What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs?

What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs?

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Walnut Grove, CA

#1 Mar 4, 2010
Will be retiring soon, and heard that Coral springs is a safe place to live in Florida! Was wondering what it is like to live there, and what the costs of buying and maintaing a home there are.(taxes, insurance, etc.) Thanks!
Frank M Jerry

Athens, GA

#2 Mar 16, 2010

I wouldn't consider retiring in Coral Springs. The South Florida Justice System is as corrupt as can be. A person cannot expect civility if the Justice System is failing. More people are moving out then moving in and property values continue to plummet.

It not a very nice place to live either. It's the old and usual, who you know. With these female Judges especially decesions are based on hersay evidence.

In additon, while I was living in Coral Springs the canals and water ways were litted with trash increasing your risk of cancer.

Medicare is being exploited by too many fraudulent doctors as well so don't expect quality care. It's all about the money. It's the patients risk and doctors reward.

The CSPD think there above the United States Constitution and can invade your home without probable cause and then claim they acted based on the high standards of the Department which are pathetic.

The Sheriffs in the South are completely out of control and pay no attention to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution either. Some parts of South Florida is still the wild wild west show.

Please reconsider and move elswhere, you'll be doing yourself a great favor.

I found Bible carrying State of Georgia a extremely nice place to live.

Ps: I not too sure of the number of people who earn a honest dollar in South Florida but the number is extremely low and it shows by all the storms they get. Parts of the State were burning out of control when I vacated. The smoke was so thick there was ony a couple of inces of visibility. If you up for that type of living then by all means move there and live at your own risk.

Sorry to Say !!!
Frank M Jerry

Athens, GA

#3 Mar 16, 2010
Please do not engage in eating Wings of any kind either. They are complete danger to your health.

There loaded with Cholesterol and Tryglecerides and will increase your blood sugar level. Avoid Wings especially the Wings at 9880 Sample Road.

The owners are extremely grumpy people as well and exploit children and call them out in front of others in order to humiliate them and embarass them infront of there peers and contemporaries

There also extremely cheap with the dough .They pay there exploited workers chicken feed. They have mostly kids who work there as a form of cheap labor.

Frank M Jerry

Athens, GA

#4 Mar 16, 2010
Please at all cost avoid University Hospital and Pavilion in Tamarac Florida. If Medicare Fraud approaches 60 Billion then this Hospitals Fraud prorata share must be the highest in the Country

Many doctors are tied to the pharmaseutical companies which eliminate all objectivity in there evaluations and opionions.

It also seems highly unethical for a doctor to own common stock in the pharmaseutical comopanies he's affiliated with. The doctor doesn't want the price of his stock to fall but rather see you crippled and fall.

I'm reminded that in the 1930's it was Medical Doctors who represented the largest number of Camel cigarette smokers. So much fro Doctors.

How come Michael Crichton (pardon the spelling)magna cum laud Harvard Medical School the top student of the top Medical School in the Country was only able to live until his sixties ?

It appears Medical Science presently has absolutely no clue !!

It also very apparent many doctors are on painkillers themselves which allowes to to live with there severed conscience. What a pity.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#5 Jun 25, 2010
Republicans are such big Hypocrits. Wings Plus on Sample Road a beer drinking establishment, exploiters of children likes to advertise itself as Republican headquarters whose influence reaches the extremely corrupt Ft Lauderdale Courthouse.

These selfrighteous phoney Republicnas especially the Walshes love to preach morality however Political corruption meets their fancy. Coruption by definition is immoral yet this seems to escape their mindless brains.

Wings Plus on Sample whose owners are simply horrible people should be condemned !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#6 Jun 25, 2010
Happy Charlie Crist became an Independant and hope he wins he election.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#7 Jun 25, 2010
Coral Springs need not worry about "tar balls" rolling up on to shore. Wings Plus on Sample Rd or Republican headquarters is loaded with "sleeze balls" tar balls would be amajor improvement to the community.

