UAW members strike at Bronson plant

UAW members strike at Bronson plant

There are 1626 comments on the Battle Creek Enquirer story from May 8, 2008, titled UAW members strike at Bronson plant. In it, Battle Creek Enquirer reports that:

“They haven't really been serious about this the whole time”

After failing to agree on a contract, about 100 workers at the Douglas Autotech Corp. via Battle Creek Enquirer

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locked out


#22 Jun 13, 2008
Sanford, It sounds like you are the one that wants to wear the crown. Does your retired family member want to loose his insurance? Have you read the last proposal? Let me know the answer to these question and then we can talk.

United States

#23 Jun 13, 2008
Sanford, one question! When is your contract up?????
Happy Worker

Buffalo, NY

#25 Jun 13, 2008
The retired person you no would think it would be ok to strike if it was over his or her insurance tho??? They don't work in that plant anymore and have no idea what goes on, alot has changed since they were their, and not for the better.
At one time that was a real money making place. With better management it could be again. They have lost a lot of jobs, and it sure wsn't because of the people on the floor. Poor design and upper management not having a clue how to run a business.
A sacb is a scab is a scab.There is no way around it.
Company knew excatly what they were doing by not trying to get a contract with the union, they had security guards in hotels in coldwater on that sunday and contract wasn't even up til wed.
proud local 822 member

Coldwater, MI

#27 Jun 14, 2008
Sanford, You sure do not have a clue as to what is going on with this issue. Maybe before you start running off at the mouth you should get your facts straight. I'm sure if you were to stop down at the local union hall you could find someone there that would explain the facts to you in terms you would be able to understand. Maybe your retired family member would like to know that we are standing out there fighting for their health insurance.....Health insurance that we voted last contract to get rid of for ourselves when we retire because we as a union did not want to strike....DAC just simply do not want us in there working and guess what wants to take your family members insurance away from them....So maybe you and your family member should be supporting us instead of telling us what horrible people we are. Then at least you would be doing something constructive in your sad little life......
Been there

Peoria, IL

#28 Jun 17, 2008
Well Sanford, you need to get your head out of your ass and get the facts. The union is fighten for you're retired family member and the rest of the retired workers health insureance along with all that DAC wants to take away from the workers. I worked at DAC for 16 years and I have never seen such a ship load of fools in charge there. Like I said, get the facts. Scabs are the pitts of life!!!!
proud local 822 member

Coldwater, MI

#29 Jun 17, 2008
Thank-You to been there. I have worked at dac for 16 years and agree 100% with your accurate dispricption of the fools in charge there. As for the scabs you were right on...........
Locked Out 2

Coldwater, MI

#30 Jun 22, 2008
Sanford you need to stop by and read all pages to all proposals, you don't know as much as you think you know. If your relative doesn't need the insurance, great get rid of it and I'll go back to work. I can't go backwards in pay and insurance. I can't be told at 3:00pm I have to stay until 7 or 11:00pm. For over 5 yrs I've watched DAC be ran into the ground. We have a plant manager thats a drunk, who streaks aronud the Bronson Library. The supervisors are his friends, not there with any knowledge or skill. There because they were FIRED from there last jods, one for internet porne at work. the HR director is a nut case. Alot of the non-union people will tell you the same thing. If I have to wotk for $12.00 an hr. pay $70.00 a wk for ins. It won't be at DAC. Please do your homework.

Fond Du Lac, WI

#31 Jul 17, 2008
I have no interest in this subject other than social experiment. I only know a few people that work there and have listened to both sides. Have no real interest in how it works out. My only question is why, with the economy the way it is, anyone would vote to strike? Maybe a strike would have been more effective if postponed temporarily in anticipation of economic improvement; thus allowing the union a better bargaining position? Would it have hurt to accept the status quo just a little bit longer in order to continue receiving a paycheck for now knowing that you could strike later if they chose not to negotiate some of there (the company) demands away? I guess I just can't understand how you can be angry at everyone about something you made a conscious choice to do. I to am in a union, before you accuse me of being anti-union, Utility Workers Union of America which is also very large. You have to play your cards right, which means considering everything before taking that final stand because it just may be your final stand permanently, you know that going in. The current economy does not allow for union support unfortunately, to many people are hungry out there. Think, people, Think.

