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Wilmington, NC

#1 Jun 30, 2009
I have taken my standard poodle into Olgas for several full-service groomings. The groom was ok at best, but what stood out to me was the LACK of customer service. To start with, they never took my name or phone number when I made my first appointment. I had to ask them to take down my information once I dropped her off so they could call me when she was ready. God forbid there be an emergency...or they give my dog to someone else!(I wouldn't be surprised since they didn't know her owners name) After a few more appointments I finally decided to take her elsewhere for her grooming. Well, recently my boyfriend called Olga to make an appointment (it is w/in walking distance from our house). She not only chewed him out for expecting an appointment that very week he called (shutter), but she also decided to lecture him on the "artistry of a poodle's clip" and how to care for our dog's coat, condescendingly I might add. When he finally got her there he told Olga (keep in mind he's no expert) to do whatever she's suppose to do. Now, here's where I have the problem. I have spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to get her cut just right, and grow her poms out. Her cut was set, all Olga had to do was bathe and clip (following the precut design). Well she had the AUDACITY to tell him a guy shouldn't have a poodle with poms, and took it upon herself to make the decision to CUT THEM DOWN!(without consulting either of us) Now, I'm not an unreasonable person, I do not want them excessively fluffy, just defined poofs, however this is NOT HER DECISION TO MAKE. Needless to say, she will not be returning to Olga's. Her service is ok, not great, but her customer relations are horrendous. If you do choose to take your dog there, be sure to be VERY clear about your expectations, and watch out for "The Wrath of Olga!"

United States

#2 Jul 9, 2009
I have been going to Olgas for years. On occasion, if she is booked, I try other places. My dogs never look as good. She has gotten on me about letting my dogs get matted in the past but I take responsibility for them being unkempt. The bottom line is, she is the best in town. If you want the best you deal with the attitude and the wait.

Wilmington, NC

#3 Jul 29, 2009
I hope both you idiots know Olga does not even groom the dogs. She has very little talent herself. Her employees do all of the work. Oh well, I hear the place is closing soon anyway.

Jacksonville, NC

#4 Aug 19, 2009
Olga's is the best; I've tried many other places, but hers is the best. In the many years that I've been taking my dogs to her, I've never experienced the attitude that other posters complain about. Olga is good-natured and polite, and while her staff is a bit on the young side and often tattooed and pierced, they've always been polite and taken down the information about my dogs. In short, I've always been very happy with the cuts my dogs have received, the customer service, and especially with Olga. And by the way, Olga does groom; in fact, she's the only one who grooms one of my dogs, and she's talented.

Wilmington, NC

#5 Oct 1, 2009
I have a lab/newfoundland mix so you can imagine how much time it takes to shave him down! Olga's Dog Spa does an amazing job every time. The staff is friendly and professional. I really like that my dog can play with other dogs while he was waiting for his cut. There are no kennels! It's essentially doggie daycare + grooming all for a very reasonable price. My dog is all smiles when I pick him up, and that's the most important thing to me!

Avon, IN

#6 Oct 11, 2009
my dawg died thare

United States

#7 Oct 27, 2009
I work at olgas, and i know for a fact that she touches every dog that walks through the door, none of her staff has that groomers touch like she dose, olga is a very caring boss, shes helped her staff in everyway possible, one with a job, also, shes helped some of us get out on our own, get a car, get our deploma, or even get our licencs. not only is she the best groomer, shes also an amazing boss!

United States

#8 Oct 27, 2009
no dog has died at olgas, we did have a sick dog that we took to the vet, and it did pass away, but it was sick already, and the owners dont blame us. so mel just because you got fired dont mean you can spread lies on the web.

United States

#9 Oct 27, 2009
Paige wrote:
I hope both you idiots know Olga does not even groom the dogs. She has very little talent herself. Her employees do all of the work. Oh well, I hear the place is closing soon anyway.
Mel if you groomed all the dogs yourself olga would have had to close a week after she opened, remember, she taught you what little you know.

Wilmington, NC

#10 Oct 30, 2009
Misty what you do't know could fill the grand canyon. Olga does not touch every dog there. Dogs have died there and have been badly wounded there as well, and if she wanted to help you, she would help you with your horrible spelling, I would be shocked if you received your diploma.

United States

#11 Oct 30, 2009
Paige wrote:
Misty what you do't know could fill the grand canyon. Olga does not touch every dog there. Dogs have died there and have been badly wounded there as well, and if she wanted to help you, she would help you with your horrible spelling, I would be shocked if you received your diploma.
you didnt even pspell "don't" right, heres a clue, stop tryn to be a dog groomer and go back to school, i got my diploma thank you, and i work there im pretty sure i would know if she didnt touch the dogs, how else would she fire you and still run her business, we had 38dogs to day, please tell me how me, tim, wade, and olga managed to groom them without any talent, and without touching the dogs, trust me were not missing your 6dog grooms a day, and if we kill/hurt dogs then why do we have so many clients? your not the smartest person to swim across the ocean now are ya??

