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#1 Sep 17, 2012
This is very similar but not as long-term as what my family has duffered.

VIC !!! How are you Vince Ramos !!!??? Haven't seen you at greenwise.

Retaliation against Whistleblowers
The Case of the University of South Florida

Kristin Shrader-Frechette
O'Neill Professor of Philosophy and
Concurrent Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame
336 O'Shaughnessy Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA

Published in Philosophy and Social Action, Vol. 26, No. 4, October-December 2000, pp. 43-56. Reproduced on the web by permission of Dhirendra Sharma, editor and publisher of Philosophy and Social Action. This web version was originally located on Brian Martin's website on suppression of dissent ( ), with a copy on an American university web site.

Years ago, USF wanted the article removed and both web site owners complied. Since then, SmarterScience hosts the article, with permission.


This essay uses a 1991-1998 case alleging federal grant skimming, false public records, unreported salary payments, salary discrimination, and criminal stalking at the University of South Florida to show that when whistleblowers do not have democratic protections, it is difficult to secure either social reforms or their own protection. Because the author and the whistleblower-victim are the same person, there is a potential for bias in this account. Although all claims in this paper are author's opinions, she believes the independent factual evidence speaks for itself and invites readers to draw their own conclusions. The case seems to support two preliminary conclusions.(1) In situations of severe corruption, the ethical imperative of attempting first to correct problems internally can lead to coverup and retaliation against whistleblowers.(2) Whistleblowers may gain little by fighting unwinnable battles in which they "play fair," but their well-funded and politically powerful adversaries do not. Together, these preliminary conclusions illustrate that blowing the whistle may be more complex than ethical norms suggest and more dangerous than the civil- and criminal-justice system can alleviate.

1. Overview

Founded in 1960, the University of South Florida (USF) has 24 doctoral programs on its main campus in Tampa and three other branch campuses. With nearly 2000 faculty and approximately 38,000 students, it is the 18th-largest university in the US.

Eager to begin a new doctoral program in philosophy, in 1987 USF recruited its first female Distinguished Research Professor (DRP).[1] With degrees in mathematics and philosophy, and post-doctoral work in hydrogeology, economics, and biology, the new DRP had held professorships at the Universities of Louisville, California, and Florida. 11 years later, she was forced to leave the university because of retaliation against her after she blew the whistle on alleged illegal grant skimming, illegal public records, unreported salary payments, and salary discrimination.[2]

When she came to USF in 1987, Dean Jim Strange told the new DRP that she was the highest-paid faculty member in the college. After blowing the whistle, her salary had fallen to 70 percent of that of her peers', despite 14 books, hundreds of research articles, outstanding annual evaluations, continuous National Science Foundation (NSF) research funding, and more doctoral students than anyone in the department. When she was forced out of USF, no females were among the 46 highest-paid faculty in all (non-medical) units of the university (the Colleges of Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration], Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Nursing, and Public Health). Even in 1998, she was still the only female Distinguished Research Professor in all these colleges. Of the four highest-paid female faculty members in these colleges, three (including the DRP) left USF in 1998. What happened?

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#2 Sep 22, 2012
Did everyone know and notice that ALLL the propaganda that sprung from St Pete times since I posted this involved USF??? Involved METRO?? Involved (publix is actually avoiding the media as nothing is going well for them because they are selfish pigs)


that's thanks to slimey Yvette Wilmath and Daughter Kim (SPT) and Gregg Burrage (coke and junkie tooo dishonorable to report his arrest so his unethical ass is still involved in our daily propaganda (channel 28 which is also the basis of his DOUBLE connection to propaganda and the IRA)

At any rate. Go have a look at Gregg (and note the useless extra letter) facebook. He's also under Tommy Duncan JGLB band. There's a list of scumbags there you must make yourself aware of or keep allowing thmm to lie tampa right into the gutter.

There ya go, Tommy sticks. Hope this doesn't make you feel too bitter you snatch face.

And you dance like a frigging goofball. If not for a loser like Johnny Lyons your ass would never see a stage.

He used to be a cool guy. What happened? YOU ?!?!?!

As well, looks like Tommy and Wifey number two have had a problem with Tommy straying off the porch. Unless I am not the only person he has stlked and harassed. But he's not paying me child support as he is Laura Green which would definitely explain how the porblems at TECO are perpetrated on people.

What a load of scum.

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#3 Sep 22, 2012
And one wonders ... what must laura look like? GAD.

And now there's more spawn.

And maybe if one day one of them gets run over someone will be inelegant and trashy enough to tell Tommy/Gregg/snatchman it's because they were stupid.


How's Kate?????????? She looks like she's having some trouble keeping busy other than being inored. LOL !!!!!!!!!!1

When ya lie down with trash you get up with whatever is eating you people alive.

See your bitter ass at some deadend bar loser.

