Defected scumbags "clarify"the slumlo...

Defected scumbags "clarify"the slumlord set up.

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Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#1 Dec 6, 2013
It has something to do with how I am supposed toook like an "asshole" for what I did to my Bf in it all..Let me "clarify" this first..I did NOT want to move into his mobile home..I wanted to go back to our apt and make decisions from there..We had only wanted to live there a year..We needed a year to knwo whcih direction we had to chose from due ot ther issues taking place on him most of his divorce..

YES I do beleive beyond any doubt this whole situation was set up on us..Him most ofall a workiong man..the type slumords target..this one was clever..Repairs he claimed he made before inthe same part of the home..that did nto hold up well..and by spring on us the leaking began anbd it was severe.

YES I ahve photos of the odd looking warped walls freshly painte dover BEFORE theleaking began on us..I told my docile and somtimes downright stupid for lack of a bteer word boyfriend(Bf) "some thing is wrong here" It sme;lls funny" ands it was s light odor I could not explain after I moved was coming from the walls..and the other apt was vacant and also the landlord told us in need of repairs..

Thge landlords whole issue is RENT and now late fees..we left the old apt in July to Aug15 was the renatl period a very hard time for me and a clean up most of which I had ot do on my own ..we did NOt have thew money hire out and out landlord was NO assitance..I bought the pails ect receipts I dig though now and am shocked my self at what I had purchase...By the 3rd month we had no place to go..esp with 2 dogs..looking for a rental for less than a year now to occupy..this was the landlords advantage over us also.

I my selfhad made it clea rto WAYERBURY no repairs no rent..and he came one day unnounced and asked for my bf What I condoidet to me one month after we moved in..I do NOT count July in to August that was clean up ..I say by Aug 15 we were in the new apt..I waited until Sept 14 for our apt to be repaired and it only been partially gutted. The r4eapirs did nto start until late aug..3 weeks after i had movedmost fo mu stuff out..No mind you we still had a lot of property at the other apts grounds..we never emptied the stage unit at our landlords say ..we though we were moving back in..he said you can still use the shed..and we did right till we moved..BOTH under the impression we are moving back in after repairs after all my landlrod son audio said he was sincerely trying to help..a charade. He suckered me for lack of better word by using comfort words about the new apt..Viewing the apt made me madder then hell..Our versions of "pleasant" as he descibed it to me are NOT the same..This apt was NOT "clean" and was not "more modern" or bigger in fact it was very run down looking and damaged..It explains why he did not have tenants there long..and the apt was open a lot..We had no choice.

YES as of this am deadlys ranted on meabout hwo the "Judge" will work this one me like others have..I have no expectations..but a story i docuemtned as well as I could under the circumstances I did..My bopyfriend actually feared eviction for mecalling him in the 3rd month fo repair issues..My Bf works and needs a place to sleep and shower ..we had no where ot go..and no money to afford a hotel..with 2 dogs..

Now NED WATERBURY claims my bf agreed to pay him rent and now wanted $3060.00 in rent fees from July 15th to Nov 9.. at 545.00 a month..the July month was the clean up and move he never reimbursed us for any damges an issue he was supposed to discuss with ME..just as I told him..

YES deadlys rant "you should see 3what she is dpoing to this poor landlord on the internet" You should see what this landlord did to us..and how he does it still.
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#2 Dec 6, 2013
My bf did not believe we had a right tohold rent until repairs were done..he owned his own home for years and was in the process of a divorce. It was clear the apt was going to be done before our year was up.,.Dec. IF it was WATERBURY never notified us..I see what hes doing..and how he did it..We cannot afford a lawyer the damage was reported in MAY by Sept into Oct he still had not contacted us..ONLY for what appears to be rent..we vacted the bad apt in JULY..and until AUG 15th was a clean up and partial move..So from Aug 15th to Nov 09 he wants 3060.00 with no offer to compensate for damages..he was listening to his upstairs "repair" man who seemed ot take a long time ot make repairs inthat apt..NO he was NOT waiting for the walls to dry out..THAT was MY input about it all.

We lost almost all our furniture and some possesssions and what we kept has damage also. WATERBURY felt $545.00 covered it all? you shuld see wehat he describes as "pleasant" and "clean"

No I did not destroy the apt and will cooperate with police 100%..Deadlys rant all kinds of claims.

We cannot afford a lawyer in this..and he know sit..He's and old pro at small claims court.

I do not understand how WATERBURY who rented to BOTH of us the first time..Can just rent to my Bf now when WATERBURY gave me the apt offer to accept not him.

