Remembering and honoring Tarra Pickett

Remembering and honoring Tarra Pickett

There are 29 comments on the Palladium-Item story from May 31, 2007, titled Remembering and honoring Tarra Pickett. In it, Palladium-Item reports that:

The emotional waves generated by the slaying of a 16-year-old Cambridge City girl will not soon subside. via Palladium-Item

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Taylor Watson

United States

#1 Jun 26, 2007
She was my cusuin and she didn't deserve to die the way she did and that's all i have to say for now.

Arlington Heights, IL

#2 Jun 27, 2007
Tarra was so beautiful. I remember holding her in my arms, and every day as soon as I would get to school I'd see her and just run and hug her. She made me smile every second I was around her. She always made me feel special and loved, and was always there for me no matter what. She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, and I loved just looking into those eyes and telling her that I loved her, because I did, with all my heart. She will always be my beautiful guardian angel.


#3 Jun 30, 2007
.im gabby shook...i am 13 years old
right now...and i lost the love of my life on May 21st of 2007...
she was the only 1 that kept me going when i wanted to stop....
she cheered me up when i was sad....held me when i was scared...cried with me in
my times of need...kiss my boo boo's to make them feel better...wiped away my tears...
was there for me when i felt so alone.....she walked with me and held my hand...she
was always so cheerful....she was the one thing in this world i wanted to live for...we
were gonna grow up together...and live together in a big ass house...with many
different weird rooms...we were gonna own our own grave yard...and be buried
together........i miss the fun times we spent together...and the memories of her will
remain only memories...until we meet again in shangri-la (heaven)....i miss her so
much still....becuz my life is harder to live without her here....when i try to kill myself
...she's not there to help me through cry with me...or hold me and kiss
make me feel better.....but i kno shes watching over me....and crying along with me...
.and making sure i live my life ....and im going to grow older.....and still do all the t
hings we were going to do together...i'm gonna do it just for babygirl....i will
never forget her....and i love her with all my heart and i always will....R.I.P. Tarra...

Carbondale, CO

#4 Aug 19, 2007
Tarra was one of my best friends. Still even now almost 3 months from the day i think about it non stop. I wish I knew why it happened. I even wish I could of took her place. She was so amazing. Everybody loved her. I miss her so much. Everytime I had a bad day she'd be there to make everything so much better. Now I have nobody. Its not the same with out her. I can't stop missing her. I share the last name of her murderer and it disgraces me. I hate it. I wish I could change it. Tarra was, and still is, the greatest person i have met. I hope no one forgets her. RIP Tarra.Hope your having a fun time in Shang-ri La

Richmond, IN

#5 Aug 29, 2007
It's so scary to hear that somebody got murdered in your town, and if it's a friend....that makes it so much worse. We weren't very close, but she was one of the nicest people I've ever met.
Terrible things like this happen to good people, I'm afraid. The best you can do is wish their souls well, keep the wonderful memories you had close to your heart and try to move on.

Indianapolis, IN

#6 Nov 1, 2007
It's rilly crazii that all this happened i miss tarra soo much she was one of my friends and i loved her to death. sometymes this doesnt seem real lyke it didn't happen i sumtymes plan to walk into school and see her come up to me and give me a hug lyke she used to every morning. i had soo many memories w/ her and i talked to her botz alot of things and visversa w/ her. she was soo nice to everyone and didnt deserve this... i miss u soo much tarra and everyone else does to more than u can imagine no one will eva forget u.. i love u soo much, u may be gone but i will cherish are memories together for eva... but sum ppl dont understand they cant wake up every day bein sad ova wat happened to u they got to try to move on lyke i did bcuz we all kno deep down thats wat u would want!! But jus too keep u in are hearts and memories for eva.. as i said a thousand tymes b-4 this happened i love u tarra...R.I.P
Brooke Michelle Dunaway

Lake Station, IN

#7 Jul 8, 2008
This is a bad thing that happened to tarra she was one of my best friends in the whole entire world she liked to blow bubbles and she was just a smart young girl who didn't deserve to die i will always think of her everyday it is just so scary how them sex offenders just kill anybody it is just so cruel to the people who die and to there family's and friends its just not right i miss tarra alot she was my best friend ever just talking about this is making me cry right now but this is all i half to say for now R.I.P Tarra Michelle Pickett

Brooke Michelle Dunaway

We will always remember what a smart girl you are and we will never forget you :(

Brooklyn, NY

#8 Aug 19, 2008
This was really hard to hear the news........when i heard the news i started to cry in the caffiteria in the school and it was so hard because she was so beauitul, and so honesty to everyone and so nice.....everyday when i went to the caffiteria she would hug me and all of my friends that were their.......its still so hard on us today..........i miss her so much........
she didn't deserve to die that way......she was so young......she was never judge mental, she was never mean to anyone..........

I Miss you so much........
I wish she was still here today.......

Tarra Michelle Pickett..........

(We all love you)!!!!!!!!!

Mountain View, CA

#9 Sep 7, 2008
i remember being little and we were such good friends...we got into middle school and high school...time changed and so did people. we would be so cruel...but today i regret everything! truth is...i miss you and i feel like you were taken away so early too early! you didnt live life! you didnt get to see life aas long as planned! that dick took you away before anything! he is selfish! i hope they let leonard dickey out of jail or prison! he comes to cambridge city his ass wont last long! he can run but his faggot ass cant hide!