I am thrilled property values in Coral Springs keep plummeting. Maybe they should reach zero especially at Wings Plus.

And they have the "chutzpah" to call themselves Christians and there food is simply lousy unless you like Ms Paul's fish sticks being referred to as fine seafood. This place is a fraud !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#8 Jul 1, 2010
The Department of Justice

Please ask Megyn Kelly if she wants to present the other side of the coin concerning the DOJ. In 2004(Bush Administration), I had iron clad case against Law Enforcement Coral Springs FL( Invasion of Premises without probable cause). I presented the case to the Department of Justice-Civil Rights Division and was denied Justice.

More upon request !!

Personally, I don't think the narrow minded right wing conservative young lady wants to hear the other side of the story. When the abuses of Justice coincide with right wing thinking, the action becomes acceptable, making Megyn Kelly a phony and hypocrite as is the case with most right wing conservatives. Republican Headquatered at Wings Plus!!

It also proves we are a Political Justice System presently not based on any Laws but the Political Party in Power. This is in my view the main reason for so much civil unrest. How Sad !! There has been no change only whose calling the shots !!


Frank M Jerry Savannah Georgia !

Ps: It so happens the Hypocritical Political Right hangs out at Wings Plus the beer drinking Republican Headquarters. Someone should notify the CSPD that the taser although may not kill you but it causes periheral brain damages.

People especially children should not be tasered. The taser should be outlawed !! In Tybee beach they tasered a autistic child. Too much Irish Whiskey and too too much stupidity.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#9 Jul 2, 2010
Just learned that a (86) yer old women needed to be tasered.(10) cops showed up at her hospital bed while taking oxygen and still these clowns tasered her.

The case is simliar to mine when the entire Police Department showed at my apartment, broke in without probable cause in favor to Brian Walsh owner and exploiter of children at Beer drinking Republican headquarters referred to a Wings Plus.

It was a case of David vs Goliath and the fight is still on going.

In my case however, I stood up, I was afflicted with Moderate Parkinson's and began walking to my bedroom when two sheriffs foaming from the mouth like rabid dogs tackled me from behind turned me around so Officer Crawford could open fire and not shoot me in the back. I was 57 and defenseless!!

I had an argument with Police dressing Carol Walsh and this is a no no in Coral Springs so they sent the whole Department including a couple of fire trucks. Wings Plus or Republican heaquarters are allowed to exploit children in there employment practices and court approved especially when the Judge is Lisa Carol Phillips and she happens to be married to Jim Naugle now head of the Police Retirement Fund. Hope the market keeps decending because these people are going to hell if I have anything to say about it. I think I do, I am in the Good Lords good graces, this I'm sure of !!!!!!.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#10 Jul 2, 2010
Does anybody want to know why Brian Walsh of Wings Plus is a worm or sleeze ball of the highest order ?

The argument which caused me to be tasered was about the exploitation of my son Keith B Jerry (15) required at the time to work (13) hours on Saturday. It was heated but not violent.Carol Walsh wanted to pull her Saddam Hussein imitation, so she sent the entire CSPD to my apartment.

Well several months after the incident Brian Walsh shows up at Mass at St Elizabeth.I never ever saw him at any Mass before/. I was attending Mass daily at the time.

He pulls his truck next to mine after the 11:00 Mass and begins to inform me that Keith has a big chip on his shoulder.

He was hoping that I would go off on him because his Police buddies were already present and ready to attack. Some of them direct traffic Sunday morning. Brain Walsh is on big creep, wimp coward of broward and Please don't eat his lousy Wings !! These people are right wing expletive deleteds
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#11 Jul 4, 2010
The trail of corruption goes from Republican Headquarters Wings Plus to the Ft Lauderdale Courthouse. Wings Plus should start a Beer Party movement or a bowel movement as opposed to a Tea Party movement.

Judge Lisa Carol Phillips denied my motion for a hearing to end the employment of my 14 year old son at Beer drinking headquarters then had the nerve to send sheriffs to my home to shut me up.

