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Jacksonville, FL

#42 Aug 8, 2010
anonymous wrote:
I recently was passing by Emporia and got pulled over by a cop for speeding. He claimed I was going 65 in a 45mph zone. Funny thing was he was sitting behind the 45 mph sign waiting for cars to pass by who did not slam on there brakes. My question is, is Emporia officials that poor where they have to stoop down to this level to get revenues in. I have read in numerous forumns on the net that there has been plenty if incidents like this.
I live in Emporia, and I know the cops here are not trying to be bad cops. If you speed you will get a ticket. Man up and stop fussing about the small stuff

Miami, FL

#43 Aug 13, 2010
Stop being a kiss ass, you are probably related or in someway benefiting from the racket these crooks are running, don't you see there is hundreds of complaints even from locals???? Hello McFly....wake up
NJ all day

Milford, CT

#44 Aug 22, 2010
This town is corrupt and the attorney general's office in VA also for not investigating. We need federal law enforcement agencies to step in and lock up all those corrupt officers and administrators.

Tarboro, NC

#45 Aug 23, 2010
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Elkridge, MD

#46 Aug 26, 2010
Mark_in_PA wrote:
<quoted text>
Feb. 11, 2010 -- I got ticketed for 77 in a 65 on I-95. Local cop was parked on the right shoulder just over the crest of the hill south of the Emporia exit. I doubt 77, maybe 74, the hill is tricky, anyway I hit the brakes as soon as I saw him and was down to low 60's before I passed him. So it was obviously a pure speed trap, not about public safety. And there's no fine on the ticket, just a number to call to -- what? negotiate? What a scam! I agree with dude9969. This crappy little town is like a leech on the highway. Boycott it, maybe it will shrivel up and die. I'm looking at lawyers, gonna fight it if practical. Hard to believe this kind of highway robbery is allowed to continue.
Question: Did you fight it by getting a lawyer and what was the outcome?

Elkridge, MD

#47 Aug 26, 2010
Paul wrote:
Can anyone give me the name of a good traffic lawyer in Emporia I would like to fight the chages and get my ticket reduced, Thanks
Answer: Don't worry, you will receive at least a dozen advertisments local Emporia lawyers tripping over each other to cash in on this injustice. Yes, it's a revenue trap and it is your word against theirs. Your screwed out of a chunk of money one way or the other, probably both.

Miami, FL

#48 Aug 27, 2010
I got them them sharks advertisment and goes between 200 to 250 to do me the favor in lowering the the offense???? to a non-criminal violation WTF? F...ing crooks, I hope all those crooked judges remember what they've done at their judgement or when they die slowly from a long painfull decease

Miami, FL

#49 Aug 27, 2010
And by the way, that fees does not include the court fee of $219.00 imposed by those crooks. Up yours Diaorria judges see you in hell, bring the vaseline, lots of it...
Some1 who truly knows

Kill Devil Hills, NC

#50 Oct 1, 2010
Bottom line is this...Emporia VA sets up speed traps...period. When I tell ppl that is where I am originally from, they say "Oh isn't that the most famous speed trap place on the East Coast?" I have 2 say yes...they use to wait for me to visit & I have been pulled over (many years ago) just because they said I was under the suspicion of being under the influence. However I got the last laugh because I said "Give me a breathalyzer then"...it was 0.00 & fortunately this cop is no longer on the force. However when I do have 2 travel through there I do the speed limit to a tee cuz I know they WILL stop you for a couple of miles over. Emporia is dying, only older ppl who retired there or went there for work or have family there go there. That place is the portal to hell...I was raised there & as soon as I was of age I hauled ass!! I know there use to be major corruption on the force back in the day...I don't know if that continues...I have no reason to go back there now & I don't. If you can avoid...please do...if not...fair waring...do the speed limit!!!

Satellite Beach, FL

#51 Oct 9, 2010
the town/county cops think they are smarter than anyone else. i agree with the investigation and of NOT spending money there. its an ego trip for the all
MD Guy

Columbia, MD

#52 Nov 18, 2010
I got cited there back in February for that stupid Move Over Law. The law is stupid enough, the officer's rude manner and lack of discretion even worse, the simple fact that I was not guilty (lots of traffic in the left lane, no discussion of the danger of my speed) is worse still, even more worse still is that the cop made false statements under oath (the car to my left which nearly scraped me became 'no one in the left lane' plus another anecdotal one); but the ultimate injustice was the judge, who didn't let me interview the officer or argue my case. He let the cop talk all he wanted, then asked me a few harried questions and said guilty.........at least of a lesser non-criminal offense. I figure I had the look of a guy who'd appeal, and get his verdict overturned or at least direct fine money to a circuit court.

