WHY is stalking so rampant in Tampa??
Park Emergency

Derwood, MD

#67 Jul 24, 2012
tampa wrote:
Updated: 10:45 p.m. Friday, July 30, 2010 | Posted: 4:09 p.m. Friday, July 30, 2010
Police: Firefighters Threaten Rape Victim’s Friends
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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.— A Daytona Beach firefighter accused of rape, is free on bond... after paying just $500.Adam Silva turned himself back in Friday afternoon on new charges that he attacked a second woman, but was released after posting bail.
The newest victim to come forward in this case was Silva's ex-girlfriend, police said.
RAW INTERVIEW: Police Chief Talks To WFTV READ: Charging Affidavit For Latest Accusation CRIME REPORTS: Map Crimes In Your Neighborhood
Firefighter Adam Silva, 30, was arrested for allegedly raping a woman he met in a Daytona Beach bar. Now, Silva is facing new charges that he attacked another woman on the same night. Investigators told WFTV the second victim fought him off.
“She had to throw two chairs at him, she had to get a firearm, she's pinned on the bed, he's naked and trying to engage in sexual activity,” said Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood
Dear station double bar losers at the ranch: I knew that was YOU.
My local fire station is now circling the block whenever I walk out the front or back door. Sometimes with siren sometimes without.
This is of course just them testing their engines despite the fact that they roar by many times a day in response to me mainly or on crack/heroin runs.
People KNOW, losers.
Stop acting like it's ME.
I'm sorry to have deformed you. No. Wait. You were already deformed.
Adam Silva is held up as an excellent example of what a firefighter can expect in a defense attorney and when his crimes are reported. This pig was willing to drag a woman through the mud after they likely drugged her by threatening her reputation he kept the case quieter.
Now, after raping up to three women (what happened to all that evidence on his computer?????) who came forward about him he just wants to go back to being a fireman.
And that's how you end up with a probable rapist driving circles around your home sirens blaring because he's a horny rapist with carte la blanche.
Screw y'all.
I'm not covering up your crimes and secrets by playing silent mouse.
The time for that is over.
Go fuck yourselves. You and your stupid drivebys.
Please get some mental help so you can see how YOU, Tampa are the problem and learn some ways to not feel the need to bash people in public forums because your have created some serious legal problems for yourself with posting personal information and attacking people in public forums.

United States

#68 Jul 24, 2012
Park Emergency wrote:
<quoted text>Please get some mental help so you can see how YOU, Tampa are the problem and learn some ways to not feel the need to bash people in public forums because your have created some serious legal problems for yourself with posting personal information and attacking people in public forums.
Each of you have different spelling issues.

Thank you for bringing so much attention to my topic and keeping it on top the last couple of days.

Keeping you on ignore because a. you can't spell and b. you're batshit crazy.

United States

#69 Jul 24, 2012
Be sure to ask Mark McRae, Station 15 Himes and Gandy in Tampa how that's working out for him so far.

He was caught leering at and screaming for the attention of a 15 year old GIRL.

But THAT is probably OK with you. Pervert.

Maybe if he takes off and rapes her the judge will tell her she must be quiet. And if she persists the judge can threaten her with jail and a pig like you can applaud that. Don't be surprised when it sits on YOUR doorstep.

This is NOT your business and if you are NOT an attorney if I were you I would stop giving legal advice. LOL !! The Florida Bar WILL pursue you.



