The deadly cop killing "THRILL" game..

The deadly cop killing "THRILL" game..

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Jun 5, 2013
Ok I looked some info I lacked about baseball to fully understand the deadly baseball clue links ot it all some o hich are off the 12-5-09 (1205 my parents cell phone clue link) of my "win" at the TS Casino that night..clued by the 4-8-04 ROGUE NYS POLICE Charles RUNGE "accident" set up on me then also ..Thank You Officer MD Beiderman #4619 for embellishing that MV104A report or I never could have understood it..becuase I would have never focused on the overkill of deadly clues "encrypted" in the report if you had not..

5 innings makes a complete game and it can be called that an umpire before it ever reached it's 9th inning..So a game does NOT have to go a full 9 to be complete..

That's is whay the clues to 5 dead cops in all of this stopped at the number 5 in the TS Casino game..The last of course being Deputy "RED COP" KURT Wyman on 6-7-11..I knew as I made issue of in my confrontation with The Blazing Pollock ROGUE Fulton cop Mike Blazinski lets NOT for get the importance of hsi #29 badge number clue link..YES the number 13 was on my RED COP" letter just a few days before they set Deputy Wyman up to be shot..NO STATE POLICE in on this one...on the surface anyway.

Baseball goes 9 Innings..Wyman as #5..the TS Casino clue links to it all were now complete. BUT baseball has 9 innings..I knew the game would go at least 7.."The 7 STARS OF ORION" became cop # 6 Federal Agent Nichola's Ivie off how a military scumbag named Aftin Deveney as in motion at the sametime frame..called my Mother's birthday..She's also a Boston 4-15-08(just like me 4-15-08 in the Syracuse FBI Offices) Watertown link..its here she came from the night she started the fight on my mothers birthday that landed her boyfriend Brandon McCarty another military scumbag recruit in jail..I picked up clueson the 9 dead cops just before Ivie was shot...I posted them...I pick up clues now on 11 dead cops..I understand baseball now...This deadly game is NOW in this extra innings..

7 cops down by 10-2-12 the last one a 10-2-12 link to my sons birthday through his badge number 0225..Can you guess my sons BIRTHDAY from that? Just add the dash to FBI "friendly fire" Agents death ..How did the whole deadly killing cop game begin?..a FED on 4-5-07 my fathers CHARLES birthday to his 1205 =TS Casino date phone number..Thank YOU MR RUNGE...for that 4-8-04 clue...

7 down and a game needs 9 innings..2 corrections officers go down on 3-13-13-HERKIMER=HER OR KIMER is the BETS(like the LOTTERY 6-3 clue to a win 3-313 extra clue I'll explain those later) The game is NOW in extra innings my clues say 11 cops will die..NO I have NOT ruled out Fulton Officer Gary Percival #12 as one of them..I have on Orlo Green BUT clues could be a "trick" "They" loves tricks..ploys to let my guard down of refocus my I won't see it coming?...There IS clues a female death-cop is hinted..They are NOT real strong BUT there..

"This is Yolanda VEGA"(S)...Yo land a VEGA(S)
That's a roulette clue. The bets are being placed...its a BILL direction..a plan. Extra innings to get there..

We don't know and may never WHO got the last LOTTERY ROGUE payoff in Fla.. and pharmacy to a nickel less and by poison where the deadly cop clue was holding until JOHN NY came along in HERKIMER..that's a JOHN NY military scumbag "scene" yet to happen-its linked to a BIRTHDAY-thats a deadly MILLENNIUM ZODIAC clue direction..daughter.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Jun 5, 2013
I see a fog in the daughter to daughter links..The daughter clue links beagn on 4-5-07 my father's CHARLES birthday(Thank YOU MR RUNGE for the TS Casino 12-5 =1205 clue link on the clues of the variety of clues the STATE could set me up) 4-5-07 AKA the shooting of FED Barry Lee Bush AKA "bury the lying bush" BUT I threw the ROGUE TS Casino and LOTTERY offiers of "Pay her off in Pig Latin AKA slain by ofcourse "friendly fire" NYS Trooper Brinkerhoff's badge "reverse" (Money offers over clue 4531 as 1354 in NYS LOTTERY drawings..the CATCH..its on my fathers 4-5-12 birthday..

So from all that to how daughter to daughter clues now...the Other daughter is a JOHN NY military scumbag recruit clue (Those are deadly very deadly any "scene" that run off a military scumbag recruit is VERY DEADLY....The April 2007 ran off GEORGE LUNDY activity that continued till 1-10-09 -solder onward direction in "reverse" 4-12-09 Lundy "retired." He shit did..ask Jackie Lundy....Thats what he got mad about..GO ROGUE SYRACUSE FBI GO!!!

