i want the old brentwood back

New York, NY

#1197 Apr 13, 2013
carol wrote:
<quoted text>Her full name was Ivy Cover Ramsey Rosenthal.She passed away around 10 years ago. She also taught me and my sister tennis,she was an ex pro in tennis. I went to Sonderling and graduated in 79. I moved to PA 4 years ago from Long Island. I realy miss the old Brentwood people. My mom passed away 3 years ago and I haven't been back. I have alot of good memories of Brentwood. Always a Brentwood girl at heart!!!!!!!
Ivy is still alive and well...still living in Brentwood...92 years young last month
emily hernandez

Santa Ana, CA

#1198 Apr 14, 2013
I came upon this site when searching for one of the best teachers ever Mr. Romboli. and I have to say reading all these posts took me back. I moved out of Brentwood and out of new York due to work. but I grew up in Brentwood in the 70s and to answer the guy vinnys question no it was not always a dump. Brentwood was a great place when I lived there. Brent city and the Brentwood theater. and then friendly's right across the street.to north east elem had Mrs. Johnson for kindergarten and then went to south east elem. that's where I had mr romboli. I went to the Jr high to. Brentwood was a safe and fun place to grow up in I have not been there in a couple of years. and by the posts I have read I think my heart would break to see it. I remember wicks road and Brentwood road and having fried clams at the Howard Johnson's. I want to thank everyone on this site for bringing back such wonderful memories. if any one could tell me what ever happen to mr romboli I would greatly appreciate it. and If I went to school with any of you or even hung out with you I jus want to say hi.

Brentwood, NY

#1199 Apr 21, 2013
The sun still shines in Brentwood with or without you. Been here for 30 years. playing dig dug and double dragon at Dragos pizza when i was 7. St Annes Church .St Joseph's Chapel and School (i went to school there!) The beautiful big and IMPROVED Brentwood Library. i baptize myself with their crispy cold water fountain every time i go in! the mini bikes and low riders VRRROOM! the smell of Entenmanns Bakery. Timberline Park sledding and swimming. swimming in my inground pool and inviting the friends in the summertime for games and drinks. and parties in my basement. having grill and chills and putting ADOBO on everything! Mikes liquor store! the seven eleven weekend rush! hearing the parties in the summertime late into the night.(maybe I'll crash it? lol) Grand Blvd. fireworks parties for 4th of July for the whole neighborhood. Mother Cabrini Festival. AND All the authentic Spanish food I can eat. DELICIOSO!(and their panderias "bakeries") Even some West indian food too. BEEF PATTIES! Mr. Softee and even a piragua man (shaved ice)
Memories of the roller rink and a drive in theater and Friendlys and Jacks and Captre Corners at the south shore mall and my favorite candy store goodies. and the cultural center/movie theater (BRENT CITY) which has been reincarnated and gives the little ones a place to play soccer...and all the little B-DUB secrets you can only know if your here.....Living close to the beach Love my life here. and i was blessed with the opportunity to watch Brentwood transform into its next design which is awesome. I dunno about it not being a wealthy area but i think i live a pretty rich life. lived in the same house my whole life. never walked outside my house with fear at anytime of day. Too bad your missing out but hope your enjoying your new lives where ever you are!
emily hernandez

Santa Ana, CA

#1200 Apr 26, 2013
i do know that the sun is shinning with or with out me. and I am enjoying my life, always have I am truly blessed and have no complaints. but I have to say you have made me miss new York and brentwood so much more. you mentioned captree corners and that is where I was blessed to meet my husband. if I closed my eyes it was like being back I never considered brentwood to be a poor area. wish I could get mr softee here sure miss that sound miss going to jones beach especially for concerts like beach boys Chicago. I remember the smell of entenmanns when I walked out of my house. and all the other areas you talked about is exactly where I grew up. working in st annes convent serving food to the nuns when I was young. I want to thank you for all the wonderful memories. in my opinion there is no place like new York and I think that brentwood is a great place to grow up and raise a family.