True democracy at work ? Judge Phillips recused herself eventually however after the denial which should of taken place first. H C Forman never reassigns the case. More corruption. My divorce proceedings was with an Irish lady connected to the Police, so HC Forman assigns Judge Lisa Carol Phillips to the case, it doesn't get any more corrupt then that.

Law Enforcement controls the State as well as the
the Courthouse similiar to Gastopo in Germany. It was through the gestopo the Nazi got started.

Judge Lisa Carol Phillips is married to Jim Naugle who now administers now the Police Retirement Fund. Jim spoke out against the morality of Gays as Ft Lauderdale mayor but Politcal immorality suit their fancy and acceptable.

May they rot in hell along with HC Forman for eternity !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#12 Jul 5, 2010
As a further footnote not only would the DOJ not hear the case against Law Enforcement (2004) Bush Administration, not one attorney would try the case in Ft Lauderdale either.

Attorney's want their shingles thus will never bring a case against Law Enforcement before the court unless it involves a death. The Law knows this and literally get away with murder. The 4th Amendment to the Constituion means nothing !!!

Mr. Retiree, stay in California and avoid corrupt Coral Springs a town without pity !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#13 Jul 7, 2010
Please keep in mind that the sending every on duty Police Officer to my apartment was an example of false pride and false nobility strickly prohibited by the Bible.

It is no different then white pride groups or black pather groups etc etc !!

The hanging of that Irish Flag outside of wings is another example of false pride and I might add that St patrick is not a saint. he was never canonized by the Catholic Church.

Brian and Carol Walsh are phonies and hypocrites as well as exploiters of children. The exploitation of children is in their heritage.

As previously stated, this establishment needs to be condemed for there actions and the fact the headquarters of the Republican Party says very litte for Republicans.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#14 Jul 9, 2010
Mr. Retiree, please keep in mind that University Hospital and Pavilion is a for profit hospital and under the leadership of Mr. Crookshank, shanks the government big time with over inflated billing. Medicare is being ripped off in stagering sums and nobody gives a whoot.

A leading administer of that facility is none other than Daniel M E. X Chervony who earned ? his medical degree at the University Ciudad Juarez Mexico. This is the home of many drug lords and Chervony is absolutely no different. He's tied to Pfizer by the hip and exloits patients and right at home dealing his deadly drugs for dough.

Based on Daniel M E.X Chervony complete ineptness and lack of knowledge regarding his own profession,(proof upon request) it appears his degree was bought and paid for. Mex has absolutely no clue what he's doing other then distrbuting free Pfizer products to his patients for five minutes of your time.

Please avoid this and the Mexican doctor at all cost or it will cost you your life.He almost cost me my life and completely destroyed all my motor skills because of stupidity and lust for money.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#15 Jul 10, 2010
The 86 year old women tasered by Police lying in her hospital bed on oxygen support died attributable to the stun gunning.. These toys of Police have to be removed from society.
Please keep in mind they also cause peripheral brain damage. They also tasred a authistic child on Tybee beach.
I can't for the life of me ever understsnd the need for the tasering of a child other then a sadistic sinister purpose which many at CSPD have.
Those Irish heritage genes dating back to the 18th century. The Irish Sisters of mercy, some Mercy ?
Lord have Mercy on all those pathetic souls and the Lords Mercy cannot be presumed.Amen
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#16 Jul 10, 2010
In addition, I wouldn' t be so proud to hang that Irish Flag at Beer stinking Republican headquartes reffered to a Wings Plus a replica of a urine contaminated Blarney Stone of N.Y. Ireland is currently bankrupt!!
How can you eat food when the place smells like urine and stale beer ?

I wouldn't be so proud of the term "Fighting Irish" The term implies the needless beatings and exploitation of children, that's were all the fight comes from inside themselves.

I wouldn't be overly proud of the phrase "Luck of the Irish" It's really a negative conatation attributable to so many bad things happening to Irish people (no wonder in light of there behavior)
that when something went wrong, oops, that's the luck of the Irish.

