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#2167 Apr 16, 2012
I did have the chance to meet Kevin after the meeting Saturday. He seemed like a nice fellow, nothing at all like I have been reading in this forum. I would not have a problem voting for him. I could care less about his education. I think common sense is the quality needed in a trustee.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#2169 Apr 22, 2012
Well I think Im going to make the effort to meet kevin and get to know him. and form my own oppinion.not saying he's right for the job but with all the bullcrap going on , new blood on the board does sound refreshing. I cant say nothing good or bad about the guy cuz I havent met him. even the worst things said about him isn't much different than some of our past U.S. presidents and senators. LMFAO.... BTW its definately campfire weather ,whos with me on that ...

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#2170 Apr 23, 2012
Been reading this stuff. You are right, Camper...Just stay out of the politics and it can be a wonderful place. Problem with that is, the politics is what runs WL. Wether you camp there or live there, it's going to effect everyone. So if you don't care how things are run, or course...don't get involved! And, St have a WONDERFUL POINT!! "Who Cares" if somone can't read or right? The people that are trustees right now CAN read & write and look how THEY have messed up the WL community!! Sounds to me like this DALE person may actually be someone that is up the trustees butts and don't want this place to improve!! So you, Mr. Dale, are as much of a critical and ignorant idiot as the trustees! TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!!

Sullivan, MO

#2171 Apr 23, 2012
i read this $hit and can't understand how anybody whould want to be there. the place is a big..big joke and for what. help me understand. out in the middle of nowhere in the woods and want to fight.i do not get it. get a life wl.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#2172 Apr 24, 2012
well nick, out in the middle of no where and in the woods is what I and probably most the others out there like about the woodlands. its an inexpensive getaway to nature. unfortunately where ever theres money to be stolen someones going to be there to do it. thats why all the politics. Im not saying anything illegal or wrong is going on at woodlands but like anywhere people have got to be watchin' out n makin' sure the money is spent in everyones best interest. And I myself am thankful for all the peeps who are watchin' out for my 2nd homes well being.. If you dont like woods and the middle of nowhere then woodlands is definately not for you. HAPPY CAMPING ALL.:)

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#2173 Apr 24, 2012
BTW I agree 100% with the people who want to get involved and make it a better place .... I also agree 100% with the people who want nothing to do with the politics , just wanna go and make the best out of there weekend , Its a vacation spot and lifes to short for some to mess with this bullshet.I try to stay with the latter or the 2 but I dabble a little when Im board. PEACE OUT YA'ALL
Dave Campbell

Haslet, TX

#2174 Apr 25, 2012
Anonymous online? Think again
Stef DiPietrantonio
Apr 25, 2012 7:07 a.m.

If you've ever scrolled through an internet message board, you know how nasty the comments can get, especially when the websites let you remain anonymous.

A Texas couple was so outraged by derogatory comments written about them they took anonymous posters to court and won more than $13 million.

There are no secrets and no way to remain anonymous online, no matter what any website tells you. Virtually everything you do is traceable, and if you don't watch what you post, you could be accountable.

"There's no such thing as having a secret identity on the web anymore," said FOX 13 Senior Web Producer Chris Boex, who added that perhaps 10 to 15 years ago, you could post anonymously.

Now, you can't hide behind a virtual facade for long. A subpoena could force a trace to your internet protocol, or IP address, unique to your computer, and suddenly your secret is out.

"A lot of sites are moving away from the anonymous commenting for just these kinds of reasons," Boex said. "We never did allow it ourselves. We're happy to use Facebook as a log-on."

Facebook can be a first line of defense because it has plenty of built-in filters.

"It's a very fine line, your opinion is your opinion, but the truth is the truth and you have to understand the difference when you're posting," said Tampa libel attorney Rinky Parwani, who had this line to always keep in mind when commenting.

"Don't do anything you wouldn't want your mom to see," she said.

"Absolutely, Facebook-wise, for like a drinking picture, something like you don't want to show," said UT Freshman Matt Pellarin. "I've seen people in my high school not be able to get into college because of it."

He and fellow freshman Marisa Lewis said you can't be too careful, especially when you've got your career ahead of you.

"I think social networking can always come back to bite you, and you really have to watch what you put on the internet anywhere," Lewis said.

"You're entitled to your opinions," Parwani said. "But you're not entitled to lie about the facts."

A libel lawsuit may be winnable, but is it collectible?

The Texas couple's case took three years to win. They were awarded more $13 million after anonymous posters on the website called the couple who owned a ranch and day-spa sexual deviants, molesters and drug dealers.

"The fact that this went that far and then there was an award on top of that, I think it just shows how much the nature of the business has changed and how much money is out there for somebody who really feels like they have a case," Boex said.

We've already had two high-profile, internet-based libel cases thrown out here in Florida, Parwani said. One thing to consider is that libel laws vary state to state, and in both those cases, there were jurisdiction questions.

