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Angry ex-tenant

Lake View, NY

#1 Aug 30, 2010
This twice before renting from the Savidge Housing group!! They rob you on rent and their "luxery townhouses" are anything but luxery!! Cracks up the wall from un-sturdy foundation, flat wall paint so you can not wash them, the house shifted resulting in not being able to close the bathroom door, no railings for almost a year of moving in, and finally being installed only AFTER i called and called and called about them for DAYS!! You have to call them repeatedly to have the driveway plowed out in the winter time. Lived there for almost 2 years and NEVER had a finished back yard...for the first few months when you opened the back door it lead to a 20 foot drop and then after filling it in (thats when the house shifted) they never finished resluting in a 2 foot drop and rocks and mud!! And forget about your security deposit, they will try and charge you for EVERYTHING, even if it is not your responsibility!! My husband and myself are in the process of taking them to court!!! We are a military family who only lived in the area for a short would think that being a military acive duty family they would have a little more respect.
Happy military family

Selinsgrove, PA

#2 Sep 2, 2010
I am definitely a military family that rents from the Savidges and I must say that they do have respect for military families; a lot of respect for the military in general. I have never had an issue with Savidges and when I have had something wrong with my place they have always come in a timely manner to take care of it. That was only two minor things by the way and I live in an older house. The real world is not ran like base housing.. Base housing has spoiled us to believe that we should expect from the "real world" what we are offered from base housing. It is definitely not the same.
The Savidges do not rob you on rent. You obviously saw your home first and new what the rate for that home was, if you felt you were being robbed why would you rent it? I am living in a gorgeous house with about 240 acres of land for a very resonable rate. I have been told by people that I have had at my home I got an awesome deal on my home.
All I can say is do not listen to the other review because you do not know what the situation is. If they kept your deposit it is because you had damages in the home that needed repaired or they were charging for cleaning fees, maybe even both. How many damages did you create while you lived there? Did you clean it before you left? You said you lived there for two years; If you had so many issues why did you renew your lease and stay there for another year? Do you have rental insurance that would had covered the damages? There are a lot of things to consider.I have two pets in my home and I had to pay pet deposit and security deposit. If there are any damages that my dogs create, my children create or my husband and myself create, I would never expect any of that back. I would surely not stay at a place that I had so many issues with or renew a lease for that matter. Just make sure your hands are clean when you take them to court before you waste your time.
I do not like seeing them being attacked if a finger should be pointed in your direction as well.
Happy Ex-Tenant

Tamaqua, PA

#3 Sep 2, 2010
I would definitely recommend Savidge Housing Group to anyone looking for a great place to live and landlords that are more than pleasant to deal with. After learning the amount of properties they deal with, I was more than understanding when it took more than a day to make a service call. They respect the unit you are renting and make sure it is cleaned up when they are finished with the service. My townhouse was extremely clean when I moved in and I made sure it was left in the same condition when I moved out. It was something they had the courtesy to point out. I got the impression it is an effort they appreciate. I got my full security deposit back, minus my last water bill. I was more than happy to be able to use it to pay the bill in full. I can honestly say that it was a wonderful experience and if I move back into the area, I will be looking to contact them again in hopes they have a vacant rental. Anyone looking to rent, can rent from the Savidges with confidence.

Northumberland, PA

#4 Jun 9, 2011
I have been renting my home away from home at Penns Landing for over ten years. Rick and Brandy Savidge have been excellent landlords. Having been in the real estate business for 22 years before coming to Selinsgrove, I know what a good landlord is; the Savidges are good landlords and their son Michael is following in their footsteps. "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree." I'm sure a good tenant will always be happy renting from the Savidge Housing Group.

