One Who Knows wrote:
OK folks here's the deal. I have known many people who have ruined their lives and family with legal alcohol but, other than legal trouble, no one has been harmed by marijuana. Legal alcohol has no medical benefits but pot has many medical uses.
Our judicial system is clogged up with simple marijuana possession cases and our prison systems are over-crowded. Drunk drivers are the greatest danger to all of us yet I have known many that have gone through the revolving judicial door to repeat offend over and over.
By legalizing marijuana, the courts and jails would get much needed relief and our law enforcement people would be able to devote more time working on real crime and the truly bad drugs. The teacher should not have sold marijuana but let us keep this in a proper prospective. A little common sense could go a long way here! Legal alcohol is by far the more destructive to our population yet marijuana is considered a "demon drug". Oklahoma, let's decriminalize marijuana and the people who use it or need it!