I did not like the way he was working this at all.

YES during the inital phone call I made to him regardingh his note in JULY to collect rentand it said rent..from us .. WATERBURY was always on time for the rent.. but made excuses on repairs for months..and the damage got bad real bad..even to the building..

what insitaged me was his claim to me of I need to set a date with you for contractors to come..I said you give me the date and I will be here..he had none..$ times I repated my self to him..he also told me he had nothing to do with the rent..when I said are uyou the one who collects thew rent? then said yes..I said you come here every month for it. So as far as I was concered WATERBURY was no longer collecting the rent..yes he plays games..he toldme my BF never told him about the toilet leaking also..I told him "YES he did I heard him tell you"..I made my BF do it and listened..He said nothing.

The toliet was never fixed either had nothing to do with the weather..

YES before he made the Lets not worry sbout dollars for me" apt offer to me..Like it was all his doing and idea now..There was already conflict between us..I called him to tell him your not getting any rent tillrepairs are made..he now claims he provided the "pleasant" in his many comfort words tome that were very misleading also apt as a suitable and acceptable to ? exchange.

Now this expierence slumlord wants 3060.00 from us..I wantalmost 4000.00 and issue of medical issues made in court also incease a later issues arises...I say he owes Medicaid money for those bills and tranports. I just don't know how to do this completely..and WATERBURY knows it..

Never had a landlord ignore his dwellings like this before where I have rented..
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#3 Dec 6, 2013
NO WATERBURY is not going to say my BF tried to bring him into this..That would be a sure sign Waterburty is a deadly scumbag.. and he willuse the "JUDITH DEVENEY:
approach.."I was not involed in any of this" No shes just another "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "vicitm"

Even JUSDGE Hanfer quoted parts of my posts..DONT KID YOURSELVES scumbags.

MY claims about WATE$RBURYY are facts..and YES oswego county DOES NOT Like my truths..
"HE" directs and controls all of that acitivity right down to the "RED COP" timing with fulton pd from scumbag to scumbag to ROGIUE COP...It's why my Red Jeeps sits in the Oswego Library photos the only MOVING vehicle..shit yourselves all you want..

YES I am fully aware ofthe "HE" rants of control in all of this..I hear them every day..and so do most of you...many years ago they were all just "crazy" "voices in your head" my mother joked at me..

I am NOT sticking up formy Bf..we are very close to a break up...the stress onme is too great..and he tells me to "Go back to your bench" I just might do that...

The Carrie Lafalmm'association" issues for me right noware more than I care ot deal with..the missing a little girls direction..was ranted at me in 2005 and on as Emily Lincoln..I belivethat was a ploy..John her father knew the TANYA MELLONtalk in 2009...BEFORE I Moved..I heard talk inside his home frominside mine..and I cannot forget those word as..Knowing Tanya died just weeks later after my mother "saved" me from all of you..I believe the missing E is my BFS grandaughter..Erika Y and Erin Maxwell were first..3088. 3-8-06 and 8-30-08..

It works like this JOHN NY was JUDITHS dead dog clue..JOHN NY is my bfs daugher the 3-19 birthday Fulton cops and Dottie mIlls who set me up on that date in 2012..The talkis they will name their new son expected in March near my 3-11 and her 3-19 birthday...Parker. I heard the "park her" story in 2008..SON is the clue..

Now they could change the name or my bf could deny he told me that name..BUT he did..

Story goes like this ..they want my BF to eat high fats now..the daugher is now his benficiary..and Idonot nbelivemy BF will provide for me if ..a "Shes crying" plan takes place on him.."They" always have a back up...Scumbags work his daughter now on me..I heard it myself..I doNOT trust his son in law..JOHN NY..hes in hopes now of training as a NYS Trooper..after he leaves the military progress NORTH CAROLINA..YES where Officer ROBERT(ROB) BINGAMAN was killed.. Then the NYS Trooper while TRAINING in LETCH WORTH state park on 10-29..line up" with CHRIS T MAS 9-29 birthday..Now scumbags clue me COP kills in this are over.

BUT MILITARY scumbags...You know what I mean?

The last one cost a little the clue..THINK CHRIS T MAS doings..It's also "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "encrypted"

"Listen to her voice" "Listen to how deep her emotion is" I still say those claims are about a "video proof" claimed under all of this and how they recruit deadlys off it at every level of police work.

So did you catch how easy JEVON WAMELING bagged another kid..and police had to take the klesser charge on him themother stood before the news claiming..howshe could not concentrate on the other childs death now andonly on her son..because she thinks "something happenned and Jevon did something" to her son...How clever JEVON is..

