I'm a 71 yr old DAV on SS & make app.$1100. per month.I recently got a divorce from a RN after app. 8yrs of mg.She necer worked until I ran out of money then she went back to work at Sunbury hospital & promptly left me without paying a bill.She bought a car & house. She never put a dime in my house & admitted it before the judge. I was awarded alimony from her because the land payment & my car took up more than my income.The judge stopped it so I had a friend take out a home equity loan on my house. The same nitwit said either I have my friend put the money in escrow or I go to jail.Its been 3 yrs now & my friend & I are both close to foreclosure on both our houses & app.$100,000. in debt on top of that. My ex wants $164,000. out of my house while she is making app.$60,000, a yr.My house has lost 25% since all this started & I can't seem to find anyone to help me.The judge never asked me anything & my lawyer never mentioned that I could appeal the judges decision until it was to late.The only intelligent people I've come across in all this is the domestic relations people.Can anyone out there help me?ty Marvin Shong