Helicopter Stalking Sneaks Tampa

Helicopter Stalking Sneaks Tampa

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#1 Jul 8, 2012
Well there are a few more or less suspicious licensed helicopter pilots and if you bear with I'll tell you why it's so odd that I see so much of them (not anymore it stopped after a recent occurrence, maybe Mr. Dennison was afraid of his permanent record having a felony thrown on it)

We're no slouches as people, we have some doctors, dentists attorneys, pilots ding ding ding, FEEB and etc and we know what we have while we have it. And we know the Sheriff is deeply involved in acquiring property for the gamblers. Which means Jane Castor is involved.

Anyway ... I live in protected airspace. I mention this so Mr. ummm Dennison and all his merry lil gay elf friends who think it's funny to schedule a private flight over my gate as I go through it KNOW: How really fucking easy it will be to get that record because I know you need permission to fly over my house. If you don't get the permission and I have the video (I do) your ass is grass in more ways.

I realize your NTSB connections are as good as the Roberts'(Elizabeth Ann Sanders their publix cohort) family to Ray Vliet the arson inspector. Who has never made a reappearance on Mr. Fireman Roberts' page.

Because if you burn down someone's sister's house and she dies as a result and her son loses the home TO YOUR FUCKING COUSIN you dipshit then guess what? I realize it's handy to have Ray Vliet on your no OFF. your facebookd page.

How many air traffic controllers you got??????????

There was also a very odd occurrence where a huge commmercial flight was circling I275 so low that it was frightening. Not just for us.

When you fuck around and cause a catastrophe it will be like how your fat ass buddy spence nearly got his own nephew run over (maybe by himself) right here at the corner. THAT CLOSE.

Just so you know.

I'm sorry I'm not as stupid as you. I tried. I spend years in school here trying. LOL !!!!

Oh by the way, that guy Dennison the sheriff and a few others were stalking my family with the county/city/personal helicopters even in protected airspace at least once a day. AT LEAST. They had to narrow it down to just police because of the knowledge I have about protected airspace here. They would just circle up there ... or hover right over my gate as I talked to people.

One of three events changed that:

a. a property thief looking type of sheriff out in heritage cove made his connection to the navy pilots, USF doctors and researchers (MAROR STALKERS) and stalking me very clear. He's the one from Heritage Cover ... go look, he's hunkered down on a prime piece of real estate all proud

b. David Gee's gangy looking wife got in a wreck with some admitted gangster and I made a comment on the site wondering where his helicopter was and hoping she was ok. THEN a commenter decried my comment and said David Gee was a fine man and then I said, "ask your fine friend about his gambling connection"...

Let's see, folks.. WHERE is the last time we heard, gambling,, sheriff and helicopter all together???? That's right when Rocky Rodriguez was cheated out of his expected sheriff job so davey could have it.

c. I looked up tampa police aviation unit found pictures of dennison and THE NEXT FEW DAYS he followed my family and I into publixi iwth his scary looking and scared to death looking wife (appears to be a TGH employee) and had a loud family reunion with another nappy looking couple. ALl around me, all through the store, we all checked out together.

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#2 Jul 8, 2012
And then the helicopter stalking STOPPED. I thought maybe he was on vacation.

But when I was locking my gate yesterday (no witnesses but three video cameras pointed up) and a private plane flew very low right over my gate I knew... he's one of those fuckers who is just going to keep it up like a two year old.

So, to curtail his skanky two year old behavior, I will be detailing his activity right here.

Screw him. I didn't see anything making him better than me. That's ALL IN HIS MIND. And to top it off in my opinion and from the look of his wife, he appears to be an abusive SOB.. She is not that attractive and I think he probably wields that like a sword against her. She has low self-esteem and this type of cyst gets off on that.

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#3 Jul 8, 2012
This (beloe) is the first part of this post. I know it will re appear as soon as I repost it again. Such as right now the topix display shows two comments but look above "one"....
Thank the tampa firemen, when they get to curtailing YOUR online activities maybe you'll wake UP.

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#4 Jul 8, 2012
Never mind.. It FINALLY showed up.

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#6 Jul 8, 2012
Because NONE of these things ever happened before.

And yes, I can prove it.

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#7 Jul 8, 2012
SO GLAD I POSTED THIS TODAY because then I went outside and discovered that my gang neighbor pigs aka the long arm of sheriff gee and his friend william the putz sokol etc ..... have decided I no longer need air conditioning in my car .. and so they did tamper with and vandalize my car between the hours of 2 and 4 am this morning.

David, it's when one attempts to leave the abusive relationship that it's MUCH MORE dangerous. I know that.

Yer losin your cool brother. You ain't got near the pull ya need for me.

Meantime, how's Al Lima??????????

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#8 Jul 9, 2012
You all can load this up with all the "nuts" you want.

Mr. Dennison knows he's F'd in a word.. You don't stalk and stalk and stalk someone then they mention it and suddenly it stops and you think the crime just GOES AWAY?

Like what?

Like I should be happy your ass got fired? Fined?
You should be THROWN IN JAIL without a way out. NO BAIL.

You're a LEO and you don't understand MENS REA??

You just wrote the script, baby ...

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#9 Jul 9, 2012
Has anyone found out from gambling GEE why I am asking him about Al Lima?


Tell it, davey.

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#10 Jul 9, 2012
Normally I believe in BAIL but Mr. Dennison is a danger to society and should be locked away, princesses.