Right no it all teeters on a military scumbag recruit BILL CREGG..and the "juve" reords plan..just passed today guys..To ge it "they" had to rape a child and muder a woman..CREGGS the "hero" The Federal Probation Dept had to screw up to mae it possible..They are NOT going to find what they are looking for in my sons Juve records..NOPE..Thats a "he's just like his mother" "scene" they have planned..could be a JOHN NY military scumbag scene..sure IS the RIGHT 3-19 birthday link..from the BILL 8-11 start of it..Thats where VEGAS clues began..and he had planned to go..him and ALBERT..Now its a YO LAND A VEGA(S)..??? LAND like a PIRATES ship clue? or like a GRAVE? VEGAS goes on in FLA hat ever it is..two more die to fill in the missing clues..

The Caroline clue is there thats a JOHN NY..Lib in Boston FIRE etc,,scumbags Kennedy clues here...Tammy K the local scumbag recruit's consistant 3 directions..still.

ZODIAC- By knife, gun, rope and fire..No fire yet..that clue as to Caroline Kennedy and the Boston Kennedy 4-15-08 fire.. One story does NOT fit..That is Caroline Kennedy, Tammy Kennedy to how JOHN NY fits by a Carolina ..BILL CREGG was a diplomatic body guard..Tammy K activity ended at DD.

JOHN NY is a Carolina and a MILLENNIUM ZODIAC deadly clue..Carolina is a location. He came by a FBI dog shooting link and a local scumbag recruit named JUDITH DEVENEY ..BEFORE BOSTON...OK I get it.."decipher"d as JOHN(President name-HHHMM is that another "WHITEHOUSE STATION" clue linked back tohe CLAY NY STATE POLICE "Where the(ROGUE)story as molded" on 4-8-04 by RUNGE? direction) KENNEDY...that LIBRARY fire was an arson on 4-15-13 ..NOT a maintence fire..Ok now whats it mean? to now? Its going to pick up in future military scumbag recruit "scene."

?? is WHY would ROGUES burn a LIBRARY(The KENNEDY LIB? Because "he" and "they" are mad about something like LUNDY was about getting fired) Boston on bombing day...after setting up the murder of a former Oswego, NY school librarian the day after JOHN NY was clued? "HERO" BILL CREGG knows.

So they looking to target ME this way..The JUVE records plan...Thats HY they clued yet another military scumbag recruit..through "JUDITH" in a taunting way...while her ROGUE put on an after show Judge HAFNER allowed it to go on...The car clues were plenty I did not need a "she's crying" taunt from JUDITH..She had already said "YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD." Loud an clear "seconds her "That's NOT me on that audio" NYS ROGUE POLICE deadly game plan on spectators..
Carol Livingston

New York, NY

#3 Jun 5, 2013
Diana please contact me. What is the cookie lee connection. The sherill fire with the address is 0611. Or 6/11. June 2011. Month and year whitey bulger was arrested. I am quite worried about you diana.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 Jun 6, 2013
Carol Livingston wrote:
Diana please contact me. What is the cookie lee connection. The sherill fire with the address is 0611. Or 6/11. June 2011. Month and year whitey bulger was arrested. I am quite worried about you diana.
I have NO idea who Cookie Lee is
or what 0611 is..
Since you have been following my posts for some time..Have you heard the name of the largest POWERBALL jackpot ever? It's GLORIA and she's 84 (4-8)...Do you recall the posts made the ROGUE use of he name GLORIA in this? Its a movie clue taunt at me about a "bookie" operation...that this time it's an operation NOT run by the mob..BUT by ROGUE cops FBI/State etc.
They front their links to it all off MOB activity that when poneof them got caught was centered in BOSTON-Hence James "Whitey" Bulger..
Carol Livingston

New York, NY

#5 Jun 6, 2013
Oh dear god Diana. It's happening. I'm terrified.

Who is cookie lee? Please tell me. I'm begging you
Carol Livingston

New York, NY

#6 Jun 6, 2013
Bookie rhymes with cookie Diana. Please understand this. 0611
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#7 Jun 8, 2013
What are you terrfied of? I'm the one whos supposed ot be terrified...I have no idea who Cookie lee is..or 611.

Yes I agree Cookie rhymes with Bookie BUT is neither is a name I am familiar with ea what your talking about.

What terrifies you?

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