You and the tampa firemen sure do attract the crazies other than me. I sense this is Patrick or one of his buds..... right? You can tell me.
Also Stalked in Tampa

Orlando, FL

#70 Jul 25, 2012
Honestly, I think that everything has to be kept in perspective. There are good and bad people everywhere. Seems to me though that there is much more "Bad" in Tampa then "Good". Taking a step back from the Terrorizing and Sick Harassment that I have had to endure in the past two years.... I see a few things that are very obvious; First this town (and i say town because it is very "backwards", "behind the time") is being run by Scientology. Secondly, Scientology is linked to the rich and mentally ill "so called celebrities" (i.e. tom cruze is the most recent and obvious nutcase... making Katy take vitamins until her hands turned purple). Secondly, Scientology is based solely on instilling "fear" and "Guilt" on it's Victims. And those involved in Scientology are "victims". Take a look at the ones stories that have ESCAPED the victimization. The stories speak for themselves. In Short the stories go like this.... They identify a Target,(usually someone with money), they then, given the personality traits of said person, feed the ego to suck them into the Cult. Once they have sucked them in the instill Fear and Guilt via "Audits". If the Targeted person chooses to leave they "force" them to admit to Sins or Indiscretions that they have not committed.
This is "Exactly" what the Gangstalkers have done to me... Acused me of sins and indiscretions that I did not commit, in their attempt to "CONTROL" me and what I say and to WHOM I say it. The Hillsborough County Sheriff Department has supported the activities of the gangstalkers by turning a Blind Eye (no pun intended) to the gangstalking activity and vandalism that has been done to me home and my car.
With all of that said, I have NO GUILT over naming names, or publicizing the sick and demented behaviors of any and ALL involved.
I have been harassed, I have had equipment destroyed, I have been threatened, I have been watched and monitored by these very mentally challenged individuals. AND the POLICE SUPPORT THE BEHAVIOR, therefore they are as guilty as any of the activity.
I did NOTHING to deserve any of this and I no of no one that ever could have done anything to have deserved this very sick and retarded behavior. These people believe (drank their own coolaid) that they are warriors, soldiers and heros, when in reality they are simply very sick folks that need to be put behind bars or put to death because they are THAT SICK.
What do they do or what is the purpose behind all of this... MONEY, they use the information as inspiration for the movie industry. These people are writers, actors, lyricists. They are Jews, Blacks, Whites, Asians, etc.... and they are selfish, soulless, walking dead... their only thought or concern in life is themselves and money. They are sad, pathetic, narcissists. The people that have used my information include Alan Ball, Jay Z, Beyonce, Eminem, Lady Antebellum, Esther Dean, Nicki Manaj, Lady Gaga, Etc.... How do I know this... well I just know.... Can I prove it.... If I was a Millionaire... YES. But I am NOT, therefore I go on with my life and I choose to IGNORE their selfish insanity, because the universe ( my God ) will get them eventually. I truly believe that if you do harm to God's Children ( which is what I am ) that HE will take care of them one way or another. I believe, they will lose something to them more precious then themselves or their money. Take a look at what happened to Usher lately... Is he part of all of this, Yes, and he lost a stepchild. How devastating for that child and that child's mother and biological father, but I do believe in Karma. It will all come back to them.
Feel free to call me crazy or whatever else you desire... I know what, I know, and I know it because I was Niave and played their game WITH THEM... They hate that I know what I know, but they CANNOT take it away and that is why they are STILL harassing me. They really wished I did not KNOW or HAVE THE Proof that I DO HAVE.
Also Stalked in Tampa

Orlando, FL

#71 Jul 25, 2012
My Motto: Relax, they are like the animals in the forest, they are more afraid of me than I am of them at this point.(that has not always been true, but it is now. They are chicken shits)

No part of any of my posts may be reproduced without permission. "Also Stalked in Tampa"
Also Stalked in Tampa

Orlando, FL

#73 Jul 25, 2012
http://wespenre.com/ A good site for some info on the sick and demented.
http://www.illuminati-news.com/index.html Another on the SO CALLED illuminati.(Jay Z, Beyonce, Eminem)
http://www.xenu.net/ Scientology Site that details these nutbags.(Many of the rich and so called celebrity bat shit crazy, narcissists, psychopaths)

