The Fulton Dental Health Center "THRI...

The Fulton Dental Health Center "THRILL" issues..

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Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#1 Dec 4, 2013
Let me go back tothe day of my recent appt for a cleaning
and how deadlys around my home now in the hannibal area who are non stop had already taunted how I "will not get your partial fixed" to "they're gonna pull all your teeth" I was there for a repair issue on my lower partial and an appt was made for a cleaning that had been approved..O do nwo recall the officer manager telling me she would request approval months ago..BUT VM were lost in issues on em nbavk then..She DID call..There was an extreme amount of stress on me then and this claeaning was overlooked..Deadlys had also ranted that the former office manager there had been "set up" for "helping" me..I have come to hear whay she was well "walked out"..They may have used the tech or a employee who knew this about her all long to set her up..later..BUT it was issues to me this way the day fo my appt..and NOT to my surprise either deadlys knew how my appt would also go..and it did..

In 2008 when my lower was fitted there was a serious issue between me and dentist KRISten Ny len..records indicate another dentist was mu care ..BUT I;m telling you it was NYLEN..I had called that day snow was heavy at my mothers home..and as ussual Fulton taxi was running late..I assured Nylen I would be there no matter what walk or ride I would come..Missing this appt would have denied me my lower partial..the teeth had already been pulled..

I got here about 10 minutes after my scheduled time and NYLEN was not in the office I would find out after wating over 2 hours..finally i was asked "why are you here?" and I told them..NYLEN cancel my a no show..the office manager who was dedicated to her patients called her and told her get in here now..This uspet NYLEN..who showed with the dark haired asst..who still works there..From there it all went down hill for me,..NYLEN was mad and took it out on me in my care..My lower partial tips to the the rush of it all on me then.."he" claism I bit down to hard on that side I say it was pushed down that way..something I would not know until fitting..The teeth looked funny and to the side but they fit with a "snap" in..another male had come and looked at them ..he immediately noticed the color..was wrong..they had not in the rush matched up my 46 year old teeth by color as they did the uppers so I have 3 issues in my mouth..You can still see it..and the teeth have always tipped ot the right..just where the male back then said they would "enventually break" he angrily sais in the hall "she will bite down and the chewing will eventually cause the partial to snap" as it has done..right in that same area..where the tipped tooth right side meet my real teeth..The issue was well NYLEN wans the office manager had words..and I now had crooked teeth..mismatched in color also..on medicaid ..your stuck with them..I do NOT know if the office manager knew of the poor dental work I don't think she did..

The issue onm NYLEN was "you should have checked that fitting" "and mold" So the lower has broken..I got here to get a cleaning and a repair if possible..this new staffis NOT like the old attentive staff..the dentist claims they are wasting time cleaning my teeth and I need to have them all pulled cuz they "move" and hes NOT going to reapir my partial either.."waste" he calls it..

Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#2 Dec 4, 2013
When I went ot Fulton Dental Health in 2008 My teeth were in need of care..the stress on me then horrendous in the SOLDIER ONWARD TIME FRAME..

The staff was then excellent..they worked and encouraged me to do the best dental care I could..they pushed we need to get your gums healthy again" issue and in 5 years I have no cavities since..I did everything they said even in spite of medical rides etc..(still an issue on me) Even when homeless I cared for my teeth...I felt better after dental care etc..and appreciated what they had done for me even on Medicaid..

I was also told that the right upper incisor may fall out due to gum loss ..this was in 2008..its still there..they asked me do you want o try and save it ? etc I worked with them on instruction and did as told..I'm 50 now and the staff has changed..and so has the care..the new dentist just wants to pull them all and stop "wasting" I will not get any more cleanings there..per his instruction to the asst..My new dental work does NOT begin till the end of jan-14..I think it's time to find another denatl office..

My lower will not be reapaired as per this dentist also..

So yes deadlys wanted to know the proabaly did set the office manager up for somethign she had done all along..NOT saying it s right but...and of course the new office manager would jump on me as the one "telling stories" on that one..So I guess unless I want to lose all my teeth care at Fulton health is now over per the dentist there now..Dont know his name..
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#3 Dec 4, 2013
Today the deadly's began again..and I know why ..this no teeth on me part of the ongoing ROGUE plans...see in 2008 I was nto encouraged ot go plastic as far as tetth and my dental office staff..I was encoutraged that no matter what..take care of your teeth..focus on something good..attitude..those days are gone..

In the Diane Sawyer interview may years ago about the woman sitting in prison who tried to tell this famous reporter about strange VIBRARTION sounds..and how "crazy" Diane Sawyer thought her "It all sounds so sci fi" claims were..politely.

The woman explained a amn had died or been murdered..she had been charged with it and now sat in prison..This story is controversial here..apparently I missed the issue of she did it..and that is why Police owuld NOT give her her teeth for the interview..even Diane Sawyer commented "they wont even give you your teeth" to her...I get it all now how Todd Bower taunted me about this also...and the time frame the DEADLY side has planned for they continue to promote though deadlys..over and over and over..

There are LOTS of associations like this in all of this..only they are not associations...They are planned set ups on me to sabotage my health..My focus may be on the one staff memeber at the dental health who still works there..she helped fit my lower partial..with NY LEN.
I went though this at Fulton Health Center also..and now "they" claim attack my G and H Drs in Liverpool..

