Recently, I took my vehicle to OP&B to have body repairs and upkeep done on my vehicle. My family has been in business with this shop for years.


As of Tuesday, October 8th, the body shop was the 'victim' of a burglary in which my vehicle and several others were targeted. The vehicles were unlocked due to no one being allowed passed the gates because of liability issues (and the shop was locked after-hours.) Wherever the point of entry was is not the point. The point is, when I went to file the police report, Mr. Owens took it upon himself to tell the first officer that arrived at his business that he was not interested in filing a report and that he would 'reimburse everyone for their stolen items'. EXCUSE ME?! Mr. Owens does NOT get to choose who is a victim and who is not in this incident!

When I found this out, and that the first officer seemed 'okay' with Mr. Owens' proposal, I contacted the LPD once more. Two additional officers came and SPOKE with me, treated me with DIGNITY, fingerprinted my vehicle, spoke to Mr. Owens and told him his offer is 'unacceptable', and properly filed a police report. Those two officers were outstanding, went above and beyond and made me feel like a real human being; not a ghost.

Homer Owens cannot reimburse folks for their sentimental items they lost; not everything is about MONEY and simple replacement. Not only that, if I hadn't noticed the stuff 'out of place' and missing from my vehicle and brought it to his attention, HE WOULD NOT HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT IT!!! It's the principle of the matter that if I wouldn't have mentioned this, Homer Owens wouldn't have said a damn word. Ethical? Not this man.

If you need any type of body work, please go to David Williams Collision at 80/Bill Owens. I should have stuck with my gut on this one.