Or not.
white trash

Granite City, IL

#4 Sep 26, 2012
Would that be Jessica Campbell? She works for PlayHouse 99! LOL! The girl do anything for a drink!

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#5 Oct 1, 2012
white trash wrote:
Would that be Jessica Campbell? She works for PlayHouse 99! LOL! The girl do anything for a drink!


Kate needs a job. What's her last name/? Kate .. Furey something Jewish ... tap tap tap ... Oh wait OK it's Katherine Furey Durkin Robinson. She like war. She like that young men and women give up their lives for nothing. You know why? Cause kate likes her suv. Hubby be a military trainer. Kate be a liar and a stalker and I think she is unemployed. Doing anything for a drink appears up her alley.

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#6 Oct 16, 2012
Howard Jenkins employs some pretty rough people. Off Dave Russo goes with this "navy" tattoos and those other ugly things he has on his arms. Mr. knew everything. What he was REALLLY good at knowing was when I was on my way to green wize and he and the chunky garbage guy would (together) position themselves at the elevator, the parking garage AND the escalator to be sure to block my way. One time the big one followed me around the entire store with the floor broom. I found him pathetic.

Dave Russo is off to Arizona if you can believe him. Seems odd because not too long back my child had a new facebook friend from AZ who pretty much appeared to be a whack job. Probably Dave's friend.

Now adding blackwater to the mix, dave fits there a little as he tries to be scary just comes off mean, has the navy shit going on and is, in general, stupid.

A lot of these facebook friends came through Publix Jeremy. He is the grandson of Howard's buddy in the pac money fund from way back. THAT ONE was confusing because when Howard joined the fund he was married to a guy, tampa fireman who left his wife and family for Howard. Then on the board Howard's wife kept being mentioned. WHAT?

But she is a female now though I think she stays in around pensacola where she is a prosecutor and horse rider of repute.

Which is amazing because BLACKWATER ENERGY holes up there and then sends HOs into MY HOUSE when Howard already HAS a whole spy dump across the street all directed at me. We believe they are interfering with many things on our property AND our utilities, water and electric.

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#7 Oct 16, 2012
This thread refers to Dave Russo. He claimed not to be related to the store manager, Marie but I'm pretty sure he IS.

He now claims to be leavng but could very well just be headed off to any other publix store. I heard they broke into North Carolina finally. Poor North Carolina.

Also they declared a SEMI ANNUAL dividend which is only good for a FEW shareholders. Trust Publix to find the way to fuck you over. lol

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#8 Oct 18, 2012
In K.M. v. Publix Super Markets,[6] the Plaintiff-employee was working in the business office of a supermarket alongside the store manager. The store manager scheduled the employee to work early mornings and late afternoons, which required the employee to make child care arrangements for her child, K.M. The employee arranged for a coworker to babysit.

The store manager, who had knowledge of the coworker’s criminal background involving a previous conviction for attempted sexual battery on a minor, was aware of the babysitting arrangement, but did not warn the employee. The babysitting arrangement lasted for a three-month period of time during which K.M. was sexually abused by the coworker on at least two occasions.

The court held that, as a general rule, a party has no legal duty to prevent the misconduct of third parties. However, an exception to this general rule exists when there is a special relationship that gives rise to a duty to control the conduct of third persons so as to prevent them from harming others.

In an employment relationship, an employer’s duty to protect is limited to acts committed by employees when those acts are committed with the employer’s property or upon the employer’s premises. The court in Publix Super Markets refused to broaden this duty to areas or relationships involving employees outside of the work setting because the burden on employers would be too great, as it would require them to monitor their employee relationships apart from work. The court held that employers do not owe a duty to persons who are injured by their employees while the employees are off duty, not then acting for the employer’s benefit, not on the employer’s premises, and not using the employer’s equipment.

In Rivas v. Nationwide Personal Sec. Corp,[7] a supermarket security guard got into a physical altercation during a job dispute with his store manager. The security guard struck the cashier as she screamed for help when the guard started choking the manager.

The court upheld a jury verdict finding that the employer was vicariously liable for the cashier’s injuries as the assault and battery arose out of a job dispute and, therefore, was within the security guard’s scope of employment. The jury found that by striking the cashier to stop her from screaming, the guard was diffusing a disruptive situation in the store and, therefore, was acting within the scope of his employment.

While the jury’s determination seems to defy logic—in that the guard was diffusing a situation he had cause by choking the store manager—the case demonstrates the relative ease with which juries will determine that an employee tortfeasor’s actions were committed within the scope of his employment.

stalked in tampa

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#9 Oct 27, 2012
PUBLIX monitors their employees outside of the work setting continuously so it would not be a burden for them.
stalked in tampa

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#10 Oct 27, 2012
DO NOT buy milk from Publix OR eat their soup. Disgusting.

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