Bristol, NH

#5 Jul 2, 2011
Reconsider before renting with Savidge Housing Group. Katie and Mike lack professionalism, they are unreliabile, and do not follow through on any of the responsibility agreed upon in their lease agreements. I could go on and on about the experience I had but to save time I will give only one example. In the last month of my lease I requested a walk through with Katie. I was hoping to go through the house and have her give me an analysis for what I was going to be charged for (taken out of my security deposit). Well, after 6 phone calls and 4 emails without a response. I did what any responsible person would do. I fixed all the nail holes from hanging pictures, I spackled the small nicks caused by chairs denting the walls and I cleaned the house, carpets, walls, etc. I did not paint the walls because when I did my initial walk through (at the start of my lease) Katie told me she paints every room before a new tenant and that this was a cost for her every year. She also mentioned that she, "cleans the carpets, walls, kitchen, bathrooms ect." So a month and 6 days after my lease is up I receive a letter in the mail. This was a cost analysis of the expenses to cleaning the house. She requested and addition 50% of the security deposit MORE. So on top of my security deposit of $375 she also wanted an additional $188. So after picking up my jaw off the floor I looked at the expense report. She tried to tell me that she had to "repair the walls" with spackle and that she had to "replace the carpets" because of the damage. Aside from thinking this lady must be out of her god damn mind. I then looked through the lease. Sure enough, she had been late on returning the list of expenses. Although her wonderful letter was post marked for the 30th. I did not recieve the letter to the 5th that next month. Yes yes, but it was post-marked. Well no where in the lease does it mention it needs to be mailed. No, it says that "a list of damages must be given to the tenant within 30 days." Okay, so on top of this, theres the damages she tried to claim. See I used to do a lot of handy work on the side, and I got pretty good at mudding taping and sanding. So I know for a fact that there were no additional repairs needed for the wall. Second, the carpets. I for one kept the carpets close to perfect. I actually had rugs on top of the carpet in areas that had a lot of traffic. On top of that I cleaned the carpets for the sake perfection. Why is this so important? Well its simple, she tried to scam me out of my entire security deposit, and then tried to tac on some more bogus charges... The kicker to all this is she failed to meet my request for a walk through..... Hmm I wonder why?? Anyway, this landlord is a scumlord. She will rip you off anyway she knows how. Those carpets did not need to be replaced and my wear and tear did not cause enough damage to warrant a replacement (heck they probably wouldn't have needed a professional cleaning), but she manipulated the situation and truly tried to screw me over. Screw whoever "hasn't had a problem," they either lying, or just haven't had been screwed over yet. I can talk for hours about how terrible of a landlord Katie Savidge is, and I have several friends with similar stories. WHATEVER YOU DO... DO NOT RENT WITH SAVIDGE...

Personally, I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau now and I am talking with a lawyer.

Sunbury, PA

#6 Aug 28, 2011
They are slumlords! She is a Judgmental, stereotyping stuck up $%^& !

She thinks she can evict me writing it on an INDEX CARD...WITH NO GROUNDS! AT ALL! MY RENT IS PAID ON TIME I HAVE HAD NO COMPLAINTS BUT YET SHE MADE UP SOME BOGUS BULL ABOUT MY KIDS RUNNING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS, MY KIDS ARE AT CAMP ALL DAY! And I live on the first floor, even the other neighbors know my kids are respectful good kids....i know who is making the complaints and i know who is running up and down the stairs but she wouldnt even let me defend myself, i have been late with the rent in the past but not anymore i guess that makes me a scumbag....and i guess that makes my kids bad kids too and she is judging me on that? Really, ON AN INDEX CARD! IM POSITIVE SHE WILL TRY TO MAKE SOME EXCUESE TO KEEP MY SECURITY THEY ARE NOT NICE GOOD PEOPLE, SURE SHE WILL SMILE IN YOUR FACE AND BE NICE THATS BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO GET HER APARTMENTS RENTED AND SHE WANTS THE MONEY...THATS WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT.....go screw yourself lady.

Sunbury, PA

#7 Sep 20, 2011
I think she picks & chooses who she likes and dislikes she has the luxery to do that...
Lisa Dressler

Sunbury, PA

#8 Oct 1, 2011
My brother went to school with rich and he has told me NEVER to rent from him! He and his wife pick and choose who they want to rent to, also they will f**k you over every chance they get, PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THEM! My good friend Rita has been a great tenant {with no problems} has been unfairley targeted an has to move from her home thanks to bull sh*t REALLY???? You people should be ashamed of what you are doing. OH and I hope you chocke on the money you have made off of good people. YOU SUCK AS* HOLE*
Lisa Dressler

Sunbury, PA

#9 Oct 1, 2011
Lisa Dressler wrote:
My brother went to school with rich and he has told me NEVER to rent from him! He and his wife pick and choose who they want to rent to, also they will f**k you over every chance they get, PLEASE DO NOT RENT FROM THEM! My good friend Rita has been a great tenant {with no problems} has been unfairley targeted an has to move from her home thanks to bull sh*t REALLY???? You people should be ashamed of what you are doing. OH and I hope you chocke on the money you have made off of good people. YOU SUCK AS* HOLE*
Happy With our rental

Philadelphia, PA

#10 Nov 29, 2012
We have lived in one of the Savidge Housing Groups rentals now for 2 years and very happy and satisfied with our home and how Michael and Katie run their business. They have always been great landlords and have helped us with whatever we need.
I would recommend a house or an apartment with the Savidge Housing Group bc they take great care of their properties as if they were living there themselves.
All in all if you want a good safe home...renting from Michael and Katie is the way to go.
Brian Reich

Lewisburg, PA

#11 Mar 8, 2013
I've known Katie most of my life and rented from the family several years back. Personally speaking I think blasting off with personal attacks against anyone on the Internet is absolutely CLASSLESS (see above). If you've got a problem with the service they provide you've got a right to voice your opinion, but Mike and Katie are good people and absolute workhorses. They bust their humps 7 days a week to maintain their properties and serve their tenants.

