Agreed! I have a young boy who is only six and has Aspergers. Other than him needing additional time when needing to write you would never know he had such a disability. He often parallel plays or goes off on his own. Children notice this and begin 'excluding' him from activities and picking on him.

I also have a son who is in middle school. Wow! The stories I hear about bullying, fights, ganging up on others are unreal. My son stands up for those bullied, often making himself a target without realizing it. For example: The other day three boys grabbed my son and put him against a locker while another punched his friend in the head. The two boys ended up in a fist fight and my son has no idea why these boys attached them in school. Needless to say, the two boys who fought were suspended and now my son fears the other three are going to come after him. My son was upset to the point he didn't even want to attend school today. He asked me, "Mom, why shouldn't I defend myself if punched knowing I am going to be suspended for being involved whether I hit back or not. Better than being called a sissy."

For some reason, our schools do not see what they are doing to the children who attempt to walk away when they become the target of a bully. My goal is to one day have Dr. Claudio Cerullo visit our Newark Elementary and Newark Middle School here in New York. I've been studing and watching all the anti-bullying programs and thus far he seems to be the only one who has a definite plan in place. Children are educated on how to handle situations, encourage children to stick together, etc.

Teach your children Anti-Bullying!