New GreenWize Scumbags

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#25 Aug 13, 2012
LMBO !!! I had no idea what a baconator WAS. That IS living.

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#26 Aug 13, 2012
ROLLER FOOD !!!!!!!!!!

I DO have to get out more.

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#27 Aug 14, 2012
I found a photo of Dennison. He looks creepy like a guy they'd choose to put on a pig head and star in Madison County.


It's really easy for creeps to recruit creeps.

I've always been kind to EVERYONE. Across the board KIND and unrelentingly KIND to all come one come all. People need love and kindness.

But if your stank ass is going to use MY tax dollars (LOL ON THAT ONE HCPAFLOROG) to stalk me like a creep, you're a creep. I think I may not have thought he was creepy if I didn't already know so much about him.

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#28 Aug 17, 2012
Today at Greenwize the stars were the prejudiced southern boy who swept around after me with a big floor broom. He also deives AT me with his maroon van a great deal which I think is hilarious. Publix keeps this loser close by in the hood of greenwize so he can roll out on a moment's notice. He does alllll kindsa things in that parking lot and claims to hate black people but meets with them up there maybe only in front of me. Sorry pal, I'm not a snitch like your buddy Kevin Marston with the murdering brother from Britton Plaza. Both brothers are publix deli help and I know for a fact Marston does NOT wash his hands after urinating. Chances are his brother will live better in jail than in that barn he was raised in.
THEN ... I got Janie Wolfe a school-teaher with a big but NOT attractive ass from the YMCA also... and her old gold volvo. SHE REALLY loves to follow me. Her and Yvette Wilmath

both today FROM THE YMCA right between the two nasty and one murdering brothers (the other is a snitch) just like a little while back at greenwize. They love to look for that look in your eye like it bothers you.

Yes, because you are ugly to the core dumb bitches.

Please go order some deli from Gandy Publix. I'll like to think of you eating something made with Kevin Marston's hands.

Got a witness for that so it's the TROOF

Now you can look at yvette and even talk to her a bit and she can keep you fooled. But she does NOT end up at greenwize with me by accident once a month or more. With skanky jane.

Jane is a much more obvious idiot.

I've heard Yvette's thing is more taking advantage of old people and all that involves. Makes sense.

Careful ladies. You got yourselves video'd good and almost ran each other down.

Thank you.

I'll be going through your facebook page for other stalkers. Ludakris Tell your little raisin-eyed buddy AJ KITCHENS the other ymca stalker HOWDY DOODY you old stalking bitches.

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#29 Aug 17, 2012
Yvette, I'm like LOVING that whole st pete times connection. That explains a LOT. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

I continue opening this gift of idiocy from you to me. idiot.

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#30 Aug 18, 2012
Hey Yvette, I love Hitlary's page, too. Hitlary is a skank. What does she need so many PHARMACY TECH FRIENDS AT CVS for? Hitlary got a lil drug problem?

Her and her fat brother fucking with my child. Ohhh the salad days are here.

I love your husband's job. He should tell his stupid skanky bitch of a wife that her dumbass should stop stalking people. I'm now adding his fingers on my life self to the list of possibilities of people who will be subpoena'd to answer up for about nine gazillion fucking dollars. BITCH.

I hope you enjoy your little stalking. Just because you think you're getting away with something doesn't mean you are, dumbass.

Be careful passing the deli there at greenwize. You could get pee on you OR you could get murdered. Their deli clerk hiring criteria is a bit iffy.

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#33 Aug 18, 2012
And there we go. Her kid(s) too. Yvette, I'd rather walk through runny dog shit every day of my life THAN BE YOU.

You DISGUST ME you reprehensible stalking piece of shit of a human being.

You will be lucky not to have yourself hauled into federal court soon and you probably will be.

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#34 Aug 19, 2012
Now publix employees go to texting and calling me at the exact same time. Wow. That's creative Christine Breen. I see a little of susan in you. Can't grow up, likes to schtup the kiddies. I'm thinking you and crack dealer stytch, right?

Wow, y'all so fekkin cool.


You folks don't bother me a whit anymore but I am now going to bother the fuck out of you, right up your ass in the courtroom. Well, you and your neighbor howard are used to that. Old ho

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#35 Aug 20, 2012
Today Kim Wilmath wrote an article in the St Pete Times that coyly mentioned a word (for no apparent reason) that I have researched for just that reason. Testing. I think this is a scientology bunch. So, there's the whole st pete timess, YMCA, seaorg connection right there. What a bunch of loony toon scumbags. Not sure what you're barking after KIM but yer time would be better served helping your brother get clean and keeping your sister from driving drunk. Just sayin .....

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#36 Aug 20, 2012
Hitlary, I was pleased to see el gordito is now on the wireless side. LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

PURRFECT. You're looking a little peaked. Maybe all those CVS pharmacy techs..... lil too much visits to the drivein at CVS>>>

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#37 Aug 21, 2012
Can't fireman benitez get his daughter SOME HELP with her addiction?

