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#2 Apr 13, 2012
AJ and another goofy chick at the Y. Three kids by she was twenty ... SHE is a daughter of a fireman and so might be AJ someone's little girl.

LOL !!!!

Her name is Jessica. I also have her on video many times.

Things they have in common.

a. they suck as human beings.
b. neither are attractive
c. one tries really hard to be
d. terrible with children
e. follows you around.
f. jess lives over on lincoln ave not far
from my x neighor who started all this stalking too
over a piece of property
g. jess got her mind blown when she followed me into publix (ALWAYS PUBLIX they just can't stand it) one too many times and I waited for her to ask
what she got out of stalking me.

WHAT WHAT??? She tries to act all innocent. Stupid bitch.

I have so much video of her following me around Tampa
it's just not funny.

When their asses go down, we'll see how much they're staring then.

Jessica didn't know what I was talking about and all but got all paranoied when she thought I might find out where she lives.

Why would that BE?? She gave me her children to watch more than once.

I have character references and others to speak on my behalf. They only have other stalkers and their
fat suck ass parents who must have taught them how to stalk.


Small world, huh??

Both YMCA people


Both I've never seen before in my life

BOTH appear to be losers/losers/asswipes

OH and AJ's brother committed an armed robbery with a MAYO who was living in Henry Duran's rental
dump on the crosstown street, named Bryan Mayo.

The only one who avoided prison was AJ's brother/cousin Robert Kitchens due to the fact he is a snitch. He's a snitch and AJ is a stalker.

Both went to PLANT.

Both associate with Henry Duran

I think that's a long enough list
to lead to Henry Duran

BUT there's more.

Henry, just retire.

I want a piece of you for what you think you are doing.

You've been stupid for around 56 years, right>>>>

Yet you live like a drug lord ... HOW IS THAT??

Keep your fuckin little gang to yourself henry.

Wasn't losing your hair enough?

Y'all don't MAKE the connection between your lifestyle and what happens to you.

Pam doesn't see that she's a caricature and a scary one and you don't see what you are doing to kids as you keep your own tucked up safe there ...

but people are getting more and more violent.

When they begin to know it's YOU... there will be nowhere to hide.

There won't be enough money to prosecute you. You'll have to take a plea. Because Henry, I am not going to let you get away with this.

YOU are most of the reason Tampa is so ignorant and ugly.

Not you as a person but what you do, what you enable and what you have sold.

Now fuck off and keep your silly cop charades and these idiots from littering my walkway.
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#3 Apr 13, 2012
Henry, shall I go on? Cause there's MORE.

As you know.
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#4 Apr 14, 2012
Tampa, Florida - Hillsborough deputies say a blinking red dash light led to the arrest of four armed robbers early Wednesday morning.

According to the arrest report, two people were sitting in their car, parked in a driveway at a home on Crandon Lane, when four armed robbers approached them. One suspect was carrying a sawed-off shotgun, and two others had handguns.

A woman's purse was stolen and the four suspects sped away in what the victims described as a black, Chevrolet Impala with a small, blinking red light in the dash area.

As detectives were interviewing the victims, they noticed an Impala driving by with a blinking red dash light. Deputies pointed their weapons at the Impala and the driver stopped.

Timothy Adams-Bemen, 17, was the driver of the car which belonged to his mother. He was charged with armed robbery along with the three other suspects: 18-year-old Robert Balark, 19-year-old Bryan Mayo, and 18-year-old Robert Kitchens.

The victim's purse was later found in a garbage can at a house, and the property was returned to her.

Hillsborough Co. Sheriff's Office
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#5 Apr 14, 2012
Dash light leads to arrest of Tampa armed robbers
12:05 PM, Jul 22, 2009 | 0 comments
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#6 Apr 14, 2012
Owner Name Parcel ID Folio Address City
1 DURAN MELVIN A-34-29-18-3UL-000000-00032.0 126773-0000 3508 S CONCORDIA AV TAMPA
2 DURAN MELVIN H A-33-29-18-3TP-000018-00021.0 123332-0000 4107 W GRANADA ST TAMPA
3 DURAN MELVIN HENRY A-33-29-18-3TR-000021-00021.0 124117-0000 4107 SAN PEDRO ST TAMPA

Henry just sol 3510 Concordia to his son, Ryan.

