Ex-husband stops alimony payments for...

Ex-husband stops alimony payments for terminal cancer patient

There are 136 comments on the WTSP Tampa Bay story from Feb 7, 2008, titled Ex-husband stops alimony payments for terminal cancer patient. In it, WTSP Tampa Bay reports that:

Margaret Cochran is 51-years-old and wonders if she'll make it to 52. She has terminal ovarian cancer.

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Jersey Jailed for Life

Whippany, NJ

#126 Sep 19, 2008
Alimony for Life is an insult and an unfair. Being divorced myself, I could have understood a couple of years to help her get back on her feet, but life! I had three heart attacks, survived two types of cancer, have Coranary Artery Diease and severe hypertention with medical bills and medication taking alot of my money. My poor wife, who quit a $40,000.00 a year job to become a potter (thats right) and makes $240.00 a month, now gets $29,000,00 a year for life from me. Not only did I get to leave with just my clothing, I got saddled with $70,000.00 in debt that the poor little wife should not have to deal with. I lost my home, my pets, my way of life. The court does not care about the life I was used to. She also took 1/2 of my 401K, there goes my retirement (I'm 53) and the attorneys got the rest (got to pat for hers too). U.S. Constitution, Amendment XIII, Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Last I looked, divorce is not a crime, a shame yes, crime no. To add to the insult, payors get to be discriminated againts by being required to provide insurance coverage ($200,000.00 in my case) to cover the amount of the alimony. I could not find insurance requiremnts in any line of the state or U.S. Constitution and no of no requirment for married persons to carry life insurance for each other so the survivor is cared for. Alimony is all about the States pushing thier responsibility to care for certian people because a select few, worked and provided them while they were married (where is my credit for that) and the state doesn't want them to become wards. So now the payor becomes the welfare department. One thing I learned, life is not always certain, things happen, that is no reason one person should be indebted to another for life if things don't work out. When I was married I did things out of love, not expecting anything in return but things happen, now I am expected to pay for life, shame on me for working hard all those years and trying to provide a better standard of living. Had I known, I would have just got by or not provided at all!
regular guy

Boca Raton, FL

#127 Sep 24, 2008
Very well written. The laws regarding permanent alimony are simply unjust and need to be changed!

Hollywood, FL

#128 Oct 8, 2008
I am sympathetic to Ms. Cochrane's medical condition. And I wish that no one would have to go through such a physical terror. But the two issues of sickness and alimony are unrelated.
According to our 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution she should have never been awarded alimony in the first place. Involuntary servitude is illegal in the U.S. and its territories. Even the state of Florida limits its welfare to a maximum of 4 years to adults. My prayers go out to her.

Warren, OH

#129 Oct 27, 2008
Valerie - WA State wrote:
Richard Lindsey- AFFFA (Alliance for Freedom from Alimony, Inc.) makes one glaring error in his comments. Divorces are negotiated, and both parties have to agree to the terms. Therefore, I have no sympathy for a man who does not uphold his end of the bargain, especially when his former wife is in such dire straits. Even if she weren't in such a difficult situation, he would still be liable for the payments he has obviously AGREED to during the divorce. I don't know how a person devoid of integrity can sleep at night. It seems to me that Mr. Cochran has earned a lifetime of sleepless nights.
When you negotiate a divorce your often told you have to accept the so called agreement or receive something worse. I had the "choice" of 8yrs or life. Been paying half my pay to a perfectly healthy working woman. Alimony is immoral and unconstitutional.

Warren, OH

#130 Oct 27, 2008
When you negotiate a divorce your often told you have to accept the so called agreement or receive something worse. I had the "choice" of 8yrs or life. Been paying half my pay to a perfectly healthy working woman. Alimony is immoral and unconstitutional.
truth sayer

Boca Raton, FL

#131 Oct 27, 2008
Donnie wrote:
When you negotiate a divorce your often told you have to accept the so called agreement or receive something worse. I had the "choice" of 8yrs or life. Been paying half my pay to a perfectly healthy working woman. Alimony is immoral and unconstitutional.
I totally agree. Alimony is BS. In this day and age a woman has every opportunity as a man to earn a living. No adult should have to support another adult.

Birmingham, AL

#132 Jan 8, 2009
Why does marrying some women mean you will take care of her for life?
Do women ever take care of anybody financially for life?

Women have become parastic

Birmingham, AL

#133 Jan 8, 2009
Duffy wrote:
I've been aware of Margaret's plight for some time now. We met on an internet women's cancer support group and have since spent time together in person when I've traveled to Florida with my husband. I'd like to first commend channel 10 for reporting on this travesty of what is supposed to be our LEGAL system. Thank God for Ms. Doyle and any other attorneys like her who are willing to help out women like Margaret when they're up against conscienceless bullies like Stephen Coleman.
This is a sweet lady who‚€™s fighting tooth and nail for her life, and not for the first time in the last three years. She was going through chemo when I met her, and she's going through chemo again now that her cancer has returned. I don't know how she gets out of bed in the morning to face her life when all she has to look forward to is worrying about losing her house and car because of her deadbeat husband who seems to have an amazing ability to manipulate our judicial system.
Obviously if Margaret Cochran could have afforded to pay a lawyer to help her - when she's incapable of working to earn any kind of income - she might have gotten somewhere long before now. Thank God she's finally going to get some help in forcing her sorry S.O.B. of an ex-husband to pay her back alimony. We can only pray she lives long enough to collect the money owed her so she can pay her medical bills, buy her necessary medicines, and perhaps even manage to pay for her utilizes - all without having to swallow her pride and depend on the charity of others.
THIS IS NOT RIGHT and I will NEVER understand why court orders can't be upheld more easily or why it's not more difficult for tormentors like Stephen Coleman to delay and manipulate the court system the way he has, the disbarred a$$hole!
You wouldn't care abaout a man getting alimony.. Alimony is unconstitutionla. We live in a day when women are forced into jobs they don't deserve. Womens sense of justice is lacking.
But their sense of entitlement is never ending.