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#38 Aug 23, 2012
If you ever needed an indication of how much harm a nutbag journalist could do, between this one and "janet" "zink" "zahakos" whose step daddy Harry C. Zahakos gave MY cellphone number to people for numerous uncollected debts OR harassed me through his own companies or howard jenkins' companies, who knows??

But this is good indication.

What is a dumbass her age doing covering such weighty topics? IT's not like she is doing so from any knowledge base. And since her mother is a stalker and her father has used his COUNTY EMPLOYMENT to harass my family over and over again or aunt or uncle whatever they are to her, pretty usure it's mummy and daddy .... she's the unarrested (so far) one so unknown.... but she is not unbiased and she is dangerous. She endangers all Floridians and citizens by reporting the news in a biased fashion and by inserting catch phrases in her articles in a major publication which enables her mother's stalking and the spy programs that are loaded on MY family's computers so they can stalk us online. Not to mention scummy hitlary and fatasss bubby at verizon wireless riding family members' phones and intro'ing family to all manner of scum.

This right here is actionable big time. You folks aren't clever enough to set up a scam.

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#41 Aug 28, 2012

I hope you will still shop at Publix when I own it.

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#42 Aug 28, 2012
Today Vince Ramos of Ramos Tile and Marble sent a representative. FAST RESPONSE, VIC !!! You'll get your reward later What a two year old. Just get a gun and shoot someone and go to jail. Why is it that only happens when you believe you have someone helpless in your sights?

I couldn't tell if it was vince or not, I was busy driving while they were busy trying to pull out of McDonald's so they'd have time to get noticed on the way back to the show room. Interesting thing about the Ramos Tile and Etch a Sketch show room: it's more or less central. They go in either direction. They'll meet us as we approach greenwize or as we're leaving or IN VINCE'S case he was enraptured by the produce because I was there. Yes Vince, it's true. I have the video. And of today, too.

Close encounters. Did you get the tile job for howie's mansion? LOL >>>>>>> >>>>>.. Frankly, you appear to be standing in a grave-yard in your photos so I think that perhaps your business dealings are a bit darker.

Stalking is a crime of violence you know. Like domestic violence (Vince) and Agg Assault Deadly Weapon (Vince) etc.

And who knows what he did to his kids to make them go along with this but they too stalk myself and family members.

Sorry for the decent Italians of Tampa ... many of the stalkers also have roots in the Facebook Tampa Italian Club.




Grow fuckin up, man.

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#43 Aug 28, 2012
Vince could use some behavioral help.

Since: Mar 11

Hillary, Clinton

#44 Aug 28, 2012
tampa wrote:
I hope you will still shop at Publix when I own it.
I will as long as you maintain the same quality of products, great customer service and pleasant shopping experience that Publix offers.

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#45 Aug 29, 2012
Patrick Aei wrote:
<quoted text>
I will as long as you maintain the same quality of products, great customer service and pleasant shopping experience that Publix offers.
It will be BETTER.

We'll have quality help.

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#46 Sep 1, 2012
YAY !!!! Jessica Dotson another old timey scumbag from the Y has finally made it to greenwize. She hasn't had the nuts to follow me around for awhile but used to be very prolific amid sleeping around and such. She switched Publix stores to come follow me around. Sniffin at my butt.

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#47 Sep 1, 2012
Hey Jess, ya just can't get that guy to take on someone else's burden??????????

Hitting the old man up for child support???

What's the deal?

slurp slurp.

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#49 Sep 2, 2012
Scored number five and six today. Lady I had never seen before, fairly out of shape was entering as I was exit'ing behind a long-time stalker who raced over to check out behind me. And then I waited and followed him out. I already knew what his car looked like because his black ass used to work at borders (long dreads) and formerly stalked me at the Gandy Publix, the YMCA (good guess) and at Borders, of course. Among others

The one greeted him as he left. Put her on hold for a second. Him I stayed with. His car was parked close to mine, of course and just Like mine it also has one of those black blue black police memorial ribbons signifying you have lost a LEO.

But he's a gang member. And a stalker. And an asshole. He jumped behind me in line after appearing by me in the store numerous times. This takes a confederate to help him Also, stupid publix thought I needed dog food today because I said it very loud so howard's scumbag verizon spies could hear and so the air around the dog food was sprayed DEADLY. No. they do NOT give a fuck if the wrong person stumbles into it and dies. In fact, at the Y some stupid bitch once blew some shit intended for me right into the face of a small girl who started sneezing and coughing. His tag is 371 IHN.

Here's what I want. I want sleezy ass old Jeanette Flom King to ride her wicked witch bike up there with that poor scared dog mrs. beasley and then EVERY ONE OF THEM will have switched groceries with me.
Actually there are many more than that.

Come on Witchy, you and Pam bondi come stalk me.... bring your dogs. Pam likes that. She's my PetCo gal. An ATTORNEY GENERAL STALKING PEOPLE.

I'm not your average victim, am I right? LOL.

So, Mr. Dread locs: you're a ridiculous ASS. Drop dead.

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