There are two races in particular that Crist is directly or indirectly influencing with help from his longtime friends and supporters.
Eagle is a ‘close friend,’ former volunteer, Travel Aide, Deputy Chief of Staff and campaign finance director to Crist, and he’s running in Rep. Gary Aubuchon’s vacated State House seat in the Cape Coral. Currently and unexplicably, Eagle is running unopposed as a Republican candidate. Recently Eagle discussed his relationship with Governor Crist, telling the St. Pete Times that ,”I was a young guy with an opportunity, and nobody’s going to say no to that,” he said.“It’s unfortunate how it turned out.”
Yes, how unfortunate was it for Crist to stab numerous Republicans in the back and refuse to refund their donations after he jumped ship to run against Senator Marco Rubio as an Independent. Eagle stayed on as Crist’s finance director even after Crist left the GOP. So is it fair to say the Eagle is just as culpable as Charlie? Remember, Eagle did say that “it’s unfortunate how it turned out.” So unfortunate for him that he decided to stay on and receive a percentage of the donations received from those Republicans that Charlie duped. How sooooo unfortunate for him.
Interestingly, while Eagle proudly hailed his achievements while working under Crist on his campaign website, Eagle fails to mention any ties to Crist, as Crist is the only reason he is in the position that he is in right now.
Here’s a snippet from Eagle’s website:
After attending Florida Gulf Coast University and then earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Florida in 2005, he moved to Tallahassee to work in politics and government. Through his leadership and hard work, Dane quickly caught the eye of state leaders and was “appointed Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor at age 24 – the youngest in Florida’s history.-Dane Eagle”
Notice how Eagle words that last sentence in referencing his political acumen-“Dane quickly caught the eye of state leaders (Crist) and was appointed (by Crist) Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor.”

Good Time Charlie

United States

#10 Apr 2, 2012
Rep. Peter Nehr –

Nehr is another staunch supporter of Charlie Crist. I have to say this much- I respect this guy for not waivering on his support and allegiance to Charlie. Nehr is currently running for reelection to his current state house seat, but is being challenged by a few other Republicans, most notably by Army National Guard Officer Tory Perfetti.

But like Dane Eagle, Nehr does not mention Charlie Crist or any ties he has with Crist on his website. One would find that very odd, since the two men were just about tied at the hip.

Rep. Nehr, literally stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Crist as he announced his Independent run for Senate and also stood behind Crist during his 2010 Independent HQ opening. Nehr was also joined by another one of Crist’s ‘close’ friends, State Senator Mike Fasano.

But the fun with Nehr doesn’t end their. In 2010, Nehr sent out a campaign mailer asking voters to vote for him on November 2 and stated that he is “An Independent voice in the Florida legislature,” along with boasting of an endorsement from “Independent” Charlie Crist.
On the mailer, Nehr posts three pictures of him looking pretty exuberant as he poses with Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, Democratic Guberntorial nominee Alex Sink, and with his ol’ buddy, former Republican, turned Independent, and soon to be Democrat, Charlie Crist.
help is here

United States

#11 Apr 17, 2012
the parents of Green Isle Boys ranch victims might want to check out this law firm since John Morgan has apparently sided with the victims abuser Gary Borders who covered up the crimes against them
more info

United States

#12 Apr 17, 2012
Seems "for the people John Morgan" is too closely politically connected to the Green Isle Sheriff Borders to represent his victims.

The victims can contact an honest lawyer who will not sell them out to his friends by contacting:

John Elliot Leighton at: [email protected]
where is the truth

United States

#13 May 21, 2012
Charlie Crist, Buddy Dyer, Corrine Brown,John Morgan, Sheriff Borders are all directly aligned to Obama and his radicals. Won't you join us in supporting the truth be told by the lying media. #!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?n=4288 50440!n=2029917935&fid=1 &fav=1&mid=bb874daa-88 c9-45f4-a277-d349ae8a3bd2& fv=1
where is the truth

United States

#14 May 21, 2012
Here are a few of the examples we will list in our FULL PAGE ADS demanding the media start to investigate:

Why won't the media investigate President Obama's relationship with radical Islamist Khalid Al-Mansour?

Why hasn't the media investigated reports that Obama's education at Columbia and Harvard Law was financed by Saudi Islamist financier Khalid al-Mansour?

Why did Obama's ties to PLO and Hamas sympathizer Rashid Khalidi receive virtually no media attention during his 2008 campaign?

In 2008, Obama released his tax returns from 2000 to 2006. Where are his tax returns from before that period?
Why won't the media investigate Bill Ayers' claim that he wrote Obama's 1995 autobiography, Dreams of My Father?

Why did Obama accept and then attempt to conceal illegal donations his campaign received in 2008 from individuals in Gaza linked to Hamas? Did he ever return those donations?

Why has the media refused to further examine Obama's relationship with 1960s radicals, including former Weathermen leader Bill Ayers, his wife Bernadine Dohrn, and black nationalist-turned-professor Derrick Bell?

What was the purpose of the $400 million in economic aid that was sent to Hamas-ruled Gaza a week after the Gaza flotilla incident in June 2010?
Why hasn't the Obama released any of his academic records?

Why hasn't there been the same investigation of Obama's personal conduct during his high school and college years, which includes prolific drug use and associations with leftist radicals, as there has been recently with Mitt Romney?
In 2010, why did Obama allow Hamas-affiliated professor Tariq Ramadan to enter the United States, in contravention of a longstanding DHS ban on permitting Ramadan to enter the country?
Why has Obama allowed the PLO, a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of countless Americans and Israelis, to fly their flag over their office in our nation's capital?
Will the media investigate Obama's knowledge of Eric Holder's "Fast and Furious" operation, which has was responsible for the deaths of a number of Border Patrol agents and American citizens on US soil?

Why did Obama bail out GM with taxpayer dollars but coerce Chrysler into accepting a merger with Italian automaker Fiat in 2009, even though he takes credit for bailing out the entire US auto industry?

How did Obama choose which banks would receive taxpayer bailouts in 2009 and which ones would be allowed to fail?

Why is so little known about Obama's activities as a community organizer in the 1980s and 1990s?

America deserves to know the truth about Obama and the media needs to be shamed into doing their job. This ad campaign will be huge and can help protect Mitt Romney from the relentless media attacks.

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