Albertville, AL

#134 Jan 25, 2010
Duffy wrote:
Paul, Paul, Paul..... I've never divorced anyone, you can ask my husband of 27 years. Nor am I money-hungry. Nor am I a welfare queen. I'm not even a Democrat, you poor midguided, angry ape.
Do you have any idea what the details in this court case are - Ms.Cochran vs. Mr. Coleman - or do you, like Bob from Sebastian and Richard Lindsey, simply want to come here and scream about how nasty women are to poor, divorced men? Why can't any of the men who post here get it that this is not about alimony or divorce? It's about Ms. Cochran and Mr. Coleman. It's about THEIR CASE ONLY. I know quite a few facts about this particular case, Paul - how many facts do you know?
It's simply pathetic that you'd rant the way you did when you know not one important detail about the case the reporter wrote about. You're screaming about " 'the guy' being JUSTIFIABLY angry at the injusice heaped on....." and you have no clue what Mr. Coleman has or has not done to Ms. Cochran. What this particular case is and is not about.
Please come back and give an opinion when you have some hard facts about THIS CASE, Paul - you and every other man who wants to simply rant in general. Until then, get a grip on your insane, childish tempers. You are an embarrassment to mankind, for heavens sake.
I know this is a couple years old. What is the status of Ms.Cochran today? I just ran across this article and wanted to see if she was still needing help

Gastonia, NC

#135 Jan 25, 2010
Bob wrote:
For every one of these "poor" woman divorce stories, there are a dozen women who have financially raped and tortured their ex husbands using divorce and alimony laws.........all the while having no impediment to supporting themselves........One thing we can all agree on is that state involvement in our private lives and marriages needs to be studied, scrutinized, and reformed....
Some stats:
Divorce rate 50%+
Divorces filed by women 60-70%
And the failure rate for subsequent marriages is 60 - 75%-- supporting the conclusion that most of the marriages to the trophy wives just don't work out.
Carole Rosenthal

Jefferson City, MT

#136 Feb 5, 2010
Well, Richard Lindsey.......lets see your mother, sister or daughter being treated as Mrs. Cochrane has. in her present condition...I really don't hear anyone posting suggesting alimony for life...... Its a shame that we need laws to have spouses help one another when in need.... I'm from a State that the majority of women with children receive no help at all from their ex-husbands... Its very sad when strangers are kinder....I also hope to live long enough to see medical care given to all of us as we pay to support good medical care for those in our government....Your views are so one-sided.....Karma will find ..... My prayers go out to all who suffer from Cancer.........

Clarksburg, WV

#137 Oct 8, 2010
AFPJ wrote:
Stephen Paul Coleman, a 50-year-old former attorney who owns a mortgage company in Jacksonville. Former attorney I wounder why, but it does explain his shark like attitude regarding his dieing exwife. Now he a Mortgage broker, which places him in the same catogery as used car saleman, funeral directors and real estate sales people.
Kharma will catch up with him sometime, and hopefully the courts also. What an uncaring as*hole drut this guy is. Bet Will Rodgers would slap him in the face on initial meeting.
The amount of alimony support is way out of line!!! Alimony is unfair at any level and for that matter Why - can't she support her self? sick or not!! why does this fall back on the man having to pay for his ex? when is their an END point - divorce is divorce!! over, passed, I'm not saying I don't have feeling for her - but rather a point of view not being talked about - when is their closure an end point - then you can talk about how unfair something is and not just because she sick.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#138 Oct 8, 2010
This is the 2010. need to do away with alimony. when a divorce is over it is over,
The woman has had plenty of time to get out and get her a job and support herself.
Also, I bet this woman voted against obama and did not want health care reform, so now she is sick and have to pay threw the noise for her health insurance.
Mr hart

Dallas, TX

#141 May 10, 2013

Sikeston, MO

#142 May 12, 2013
My sympathy goes out to mrs. Cochran I am going though the same situation on alimony, thank godess I haven't been ordered to pay it yet, my soon to be x can drive 500 miles, a day, go shopping, all day long run the streets every day, but amazingly she can't work imagine that, as far as I'm concerned ALIMONY IS LIKE BUYING OATS FOR A DEAD HORSE women want equal rights, give them equal rights!

United States

#143 May 14, 2013
Women want equal rights, I would like to know what the percent of women pay alimony compared to men, I hate to see anyone go though terminal illnesses but if it were him what would she do ?

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