Fond Du Lac, WI

#32 Jul 18, 2008
What I just witnessed was sheer ignorance! Marching through town during the Festival day in which most activities were for the children. You scare young children with your antics and shouting! You trampled my lawn and then the worst thing I have ever witnessed, YOU WERE MARCHING WITH CHILDREN, what are you thinking!!!!!!! Be angry all you want, DO NOT INFECT YOUR CHILDREN WITH YOUR ANGER they will learn that soon enough!!!!!
Proud local 822 member

Coldwater, MI

#33 Jul 19, 2008
Wow You are full of ignorance!!!!!!!!!!What more can I say..........I did not see one child scared by our shouting UNION UNION UNION!!!!!
Tom Brady

United States

#34 Jul 19, 2008
Anger? Yesterday was not about anger! Yesterday was about friends family support for the cause. We was not yelling anger, we was singing solidarity. We was not scaring children at all. Parents was bringing their children outside to wave to us and show their support to us and their community. I dont know where you was standing but there was no scared children. People came out of churches waving clapping in support to us. We had a rally yesterday. We had locals from all over Michigan in the little town of Bronson. As a union member you should be proud of that. We had the owner of the flower shop there and he said a beautiful prayer that brought tears to many eyes. Yesterday was not about anger. Its ignorance from people like you that spew anger from your mouths.
Proud local 822 member

Coldwater, MI

#35 Jul 19, 2008
Kudos to Tom Brady very well stated....As for you WOW Did you look around yesterday? There were Law Enforcement officers from Bronson, Branch County and State there to ensure that everyone in the community of Bronson would be safe. Not one time did things become out of control. Guess what we will be out in force again today so please feel safe in knowing that we are peaceful and just want to enjoy the afternoon at the Polish Festival with our families, friends, and Brothers and Sisters of LOCAL 822....THANK YOU TO ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS THAT KEPT US ALL SAFE YESTERDAY AND TODAY..........

Fond Du Lac, WI

#36 Jul 19, 2008
Your responses are a testimony to what I referred to as "social experiment". They are exactly what I would expect based on what I have witnessed. Clearly you missed my point in my last statement. Let me reiterate, YOU SHOULD NOT INVOLVE CHILDREN IN ADULT BUSINESS. That was very disappointing and unnecessary.

Fond Du Lac, WI

#37 Jul 19, 2008
What you did today was peaceful. No screaming, no hollering, no disruption. Thank you.
Proud local 822 member

Coldwater, MI

#38 Jul 20, 2008
Wow, Who are you to say that you find disappointing and unnecessary that our children were involved in a peaceful rally? You raise your children and we will raise ours. Thank You Very Much....I believe that we are showing our children what it means to fight for our jobs are lively hoods in a peaceful manner as possible..No child in our midst that day was harmed in any way. We are just letting people such as you and the Management of Douglas Autotech that they can Lock Us out but cannot KNOCK US OUT
Another locol 822 member

Coldwater, MI

#39 Jul 20, 2008
I was in the rally no one in the rally was angry. It was a very peaceful. We did not scare children. It was a learning experience for children. I am proud to be a member of 822.
Happy Worker

Buffalo, NY

#40 Jul 20, 2008
To anyone that does not work at DAC, keep your thoughts to yourself, cause you don't no the real truth of what has been going on inside that shop for many years now.
If the Union people could take that place over, that would be one hell of a company. The group that is running the shop now don't no what they are doing. The plant manager they have now used to be plant manager afew years ago and they lots business then and they will again. They just don't seem to learn.
We have seen so much waste of money when we were working and even now.
GO UNION Members of 822 we are strong.

Coldwater, MI

#41 Jul 22, 2008
My fellow Americans, there comes a point in ones life where there is the question of who is to blame, the Union, the “Scabs”, the management. Several things have been said in the little blog that makes you wonder, what has happened to America that has made this all possible.

Was it the abuses of forgone bosses that make you long for years of kindness from your parents? Is it the company owners that make you feel you don’t belong just for doing your job? Is it the union workers that feel that because they walked out, then got locked out, that jobs are not to be had?

