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Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#64 Nov 18, 2010
tough wrote:
I support the Avengers. Look, if someone wants to have an MC in Summersville, then it is their business. Last time I checked I was in America. Everyone wants to bitch and moan as soon as something new shows up. Sheltered.
first thank you for supporting the Avengers.AND well said Amego.
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#65 Nov 18, 2010
Name wrote:
What are they avenging?
Find one of them and ask them..but for now its just the name the club founder or founders decided on and thats all i have to say on that OK. Im shore a member can give you a more detelled answer to your question
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#66 Nov 18, 2010
Dr Samuelson wrote:
Would an individual Avenger be called an Avinja?
NO Avenger is ployeral mening one ... the club collectively are called the Avengers not avenger ok get it right..Doctor
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#67 Nov 18, 2010
Just Askin wrote:
I heard today that the older members are ok, but the younger ones try to make a name for themselves and don't care what they do to get it. Is it true that they have to commit a felony to get in? Just asking a question as to what I heard. I've seen some decent people with Avengers name written on hats, vests, etc., but heard the club doesn't have a good name.
yes and no...yes their are some young Avengers who are full of them self's who have done stupid things to try to make a name for them self's. And No you don't have to commit a felony or any other type of crime to get in. the only requierments are that you be white and have a Harley-Davidson motercycle thats it ...oh and just rember to ride safe and always have your brothers back thats it.no big secret their
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#68 Nov 18, 2010
Dude wrote:
If you can't keep a job and support your family, you are of no use to the Avengers. I am an avenger and have no criminal record. So no, you do not have to commit a felony. Some people watch to much "Sons of Anarchy" and assume all bikers are like that. You try to project your own short comings on to us.
thank you brother i grow up around the Avengers... my mother dated one but he die of cancer in the mid 90's so its been awale sence ive been around the club.oh and he left me his club colors i havent picked them up yet i will proble join the Hunting W.V Carter thats the one he was in and i know some of the members.
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#69 Nov 18, 2010
first you need a Harley Davidson Motercycle. not a toy or a rice bearner then and only then can you ask that question ok.
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#70 Nov 18, 2010
oh and like most clubs you have to be white
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#71 Nov 18, 2010
Law Dog wrote:
<quoted text>No the Avengers are not in any way apart of the Pagans The Last Rebels are if you see a club with a 16 or a P On there vest then they are apart of the pagans.The Avengers back in the late 1970 and early to mid 80s was a roudy and bad club the things have changed through the years they dont bother anyone unless provoked you dont bother them and they dont bother you most have really good jobs and support there families. back in the day it was the club comes first but today its Family first.and your other question why did they come to summersville.I would say that they had quite a few members in that area that was traveling a good distance to another club house and they had enough guys to start a charter in that area depending on where you are at you may have to travel 100 miles to the nearist club house.the Avengers in that area are I would say within a 30 mile area there local to the summersville area.dont make no mistake they are a outlaw club and can get roudy but there are a few clubs in that area you really have to watch out for very dangerous and yes they are in W.V they are the OutLaws Pagans Warlocks.look all 4 clubs up and find the info for yourself.the Avengers is nothing to worry about when it comes to these other 3 clubs.....
true the Avengers didn't come from the pagans. they are a so call outlaw. and thats the most likey reson for a new club house in that area...oh and Law Dog let me gest you proble a cop or retired cop.rigt.
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#72 Nov 18, 2010
Son of an A wrote:
<quoted text> no an individual avenger would be called the guy kicking your ass, if you had the balls to say this disrepectfull crap to thier face. a keyboard is a mighty thing use it wisely Dr. dumb ass.
Dam right bro i was rased mostly with a Avenger for a father or should i say step father until he die of cancer i attended the funnarl but that was along time ago. an the so call Dr. should go back and take grammer lessions.
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Satellite Provider

#74 Nov 18, 2010
You're going to correct someones grammar when you've easily misspelled 25 words in all of your little posts? You're a douche.
Main St Crime History