My experience as their tenant was that you will get what you give. If you respect them, their property, and the terms of your lease there is absolutely no reason you can't have a long and healthy tenant/landlord relationship and leave with most of your security deposit in-hand. If you cause them unnecessary frustration or damage their property, don't expect miracles the day you hand the keys back. I've had many landlords in my day and the Savidges are just as fair in that respect as any of them.

When I lived in Selinsgrove I met tons of SU students who carried themselves as if they owned the town and treated their rental as something disposable that didn't matter after they left. Why would you expect to be coddled on the phone by your landlord, let alone receive your security deposit back, when you willfully destroy someone's property and livelihood with your drunken shenanigans?

Obey the lease, respect your neighbors, take pictures of existing problems when you move in just in case you do have a discrepancy down the line. Follow the same common-sense rules you would in any rental and you'll do GREAT renting from Savidge Housing Group.
Happy Tenant

Selinsgrove, PA

#12 May 26, 2013
We have been renting a townhouse from Savidge Housing Group for 14 years. They are by far the best landlords I have ever encountered. And I have been renting apartments or houses for 30 plus years.

Repairs are done promptly, the maintenance and upkeep is very good. They have aways treated us with respect and they are very fair. They are one of the few landlords anywhere that allows pets in most of their units. That is so rare. It is hard to find a nice, clean, well kept aparment that allows pets most anywhere in this country. That is quite a plus.

They have always been helpful and responsive to any problems with our rental unit. If something is broken, it is fixed very very quickly.

The places they rent are clean , well maintained, with some nice features often missing from rentals.

Some of my family members who live out of state but plan to retire in PA are considering renting from Savidges because of our positive experience.
Mistreated Rentor

Rocky Hill, CT

#13 Jun 18, 2013
I recently rented from Savidge Housing Group against all of the warnings from others not to and I wish I had listened to them all. I had nothing but problems with them from the beginning, especially Katie.

She started off showing me an apartment and I called her directly after the showing to say I would like the take the place and even left a message with her voice mail and via e-mail. No response. Come to find out that she had already rented the apartment to someone else.

From that point on I should've just walked away but I really needed a place, so she put me into another apartment. It was nothing but more problems from then on.

In fact, One day i was outside my apartment and a stranger came up to me and asked me where I had got a magnet that was on my fridge. Said he was "doing work in there one day and had seen it." Therefore, people were also inside my apartment without my notice.

They are also unreachable when you need them and take forever to get back to you on maintenance requests.

I have never felt so disrespected or belittled than by the Savidge Rental Group. All they want is money, which is understandable because they are a business, but they could at least be personable and not treat their tenants like animals. I will not and cannot recommend that anyone use their services.

Bloomsburg, PA

#14 Oct 7, 2013
They do not return calls, emails, or texts. They will not improve your living space in any way, even if things were broken before you moved in. They also make up ways to not give you your deposit back.
crazy teen broads

Hazleton, PA

#15 Dec 5, 2013
any sexy 18 yr old gurls living there who like to have sex with older men WITHOUT stabbing the man to death?

Harrisburg, PA

#16 Mar 3, 2014
Savidges are definitely super scumbags. They never fix anything. You can call and call. They are bullshit. And very rude obnoxious people. They say yeah, yeah and they never come. Never plows snow. Better think alot about these people. They are shit holes.

Harrisburg, PA

#17 Mar 5, 2014
You are right, they did fall from the tree and did minor head damage. May God forgive them for their many wrongdoings to renters. What goes around always comes around? Just stay away from them. They are ruthless and don't care about the properties only the money they get. Plain idiots.

Harrisburg, PA

#18 Mar 5, 2014
I heard they were close to Bankruptcy and try to suck out all the miney they can from you. Want to be powerful landlords but so much in debt they suck everyone.
Mailbox Rule

Chester, PA

#19 Mar 10, 2014
So there's this principle of contract law called the "mailbox rule." Doesn't matter what the lease says, the law says if it is mailed by that date, it meets the requirement.

Harrisburg, PA

#20 Apr 9, 2014
Savidges are unrelentless Aholes. The only thing on their mind is money and they have no heart. They will take your security deposit even if there is a little trash or something left. Please do not rent from them as I have learned my lesson. Go elsewhere or live in a tent.

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