I wouldn't be so proud either of the use of the color of green, it just symbolizes there overindulging worship of money. The real color is blue but being the phonies that they are they switched it to green. Green is also the color of envy !!They are extreemly envious of other people.

I wouldn't be proud of recently sending an Irish ship, needless to say with numerous drunken sailors and challenge the "will" of the Isrealites in defending themselves in the gaza strip..
History has proven that this lunacy and shouldn't be done and maybe the Muslim world will finally get it through there heads also. God wins!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#17 Jul 13, 2010
The recent events in Belfast Ireland are an indication of just how stupid the Irish really are. Both sides !! The fighting Irish at it again.

And I was referred to as the dumb Polach by an Irish idiot over at St. Andrews R.C.C.??

Who are the idiots ? The Irish, I wouldn't hang that Irsih flag at Republican Headquarters so high. Half mast is too high, get rid of it altogether and take the taser with ya !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#18 Jul 15, 2010
Torture is strickly prohibited by the United States Constitution and if you don't think being tasered isn't torture then you haven't been tasered.It's aq form of tortureand these sinister sadistic cops get off on usinf it !!

The taser gun is supposed to be a defensive weapon. All too often we see it used indicriminately and needlessly because Police Officers don't want to get their hands dirty.

The taser gun causes brain damage and it can kill most certainly kill you denied by the PBA.

It's introduction into society only indicates that we are getting sicker and sicker as people.

When is there ever a need to taser a child ? Because that child is emulating Michael Jackson or some other lame excuse to pull the trigger.

It had to be introduced by those wicked Irish. Watch the show 2 1/2 men and witness how the Irish raise there children. The belittle them constanly like Charlie and Aleen do to little Jake !! That's a typical upbringing by the Irish .

Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#19 Jul 16, 2010
Coral Springs voted by Cnn as the (44) best city to live in. Not by my standards by no means. I'll take beautiful historic Savannah Ga hands down over living in extremely corrupt Coral Springs.

The climate maybe beautiful in Coral Springs but the atmosphere is extemely toxic. If Coral Springs is so wonderful how come property values continue to plummet.

Crime has to be down because the Constitution of the United States is completely ignored by Police and protected by the courts.

Do you honestly think this is good ? It's good until it adversely effects your life like did mine.

My apartment was invaded by CSPD thugs and the Police Chief,the Fire Chief and the detective thank God were removed. If CSPD is proud of there actions then I urinate on their badges made of cheap Gold.

I'm still waiting for an apology and not holding my breath. Sgt Crowley wants an apology and so do I. Brian Walsh a former Nassau Cop, exploiter of children and gets away with it because of all the graft and Cnn is proud of that ? Brian Walsh is proud that his Haitian workers are harrased by CSPD and does absolutely nothing about it.

How much did the walshes send to Haiti ? There cheap Irish sob's and probaly did nothing.

All the Officers involved should be removed as well. They have abslutely no honor!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#20 Jul 16, 2010
As a Roman Catholic,I am in absolute favor of the Muslim community building a Mosque in the near facinity of ground zero. Actually,the closer the better.Stick it in there faces like Officer Carlson NassauCounty stuck in mine in East meadow N.Y. Officer Edward Carlson thought nothing of rubbing dirt in my face. Imight add steroid using Carlson.

After 9/11 these people were unmercifully harrased and abused by Police and protected by the DOJ under the Bush Adminstration. I know what Police harrasment is all about !! and what they were dealt with was more then likely more severe then the treatment I got. I was only beat to smithereens and shot twice from close range.

If I ever garnish enough money, I hereby do promise to buy the property where Wings Plus is presently located, another group of zero's and as a Roman Catholic build a Mosgue on the site of WINGS PLUS !! I do by solemly swear !!

Or maybe just buy the Land St. Andrews purchased across from the Church and build a Mosque there pointing at WINGS PLUS or Republican Headquaters !!

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