There are many, many Gangstalking sites ( but be careful, there are some that are run by the gangstalkers ). I will list a few good ones:
Pluss many, many more. It is real, I have lived it since June of 2010. I filed my first IC3 FBI report in September of 2010, and like the Police, they will do nothing with the information. Their reasoning is they don't do personal computers ( so in otherwords not high focus enough for them to bother with )

It is all out there.... ya just gotta look. and if you pay attention, it becomes very obvious and logical. These people CANNOT live like us, where do you think they get there info... The news, NOPE... they get it from watching normal people, Inspiration is found in the Mundane as ONE writer said. They have no lives and they have too much money and to much notoriety. They cannot live normally... Why would Rappers sing about the Hood and Guns and All that, They do NOT live that way and they are NOT exposed to it. So where do they get it from? You can answer that question yourself.... Like I said I know what I know and there is evidence EVERYWHERE....
Also Stalked in Tampa

Orlando, FL

#74 Jul 25, 2012
And yes they use folks at TECO. Teco is the only one that can drive the internet through the electrical wiring, which is what they set up downtown at the forum a few years ago. TECO helps the police who support the Hackers, who then sell the info to the rich and greedy... done for the night. Hugs and Love to All, friends and enemies.

United States

#75 Jul 26, 2012
Yeah. I like to watch them sweat.

You know the best way to punish or scare a person, right?

THEY believe (because they are idiots) that I have certain fears and I noticed them hard-pedal these.


I love everyone too but I'm going to be naming names and telling the truth.

That Park Emergency guy was playing messenger boy. The EMT whose picture Topix kept taking down ... WHY if he wasn't doing anything WRONG???? He should BE PROUD. It's a nice photo along with the dozen and more others I have of him. STARING AT ME. He only turned away at the last second when I stopped the video and went to cam mode THAT QUICK. Pervert.

The FBI participates actively in this as do their children. The children of CIA will also be open about who they are. Just slugs with jobs and connections. You can file copyright suits easy as pie whenever you want. So I've read. It matters.

I hope you listed Lady Gaga. There's a website or more out there of ms. meat with the family of a girl who sang and wrote and genuinely was talented who lady gaga seems to have stolen all the material of and then the girl died like two weeks before gaga BURST ONTO THE SCENE with her same haircut and etc.

Tampa is very strongly scientology, they are controlling the media and pam iorio is with them and tampa yes is a filthy little hole.

I posted some stuff about your district III guy. Ray something. He has also come up in prior research because I had his name in my list of people suspected of particpating. He is also a kiwanis. and Mason. As are most major thieves and then the judges who let them off the hook.

United States

#76 Jul 26, 2012
Lost my train of thought above !! Yes, what you are saying sounds crazy and I have told others to maybe just tell the part we can "use". And leave off the entertainment stuff. But you're not the only one who says that (I hope you know) and you're not crazy (any more than the next person lOL) and I see the same things you do. Cellphones are just hard drives. People at verizon steal your info and so do tmobile poeple. Put nothing in that cell.

Anyway, Park Emergency: The old batshit crazy man who has me followed lives ON PARK LANE. The EMT lives one street from PARK CIR. if you walk half a block you are on park cir where I used to go see christmas lights as a little girl.

SO I have decided to give them a little taste of their own medicine and I make those two shortcuts I take as they have obviously been slithering by my house and family and terrorizing us for years. They don't like it much I'll tell you that. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

But hey. That's too fuckin bad. It's not illegal.

So far they just squat in their yards like they had their little illegal alien gang member friends do as I passed. Then the gangster would get up to walk away with their name (another associate) written all over his back: BENITEZ. That's as in MIKE BENITEZ who joined some club with Joey Granda requiring them to grow huge beards ... DeMolay?? Mason?? Not sure. Mike Benitez is a nasty pig who once lifted up a little boy by his backpack straps and set him back down. Big fat nasty pig son of a fireman. They live on Riverview on the way to park with their daddy the fireman, benitez. THOSE are part of the gang of actual day to day stalkers. The daughter Hitlery (Hillary) has followed me into my gym, Target, Publix and around in her car. Also Jessica Dotson. Another daughter or another firefighter. Starting to see a pattern here???

