The SPEND & BURY Republicans, they SPEND, AND SPEND, AND THEN, THEY SPEND EVEN MORE till they Double the National Debt that Bill Clinton had Paid Down. Then without a clue how to pay the Humungous Tax Bill they ran up, the Voters Run the Bums out of office, and Let some Democrat find ways to pay off the Massive Debt the CONSERVATIVE Repugs Buried us Under. The SPEND & BURY Repugs !

No One Burys you under more Massive Debt than the Big Spender Republican Conservatives, absolutely No One.

But at Least they Cut the Buying Power of your Retirement 401K, and IRA IN HALF, so you can now work till you Drop Dead. And HOW ABOUT THOSE GAS PRICES ???? No Bobody GOUGES at the Gas Pump like the Ol'Repugs ! Still think that Lincoln Navigator was Great Deal, try trading it in to a Republican owned Car Dealer and see How he welcomes you .... NOT ! Lincoln has Re-Named it, they call it the Lincoln DINOSAUR,'cause it's Extinct !