Unemployment Deadline, Blocked Bill A...

Unemployment Deadline, Blocked Bill Affects Numerous Oklahomans

There are 553 comments on the Oklahoma Impact Team story from Apr 1, 2010, titled Unemployment Deadline, Blocked Bill Affects Numerous Oklahomans. In it, Oklahoma Impact Team reports that:

Janet Barrett quit her job to take care of her husband after he was badly injured in an oil rig accident.

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Muskogee, OK

#1 Apr 1, 2010
Mr Colburn does not seem to realize we are all paying taxes state and federal. Give the people the money they need now and stop your stupid games. I am quite sure you will not be elected to your office again!!
todays thoughts

Tucson, AZ

#2 Apr 1, 2010
Rosie wrote:
Mr Colburn does not seem to realize we are all paying taxes state and federal. Give the people the money they need now and stop your stupid games. I am quite sure you will not be elected to your office again!!
We can only hope.

Bluejacket, OK

#3 Apr 1, 2010
Jennifer Loren's story exposes something I always thought was happening. These two adults have been on unemployment for 18 months and as long as it was coming they weren't going to work. They even admitted to be working for cash which a way to game the system to keep the checks coming. Senator Coburn is a man of honor that is sincere. If the Democrats cared about the people they would not be building turtles tunnels with the stimulus money, they would be helping the cronically unemployed and not keep borrowing more money which morgages our childrens future. They just play politics with peoples lives and money. Kinda like Jennifer just did. They have no honor.





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Dustin from Claremore

Claremore, OK

#4 Apr 1, 2010
I feel for these people, but have they considered moving to another area that has jobs. There are jobs out there. I have talked to people that have been hired. It is even more iritating to me that this woman is complaining about her electric being shut off, but she has a fish tank behind her. There are times in our lives that we must sacrifice. It isn't great, but these can be the times that we can grow closer to our children and loved ones.
Dustin from Claremore

Claremore, OK

#5 Apr 1, 2010
Explain to me where Senator Colburn is wrong. They continue to spend with no way to pay for it. I agree with 1950pacer. If they can't find a job in the Stroud area in a reasonable amount of time, then it is time to relocate. During the depression, many men moved to the desert close to the Colorado River. They moved to the work. This is one reason I feel that anyone that gets benefits from the state needs to work for those benefits if possible. I'm sure there are government buildings that need cleaned, roads that need trash picked up, or grass that needs mowed.

Tulsa, OK

#6 Apr 1, 2010
Incredible to me that Coburn got voted into office in the first place, now maybe people will wake up and vote this man out . Hard to think that people are struggling
when you don't have any idea what it feels like or looks like.

Tulsa, OK

#7 Apr 1, 2010
Just goes to show that James Coburn neither cares about the unemployed or the people of Ok. Saw this coming for a while. Every person is not on assistance because they want to be. Sure there is bums out their drawing money, but the majority are hard working honest Oklahomans, that would Love to get back to work. Now you know who not to vote for.

Corinth, NY

#8 Apr 1, 2010
i really do feel for the Barrett family, I lost my job of 17 years when the plant I worked for moved to Mexico, soon afterwards Wall St. launched an atomic bomb straight into the american economy, I live in upstate NY and there are just no jobs, you hear from people complaining that the long term unemployed are just lazy and all we want is a handout from the government, I imagine there is a small percentage of people that do abuse the system but the vast majority of the unemployed are proud and never forget we were forced from our jobs.

Philadelphia, PA

#9 Apr 1, 2010
Way to go Coburn!!! Screw not only your fellow Oklahoma residents, but the U.S. as a whole. Coburn only cares about his grandkids, he mentioned that on C-SPAN when arguing about the unemployment extensions. He doesn't care about other families and their kids, nor their struggles. Hope people in Oklahoma see Coburn for what he is and put him on the unemployment line in November.

Owasso, OK

#10 Apr 1, 2010
Larry wrote:
Incredible to me that Coburn got voted into office in the first place, now maybe people will wake up and vote this man out . Hard to think that people are struggling
when you don't have any idea what it feels like or looks like.
Cry me a river.

We do all indeed struggle, but some of us refuse to milk the system for 18 months while working cash jobs.