So they can go fuck themselves.

United States

#77 Jul 26, 2012
Anyway, located right there in those "park" streets (ergo park emergency the user name) are WAY UPWARDS of just the ones I more or less named over half a dozen city and county employees tying up a half million dollars not counting benefits of city and county MONEY TAXPAYER MONEY and stalking other people. So part of this goes back to Tampa's largest taxpayers. Don Wallace who yes, participates in stalking but only by proxy. BUT his lesser alcolytes the carney families BIG TIME which brings us to the bikers. Murdered my sister.
So I'm not at all disposed to kindness here though I too believe and watch them suffer all the time.

I am always very clear at every opportunity to tell their possibly innocent children just what the fuck spawned them and what it's been up to.(only adult children) because they should not be lied to. And I don't like lies being told about me. Why would someone stalk me who doesn't even KNOW ME? Makes no sense.
It did not take long, once I determined that I wanted to know to find the guilty party. Not too much longer to trace it back to those who also stole from my beloved sister and mama who in turn were participants in a trial that sent the old bastard to prison.

So, since I was four months old, that is somehow my fault.

So they created a shifty and not even very good scenario and then lied it up into a big hate while I was just living my life completely innocent of the whole mess. BECAUSE some person I had no interest in wanted me to be interested. Instead of working on themselves and making themself a person worthy of attention and esteem and attraction instead trashed MY LIFE and tried to make me need them. oh what tangled webs we weave


United States

#78 Jul 26, 2012
Man this sure had Station 14 wound like a m'fer. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

Video at ten. I'm going to put it with the helicopter stalking. LOL.

United States

#79 Aug 7, 2012
There is NO real police.

The LEO of Florida and other states are IN ON THIS.

I have lately discovered this is the third "RED SCARE" in America.

I know that for us this crap became very obvious when Pam Iorio was elected Mayor (NO, she is NOT a Democrat and neither is Bob Buckhorn) and when JEB666 and his older brother, George were running Florida and America respectively.


AND, the dual purpose of keeping the coke connections happy and terrorizing us from valuable property.

How's that working out for you?
Also Stalked in Tampa

Orlando, FL

#80 Sep 11, 2012
tampa too wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh, Tampa NO DOUBT has an overabundance of stalking lunatic people and officials. Pam Iorio finally gave up on stalking me and started in on my family. Always with water because she KNOWS she was and is piping tainted water to this house. Even our pets have bottled water. At computer stores I used to be suspicious how many LEO would be there working. WTF?
Kinda figured it was something like this but not on this scale.
But the reason I brought this up is that by virtue of using phone lines and internet cables they bury themselves that much deeper. Far more serious crimes and what if your ISP failed to protect you?
Why are they so obsessed with water? Mine are constantly emphasizing water, h2o salons and the like. What the hell is that about? There is a freak that likes to wear yellow sunglasses that comes to one of my McDill airforce Base neighbors house and he drives a little maroon truck with water plastered all over his shirts and his truck has a a water construction (city) i think magnet stuck on the side of it. Nevermind his glasses are the dorkiest of dorky, but he always stares at me. Don't even know the guy but i have his pic;-) and his tag number.

Anyway, what is up with the water emphasis? I, just do not think like them, so not sure what the point of it all is.... not always sure i want to. Never would want to be THAT mentally ill, so mush so, that i get off on harming people. That is true psychopathic behavior.
Also Stalked in Tampa

Orlando, FL

#81 Sep 11, 2012
tampa wrote:
Yeah. I like to watch them sweat.

