Doctor faces possible charges for tou...

Doctor faces possible charges for touching women

There are 15 comments on the WTSP Tampa Bay story from May 3, 2007, titled Doctor faces possible charges for touching women. In it, WTSP Tampa Bay reports that:

A female patient of Dr. Gunwant Dhaliwal tells the Pasco Sheriff's office the doctor touched her breasts when he examined her.

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Saint Petersburg, FL

#1 Dec 10, 2007
Wow, I guess the old saying what goes around comes around. This man has hurt more people than anyone realizes. I hope that justice will be served.

Tampa, FL

#2 Dec 10, 2007

Bradenton, FL

#3 Dec 11, 2007
Imagine that, a doctor touching a patient's breasts during an exam.

My doctor sticks her finger in my rectum and touches my testicles every year!

Hudson, FL

#4 Dec 11, 2007
Just out of curiosity, what type of doctor is he again?

Regardless, depart his sorryu a$$!

Hudson, FL

#5 Dec 11, 2007
What's next? A proctologist sticking a finger in someone's butt? A gyno who actually looked and maybe even touched the occassional vagina! Or how about a "hands-on" breast exam? Maybe these twits just didn't want to pay the bill!

Everyone out there who unjustly claims sexual abuse should be shot!

Hudson, FL

#6 Dec 11, 2007
Now this is what happens next, the lawyers of this doctor's insurance company will step in and try to negotiate a settlement. A glorified bribe essentially..."hush money". This will minimize the insurance company's costs (lawyers and court) If agreed upon, the "victims" get paid and we all get screwed!

To pay for these settlements, EVERYONE'S insurance premiums go up to pay for it! The doctor's and all existing and future patients everywhere! Thanks you self-serving, self-defeating ba$tards!

Saint Petersburg, FL

#7 Dec 11, 2007
Where do you draw the line. Go to a doctor, get breasts examioned, pap smear done along with rectal exam. Now you are ready to file a complaint against the doctor. Hopefully to get good amount of money as settlement.

Brooksville, FL

#8 Dec 12, 2007
To those of you who think this was a typical exam for whatever reason. This was not the case. Maybe you should get the whole story before jumping to conclusions. These women did not go in to have breast exams, pap smears, or rectals!!!! They went in for medical problems and they were grabbed and touched!!!They werent told well I'm gonna do a breast exam now. You dont have to grab a breast to listen to someone's lungs!!! These women were strong enough to come forward and dont want money they simply want this animal stopped so he cant do this to others. How would you all feel if this was your mother, sister, or daughter. You would want him stopped!!! Thats why people dont report abuse such as this because all you people with "SUE HAPPY" mentalities think is all about MONEY!!! Well wait until it happens to someone you love and see how you feel!!!

Vista, CA

#9 Dec 12, 2007

Saint Petersburg, FL

#10 Dec 14, 2007
Tammy, how do you explain, all these women stayed quiet in the office. Why did they not make a hell out of that office and brought attention to the staff right during that office visit.
Looks like they are just boarding a band wagon to get rich quick.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#11 Dec 15, 2007
I know Dr. Dhaliwal for a long time. I am pretty young and had been his patient for years. I have always found him professional, hard working Doctor. He has very beautiful Anesthesiologist wife. I won't mind standing for him anywhere.

Brooksville, FL

#13 Dec 15, 2007
Lucy. To answer your question and I cannot speak for these women but I have worked in fields where women have been abused and touched inaprop. Its it very hard to get them to come forward sometime for several reasons: fear of repercussions, people like on this board who think they are lying and out for money, or just pure shame. They just want to pretend it never happened. Then when they hear about it happening to someone else some, not all, find the strength to come forward. Then when they do you see what happens--people start calling them names and blaming them. They see it all the time so they are scared.

“How American Are You?”