He also owns a home in his wife's name ... hidden as much as it needed to be by Hillsborough County Property Appraisers.
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#7 Apr 14, 2012
MAYO,BRYAN CHRISTOOPHER B M 06/18/1990 07/22/2009 07/22/2009 01/05/2010 STATE PRISON RECORDS
09031395 MAYO,BRYAN CHRISTOOPHER B M 06/18/1990 06/05/2009 06/05/2009 06/06/2009 SURETY BOND 901
09004669 MAYO,BRYAN CHRISTOOPHER B M 06/18/1990 01/24/2009 01/25/2009 01/26/2009 SURETY BOND HILL/1030

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 | Page size:2550100200All
Information provided should not be relied upon for any type of legal action.

THIS is the armed robber that lived in one of Hank Duran's houses on Concordia. It doesn't reflect so in his booking address but I confirmed it through other preserved means.

He and two others went to jail.

Robert Kitchens just kept snitching.

Henry likes a snitch.
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#8 Apr 14, 2012
OBVIOUSLY because look on:

And any time you see Lefler involved you know what is UP.

They've built themselves a little crack-dealing army some of whom enjoy a great deal of immunity.

Look up the size of some of these young thugs and tell me you want them running up on YOUR wife or girlfriend or sister in the dark of night with a sawed-off shotgun.

How is Henry involved with so many felons?
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#9 Apr 14, 2012
Name Race Sex DOB Arrest Date Booking Date Release Date Release Code Release Remarks
11060842 KITCHENS,ROBERT SHANARD B M 02/09/1991 12/26/2011 12/26/2011 01/03/2012 COURT ORDER JD FARR
10024688 KITCHENS,ROBERT SHANARD B M 02/09/1991 05/18/2010 05/18/2010 05/25/2010 PROBATION J/LEFLER
10011780 KITCHENS,ROBERT SHANARD B M 02/09/1991 03/09/2010 03/09/2010 03/23/2010 PROBATION RECORDS
09040293 KITCHENS,ROBERT SHANARD B M 02/09/1991 07/22/2009 07/22/2009 12/14/2009 PROBATION J HOLDER

NOT SURE WHY that didn't post.
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#10 Apr 14, 2012
The above two posts go together.
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#11 Apr 14, 2012
So this begs the question.

HOW MUCH did Tampa Cops and Hillsborough County Sheriffs KNOW about the COP KILLER and his girlfriend COURTNEE BRANTLEY???

Considering the NUMEROUS inside connections and
considering that others have been found copying records of top internal secret drug busts, it's a question that must be answered by an outside agency.


Because Tampa cops aren't just getting away with MURDER. They're getting away with MURDERING EACH OTHER

And for unknown reasons they have tried to insert my family in there.


We can only go back to some old woman who told many many lies about my family and to the value of our property in the gambling district. Which we have had many ridiculous offers on starting with the man who then started stalking my family in the neighborhood and that stalking expanded until people were infiltrating lives in my family and I discovered that some had as far back as seven years ago (longer but I'm sticking to current times) They have even and continue to pretend date a younger family member. These people are all related to the same group of people who in turn attempted to gather MORE information on my family.

THEN the stalking EVERYWHERE got very rampant. Almost 100 percent, the people involved have a relationship to Tampa Police or Tampa Fire Rescue and in turn to the PTB in Tampa FL and now in TALLY.

This is an age-old tradition in the Tampa community.

And now we have Tony Salario in Tallahassee.

Yes, I remember.

Tony brought WalMart to Tampa.

And what has THAT given us??

Tony demands respect.

For what?
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#12 Apr 14, 2012
So they're doing this open stalking in front of you and me and the world. This is a sign of deep-rooted violence.

ANYONE should be concerned that gangsters are openly running this city.

This is not a simple crime directed at some crazy person. THIS is a crime perpetrated and planned by a large group of people who also utilize many teenage and young drug dealers and thugs whom they have created in some version of christian YMCA people to terrorize others.

What would motivate a guy like AJ Kitchens to get up off his couch long enough to come park two rows directly behind my car at AMC theater and openly and not at all coyly stalk me with his dead raisin eyes.

When I was 20 I can guarantee that following someone around was not even ON my mind.
at stalked by idiots

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#15 Apr 16, 2012
Dotson. Jessica Dotson !! I also know her.
She is a B)T))
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#16 Apr 16, 2012
Yes, I have been doing some research on the YMCA stalkers. One is named Andre(s) Anseeuw. A little gay dude. He had a big thing for Jessica though.