United States

#10 Mar 26, 2009
I am good friends with Tarra's sister Erin. I heard a bunch of things about Tarra before and what a great person she was, what a great friend she was and nothing but good things.
I like hangging out with people that are out there and like to have fun and from the stories iv heard about her she shounds like one of those people.
I wish i could have got to know her like i did her sister. We could have been really great friends. Its so messed up how people in this world can do something to someone and not care what or how it will damage others. Its so disrespectful and careless and no one deserves what she went through.
People like that deserve to get locked up for good even though they dont care because they have nothing better to do with their lives. But at least they cant harm anyone else.
I wish i could have got to know you Tarra.
R.I.P Tarra!!!
An old friend

Lake Station, IN

#11 May 19, 2009
In 3 days it will be 2 years that Tarra has been gone.
I was reading the forward that has been going around about how much our little town misses her.
Me and Tarra we're great friends in Middle school. We hung out every day possible. We had so many fun times. Like drawing ont he stop signs and the Tillery boys..
When she got into high school and i grew older we was not as close.
I was hanging out with people that thought she was "werid" or "different".
Right before the incident i added her to my myspace.
she sent me a message asking why i added her,, she thought that i hated her.
I sent her a message back and told her that i never had a problem with her.
And i miss how we used to have fun.
I never knew that in the next few weeks that Tarra would be gone.
The daty before she passed away she sent me a forward.
It was one of those if your my friend youll send this back.. cuz you never know what your missing until it is gone.
Well,, i didnt send it.
I thought it was dumb.
And then when my father (who is on the fire department that was called to the scene)
came home and told me what had happened i cryed and cryed.
How could this wonderful person just up and off the world.?
It will be hard a graduation this year as Tarra would be graduating high school with the class of 2009. They are going to present her diploma to hert parents.It is going to brig back some sad memories in our small town.
We miss you Tarra,
And i'm sorry i never sent that forward back to you.
I dearly miss you and i know your in a better place!
Donja Roach

Quincy, IL

#13 Aug 19, 2009
My name is Donja
Tarra was my cuzin, best friend, and sister. The first time i came to cambridge i meet her at school and she was one of the first people to come up to me and start talkin to me, she seemed so nice and after that we became best friends then i found out that she was my cuzin then that just made us even closer.. You couldn't get us apart we were just alike and every time you would see us together we were laughing all the time it was never borein when we were together. We were really close, she was like my other half, we did everything together. She pretty much lived with me almost all of her stuff was at my house cause she stayed ther all the time she even had her own room but the funny thing is in the middle of the night she would come to my room and and ask to lay with me every night i miss that so much!! And when i moved it was really sad me and her tried sooo hard to get her parents to let her move in with us but they wouldn't i mean i don't blame them its not the same when she's not around. But i always think to my self if i didn't move she might still be alive cause she would have been with me and not walkin.. when i was in 9th grade i went to school that morning after she was found dead and i heard people talking about it but i didn't pay much attention to what they were talkin about then i got called to the office and heard of what happened i was in shock i didn't know what to do, i had to tell one of my friends which was tarra's friend also what happend then i couldn't hold it in any more i broke down.. Still to this day i don't beleive it and i will always be that way.. I MISS HER SOO MUCH I LOVED HER SMILE, LAUGH, AND SHE WAS SOO PRETTY AND AMAZEIN.. SHE REALLY WAS MY OTHER HALF AND WHEN SHE LEFT, HALF OF ME LEFT WITH HER!! I love you tarra and you will always be my world, and thank you for the heart i miss and love you to hunny :( xoxo RIP TARRA XOXO (see you soon)
James B _Jake J_

Casper, WY

#14 Sep 15, 2009
she was one of the only girls i actually liked in cambridge city always visit her she hung out in the trailor park i lived in i will always miss her to bad i couldnt stay for about another week i feel like i couldve done something sorry it happen its been like 2 years since the fact. i cant believe the week i get back to casper i hear that she was missing then had to find out what that guy did. i will always hate him. that guy lived so close to where i lived. cant belive we had people over that. and now people are going around my moms house during the night now. i really wish that nonsence would stop. Ill miss u tarra thanks for being a freind. u got much clown love here. and f tha haters.i hope what they say is true about heaven cause u deserve it.
Lyndsey Ayers

Russell Springs, KY

#15 Aug 27, 2010
well everyone has put something on here kinda what i was going to put. but its easy to forget but yet hard to at the same time. tarra was and still is my best friend. sometimes i forget her face but remember her smile. i dont know if its cause im crazy or what but i promise you. ill NEVER forget that girl. it killed me when i found out because she was the last person i saw when i moved from Cambridge. she was the only one of my friends to help me leave at peace. dude i freggin miss you and sometimes i find myself smiling and then i realize im thinking of you:)
bryce davis

Lisle, IL

#16 Oct 17, 2010
she was a good sister to her brother and sister. jacob,and erin were all sorry

United States

#17 Mar 17, 2011
Thinking of Tarra on her 20th birthday.
Linz Lakes

Chicago, IL

#18 Jun 1, 2011
I miss you Tarra. I wish you were still here more than anything. I'd give up anything (even taco bell :}) just to have you back. I love you so much and I can go through everyday content becuz I know one day I will be with you again
love u!

Carlisle, IN

#19 Feb 13, 2013
Happy valentine day baby girl, I still love you, not a day passes that you aint on my mind...

Princeton, IL

#20 Feb 15, 2013
I went to school with her...she would have graduated with my class. She's dearly missed.
mother that has lost too

Chicago, IL

#21 Mar 8, 2013
My daughter was with her shortly before and daily them two were together. My daughter has changed so much since this and has a Memory of their friendship and that day tattooed on her.. I will forever keep the family in my prayers and my could of been her..and still so mny sick individuals out there..

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