Macomb, MI

#53 Dec 11, 2010
Portsmouth Native wrote:
<quoted text>
Well what about driving a 2003 Mercedes SUV doing the speed limit and getting pulled over for suspicion of having tint to dark. Factory tint. Someone is hungry for finances. If you are obeying the speed limit and get unexpectantly pulled for something else something is wrong.
Heading South for vaction & the cop pulled 2 cars over. The car in front of me & me! Stated i was doing 80 in a 65. I was not doing 80 in a 65. Emporia is a very unethical town. It is hard to trust the cops when they lie. If you are from out of town WHATCH OUT!!! You are guilty for passing thru!!
Late Night Venture

Newport News, VA

#54 Dec 30, 2010
My family and I left Lawrenceville after visiting my inlaws in Alberta. We had been given a large screen tv for Christmas and thought it would be safer to take interstate 58.
As we travelled through Emporia, we were pulled over because I was speeding. He asked me the speed limit and i replied 60. The officer then corrected me saying the limit was 45. I said I never saw the sign. I cooperated with the officer and gave him what he asked for. My husband stated that we were pulled over because of the tv in the bed of the truck.
As my 11 year old daughter wailed in the back seat (because this was the first time she had ever witnessed her mother receiving a ticket), I sat there trying to determine where the sign was located.
Emporia is a trap. I will never use this way to travel again.

Roanoke, VA

#55 Dec 30, 2010
I have lived in Jarratt, VA for 4.5 years. I go to Emporia at least once a week for groceries and home needs. I have never been pulled over by any police or Sheriff's Deputies. Why? Because I know they are there and I obey the law. This morning, I saw 7 police cars and 5 of them had a driver pulled over. One cop even pulled in front of me and pulled the driver in front of him over. These people had either exceeded the speed limit or committed another crime. I didn't stop to ask. Obey the law and MYOB. Everything will be fine.
There are many fine people in Emporia, VA. The people who say nasty things about Emporia and the residents have no clue about the people and they are angry because they were caught breaking the law.

Roanoke, VA

#56 Dec 30, 2010
I am NOT from Washington, DC.

Winter Springs, FL

#57 Sep 6, 2011
Wanda wrote:
If you drink or speed you deserve lethal injection!!!
how about being a stupid NC hillbilly? dont poke yourself!

Ossining, NY

#58 Nov 13, 2011
i got the classic 80 in a 65 back in 2003 in emporia. i have neglected this ticket til now. what are they gona say when i show up to court next time im in va? any similar experiences?
Brittany Anne

Hampton, VA

#59 Jul 24, 2012
Went through Emporia this weekend, going to Raleigh. I am an intern in Hampton and originally from the NC Piedmont. I coasted in neutral down a hill going 72 in a 60. I have never had a ticket before for anything, no priors. Sad that I was not let off with a warning as my speed was decreasing, but cop was outside of car with his gun. Knew it was coming, my own fault. Emporia is always my stopping place when visiting home. It was my own fault and officer was very helpful, but really wish I could've gotten something lesser due to my clean record. Ah well, should've googled speed traps before leaving lol.

Annandale, VA

#60 Oct 17, 2012
this town is an example of the rotting edge of our judicial system. just a canker of greedy puss full of creativity. behold, a group of heartless, souless, greedy vampires - reptilian even.

they lie about your speed, sell your info to law offices and use this bull-crap reckless driving ticket over good citizens head to collect tax the citizens and government (of that county) that are too stupid to create a real source of tax income.

tax money hard at work - uncreative persons of the law that would rather get kicks from speeding tickets vs actually helping society. its an easy gig... low risk and tons of reward. pretty much the exact opposite of why we have police officers. again, they represent the cancer crispy edge of society.

the sad thing is that these cop-tards don't even realize they see none of this money. it's all reserved for the bosses, the lawyers the judges. small town boys living on a false hope that one day, they can be on the receiving end of the money grubbing - not dome giving duechebags they are today.

Yes I think Emporia police are cancer... No I am not ashamed for leaving my angry sentiment. You guys should be ashamed - thieves.

Ypsilanti, MI

#61 Jan 12, 2013
i was indeed going 81 miles an hour in a 70 zone on i-95 in myersville co. va and was more than willing to pay my fine. After getting back home in maryland a week later i had recieved 18 letters or post cards from local attorneys ready to represent me on my reckless driving charges So i paid the attorney next to the courthouse 125.00 to have the charge dropped to mafunction equipment, 201.00 fine.Case closed welcome to the u.s. judicial system

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