Princeton, WV

#75 Nov 19, 2010
Haw wee wider wrote:
I canít see them renting a building in town right on Main Street in front of the Sheriffs and City Cops.
More likely Scott is pledging or what every you bikers call it.
I dont guess it would be any differnt than the couple of guys that owned the big white house right in front of the city police station selling their prescription pills to support their habit and got busted by the DEA in 2005.Im not much of a lawbreaker very often, even though i have done wrong in the past, but i think its pretty [email protected] gangsta that they got away with it in front of the Dumb A$$ police of S'Ville for 7 or 8 years and it took the feds and a confidential informant to bust them with just 2 or 3 pills each. Hell, all of them are out of prison now except for the older man of the bunch and thats just because he got a state charge and a fed charge and they gave him the habitual offender sentence because he had a previous felony record.4 to 5 years is all they had to do for running what was suspected to be but not able to be proved, "the biggest oxycontin distribution ring ever to be busted"...Well, if the Avengers are in town then wait to see what the cops get em for and dont deny them of any bread or water for you shall become a Avenged Victim...
Good luck

United States

#76 Nov 19, 2010
I just wnt to say that ive been around alot of bikers even dated one for a long time i believe u got some good ones and bad ones most all groups have trouble just because they ride bikes n look rough but there r some that would do ny thing to help ny one i dont think u should judge all bikers on what one done u never know the ones u all are putting down just mite b the ones who help u good luck avengers
Hell Boy

Locust Grove, GA

#77 Nov 19, 2010
LOL wrote:
You're going to correct someones grammar when you've easily misspelled 25 words in all of your little posts? You're a douche.
ok first your a moreon. sec i may not of put commas ever where they where needed but atlest i didn't forget the "S" at the end of Avengers and ask a stupid question about what to call a member of the Avengers motercycle club...i guess i could have answered the question a little better but i didn't see the point in the question and just decided to tell him next time remember tha their is a s at the end of Avengers OK...so get over it.

Columbus, OH

#78 Nov 27, 2010
Do not judge what you do not know. In any group, there are some that might be bad,,,,just like the CEO's of companies that ripped off investors, Dr's that write prescriptions for their own drug use or accountants that beat their wives, neglect their kids and are drug addicts. I guess it makes a difference since they wear a tie when they do all of this? I am a wife of an Avenger and not once have I been beat up, passed around or disrespected. Don't judge on a subject that you are lacking knowledge. By the way,,,,if you're broken down along the road or you're shopping and getting robbed,,,,it will be the biker to stop and help you rather than the suit and tie that you hold high on the pedestal. Quit watching movies to get your "education".(Batman isn't real either.)

United States

#79 Nov 27, 2010

Carson, MS

#80 Dec 10, 2010
i know avengers back in late 90,s cloumbus oh best bunch of guys i have had the pleasure to be around i miss them
i'm stuck in mississippi and dont have any people around that good around! so A.F.F.A. TO ALL WHO ARE

Summersville, WV

#81 Dec 14, 2010
I happen to be the very proud son of one of the Members of the Avengers. They are a great group of regular guys that enjoy ridin drinkin beer and chasin women. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
Bones- Macomb cty

Martinsville, IN

#82 Dec 23, 2010
I know Avengers here in Michigan and they are great guys,everytime i'm at there clubhouse i have a great time,everyone I know works hard and takes care of there families..people that are ignorant as some of the people posting in this thread must have never actually took the time to befriend an Avenger...doesnt really matter what people think,cause them same people follow blindly in todays society and question nothing...therefore there opinion doesnt even concern me..
poor scott

Culloden, WV

#83 Dec 23, 2010
I feel for ya,good looking.I hope nobody ever talks shit about me on here.Almost all my family belongs to gangs as long as i can remember.And everyone of 'em are just really good people enjoying their harley rides.And by gosh,if i had the money for one,my skinny ass would be on one too.People are just silly.I just hope these people arent right about the drugs,cause thats just not like you,dont seem.Harrys daughter says enjoy that sexy harley all you can.Just be careful and dont be stirring up anymore trouble than you can handle.

Michigan City, IN

#84 Dec 26, 2010
nosey ass people wrote:
So u don't want a bike group on the main st but ur kids are walking the same street huffing gas and popping pills that they stole from ur damn bathrooms! Geezzzz, stop harassing scott! GO AVENGERS!!!! u bible belt nuts, scott I love ya buddy just as I love picnic tables!
Finally somebody said it, I second that. Get a life, and spend a little more time taking a long look in the mirror before speaking against something you know absolutely nothing about. Use a little more than a few movie roles to fill your education!

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