I hope you listed Lady Gaga. There's a website or more out there of ms. meat with the family of a girl who sang and wrote and genuinely was talented who lady gaga seems to have stolen all the material of and then the girl died like two weeks before gaga BURST ONTO THE SCENE with her same haircut and etc.
Tampa is very strongly Scientology, they are controlling the media and pam iorio is with them and tampa yes is a filthy little hole.
Lady Gaga - yep she is one ass thieving blotch. A young lady named Morgana is dead because of Lady Gaga. It is on the net, the story and the theft and finally this singer/lyricists death, by suicide. SOOOO my guess is she had something to do with it, stalking and suicide. They have repeated the word, via my electronics, suicide so many times i do not even hear it anymore.

Lady Gaga - born this way... i can tell you the story behind it AND the country version... i can tell you how she came up with that one too. I know too much as they like to tell me. They are trying now to harm me with something electronic, it burns, and it hurts. Pinpricks and such, they are some pieces of work. I guess 100+ million, in many cases much more, is not enough for the no talents.

Eminem, he came out with a country version advertisement, for bad meets eveil or whatever that crap album was about the same time. I can tell you that story as well. Him and Lady skank Gaga all at the same time. Imagine those two stalking people because, in reality, they have no use or talent with the normal realms of society. Useless as tits on a borehog, both of them.

Let's see Dr Dre, he calls people Pets, I think he called me Pet 01, and Beats audio waste of money. tingy, nasty sound to the speakers.

That is, by the way, what they call us, their PETS. to abuse as they please. Imagine those that wage war on the atrocities, of slavery, doing the same thing to others just because they can. How hypocritical and mentally ill can the low life's get? Never-mind, i already know the anser to that one and it is beneath the pond scum, if that is even possible.

OH another one on the list of abusers: DJ White Shadow. He is a real nasty ass plagerizing no talent.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. the assholes have been real bad lately with their delusions of grandeur and abuse.

Hey, if you get a chance tell me your thoughts on Christopher Stangl, the FBI agent that the "Anonymous" group is claiming is tracking people by phone...
Also Stalked in Tampa

Orlando, FL

#82 Sep 11, 2012
BTW - agreed there is land/property involved. They seem to want my house, not sure why since it is in sinkhole heaven, but i guess that is the way of ignorant people that do not have the brains God gave a chicken. Thinking logically about this, if you have no skills, no intelligence, no other way of making money other then to steal from others, taking whatever you can get any wya you can get probably "sounds" like a good option.

And they are the most ignorant scum the earth ever spewed from it's belly.

United States

#83 Sep 15, 2012
That sinkhole stuff is a lie. Funny you should mention that. My next door neighbor a little fat pig who is on felony probation for armed trafficking in cocaine... his mama a pos for the city of tampa parking and his uncle a tampa fireman and his aunt it the one who got in trouble with labrake and skated away. All thieves in their own right the fat city mama owns two houses. I'd have never noticed she was fat if she hadn't had something to do with murdering my sister and my Mama.

BUT, they were working, him and his homies (GAD) for Chastain Bros taking concrete and filling in sinkholes. I also went to school with chastain (did not know them) but worked with his sister and sort of knew her, not very well. Odd duck. BUT ... unbeknownst to most outside their circle EXCEPT FOR ME they were MAKING those sinkholes. Late at night when you're in bed they're crawling around with hoses. Some of the (unpaid) water bills were for over three thousand dollars. Apparently it's a rather uncertain hobby as there is a spot in our yard but nowhere near our house. BUT the way I came on to the knowledge was that campus park neighborhood over across from USF. Used to be profesors and stuff. Now it's mainly scum and carnies. They were doing that all through there and around USF and pasco and I guess your neighborhood and others. Remember when sinkholes were opening here and there all the time? Well I started commenting on that in the st pete times how someone was making the sinkholes with water hoses because think abuot it ... SINKHOLES DO NOT MAKE SENSE. And they came up out of nowhere just like all the rest of this mob shit. These are the gambling people cleaning florida out for the casinos. They envision monacco. And you're right about scientology and keep your eyes on avila.
I know it's a shame as I actually love eminem's stuff but his story doesn't add up but hell I like Dr. Dre too. LOL.
I hate lady gaga and maybe she'll catch on fire for what she did. There's hope. I'll re-read your posts to see what I missed. I wanted to be sure to warn you about those sinkholes. Check your yard. The best way to do is by walking around and use a thin pole to jab here and there. They're stupid fuckers and easy to beat.
As you've discovered.