I had bought a treadmill from a co rt 6 resident Carrie Laflamm..we wanted one being so limited there..Her husband MILITARY..Carrie had told me during the sale how she had physical thereapy posture issues from jogging..on the wrong angled pavements..This was a treadmill..I felt she was I dont know having fun ..It to me explains the sneakers and shoes I bought that kept popping up at the Thrifty and Salvation Army that fit me and were somewhat newer..the soles of some are damaged..and Yes I a heve the "Lorinda Fullington" pair also..the brown sketchers..sole I get what the plan was on me off what had happened ot a military wife..and her jogging...and this unbelieveable low priced treadmill..Like the 4B370 scooter..

YES I will cancel my appt with the dental health offie so they dont have a BIG story to tell about me being a no show..and hopefully find a good care again..or just wait till my teeth ARE falling out..I have half of my original teeth NOT just 4..

So my BF suker butt hole he can be at his sister stands in the Oswego library and tells anyone in ear shot her brother did moleste her..and it's supposed to look like her own MILITARTY scumbag daughter set her up..

My BF listens to the rants ouside of their version of why I am going to get my teeth all pulled now.

The new dentist says my teeth are "moving" now worse then they ever were..the lower partial is tipped noticably..and always was and broke right where it was said it would "over time" from chewing..."HE" claims I dropped it in the sink..of course.."He" would..This SAME dentist claims my upper cracked down the middle some because I did not use use enough glue to hold it in..but it was repaired...So yes I have 3 differnt colored teeth in my mouth..lower different than the upper different than the natural but close..I picked that one. This is where "they" have me now
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#4 Dec 4, 2013
There has been non stop deadly scumbag rants since the court summons has arrived..Deadly's and I have no choice but to think about what they claim now say "The judge will not let you talk" Your BF asgree to pay the rent"..and my answe rtis YES he agreed to pay rent once before the same man the reason we are in this dirty to small appt..that is not anything like he described it me..more modern more spacious and pleansant in his efforts he imaged of trying to comfort me..whilke the contractors are apt..a now into its 3rd month issue of our landlord being unable ot complete..the photos SHOCK people who see them of BOTH apts..coming soon..We have of yesterday learned WATERBURY is a freguent flyer in small claims court..He knows how to work it off unsuspecting tentants.
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#5 Dec 4, 2013
YES I did see the Vinny Capelletti look "delusion" yesterday at Walmart..The deadlys rant Vinny will help sabotage my Bf at work..The issue is and it is NOT an issue yet..?? The schedules will change and BY BF will have a hard time adjusting to nights again..Scums claim they will catch him sleeping..all TIMED by the "HE" Bf says he will not have to work nights..

YES I also did SEE the what coudl have been the Officer Percival(street clothes) delusion yesterday as I went into Price Chopper after leaving here..he's a "trick" clue..

YES I am back in Fulton now and "crazy" is upon me again..It's all part of how they work my BFS head now..that my teeth are no good and I am dying..they rant also..YES I did tell my G and H Dr I sometimes drink tea..

Everything else is caffiene free..
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#6 Dec 4, 2013
YES I have heard all the "HE" demands in this on what apparently with out hesitation I say now a ROGUE dentist at the Fulton Health Center assisting in THE THRILL OF THE KILL plans on me..MANY scums nwo rant "HE said it ups to the Dentist what kind of care she gets" His decision..which totally goes against the plan I have been worked on with for 5 years now there.. Like I told you the postive care staff is gone in my case anyway...and I want to correct that Dentist coments of "he said its the sugar" and why I did not want the last x ray..I had other medical issues going on as I told the asst. it was NOT sugar related..and I was NOT there for dental pain..I was told I was in line for a cleaning..I made the appt after the approval came though...and wanted my partial fixed and one man tiurned all that into this..I was just going on with my ususal dental care plan..he did like that clearly..If I can get 5 more years or longer out of my natural teeth I sure would like to try..looks like I have to do it on my own until I can find another care giver..

I went home for a short time and scumbags ranted "You're an asshole doing this to your bf" these are kids yelling.."the judge will not listen to you" I was the reason we were inthat new appt on what my landlord said was a place for ME to decide what I neede to do next ..he never spoke ot me about that . He went right for my BFS wallet to make up in the scam the money he spent making the repairs..AFTER I had told him already in his "don't worry about money for me talk back to me..My living room is mildy and my furniture runined and my landlord smooth as he is throws in "Lets not worry about dollars for me right now" and that IS a direct he was offering the better in HIS words apt than what we had was a dump..and I have pics to completely counteract his place to stay while..??? I figured out "what I need to do next? Move back to my apt was all I had to figure..He was NOT going to fix a reasonable time frame and he knew it..This was all a mony scam on us..all prmoited by deadly scumbags as value..issues..well i ahev them lots of them..and I am NOT a master of small claims courts and what you can collec ton and hwo to set it all up on a tenant as my expierenced slumord is..Now if the judge will NOT listen the story tells itself..listen to what deadly scumbags rant..I have never been sued in my life..or my bf..and it comes now upon us under these circumstances..

No I have NOT called medicad to see if I can do anything about my dental care..I already here "HE" said NO..The Dentist has control..regardless.I would hate to have this Dentist as my Dr over my death bed..Medicaid gives you very little good choices..

All this negative because I agreed to have a cleaning done..was never an issue before.. I still have all the same teeth..and now a broken partial just as they said I would..
Diana Vickery

Ashburn, VA

#7 Dec 4, 2013
Whos' been commiting Medicaid fraud the whole time?

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