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#11 Jul 12, 2012
Mr. Dennison's got his wife busy going around making "judgements" on my posts. That's a step above having her trail after me through publix with her beaten puppy dog look like she's been kicked a few too many times. Very sad. But any household with an abuser ... you see the other occupants eventually fall to that.

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#12 Jul 12, 2012
Today the stalker was back again. Hovering over Greenwize on Howard approximately 1pm looked black meaning TPD but maybe not he stayed higher today. BUT note was there right when I would be there: GOING BY MY FAMILY MEMBER'S SCHEDULE

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#13 Jul 24, 2012
Bump. UPdating this later today after the INTL Mall incident on this past Saturday July 21, 2012. TPD heli directly overhead while I walked my puppy in the lot. Veered over, off course to do so.


LIke a small child who grows up to be a serial killer the bad acts just won't stop.

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#14 Jul 24, 2012
Today Mr.(one assumes) Dennison rose in his TPD copter from directly the path I had been driving a moment before. One suspects he was a day late and a dollar short trying to burn time while I burnt some. Sometimes I just do so to be a bitch. Because I know it grates on these control freaks. La di da.

And then I drive in circles. And then I say aloud to the stupider ones, "that must drive the people who follow me around absolutely crazy....." and watch their stupid fat faces turn purple. He rose up from close to the Hillsborough River by Park Lane and Rome.

You're gonna have to do better than that Dennison if I hadn't stopped for something else I would not have seen your dumb ass.

AND he was up there again yesterday but right now I can't recall when.

It's also important to note when he's NOT there.

What a loser. My cousin got his copter license and served his country and BECAME SOMEONE. A real man who never had to stalk anyone like a pussy like you hiding behind a badge.

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#15 Aug 5, 2012
Haven't seen his sneaky ass since this post. None over my house, either. Of course, due to the toxins applied to the ground and air and trees, we don't go outside much. We stay inside and are tortured by the smart meter. But not for much longer.

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#17 Aug 7, 2012
These two buzzings that happened just as I returned home each time, occurred (the second one very low and loud) nearly 12 hours apart. He stands ready to stalk at any time. One was about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, the other was just about 11 pm. There is a coinciding traffic stop which he was NOT attending at. In fact, he arrived after the cop left. Just as in the past he is careful to stay out of sight as possible but I still have very good video. Nothing like the Megan night where he hovered over his Navy buddy's kid's head while she acted as though nothing was wrong. Well rewarded Megan's Mom and Dad, I believe Mikey is after the same type rewards or paying them off. We had to yell to be heard but she acted as though nothing was wrong.

Ahhh, the owners of valuable property, what the city and county put us through.

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#18 Aug 7, 2012
Hey Dennison,
Did they nab one of your faggoty looking friends??
I'd say so
New Port Richey man had vast collection of fake IDs and uniforms, authorities say
By Erin Sullivan, Times Staff Writer

Law officials at the New Port Richey Police Department show the fake law enforcement uniforms, badges and other fabricated items that were found at the home of Roy Antigua, 52. Officials are asking for the publicís help in determining how the uniforms were used. Among them were fake credentials and licenses, ammunition and a doctorís bag with instruments.
NEW PORT RICHEY ó A stranger in a Coast Guard uniform introduced himself to New Port Richey police Chief James Steffens. It was a Memorial Day event at a cemetery. The man said he was Lt. Cmdr. Roy Antigua, and he sat next to the chief in a special section for officials.
"Everybody around there thought that he was the real deal," Steffens said.
But it turns out Antigua is a man of many identities and disguises, none of which appear to be real, authorities said.
"We need to know, from start to finish," Steffens said at a news conference Monday, "who is Roy Antigua?"
So far, authorities have found out he is from Cuba and has family in Miami. He is single. And he owns a worrisome hoard of law enforcement, military and medical uniforms, badges, identification cards and supplies, discovered when Antigua's home was searched after he was arrested on an unrelated charge.
Antigua, 52, had a NASA uniform. U.S. Customs. The Navy. The CIA. Secret Service. Homeland Security. Dozens of military medals. A flight helmet and flight instructor badge. A Boy Scout troop leader uniform.
Officers found a suitcase full of medical scrubs and a black leather doctor's bag with instruments. Antigua had badges saying he was a physician's assistant. There was a photo of Antigua in scrubs holding a newborn. Steffens said his team is investigating to find out where that was taken and what role Antigua played.
Investigators also found ammunition for semiautomatic guns and assault rifles, but no weapons. Antigua's shiny black Cadillac Escalade with dark tinted windows had a Department of Homeland Security registration sticker and a Coast Guard license plate. He had blue flashing lights and handcuffs.
Authorities are trying to figure out if Antigua was using this vast stockpile to impersonate characters, such as at the Memorial Day event, and how far his imaginations reached.
"Is he really a threat or is he someone who is living a very involved fantasy life?" Steffens said, standing behind seven tables full of seized items.

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#21 Aug 9, 2012
Four or five times in the last several days. Mr. Dennison and whomever helps him in his illegal pursuits should be mindful of the whistleblower lawsuit in AZ.

You're flying WAY TOO LOW. It's extremely dangerous. Given the number of pilots in my family I guess I am able to judge. Losers.

Criminals behind badges.

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#23 Sep 9, 2012
BUMP I notice this forum has attracted so many posters since when I arrived here ALONE

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