It would be no different than an Oswego DA bending the law to convict ALAN JONES..BUT there is such an overkill of links to ALLL of it to Oswego County deadly scumbag doings.."He wants us to say he didn't get out of it"..JEVON was charged with manslaughter..NOT murder..times 2 now the first time he WALKED..players do that.
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#4 Dec 6, 2013
Anyway I have to keep tabs on this..YES I do believe slumlord Waterbury like "JUDITH DEVENEY" is a deadly scumbag. I must keep track of the info..

YES my bfs daughter is pregnant..her son is dueinMarch near my 3-11and her 3-19 birthday..AKA Dottie Mills and how and why she really set me up in 2012..Bill M was the MILITARY scumbag..Then "JUDITH" setting her husbandup.AKA my Bf..brought me to the 'reverse" save my mothers ass=Margaretville in Oswego set upon him and me..his sister Peggy now the "association" TEACH HER A LESSON" victim..clues began on 9-12..via NATIONAL GRID (dead cop clue) o nmy mothers fall date...the new deadly military scumbag showed on 10-25 AFTIN DEVENEY on my mothers what was now a where JUDITH leaves off fixatin of time a slumlord..NED WATER BURY AKA it all travels in a JOHN NY direction- he originates from New Haven also you know..There was a POSTAL set up ROGUE plan to get someone fired also.. a infant in Utica dies on 5-29 he vanished- missing..and his body recovered on 9-6 AKA the same day one year earlier "JUDITH" setmy bf up..with officer Lee Jesse.

SO YES I in a reality point of view in this EXPECT court manuevers for the slumlord like it was for "JUDITH" They know the law and how towork it much better than us..and set this up on us just that way..just like all the scenes before it..So "HE" bull shit you all he wants oryou allow HE too. I am NOT swayed.

There is a male child( a Park her I hear) being born into my BFS family JOHN NY and his 3-19 wife sometime this March. JOHN NY expects to begin his NYS Trooper training soon..AKA the LETCH WORTH 10-29 NYS Trooper death..line up" with CHRIS T MAS'S 9-29 birthday. There is one little girl "missing" to make 3 deadly links in to Erick Y. and Erin Maxwell's 8-30-08 and 3-8-06 =the 3088 lic plate on my sons GREEN how the 3011 AKA MY birthday was in Utica at 748 JAY ST AKA in "reverse" the TIME 8:47 my son was born..on JUDITHS 2-24 "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" line up date with his 2-25 AKA Agent Ivies 0225 badge number RIP......JEVON WAMELING(3011) is manslaughter charged NOT muder..of the 2nd infants death he cleverly like ALAN JONES on Erin Maxwell(3088)

Now a new son and missing E(Erika and Erin) linked to dead little girls in this "they do things in 3s" clued deadly plan..I was taunted was Emily Lincoln in 2005 and on..was going to "disappear" I do not believe that now(I believe her father JOHN stayed with "they"..I say it's my bf's grandaughter..she's an E too..and a choice her father may have to make. He's in the military now in NORTH CAROLINA...YES same state where officer ROBERT(ROB)BINGAMAN died on 10-29..BUT now focus in on a NYS TROOPERS death in LETCHWORTH state park...JOHN NY hopes to be training for NYS TROOPERS soon also...BUT I hear me might get NYS disability instead..?? His wife YES IS the "beneficiary" to her this "get him to eat high fat" time frame in deadly scumbag motion now..."and tell him to get rid of her"(me)

TIME WILL TELL..these are all(some of)FACTS and how they "THE THRILL OF THE KILL"

Deadlys rant to me the cop kills are done..??? I hope so.
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#5 Dec 6, 2013
Now "listen to how deep her emotion is" and other rants like that..are tome part of the "VIDEO PROOF' being claimed behind and under all of this "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" called "THE THRILL OF THE KILL"
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#6 Dec 6, 2013
Now I have used the info to explain this TWO ways should get it by now scums..

Auburn, NY

#7 Dec 10, 2013
So you moved into an apartment that wasn't to your standards and needed repairs. Your mistake.
Solution: Avoid renting an apartment until you find a proper one.

You then withheld rent. Your mistake. Solution: Pay all the rent except for the repairs. Turn in your receipts in lieu of the balance. Perfectly legal, only if you have notified your landlord IN WRITING a reasonable amount of times (around 3)of the repairs that need to be done, and landlord does not make any effort to comply.

Good lord, how do you not know this?

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