i want the old brentwood back

Nashville, TN

#1323 Jul 18, 2014
South East Elementary School

K - Ms. Buccola
(Unaware of the correct spelling but we all pronounced it Be-You Cola)

Art - Mr.Spahr
(Patient and kind, went as far as to draw our favorite comic heroes right from the pages of the comics themselves, he never flipped out without reason.)

Music - Mr.Brown
(Always teased with the Mr.Brown song and took it like a champ)

1st - Ms.Anne
(Very kind woman with maniac students the minute she left the room, first time I was ever flashed by a Hasidic girl)

2nd - Ms.Foot
(Evil incarnate)

3rd - Mr.Egolf
(Abusive and degrading: Never understood his limp wrist thing.)

4th - Mr.Schider
(Correct me if I'm wrong, Korean war vet who smoked cigars, was super kind, and had a speech impediment grunt and mouth twitch due to the war.)

5th - Mr.Smith
(Conceptual teaching methods by way of an imaginary character named Otto. If we were good we would get to meet him at the end of the year and the entire incentive of the class was based on this premise of suspense. He also had us send pen pal balloons, and even communicate with another school in Maryland who was also familiarized with Otto. Otto eventually rolled into class in the form of a GI JOE toy riding a remote control toy tank. As Otto rolled in Mr.Smith played, and I heard for the first time, Pink Floyd -'we don't need no education..'. He taught magic on his time off and also taught us about racism by calling all of us the derogatory terms of our respective races, getting in each students face with a pointed finger, followed by - "If you don't like the way it feels when I call you that, don't say it to anyone else".

6th - Ms.McCann

My older brother had just left school for the day when this happened -


I apologize if any of this information has already been repeated, but 65 pages of posts is a bit overwhelming to double check through.
Peter Cuffaro

Summerfield, FL

#1325 Jul 19, 2014
I remember the bank day. It was on Wednesday (South East Elementary)
The Franklin National Bank I banked with was on 2nd Ave.Later i banked with
E.A.B when Franklin was no more. there was one on Suffolk ave.
I even asked my Father in law about the Bakery, He lived on Wyndham Rd, off
Washington ave and he was a blank. I got to know more about the North side when
my parents opened another pizza on Suffolk ave when i was in tenth Grade. Here
are some things that may be of memory:
Farmers Market,South Shore Mall (unenclosed) Santa arriving at the Mall by Helicopter,
Woods Men"s and Boys Wear, Apollo Shoes,Italian Deli on corner of Washington ave,
Jerry's cleaners with his huge lemon tree in the window,B and B Hardware store,Bohack's,
Hill's,Wool worth's,Mobil station on Suffolk ave,Charlie's Hot Dog's , Fung yung House,and
Joe's Pizza on Suffolk ave and Joe's pizza on Timberline Dr. We lived in a great time and place.
Peter Cuffaro

Summerfield, FL

#1326 Jul 19, 2014
Mr. Smith who was also an expert in Karate and had a hobby of Homing Birds . We used to Call him The " Karate Pigeon " Never forget that Man one Great Teacher. funny you Mention that article. My sister in law was in that class when that idiot shot himself.my sister was in next room.
Peter Cuffaro

Summerfield, FL

#1327 Jul 19, 2014
The Sheriff, Marilyn Monroe, Bushy and not to forget Leroy with the cane,
used to all walk down 2nd ave. They all lived in a group home on 2nd ave.
thw whit house on the North side with the large trees and chairs outside
right after West wood DR.
Van Buren St Guy

Yorktown Heights, NY

#1328 Jul 19, 2014
On the topic of Heyward St, there was three businesses that have not been mentioned so far, between the old 7/11 and Tab Cleaners...can you name them?
Van Buren St Guy

Yorktown Heights, NY

#1329 Jul 20, 2014
There was the hardware store, where I watched the two brothers grow up. One was a hippy-dippy, the other younger brother was more serious, but also sported the first earring I ever saw on a man. They both seemed to compete with the hardware store knowledge with each other. The hardware store is now a Caribbean deli. The next store, was and still is the liquor store. I bought my first bottle of Tango here, I was not 18, but at that time it did not matter as long as your pimples were gone. The third store was "Towers Flowers", this was my sponsor when I played for BYA. My mom had to sew on the plastic/rubber patch that smelled like a pool liner onto my uniform. We had to wear the unpopular yellow/gold basball hats, uggh! Now unto Woods Clothing Store, remember the "surfer dude" who wore flipflops all year long?

United States

#1330 Jul 21, 2014
When old man Woods retired, Dave took over those three guys all worked for Mr. Woods
since they were kids. The surfer guy was chuck and I believe he is the current operator since
Dave passed away after jogging on Suffolk Ave years ago.