East Northport, NY

#1201 Apr 26, 2013
Why don't you post on the Brentwood forum?
Ian Scianablo

Elmira, NY

#1202 May 21, 2013
Any info on Brings Bakery? It was next to Joes Pizza, across from Hills? Those cookies! I think they were shortbread with chocolate drops. They looked great & they melted in your mouth! Does anybody remember them?

“Vote Republican”

Since: Aug 08

Wyandanch, NY

#1203 May 22, 2013
I moved to Brentwood in 82. It was at that time that I realized that I was black. It was then that I was told by a few parents that I was worthless and was told to stay away from their children. It was at Bretwood East Jr. High where Mr. Graziano, and 8th grade science teacher called me a nizzer. It was at the same school that the band teacher tried to make me sit in the last chair when I was the NYSMA winner in the previous year. Meaning, I was the best player of my instrument in the state of NY. Thank God for Mr. Lazorous (history) who helped me to gain my confidence via football and wrestling. It's unfortunate that sports was used to improve my expreience at Brentwood.

I do have fond memories, but I was shocked by the level of intolerance that was shown to a 'child'. I often share these stories with my well-adjusted children to remind them, no matter how successful they are, there will be some that cannot look past their color.

Ardsley, NY

#1204 May 27, 2013
Howartd johnsona and black gangs stealing my parents car at the south shore mall in 1988.13
William H

Bayport, NY

#1205 May 30, 2013
Such fond memories ... Tony's Pizza, Suzie's waffle truck, Grant's, Arnold the horse meat man, Jack in the Box, the balloon guy near the train station (my Dad would always buy me one on our way to Pincuses Drug Store), The principal at my elementary school - Mr. Meyer's with the wooden leg (frightened my as a child), St. Luke's Church, Brentwood Pottery Camp, Hess Bakery, Spinoli Family Farms (near the golf course), Entenmann's, Brentwood Bowling Alley, Kendall's Candles ... on & on.
Brentwood has indeed changed from my youth, but every generation, including those growing up there now, will have their memories of Brentwood to carry with them for the rest of their lives.
I remember

New York, NY

#1206 Jul 2, 2013
I remember Steve from fung young. Mr Tache from North. When pathmark was on Suffolk. When Brentwood was HS of the year (89) when timberline park had a lake and no fence. The scissor and knife sharper guy sat on the corner with a cube van. When the train station was only 40 foot long. When mother cabrini festival was safe. When scc was a small. When it was only 6 people passing soccer behind North junior high
Jewel_and_Kaymac k

Chicago, IL

#1207 Sep 4, 2013
Anyone remember Noble Park? On Noble Street right off Islip just three blocks from my world on Jewel and Kaymack. Used to go play baseball in the summer with my friends; Pete, Wayne, Richie, John, Lulu, Anthony and little Anthony. Pretty wooded now, but then beyond the trees on the road there was an opening where you could hear laughter, fighting, and me doing my best Chris Chambliss. Looking forward going back some day, hopefully with all my friends.
Browsing through Google Earth it looks like things are slowly getting better in Brentwood; the sooner we assimilate into one race the better for everyone. MikeM
Donna Marie

Tulsa, OK

#1208 Sep 7, 2013
I remember Sister Thomas from St Anne's too. Anyone know her whereabouts?

Sparta, NJ

#1209 Sep 12, 2013
Brian wrote:
Do anyone remember Mrs. Graves from South Jr High, Or Mrs Dells Bella From Oak Park?
Or the Gym Teacher and wrestling coach Mr. Walker?
I stumbled across this site looking for old pictures of Brentwood (where I lived until I was fourteen years old). I remember a Mr. Walker who taught gym at Loretta Park Elementary. I thought he was the greatest and I loved going to gym class.