Wilmington, NC

#12 Nov 1, 2009
I was having my car serviced at Jiffy Lube about a week or so ago across from Olga's Dog spa. Now i've never had my dogs groomed with her and i'm sure she does a good job but there was something that disturbed me about her business. While waiting for my oil change and having my tires rotated I kept glancing and looking over at the dog spa to see that there were over 10 dogs outside.Naturallly being an animal lover I put my magazine down and stepped outside to look at all of these dogs. In that time I looked over to see that NO ONE was with these dogs!My car took over an hour and NO ONE had stepped outside to check on these dogs!!! Now these dogs were different breeds, small and large all outside together. My question is what if something happened to these dogs? That could have been my dog mixed up with all of these unfamiliar dogs that my dog does not know! And if something did happen and a dog was being attacked outside WITHOUT supervision how long would it take for someone to notice, and would it be too late! I was very disturbed to see this taking place. With all of those dogs outside whose job is it to watch them??? Like i said before i'm sure this business it well run on the inside, but on the outside it was a very poor performance. I'm posting this so people are aware of what is going on outside of this shop. But it has disturbed me to the point where I will bbe contacting a higher authority so they may investigate further. I believe that it is my job as an animal lover to make sure these helpless dogs are protected and I will see to it that they are.
New to Wilmington

Wilmington, NC

#13 Nov 1, 2009
I am new to the area and have asked around for different places for me to have my dog groomed. A lot of people say that Olga is the best. So i'm doing research online and finding these not-so-great reviews of this business. My dog is like my family and I would hate it if something happened to him. I may try them out reguardless, but I will continue to search. If anyone has feedback please let me know. Thank you
No more

Rocky Point, NC

#14 Nov 4, 2009
I used to go to Olga, used to being the key word.
never again

Rocky Point, NC

#15 Nov 24, 2009
I go to a whole different groomer now, i've heard so many horror stories from her business and I saw it for myself when one of my dogs nails was cut so short that it was bleeding! I don't cut my dogs nails just for that reason. I bring them to the spa to have them done correctly, and when i'm paying money to have them done the wrong way?!?! No thank you
another former customer

Wilmington, NC

#16 Jan 20, 2010
I join the ranks of the disappointed. I have never experienced a temper as raging as I witnessed from Olga. I am fearful for pets in her care, will not return.
Olga is wonderful

Concord, NC

#17 Jan 23, 2010
I have no idea what these people are talking about!I heard that Olga was good and she used to be near my house so I called her to ask if they could pick up my large dog who can no longer get in the car. She was so sweet! She came herself the first time and got my dog. Since then she has moved to a location much further away from me and she still sends someone to get the dog and the other dog that we have adopted since then. She does a very good job. She has a lovely personality. I feel that this must be disgruntled former employees making these claims. I really don't know about the "dogs outside" post.
Please see for yourself. Don't believe this nonsense.
By the way, we have used her for about two years, on a very regular basis.


#18 Feb 16, 2010
El oh el, this poor girl thinks having a diploma is something to brag about. Also bragging about 38 dogs with only 4 employees. Yes, that is where I want to take my dog. Oh, and, "a dog did die, but after we took it to the vet". Nice staff Olga.

Charlotte, NC

#19 Feb 26, 2010
I have mixed emotions about Olga's Day Spa. From the very first time I went to her, she has never stood still long enough for me to "talk" with her about my dog. I always had to holler over the wall
and I never felt like she welcomed my business. When I bring my dog to a groomer, I need to feel good about leaving the dog.. and never have with Olga. The young man that works for her is excellent and is the only good feeling I get when I bring or pick up the dog. Here is my take on Olga......... I think her business has gotten so big that she is unable to provide the quality service she once did. The last time I picked up my dog, she had been cut so short that her pink skin was exposed all over her body. It doesnt take a professional groomer to know that is not acceptable. Olga.........slow down......spend time with your customers and get back to doing a good job or you will lose customers.
the truth

Wilmington, NC

#20 Apr 17, 2010
Misty you and Timmy got fired because ya'll stole from olga, and you tried to act like you had no idea but if you didn't have any clue but really you knew the whole time. and the only reason timmy is back working there right now is because she is about to lose everything so she is desprite. Olga does NOT touch every dog and half the time when she says she has groomed your dog she really hasn't. If you think Olga is special and polite drop by one day unexpected in the middle of the afternoon and listen to her yell and scream at her employees. She will NOT give her employees lunch breaks nor will she ever let them stop for anything. She cares only for herself and trys to act all polite but she isn't she is a crazy bitch. Olga has beaten dogs and will leave dogs in crates and she never goes outside to check on the dogs that are there. And if you think I am lying just check out this website where you see Olga Littletons Mug Shot or Assualt.

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