3 arrested in undercover Asian massag...

3 arrested in undercover Asian massage parlor bust

There are 207 comments on the WTSP Tampa Bay story from Nov 20, 2007, titled 3 arrested in undercover Asian massage parlor bust. In it, WTSP Tampa Bay reports that:

Take a drive down Kennedy Boulevard and you'll see sign after sign, Asian spas advertising massages but police say giving much more.

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Another Wife

Memphis, TN

#112 Mar 5, 2010
WIFE wrote:
and what does the wife do when she finds out husband has been going for over a year, cleaning out bank accounts and acting like nothing is wrong, well his present is divorce......I can't imagine staying, whe????
He would be lucky if ALL he got was a divorce!! I'm imagining broken bones and severe torture. His.

Memphis, TN

#113 Mar 5, 2010
Steve wrote:
Some of you people are a real trip. HIV is not transmitted by happy endings, no way, now how. Seriously, get educated.
ps -- I'm not in favor of these places.
I beg to differ. The only reason most people don't believe that you can contract HIV through normal circumstances is because they want to believe that. I happen to know that they're still not sure how regular cancers are spread and caution families visiting cancer patients (who are NOT HIV-Positive)against touching the patient anywhere without latex gloves - even when all they are doing is bathing their faces with a cool cloth. Keep believing that you can't catch HIV. Don't believe how you 'can't catch' certain STDs from some of the trash you read or hear.

Willing to take the chance? I'm sure not.
Another Wife

Memphis, TN

#114 Mar 5, 2010
Bite Me wrote:
<quoted text>
Impose their morality just like you posted your opinion. If prostitution was eliminated then it wouldn't be an issue. If it didn't exist, married men may not cheat or bring home disease - they might actually talk to their wives and work things out. This excuse that it prevents rape is all bullshit. "Oh, let me screw a prostitute so I don't rape someone..." Whatever...
If the only way to keep a man from cheating is to lock up all the women - tell me again why that's a favorable situation? If a guy is going to cheat, he'll find someone... if a guy isn't going to cheat, he can walk right by these places and do nothing more than laugh. Plain and simple.

You don't teach a child they can't have all the candy in the house by locking up the candy. You teach them restraint.

Let me ask you guys something here -'If your women - wives, mothers, sisters, daughters - were going into massage parlors for guys to 'rub all over them' or to strip bars that hosted men dancing around in g-strings or giving 'hand-jobs' in the corner -- how would you feel? You think it's 'different' for guys because they're guys? It's not that women have no sexual urges, we just choose not to frequent the sleazy joints.
Another Wife

Memphis, TN

#115 Mar 5, 2010
HUGO wrote:
ok folks I am goin gto be completly honest...the happy ending massage (thats how call it) it is an amazing therapy for myself, I had been at so many places like this all over the world and beilive me is the best ever...beautifful asian dolls wahsing all your body and after that naked body massage.. for 90 minutes....it is amazing in MACAU I paid 75 usd dollar s for this service including beer and food of course the sex after the massage I am so happy for doing that ...one think I have no girl or sppouse so no cheating (in case a girl reads my post)
woman should go to this plavces to learn how to treat man...oh god what a dream ...
so readers trust me this is amazing ..
so stop closing tdown this places because the only think they do is have an honest job and make millions of men happy
Maybe men need to go somewhere to learn how to treat women? Who the hell ever said women were put here for a man's pleasure?? It should work both ways. No woman in her right mind would have you... and besides, if you have to PAY for someone to 'treat you like a man,' then you must have some really heavy issues. You're probably a misogynist.
Big Dude

Memphis, TN

#116 Mar 5, 2010
AL Bundy wrote:
Asian parlors every where are the same just returned from asia. had 2 to 5 girls a night man I have fun with all that tight snach and most spent the night with me at the Hotel :-)
AL Bundy
LOLOLOL You couldn't handle 2 to 5 girls. You probably stayed in the hotel room all alone... paid for a pay-per-view movie and introduced yourself to Rosie Palm and her Sisters.

Memphis, TN

#117 Mar 5, 2010
zero wrote:
Just cops giving decent adults a hard time b/c they can.
wouldnt you rather have them pursue real violent and anti social criminals than joe blow looking for a nude massage and some asian lady willing to do it for a price???
if its not a 14 year old slave child in the parlor...who the hell is it hurting???
two adults behind closed doors or drapes should be able to engage in any business negotiation they want that doesnt bother anyone else.
Police & govt need to get out of our LIVES !
its the godang "united nanny states of america"
Where in the world did 'decent' come into what this thread is talking about??? Behind 'closed drapes'? Sounds like a real classy joint, man. Only desperate men go there. Believe me, nobody with any self-respect would be caught dead in a place like that.

I know when I climb between the sheets with my lady, she is clean. Totally clean. I don't have to worry about her 'doing' me for money. I don't have to worry that she'd been with 15 guys EVER, much less 15 guys in one day. She's an amazing woman and I would never screw around on here. Masseuse is just another word for hooker. You gotta pay for it, you can't be worth much, either.

Selfish pigs pay for sex because they aren't decent enough to have a real relationship with a real woman. Only have to satisfy themselves. What a waste of good air.

