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Amsterdam, Netherlands

#24 Mar 19, 2011
Mine was about 15 years ago (20 now haha and I apologize for my English. I'm from Holland)

I was a vampire on my elementary school and I had this big cape and teeth. I was standing on the roof of the school and I showed all my classmates that I could fly. A few minutes later a girl came to me and said: "OH I'M GONNA TELL THAT TO THE TEACHER." And then I couldn't fly anymore.

The bitch..

Islamabad, Pakistan

#25 Oct 8, 2011
I had a dream that me and my class mate were having 69 s*x. and we were dating,
it was amazinggg!!!
and then it turned out to be true.

Lexington, KY

#26 Nov 6, 2011
I had a dream that I was planning on going to the store. My cousin stopped by and asked me if I could buy her something, since I was going to the store. I told her that I did not have any extra money to be buying other people stuff. She told me she would pay for her own stuff. She told me she wanted a Twix candy bar. I was like, “Ok.” She told me to hold my hand out so she could give me the money to buy the Twix. She pat on my hand, and told me to use the spit as money to pay for the Twix. Therefore, I carried the spit all the way to the store hoping that the cashier will accept the spit as money. Just as I finished checking out for my things and my cousin’s Twix, I saw the cashier. I was getting ready to exchange the spit for the Twix. I thought twice. Instead, I smeared the spit against the counter and used real cash to pay for my cousin’s Twix. After that, I woke up.

Richmond Hill, NY

#27 Dec 3, 2011
I had a dream that I swimming and then all of a sudden I was in a desert speaking to the Geico gecko.. Then I was having lunch with my toy bear from when i was four... Then I fell down the yellow brick road and woke up


#28 Dec 15, 2011
hahaha i saw in my deam a hen slipt and i get up im laughing hahaha

Peoria, AZ

#29 Jun 23, 2012
I once had a lucid dream where I flew to the top of a mountain and played checkers with Obama and won. Then I went to my school, and shouted to my teacher "Suck it nub!". My teacher gave me an A+ for creativity and sexuality, and the dream ended with some homeless guy peeing on the teacher's desk, and exploding everything. My dreams are beasty.
Random person

United States

#30 Oct 29, 2012
Well ive had some crazy dreams: so you know those red robin comericials on the TV? Well i had a dream where i was walking on a trail by a river and there was a cliff to the side of me. I turned towards the cliff and said for absolutley no reason at the top of my lungs "red robin". Then bigfoot popped out and yelled YUMMMMMM. I then stared at him for a few seconds and he started running at me and teleported behind me eating a red robin burger and once again said yum. then pushed me of the cliff waking me up.

Rochester, MI

#31 Nov 1, 2012
okay usually I have dreams like predictions of what's gonna happen the next day. But usually they're wrong. But this dream was pretty strange just saying. Okay so it was the first day of 4th grade.{I'm 14 now} so I wake up in the morning to find my bed on the cieling and I didn't fall! Okay so I ate some normal cereal as usual and then I brush my hair. I brushed it once and I had dorthy from the wizard of oz's hair! I then brushed my teeth *brush brush brush, spit* OMG my toothpaste is black and my teeth are purple? Okay so I was with my mom walking to school and as we walk I'm looking around and I notice we're walking in some sort of fairytale land and when I got to school everything is so shiny and beautiful. And I got a new principal (which i did) and instead of sixth grade rooms there was a girls locker room and a boys' and a teachers lounge for upper el teachers. And when I got to class MY DAD WAS THE TEACHER! I looked at everything and there were short desks a teachers locker and REALLY REALLY high bar stools. And my dad he put on a blue afro wig and said "Let's learn some math" And then tore off his shirt and pants to reveal disco clothes! He then put on a fake blonde mustache and did a pose then said "Now who's ready for some math?" My best friend Rachael raised her hand with a smirk on her face. I took her hand and pulled it down. My dad clapped his hands then transported right next to me and gave me detention for not dancing! My friend wasn't either and she grinned at me then stared laughing her head off! Then my mom woke me up to go to school. Grr....

Allen Park, MI

#32 Nov 3, 2012
Crayons don't HAVE heads

Allen Park, MI

#33 Nov 3, 2012
once i had a dream my aunt was a witch she was fighting a giant green fuzzy worm monster and it was midnight and a guy in a white and black mask wearing a black cape grabed my hand and i said (in my dream)"you have cold hands”then he said it wasnt safe for me and i flew away and my cousin was with a crasy scientest and they were trying to catch me(ps this is NOTHING compared to other dreams!sometimes they actually happen @-@)

Oxnard, CA

#34 Dec 20, 2012
Hello I had a dream that I had to wear a pink wing and go to my neighbors house and asked for some sugar

Van Nuys, CA

#35 Jan 8, 2013
Once I had this "nightmare" where my brother and my uncle were talking. My brother said something stupid. Then my uncle said, "That's stupider than fish on the sun!" Then it cut to this cartoony image of a fish flopping on the sun.

Then I Woke up in a cold sweat.

Brooklyn, NY

#36 Jul 11, 2013
I had a dream that a giant teddy bear with a red bow tie was attacking new York city and then out of no where a giant wolf came down out of the sky and shot lava out of its mouth and melt the teddy bear... is that weird?
Qwerty random

United States

#37 Nov 14, 2013
rosa wrote:
I had a dream that a giant teddy bear with a red bow tie was attacking new York city and then out of no where a giant wolf came down out of the sky and shot lava out of its mouth and melt the teddy bear... is that weird?
Qwerty random

Davis, CA

#38 Nov 14, 2013
I probably have a lot of weird dreams, but I can only remember parts of them. My most recent dream was: walking down the street with my family, when I see a strange bug crawl out from under a rock. The bug looks creepy, like a millipede with pincers. The millipede really freaked me out, but I want to prove to my family that I'm not afraid of bugs. So I pîck up. And just as I suspected, the millipede pinched me. I felt really disgusted knowing that the bug was INJECTING THE POISON INTO MY SKIN! And then something worse happened... After I was pinched, my arm became numb, and then paralyzed.. I fell to the ground completely immobilized.. But my family didn't notice. They kept walking, completely oblivious. I try to scream for help, but all that Comes out is a whisper.... So yeah, that's my latest dream in detail.

Mcallen, TX

#40 Feb 25, 2016
I once had a dream where I was on a field trip with my class and all of a sudden slender man comes out of nowhere asking me if I was Rachel. I answered yes and then I was standing in the middle of a basketball game. Apparently, the creepypasta were dying and the only way to save them was to win the national champions ship tournament. I was on slender man's team and on that team were also a few chuckee cheeses characters. We won the game so I was allowed to live with the creepypasta. Apparently, they also lived in a store called hot topic............ I had been sleeping with a plushie that was white and now I'm thinking that the plushie is actually slender man in disguise....... wow I need a

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