How to Deal Legally with HORRIBLE NEI...

How to Deal Legally with HORRIBLE NEIGHBORS?

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#1 Oct 10, 2012
In May we had some new neighbors move in. They have 8 children ages 5-13 and 5 Dogs. We got along for about a week then myself and the husband had an arguement about their dog. Ever since then live has been a living hell! I was at work and the husband came over to the front door of my house while my wife was home alone, yelling and screaming saying I had damaged his property, he brought a bat with him and was swinging it and threatening her. She called the Police and he was charged with harrassment and it was lowered to harrassment. After that the entire Family began to harrass us. So we installed a Audio Video System around our house. On one occasion I was walking our dog around our yard as I have done since we had bought him over a year. Well I knew this would create a problem for them as they constantly harass us. So I had my Wife record me walking the dog around our yard. Within 1 minute the neighbors started yelling and swearing saying I was taunting them. The Neighbor wife threatened to Shoot my dog with A BB gun and also said she was going to buy Anti-Freeze and poison our dog. She said this is front of her children. We have it all on Video and Audio. So we called the police, they said since she didnt threaten me or my wife it was not a crime to threaten the dog. Then two days later charges were filed against my wife, they claimed they saw her walking in the backyard naked. LIES!! So since we have a 6 foot fence i went out totake pictures of the fence to support our case that even if it was true which it was not that they could not see over a 6 foot fence anyway. As I was outside taking pictures the wife came over again and began threatening to kill me and beat up my wife, she didnt know my camera is also a video recorder so i switched it over to video and recorded half of it, when she was threatening to beat up my wife and taht we were not going to win this war. She called the police and she was charged with harrassment. 2 days later the Police came over and arrested me saying his tires were cut on his truck that he saw me do it. LIES!!! He has spend 5 years in prison for arson and they just take his word for such a thing? Now the children ages 5-12 everytime we go outside swear at us, threaten to kill the dog, call my wife B**ch, C**t, T**t etc etc.. We have this all on video and audio. We have called CPS several times told them what we have and they dont seem to care. They never even asked to see the videos or hear the tapes. How can i be ok for a Mother and Father to threaten to kill us, our dog in front of their kids and that be ok? Now the kids are doing it. On another Occation the 12 year old daughter came to the front of my property with a bat threatening me and threw it at the house hitting the schrubs. Nothing was done. On another occasion the Husband through rocks at my girlfriends Garage and caused $700 in damages. We both have restrainibng orders against him, the police came and the neighbors said i through the rocks at my own garage and the Police said there was no independant witness so they couldnt arrest him, yet they arrested me for cutting tires just on his word. I do not know what to do!!! The police seem to be on their side! We have Hours of Harrassment on Video, the Police refuse to do anything in regards to our complaints but arrest me without a problem. We have so far filed a $5,000 cival suit for property damage and there barage of threats and harrassment with hopefully more to come, but I cannot understand why Child Protective does nothing when we have Video Evidence!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!! Here is a Sample, notice the Small Children!

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#2 Oct 10, 2012
This all sounds quite familiar to my own experience..maybe a little more extreme. Though I don't understand how you have that much trouble with a 6 foot fence, but I'm sure there are reasons.

To be honest with you, that video doesn't tell me much. Video taping people in their back yard tends to aggravate them more, so I can't really accept it as anything out of the ordinary from any other neighborhood dispute. Having said that, if you have more footage, I'd like to see it. Disputes nearly all start with dogs, then there's light spillage, loud music or cars.

My personal experience was with a very similar family with 8 kids. Half of them were foster children, but the troublesome ones were their own. 16 year olds partying all night on school nights. Drinking, smoking whatever. I could handle it occassionally, but it got to a point where it was almost 24/.7.. a nightclub for underage drinkers and the parties got wilder and wilder, with more and more kids. I had cars vandalised, bottles smashed on my patio.. some kids managed to get on my roof at 3 in the morning.. you get the idea. They actually had a massive brawl early one morning.. they called the cops ON ME after they were done. Cops knocked on MY door at 3 in the morning asking if there was a disturbance. I was too stupid and the cops were to stupid to realise they had called them themselves until it was too late.

Then it was the 17 year old boys sleeping in beds with 5 year old girls was what really got my attention. I only knew this because a 10 year old girl would tell me everything that was going on. The foster kids were treated as slaves basically(from what I could see)and she was on the outer for some reason. So I called child services and of course get quizzed about my relationship with that child...? These kids were always in my yard before I put a fence up. I knew it would become an issue, so I had to keep them out. It's only a rural wire mesh fence, but it works.. also for their numerous dogs that they change regularly.

Anyway, long story short, that was what shut down the noise and goings on. Child services did pay attention to what I told them about teenage boys sleeping with toddlers.

Unfortunately they are still there, but life is much quieter. The husband is very similar to the guy you have, criminal record and all, but he is quite cowardly and avoids confrontation, even eye contact. Sounds like your neighbour isn't quite as timid, so be careful.

If that 12 year old girl is sleeping with older guys, I would go to some length to get evidence of it, especially if the parents are allowing it. I would cease all other recording activity and just keep your distance. Change your routine to avoid them if you have to. I know it sounds like a pain in the ass, but changing your routine keeps them wondering wtf you are up to and they just don't know what to expect.

Also the less you need to see or deal with them, the better off you will be obviously. If you can put some latticework screening on top of your fence to make it higher, you may want to consider that, as trellis structures for supporting creeper plants are allowed to go pretty high in most places. Maybe consider adding cladding to the existing fence to make it more soundproof etc.

Hope this helps. Keep me updated if you can. Cheers.
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Brooklyn, NY

#3 Oct 12, 2012
You havent a cluw as to what we go through everyday!! 5 and 6 year old kids sying f you, c*nt, Tw*t, saying we are oing to kill our dog right along side their mother on audio and video. I actually tried once to call him and discuss this with im and end it I was attacked from the begining! Please listen I have so many more Video and Audio Child Protective could care less! i hought they would want to know if a parent was threatenign to kill someone in front o there kids and in turn their kids do the same, but for some reason they only ask me why am i calling so much. They dont even want to see the tapes . I am Clueless!! There is a restraining order that prevents him rom going anywhere near me or my wife or calling etc, But i was calling him goiubg to try an end it and he threatens to break in her house and kill me, the police said because i calle dhim its not against the law to threaten me. So I guess the next time I geta bill collector callig me I should just threaten to break in his house and kill his family , accordng to the local police that is completely legal!!! Small clip please listen!


Sherburne, NY

#4 Oct 24, 2012

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#5 Oct 25, 2012
Let the Biggest Ape Win!

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#6 Nov 18, 2012
What's his name? Phone number? Address? It's legal to post it here. I'm curious to know who the helll these ppl are and look them up on fb.

Liverpool, NY

#7 Nov 18, 2012
Dammmmnnn wrote:
What's his name? Phone number? Address? It's legal to post it here. I'm curious to know who the helll these ppl are and look them up on fb.
Me!!!! too

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