Memphis, TN

#118 Mar 5, 2010
Unzip_The_Ripper wrote:
<quoted text>
Most of the women in these places you are discussing request that you wear a condom. I bring a condom with me, just in case they're not provided. Please explain to me what the crime is exactly? Should we convict every slut that has made it with the entire football team in high school? We all take risks having sex. Whether we pay for it or not. I'm thankful these women provide this service to men who need it. Imagine what the rate of rape would be without them.
If the chick in high school had gotten paid for having sex with the football team, that would've been a crime. What are you, a moron? Paying for sex is illegal. I realize some men are just ugly... have small penises... have ego issues (makes them feel like a 'real' man when all those 'ladies' are present). Come on. Get a clue. If you have a tiny little dick, why don't you just go in the bathroom with a magazine and get it over with?

The rate of rape? That's like saying rape is a crime because women aren't servicing men fast enough. You guys are freakin' pathetic!! I've never laughed so hard in my entire life.
Legallizie it

Plant City, FL

#119 Mar 13, 2010
I say we need to legalize prositution. If a woman has the right to kill her unborn baby. Then she should have the right to sell her services.

San Clemente, CA

#120 Mar 23, 2010
well, I see how that can be annoying, I give massage and I'm reviewed at yelp and MPReviews with good legit reviews but I always get calls asking for more.
Happy Man

Scottsdale, AZ

#123 Mar 25, 2010
Had one today, best one yet! ;-)
Pastor Schwantz

Williamsburg, VA

#124 May 27, 2010
These places are a threat to society! There are drugs, disease, and table Showers. I was appalled to learn that a young attendant places you on a table and gently washes your whole body including your Johnson!
Then takes you to a dimply lit room and places her hands on your buttocks, enticing you to get a boner....I mean erection. Then when you flip over, you have essentially what is called a "pitched tent"! This can be incredibly embarrassing especially if yours is only a "pup tent".
Then....it gets even worse! She will ask you what the hell that is, and what are you going to say?
Yes we must close these establishments down, right after I go over.

Tampa, FL

#125 Jun 2, 2010
if it is was legalized, the sex slave prostitution component of it would no longer exist


#126 Jun 2, 2010
please, aisan massage parlors have been around forever. At least since the 60's. We all know what goes on there. Rub and tug and not much else. And they do give a good massage. What is wrong with this, between consenting adults? The cops have always looked the other way, some probably use these places. There is not much crime assoiciated with these establishments which cater primarily to middle-aged men. Much ado about nothing

Boca Raton, FL

#127 Jun 8, 2010
you forgot to mention most of these crappholes are full of immigrants or ex-street hookers who are not licensed clean or hygenic and possibly full of diseases that these men carry right out the door too innocent women and children who do not deserve it.. the cops dont care cuz they are smart enough not too go there and catch disease so they care little about the pathetic brainless fools that do..these places like strip joints, breed drugs crime and disease...raid them and shut them down!!
Blunt Truth

Richardson, TX

#128 Jun 22, 2010
Bite Me wrote:
<quoted text>
Impose their morality just like you posted your opinion. If prostitution was eliminated then it wouldn't be an issue. If it didn't exist, married men may not cheat or bring home disease - they might actually talk to their wives and work things out. This excuse that it prevents rape is all bullshit. "Oh, let me screw a prostitute so I don't rape someone..." Whatever...
Sounds like somebody couldn't satisfy their ma. hahaha
Jack Mehoff

Detroit, MI

#129 Jul 11, 2010
Asian massage is exxcelent, not like it used to be thou..burn marks and choice snatch

New Port Richey, FL

#130 Aug 8, 2010
you can always see cami in riverview she is legal

Clearwater, FL

#131 Aug 18, 2010
Leave them alone! You would think that the police would have a little more common sense and go after the "real" criminals. Even though what the do is deamed illegal but stuffed shirts that portray innocense....who the hell are they kidding. Half the do gooders have themselves been arrested or killed themselves i.e. Harry the Hanging judge, caught playing with boys, the elected official that was a prosecutor and rampant about going after escorts and stating they are the scum of the planet, caught with a escort in the act!! Escorts, massages have been around since the day of time.... if its legal in Vegas why not everywhere? Who the hell are we to judge what a escort and john do behind closed doors? Who are they hurting? Would it be better if the guy goes out and rapes a girl....NO!!! For all you stuffed shirts, GROW UP!! You've done it or thought about it and if you haven't ever broken the law you're a liar! Have you paid ALL your taxes?? Have you ever speeded?? Ever lied in court?? Well congrats, you broke a law!! Pull your heads out of your asses, grow up and make hiring a escort legal. Regualate, monitor it, perform monthly health checks but stop persecuting them, they could be selling drugs, comitting serious crimes, its a mistimenor not a felony so relax and cut them a break. As for the police wasting not only my tax dollar BUT YOURS to think about it....It costs the police an average of $100,000 to $200,000 to perform a "BASIC" sting, takes hundreds of hours away from protecting you yes I said YOU!! And guess who is paying for all this.....YOUR TAX DOLLAR!! So for all you cry babies, I say grow the hell up!!

United States

#132 Aug 23, 2010
thaichillipepper wrote:
I am an asian LMT and I have a very professional stature, demeanor, website, business card and ads. unfortunately I have a stigma. I do not do sensual or erotic massages however, because I'm asian......I'm targeted. I agree that it is an injustice to real clinical massage therapist to hide behind a license to provide services such as prostitution. Legalize prostitution and let them pay taxes like everyone else. let us real therapists do our jobs without stereotypical judgements
Damn, you got that right!

Since: Aug 10

Tampa, FL

#133 Aug 24, 2010
Some really uptight and prudish people live here in this area.

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