There were several misunderstood comments in this post that make me wonder. Do any of you actually have an education (ejumacation) for those hooked on phonics? Do you really think you can run a company with no experience and education (ejumacation) to run a company of any magnitude? If so, for those locked out, ask your union to start a plant for you. Unions are so great, they breed greatness. No, they protect the lazy. Granted, some in the Union may not be lazy, but where is it said in life at home, that if you have to set up a VCR that you have to call a cable technician to do that? Where is it said in life that if the power goes out you don’t check the electrical box because it’s “not your job”? Where does it say that if your children get hurt, you have to ask permission for them to be treated?

Yes, all the Union workers will say I am stupid, even naive. So be it, I hate unions, they had a place, and that place has gone. Every position I have held since college has been in a position of authority. I did not abuse it, nor did I care to. I always thought of the company’s best interest in mind. Why, because, I get paid for doing a job, and if that company doesn’t stay in business, I will not have a job.

If you are worried about a vote, vote in the presidential election. Make a difference in this world. Don’t try to make one company the problem. Try making the people you say you are protecting the problem. The social security administration is expected to be broke by the year 2013. You think this is the biggest problem in America? Maybe we should have a union president as president of the United States? That would solve all the problems in Michigan and the country.

The place for Unions is over. They inflate our cost, and make it so most workers cannot even buy a new car they are making parts for.

As for the scabs, they are like you; they need a job, temporary? Only if your ignorance persists, you have that choice. Why should an American be turned down for a job, because you are worried about your elders? How many of you have people that are counting on that retirement fund? How many of you think that retirement fund will be there when the company goes out of business? How many of you have actually cared about what you are doing to the point of thinking, you are only hurting yourselves?

With that said, I wish all the best, Union,“scabs (workers that are not too proud to work in the Michigan economy) and management, because until the Union buys a plant for you, you probably will be out of work!

Happy Worker

Buffalo, NY

#42 Jul 23, 2008
I hope your head doesn't blow up.
People like you always have to blame the union workers, cause that is what managment wants. Don't blame the Pres. or CEO's of companys for the BIG bonuses they get for screwing over the Union workers.
Greed for Companies comes from the very top.
Workers on the floor in any company get paid what is left over after the greed from the top.

As for Social Security, that problem is from spending our money on stupid item of Gov. Like a toilet seat for $600 ect. come on. How stupid are they ??????

If the Unions don'T try to fight for others, who is ???? NOT YOU !!!!!!!!

Fight on LOCAL 822

We are not only fighting for older members in our Union but for the next generation to come.

Our forefathers fought very hard to make the work place better for all. They are turning over in there graves for what has been happening to the Unions.
Proud local 822 member

Coldwater, MI

#43 Jul 23, 2008
ejumacation.....First of all I looked up your special word....No where to be found so please explain this to me.....No I do not have a college education but that does not mean that I am below someone like you...The fact remains that you and I both put are pants on the same way every morning... No I do not believe that there needs to be education in this country. However, just because a person is book smart does not make them life smart. Book smart does not give a person good ole common sense. That my friend comes from genetics. Many union members all around the world have just that common sense. Many of us manage to run households which in this day in time is a very hard thing to do. When alot of companies are closing because of mismangement. Educated people running these companies into the ground. Do you even know why we have unions? Honestly, before you go running your mouth maybe you should remember are forefathers who did not want sweat shops, like in other countries where people work for pennies aday. We as americans should all no that is not acceptable. We should all believe in the concept of a honest days pay for a honest days work..Pennies aday thats why so many of our jobs have left this country. Fat cats just wanting to be fatter at the expense of others. Yes I will vote as will many union members, we may not all be educated but we do have some common sense to see that all the problems this country faces will not be settled here in this little communtity of Bronson. Unions do not inflate costs. Its the fat cats trying to be fatter that take our jobs for that pennies aday........ Trust me when I say that I have thought about how much this is hurting me and others. I live it everyday. I sleep with it, eat with it, hell, I even shower with it. So when you do that then maybe your words will mean something fool. As far as being out of work you know nothing. I will have a job not one that I am ashamed of but one that I can be proud to do everyday.

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