Then to want to add to the deficit to pay for an extension is insane. Use the money that was already stolen through the stimulus bill. But no, that money is reserved to pay the bribes that got the healthcare bill passed.

The good news is that Senator Coburn is running again and he will win by an even larger margin than he did last time.

Tulsa, OK

#11 Apr 1, 2010
First of all, this is about Coburn who was elected to help all Oklahoman's, not play politics and games. What a banner year for Coburn, he gets paid to go to Washington and play games. What has he done to help? And comments about the unemployed needed to get rid of fish tanks and move somewhere else are not only illogical and impractical but mean spirited. We need someone in Washington to do something for us, not just play politics.

Haskell, OK

#12 Apr 1, 2010
I agree with Coburn. No more debt. Use the "stimulus" money for the unemployed. Cut taxes on businesses to spur more employment.
not entitled to anything

Jenks, OK

#13 Apr 1, 2010
I have to side with Sen. Coburn on this issue. The example, Mrs. Barrett, illustrates the "Ask what your country can do for you" mentality of entitlement. If I lose my job, I will be working somewhere for honest wages and paying taxes. Unlike Mrs. Barrett, who would rather bitch and moan because life has thrown her a curveball, people need to remember that thriving and surviving require sacrifice, most of the time. As the admission to doing "odd jobs" was made, every reader of this article should realize these really are lazy worthless people who would rather mooch off the system rather than contribute to it like everybody else.

Unemployment doesn't exist for people to enjoy an early retirement. It is to help people maintain the absolute BASIC ESSENTIALS to live until they find a job (which may require moving from a dying community like Stroud), and doing something to earn their lifestyle. I'm working hard for mine, and contributing graciously to my church which also gives people aid in times of need.

The economy is rough, but it is not so bad that good work doesn't exist. There are plenty of jobs out there. Plenty of companies need help right now. Suck it up and apply at one of them.

Tulsa, OK

#14 Apr 1, 2010
"more than 2,700 Oklahomans exhaust their benefits. That's $600 million worth of benefits that will not go into Oklahoma's economy"

$600 million for 2,700 people =$222,222 per person? Jennifer please check your facts.

Tulsa, OK

#15 Apr 1, 2010
I seriously doubt Sen. Coburn was thinking about Mrs. Barrett or the hundreds of unemployed auto workers in Michigan when he decided to ignore a vote to extend benefits. He did it just to be an obstructionist.

Austin, TX

#16 Apr 1, 2010
Congress dosen't care they have jobs and gas and cars we as tax payers pay for so they can care less about us Americans it takes months to vote on extending our benifets and minutes to send millions of dollars over sea to other countries that have problems so who do we as americans turn too for help. I have applied numerous times for a goverment bussiness loan and never get but know hundreds of foreign people that have been given 135,000 dollars to start a bussiness in america. We live in hard times that is only getting harder to survive we need people in our congress that care about us as people too

Tulsa, OK

#17 Apr 1, 2010
Amen to that Mark.

Dustin and 1950pacer: how do you presume they're milking the system. They both worked before the accident. It costs money to move. During the depression, men moved to the desert because they were homeless.

If it's really a case of lazy people bleeding the system, then Oklahoma is a lazy state.
wrong answer

Saint Louis, OK

#18 Apr 1, 2010
ya better sell the fish tank her kid got her for her birthday a month ago & and collect money her husband didnt work for FOR 20 yrs and go try to find some scrap metal since you havent had any income in 2months to pay your electric& gas ....you know since youll be collecting 40 dollars from metal place WOoTTT!!! BIG TIME SPENDER P.S also uproot your kids from the school they have attended there whole lives SINCE THE STATE PAYS YOU ENOUGH TO MOVE>>>.....IDIOTS

Tulsa, OK

#19 Apr 1, 2010
"According to a statement from Coburn's office,'Dr. Coburn and every Senate Republican voted to stay in session and work through this issue. Forty-nine Senate Democrats voted to go on vacation while four voted to stay.'"

Don't blame Coburn. He and the rest of the Republicans were willing to stay and solve the problem. It was the Democrats who walked out on the people. Apparently their paid vacation time was more important than helping the unemployed.
wrong answer

Saint Louis, OK

#21 Apr 1, 2010
Ya they also stated they did NOT want THERE kids paying for it HOW SELFISH is that.

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