United States

#1331 Jul 21, 2014
Towers Flowers was owned by Gary who also owned Brentwood
Florist and Flowers by Chaz

United States

#1332 Jul 21, 2014
The old 7-11 was owned by Dominic Manzo he also operated the 7-11
on 2nd ave as well. I went to school with his Daughter. My Father originally worked at Tony's Pizza on Clark st.Before startng his
own Pizza place Joe's.
The truth

Kings Park, NY

#1333 Jul 21, 2014
I remember a Lisa Morelli who worked at McDonalds on approx 1976
Peter Cuffaro wrote:
<quoted text>
I remember Karen Morelli she had worked at McDonalds I used to talk to her often
she would come into my Fathers Pizza place on suffolk ave (Joes Pizza) we had a few mutual
friends from the neiborhood. Peter
death b4 dishonor

Islip, NY

#1334 Jul 24, 2014
niguh brentwoods fine the way it is

Sparta, NJ

#1335 Jul 24, 2014
death b4 dishonor wrote:
niguh brentwoods fine the way it is
People are reminiscing about their childhood memories. Then, some idiot like you makes an asinine comment.

Do you feel better about yourself now? Are you worn out trying to spell the big words?

Sparta, NJ

#1336 Jul 24, 2014
death b4 dishonor wrote:
niguh brentwoods fine the way it is
Brentwood is not fine the way it is. I grew up with white kids, black kids, Puerto Rican kids, Chinese kids, etc.

People cut the grass, pulled the weeds. They threw trash where it belonged. Kids could play safely outside. Neighborhood moms and dads looked out for all the kids, even if the kids did not appreciate it at the time. They were busy working and raising kids, but they took the time to try to do the right thing.

It was not a perfect world, of course. But, I was proud of my home and my neighborhood. I've been back a number of times. If you still live there, chances are you don't have much to be proud of. Perhaps your standards are just remarkably low.

Wyckoff, NJ

#1337 Jul 25, 2014
Sonderling High School Class of 1983 here! Loved reading about the memmories, took a while to read through 66 pages of posts. I was a resident of North Brentwood on Morton Street from 1973 to 2001.
Van Buren St Guy

Yorktown Heights, NY

#1338 Jul 26, 2014
Ruffian wrote:
Sonderling High School Class of 1983 here! Loved reading about the memmories, took a while to read through 66 pages of posts. I was a resident of North Brentwood on Morton Street from 1973 to 2001.
I did too, from 82 to 93 between Jefferson Av and Washington Av. Beautiful block, still nice.

Sparta, NJ

#1339 Jul 26, 2014
I got carried away being irritated by death b4 dishonor's comment! There are still some really nice neighborhoods in Brentwood area. People who obviously care and take pride in their hometown.

I remember when most neighborhoods were really nice.

Wyckoff, NJ

#1340 Jul 26, 2014
Van Buren St Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
I did too, from 82 to 93 between Jefferson Av and Washington Av. Beautiful block, still nice.
I was between Jefferson and Washington too! I actually got to take a tour of my old house last year. We stopped on the block to look at the house and a very nice woman who owned the house now was outside and we started talking to her, telling our story and she invited us in. What a treat, brought back so many memmories!

Wyckoff, NJ

#1341 Jul 26, 2014
OOPS, I mean memories!
Peter Joes Pizza

Apopka, FL

#1342 Jul 26, 2014
Brentwood will Always be special. There have been many great people living
there. We moved there from Brooklyn in 1968, Just off Broadway right after
the Firehouse, It was a small street (Poe Lane) between Broadway and timberline
Drive . There were 10 homes on the block and everyone knew each other. A few of
the neighbors operated stores in Brentwood just like my Parents . MY Parents started
on Timberline Dr. With Joe's Pizza,My Neighbors operated Timberline Meats the neighbors
across the street operated Thrift auto parts in Grants shopping center. Brentwood was
a small and close community and we all knew each other and everyone took care of the community. back then you never had to lock your car, That's because everyone had respect for one another and trusted one another. That pizza place is where I grew up and people saw me grow up. In my High School Years my parents opened another this one was on Suffolk ave
Between Washington ave and Jefferson ave. In which had introduced me to the other side of
Brentwood, next to the Bagel place, Harrell Jewelers and across from the Mobil station.That store was responsible for me meeting my future wife.funny that my brother in law would grow up only two blocks from me.
Jewel_and_Kaymac k

Lake Forest, CA

#1343 Aug 4, 2014
One morning after being picked up by the school bus near Jewel and Islip Avenue in Brentwood we began our journey to the 7th grade Annex, circa 1976. As the bus turned off 2nd Avenue onto Timberline and we began to pass the grocery store on the left I noticed someone removing an item from the grocery store loading dock. As the bus continued it was clear that a student, whom I knew, was helping himself to a packet of donuts from the palette left by the delivery driver. No doubt a single packet of donettes that would otherwise have been written off by the store owner as a driver union due… Anyway, as we continued driving by I pointed him out to everyone on the bus causing a ruckus that led to a mad rush to the store dock after the bus let out. More treats than you could only dream of… seemed like Christmas all over again! Eventually the principal found out and over the PA threatened to start checking lockers unless the culprits voluntarily turned themselves in. Well with that and shortly after the first class let out there was a mad rush to loose the evidence and thereafter boxes of donuts were scattered throughout the school. No one ever got caught, as far as I know, however, future deliveries were left inside the grocery store. No doubt leaving my buddy disheartened about losing his “union due” donuts.

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