United States

#84 Sep 15, 2012
Also anyone who works for Verizon must be vetted and anyone who has one of those wire trucks who can run a cable or wire underground with one of those machines.

United States

#85 Sep 15, 2012
Also Stalked in Tampa wrote:
BTW - agreed there is land/property involved. They seem to want my house, not sure why since it is in sinkhole heaven, but i guess that is the way of ignorant people that do not have the brains God gave a chicken. Thinking logically about this, if you have no skills, no intelligence, no other way of making money other then to steal from others, taking whatever you can get any wya you can get probably "sounds" like a good option.
And they are the most ignorant scum the earth ever spewed from it's belly.
Totally agreed !!! But not all of them have that excuse. In Tampa we just have the biggest white trash collection available under the sun. Totally agree with your last sentence times ten !!
Don't let them make you feel bad about your property. That's the same thing they did here as they rampaged through here.

Check this out. I have a murderer (yep a murderer) and bank of america cohort thief (more on this another time) and he has moved in NO LESS than 70 tenants over eight years who each harass us and damage our belongings and vehicles to their heart's content. Most of this on video. He's my neighbor. A murdering pig. Plus his buddy; the bikers moved them both in at the same time. That's two entire blocks. My entire block is empty now except for a house the second pig pretends to rent out but is really just moving in crack dealer after dealer who guess what? ALL start out jump right in harassing us. We now ignore them all unless we feel like selectively fucking with them. LOL. They're trash and we're not so ... we tend to stay above it. My neighbor on one side is gone to spring hill via forest hills (her two houses both have property exemptions illegally plus she owns this rat filled lot. The guy next door is dead (same crowd) and his house sits empty even though he bought a new one and has a son who comes around but just lets the house go to hell (bank of america just like the murderer) The lady HE met was a nasty carny and probably murdered him. Not kidding about that. Not that he was not a wack job but didn't deserve to be poisoned. The house behind me is part of a theft ring of properties empty for awhile now but has had scum after scum including the tenants from previously mentioned. The house kitty corner behind is also mostly empty but now has a couple crack dealers who stare harass etc. They've left me alone lately but spent some time chasing their chickens in front of my car and such. I guess the chiekens are designed to bother us but I don't care what people do as long as they stay out of my face and don't f with me. Okay THEN there is some wack lady and her big big big husge biker son who guards the empty rat lot and reports to the cocaine dealer with gun if I wa walk over there. Naturally once I discovered that I walk there whenever I have time. Then the house on the corner other end behind me was owned by the same nice man who helped me whenever he could and owned the house behind me and kitty corner and they RAN HIM OUT OF HERE. I think he was very sick. The same way WE get sick now. Also the guy on the corner this side whose house was "sold" but his son still hangs around there and rents to cracksters who are there a week or less just long enough to harass us... anyway, he started telling lies about Ed having a twin brother and so I think they did things to Ed and stole his properties somehow bad. He was so nice. And once he was gone we were like F U C K E D.

“Obama: Leading us to failure”

Since: Jul 09

The United States of America

#86 Oct 8, 2012
Still watching you .......just being sneaky now

United States

#87 Oct 14, 2012
Capt America wrote:
Still watching you .......just being sneaky now
That's cool. But you need a new user name. CA would never do anything so dastardly.

SPeaking of which. Today I discovered that Howard Jenkins of Publix fame has lately (since we bought stock in publix) had blackwater stalking my family. If we stop anywhere they drive back and forth in front of the location until we move on. It's sick.

He's got these guys sending their daughters out after my family. Three or four in the past year. He's FUCKING CRAZY.

Go watch him.

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