Since: Dec 07

Saint Petersburg, FL

#15 Dec 15, 2007
Tammy wrote:
New To Florida--This is for you..Its MEN like you that make women want to stay quiet!!!... Rest removed for space for response
Well let me see. How to even begin to answer something like this. I am a man (as you correctly assume). My doctor just happens to be a woman. When I go to see the doctor it isn't uncommon for her to ask me to strip down during the exam and its also not uncommon for her to probe around my body while doing the exam. I think its pretty funny that I can go to a female doctor to get an exam and I can do it without having a male nurse present while she does the exam. It isn't uncommon for the doctor to have to touch my breast area and to also touch my genital area.
Everyone speaks of equal rights for men and women.. Where was my male nurse to keep tabs on this female doctor?
Furthermore I have gone to the doctor for flu like symptoms and I have had a complete physical done which included probing of "private areas". Do you think my doctor was trying to rape me? Do you think I have grounds for a lawsuit? I'm just trying to figure out where the line is here?
To say that because I think this is a farce that I support children and teens being molested is going just a tad overboard. These women were not "raped" (at least not from the accounts I read)... If anything they just had a very thorough exam done. If that doctor would have found something that just happened to save their lives (breast cancer) would you still be complaining about him touching their breasts when they went in for the flu? If you find this to be a case of rape then I seriously feel sorry for you (not to mention the poor doctor that may have to examine you someday). I also feel sorry for the real victims of rape that you just totally slapped in the face by perverting its meaning.
Personally I would just start charging double for women due to the fact that I would always have to have a female nurse standing right there the entire time. That would totally fix the problem with them feeling "violated" without having a woman there to witness it (which seems really odd to me).
On to the point about my "real name" as you put it. Would it make you feel better to think of me as John, Adam, Joe, or Bob? I notice that you didn't include your last name? Should I think less of the post you made for that reason? How exactly do I even know that is your real name? Do you happen to have any proof?
Even after all this I still stick by my original opinion (which I am entitled to) and I still believe that these women are just out to get rich. Which has happended time and time again..
As for this comment: "Sounds like your the type that says when a women says NO she really means yes".. Its amazing that you can make that kind of judgment just off that really short comment. Particularly I find it really humorous. OMG to think that I don't just automatically believe them just because they are women. OMG I must be some kind of monster that goes around raping women.. NOT .. I just don't go for the whole "the woman pointed her finger so even without a shred of proof she has to be correct because they are just poor helpless women" syndrome ... But again that is just my personal opinion.
On to the next point "If I go to have my female physical done I know what to expect." Really ... Are you a doctor? If so what are you doing going to a doctor if you already know exactly what you need.. I'm glad I don't have to go to the doctor and tell them their job.
Common Sense

“How American Are You?”

Since: Dec 07

Saint Petersburg, FL

#16 Dec 15, 2007
Her old post disappeared so I figured I would go ahead and put it back up (so you people don't think I'm crazy)
Tammy wrote:
New To Florida--This is for you..Its MEN like you that make women want to stay quiet!!! How dare you call people you have never met names like that!!! I see you didn't even put your real name on here...If you talk a BIG GAME don't hide behind a screen name...Sounds like your the type that says when a women says NO she really means yes...If I go to have my female physical done I know what to expect...If I go to a doctor because I have the flu I dont expect to have my breasts gropped, vagina searched, or my rectum checked!!! Have you even listened to all the stories??? These women did not go in for "Female Exams".
I suppose your the type of person who would blame a child or teen for being "Molested" or a women for being "Raped" and not reporting it right away. Did they ask for it- NO! Sometimes they don't come forward for years!! They knew it was wrong but they kept quiet.. was it there fault for not telling anyone sooner?? No it wasn't. Are these type of people just liars who are out for money or how did you put it "gold digging sl*ts & douches". Before you start Bad Mouthing others maybe you should take a closer look in the mirror.

San Leandro, CA

#17 Feb 26, 2013
I was in my early 20s and went through a severe depression and panic attacks. I was so ill that I was desperate for help and relief. I actually believed I was going to die. After a year or so I was sent to see a psychiatrist cause I was so depressed and scared to death. I saw a doctor who was in his mid forties and do to my desperation I felt he was my savor. I opened up to him and shared everything about my personal life. I was already married and we had a child. One day during our session I told him that I was bleeding from my butt. He had me pull my pants down and bend over. He opened up my butt cheeks and he told me I had a little cut where my spinal cord ends. He started rubbing my butt hole and started fingering me. He said he would make me feel better if I let him relieved himself and being desperate I allowed him. He put his pants down and nailed me big time. In no time I felt his cum all inside my ass.

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