YES its clear DA Fitzpatrick is very defensive of JUDGE Baxters decision that lead to lori breshnahans death and the rape of her daiughter..NOT to mention the lack of inpout DA Fitzpatirck has for the Federal Probations depts lack of info as to why it took place..No explanation needed I guess..Thats part of being an executive with in the "system" where the approach to always blame the suspect and fins ome excuse as to why it went on is the cover plan for all of them..

The focus they use to cover horror now is Renz's juve records..What did Renz's juve records have to do with the failure of the Probation dept to correctly monitor him as court ordered to do so?

As the local pres seems hell bent on NOT making this the issue that it should be..One dirty hand washes the other..

YES I know the ROGUE FBI plan in this is to get me infront of DA Fitzpatrick or the Syracuse DAS office in general some day..oh well..Syracuse is where Bill Vickery's "statement" is hid in some lawyers files..

Yes I have heard all of this before.

DA Fitzpatrick is part of why NYS just settled a 5 million dollar lawsuit with a man in Lysander who was wrong fully the man's favor and the award was just given recently ..front page - Post Standard news..NOBODYS right all the time..

So its pretty clear the "probe" politicians want is to what? tell us agin we knwo something wrongs BUT no one wants to know or say exactly what it was..and blame the lack of access to juve records for this now..and ignore the probations depts negligence? Don't be surprised if thats what they pull..