Fort Wayne, IN

#1210 Sep 20, 2013
RobinHillPlaceGuy wrote:
Holy Cow -- Hearing other people discuss names liked Mr. Egolf and Mr. Spahr is absolutely mind-blowing!
My family moved into Brentwood onto Robin Hill Place when in 1980 when I was 2 years old. We lived there until 1994. I didn't venture to far from my little dead-end street with the sprawling woods at the end of it, so my memory of most things "Brentwood" is hazy at best, consisting mostly of floating words or images in my mind: Pine Hollow Video, Vinardo's, Hermano's, The Crazy House off Hilltop, etc.
Mr. Spahr, my art teacher from 1st though 6th grades (appx. 1983-1989) at Southeast Elementary was a class act all the way. He never, ever took a day off sick, and so had some insaaaane number of sick days all saved up and ready to use. I hope he used them to retire early. In the six school years I had him, I think I saw him get riled up only once, such was his ability to remain patient.
I don't have as many nice things to say about Mr. Egolf -- I felt his teaching style, system of punishment, and overall crappy attitude made him a poor teacher -- but he did genuinely seem to give a hoot, which is worth something.
I know by now most of my beloved "The Woods" has been destroyed in the interests of more housing, such as the march of time goes. Understandable, although I'd be lying if it doesn't hit an emotional sweet spot to realize they are gone.:) Spreading from entry points at Hilltop to the end of my little dead-end block and all the way through some main road (wish I could remember which), we'd spend hours a day exploring them when we were kids and also teenagers. One day you'd find a funky looking snake, the next a secret stash of 20-30 porno mags (the really cheap-o ones, mind ya!) underneath a soiled mattress tucked behind a little ridge.
I remember Timberline Pool. I remember CW Post being a great place to ride my bike around. I do remember the sequence of cross streets travelling away from RHP: Hilltop, Claywood, Westwood, Timberline.
I remember biking down Hilltop toward the Foodtown(?) shopping center...a little past that...over a tiny overpass...was the saddest little decrepit playground ever. It remained that way until I moved away certainly, and likely beyond. When you are 10, and you want to find hangouts to call your own though, such a place can be a godsend.
I do remember that crazy house. Of course, I wouldn't call it that now. But then, that was it. Not just any crazy house, THE crazy house...our crazy house anyway. I walked past it every time I went to school (East Junior High, later called East Middle) and every time I came home, every day, 6th through 8th grades. Developed a bit of a rapport with one or two of the nicer folks as well, who I'd exchange quick hellos with every morning, same time, usually after dodging a car zipping past the red light on Hilltop and Second (?).
Behind 7-11 (on Second Ave?) a block or two down there was huge dirt area with hills and ridges that were great for bike fun.
Sometimes friend and I would grab some snacks and sit on the overpass right next to East Middle just-a watchin the trains go by...
Alas, these are hazy memories, and we moved to New York City before I could find out what being a teenager in Brentwood would be like. Judging by the soiled mattress and pornos, I either really missed out or certainly didn't depending on your perspective. ;)
For reasons unrelated to Brentwood, not all of my childhood memories are pleasant ones. Perhaps especially for that reason, the Brentwood memories I do hold from then certainly have a very special place in my heart.
Just had to share.
I lived on robin hill too do you know me

Plano, TX

#1211 Sep 20, 2013
Being a kid in Brentwood was fun, but alas it shall never be for future generations.

Unless we all move back and take back the past! Yeah, good luck with that.

Plano, TX

#1212 Sep 20, 2013
Georgia wrote:
<quoted text>
I stumbled across this site looking for old pictures of Brentwood (where I lived until I was fourteen years old). I remember a Mr. Walker who taught gym at Loretta Park Elementary. I thought he was the greatest and I loved going to gym class.
Della Bella for 6th grade

Brooksville, FL

#1213 Sep 20, 2013
I remember charlies hot dog stand. the farmers market on sunrise hwy. Great zepploles in there. Rocky horror & double Disney movies @ bay shore Drive inn. garfields Bar on main street. Hi Pat!!!

Brooksville, FL

#1214 Sep 20, 2013
forgot abt Jack in the Box!!!! YUM taco Tuesdays. Entemanns. The Brentwood Indians Green machine!!

Fort Wayne, IN

#1215 Oct 4, 2013
kev I remember you my cousins lived on Grouse
ASJ Girl

Quartzsite, AZ

#1216 Oct 5, 2013
Ken Whelan wrote:
Anyone remember Will or Tom Simmons from, I think, Sherman street? Know where they are? Need to know!
Is this Ken from Handcock

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