Parwani said two key drivers of these types of lawsuits are: Is it a corporation who can afford to pay if they lose? And do I have the money to ride out what will be a long, expensive fight?
Dave Campbell

Dallas, TX

#2175 Apr 25, 2012
Source for article above:
Dawn Campbell

United States

#2176 Apr 25, 2012
Kevin Thompson underwent a background check and his name would NOT be on the ballot (& in the WL newsletter) had he not passed. 

If you want to do a positive thing for Woodland Lakes, then you should vote for Kevin Thompson. He is honest, hard-working and kind. He also loves Woodland Lakes, as if it were his child, his friend, or his love. Kevin is for the betterment of his community; he certainly isn't out for himself in running for trustee. Through his campaign, he's spoke of removing his name from the contractor's list to be unbiased, showing Kevin WILL NOT be using the position as trustee for financial gain. 

It is our hope to see things ran appropriately for all at Woodland Lakes. Thank you all who've been there through this struggle. 

Please spread this word to your family and friends: 
If your hope is to see Woodland Lakes win, then Kevin Thompson is your friend. If anyone would like to vote and can't attend the rescheduled meeting in May, you can vote absentee. To obtain a ballot, the Trusteeship's website is: . Their email and phone number is listed. 

Sullivan, MO

#2177 Apr 29, 2012
First of all nobody that gets on this web site has the money for a lawsuit and also has anyone ever heard of wireless internet you can drive around a neighborhood and use anybody's wireless internet you can go to restaurants some have wireless hotels, so don't let this person scare you he post his name on all his unprovable lies he make its easy to be sued he better be the one to lookout in the end.
Terrible Tom

Sullivan, MO

#2179 Apr 30, 2012
First of all, Dan, do you not remember that this is a World Wide Web? Anyone in the WORLD can get on this website. I will not reveal my income but I DO have the money for a lawsuit! Do you forget were you are posting? Idiot!

Mr & Mrs Campbell: Rumors seem to fly at WL and, take it from someone who knows, over half of them are just figments of peoples imaginations. The ones that do the "bad mouthing" on others are the ones that are envious of those who can either afford a lawsuit or just down-right have the guts to stand up for what is right.

Anyone else that may be interested in this little Peyton Place: If you want the place to run better, then vote for those that are truly interested in improving WL; not those who are looking to CONTROL people in a private community.(I'm sure you all know who those people are.) Kevin Thompson sounds like a PERFECT candidate! Good Luck to you, Kevin.

Sullivan, MO

#2180 Apr 30, 2012
I happen to know someone who tried to get info off this site on someone who posted on this site about them and it did not happen so who is the idiot now? the most he got was a post deleted.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#2181 Apr 30, 2012
Im no lawyer or judge but I havn't seen anything on this site that i believe any judge would let go to trial.. its just peole giving their oppinion.. which last I checked thats what make america america and not irac or iran , where you can be hung for having an oppinion.. GET YOUR CAMPIN' ON !!!!

Sullivan, MO

#2182 Apr 30, 2012
Misty wrote:
<quoted text>
Beware of Kevin Thompson!. He is a drug addicted, abusive alcoholic,lives on social security disability???
Most of what he owns is stolen some way, the man is totally uneducated, although he claims to have graduated from Fox High School. May be lying about the cancer too,if it is to his advantage he is capable of such a lie!
He is an ignorant man who should not be allowed to have any say over other peoples property or money.
you are a ask hole.why dont you run....oh ....maybe you need brains.. never mind.
Don Juan

Sullivan, MO

#2183 May 1, 2012
nick wrote:
<quoted text>you are a ask hole.why dont you run....oh ....maybe you need brains.. never mind.
what is a ask hole maybe you need the brains no wonder you support him ! lol
Don Juan

Sullivan, MO

#2184 May 1, 2012
butch wrote:
Im no lawyer or judge but I havn't seen anything on this site that i believe any judge would let go to trial.. its just peole giving their oppinion.. which last I checked thats what make america america and not irac or iran , where you can be hung for having an oppinion.. GET YOUR CAMPIN' ON !!!!
I agree totally 1

Lake Ozark, MO

#2185 May 1, 2012
So I originally came to this forum looking for a good place to swim in woodland but then I was broadsided by all the bickering and hatred. We've owned property in woodland as long as I can remember. Sure it's not what it used to be, but what is? And the only way to fix that is by being a proactive community. I think a new pool and beaches and 24/7 bathhouses would be great, and things seem to be going in the right direction. Baby steps people.

Lake Ozark, MO

#2186 May 1, 2012
Oh yeah, and any suggestions on somewhere good to swim?

Saint Louis, MO

#2187 May 2, 2012
Chystal lake if you like to party.

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#2188 May 3, 2012
hopefully the pool as well .... to me crystal is fine weather you party or not . but due to all the complaints , which I understand .. A non alcohol beach at the woodland lake or another lake would be well recieved..

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