His father also hsd a big thing for beating up someone int he family but that arrest has disappeared !!! ANOTHER arrest record of someone associated iweth Henry Duran is disappeared.

Look at how FAST the other anseeuw cases get closed. Sometimes on the same day. But for one to disappear COMPLETELY? Only other time I ever saw that was with the fireman kid who now owns a condo at the towers and left the scene of a drunken crash with injury and THAT arrest also disappeared. Neither of these type arrests are eligible for that disappearing so.... YEAH.



What happens when white trash gets together?

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#19 May 31, 2012
AJ, what's the matter raisin eyes? You didn't like being videotaped?

STOP STALKING PEOPLE THEN, you piece of shit.

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#20 Sep 10, 2012
Jessica Dotson has also started stalking us at the Greenwize Grocer. She is joined in this by Skummer, Summer and Honkers. Hi BILL !!!!!!!!!!
And Pam Scum-orio.
Stalk me so much you'd think I was a Republican. But I'm not. Which makes THEM assholes AND Republicans and frauds.

Hillary Benitez (father is a fireman Mike Benitez) another river slut has also stalked us numerous times at Target and other places. She is also a YMCA employee. Many pharmacy tech friends. Maybe a little addiction problem.

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#21 Sep 23, 2012

AJ is talking about how he found his camera. LOL. I haven't seen the little chicken shit since I videotaped him glaring at me while stalking me at WestShore Mall.

Why any girl would go NEAR him is beyond me. Seems they get favors from the man because no one would willingly touch him.

He's umm. GROTESQUE.

I guess it's Kitchen NOT Kitchens. I wouldn't know the little snitch at all if he hadn't followed me around.

What a gaping pussy AJ Kitchen is.
still stalking

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#22 Oct 25, 2012
Oh,suddenly we reveal we ARE friends with Katie Breen despite the fact AJ lied about it and Katie's Mom would repeatedly say (though no one asked) I would NEVER join the Y Katie actually geta a lot of credit with her buddy Schmitt who stalked my family into Borders.

All military including Austin Lambert. MOST of them now work at starbux but especially if they can drive there while I'm around there.

Seriously: What pussies.
Also, AJ appears to be claiming he DOES get laid.

SOrry, raisin eyes I heard WAY different. iss like a 2way radio up in here
still stalking

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#23 Oct 25, 2012
Katie originally wanted to work at Kuhn's Honda where Mom Chrissy drove by as often as possible to add to the highjinks of KUHN on the interstate trying to run us off the road with their parts truck three or four days a week.

Katie's DAD is Irish Republican Army dakr stik (LOL) Lord, Colin Breen. But the rest of her nappy hood is nazis, military thieves, scumbag docs and their military thief husbands, HOWARD JENKINS and those weird animal people who appear to be flushing sewage into the bay with their own private sewage system thee on mystic weirdness the backstreet to katies dump
still stalking

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#24 Oct 25, 2012
So you seeee, Katie who professed to be a friend to my family made these fucked up off the wall statements to my family in order to continue to perpetuate the kuhn stalkig.

With friend like katie breen ...... still picking knives from our back.

Just kidding. I knew she was a fake lil bitch pretty quick.
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#25 Oct 27, 2012

Well, the source have come home to roost. Looks like lots of these folks might be involved in illegal arms trafficking. Can't say for sure but this blogger right here is emailing DOJ weekly on this matter.

Here’s a link to Obrien’s public records. Given she is on a level of LEO she participates with Robert O’Neill on a regular basis, she is at least cooperative if not a member of the IRA. Robert’s business partner Colin Breen lives back (inexplicably rich now from ten years ago being prosecuted for bad checks) in a warren of high profile military people. All of his daughters’s friends are military.(WHY?? HMMMM he’s not, that can’t be explained away by the area)
His very close neighbor (three minute walk) on shellpoint is the second highest at macdill at one point and maybe still. His backyard neighbor (door to door) thirty seconds is Howard Jenkins with all those Publix trucks. They so very much fit the profile and how/why it keeps getting laughed off

Read more at Ammoland.com : http://www.ammoland.com/2011/07/08/open-lette...

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