Why is it that kingston is a big ass city, bigger than new paltz and rosendale, but kingston has a rinky dink tiny pool? As taxpayers in kingston we know that kingston could afford to build a larger more adequate clean pool than the one we already have. OH MY GOD ITS SOOOO SMALL,the andretta pool is a joke. Hello people, just extend a little more room up at dietz staduim and build us a damn pool, a couple diving boards would be nice. Maybe a pavillion, build us something like the county pool located in the middle of the woods in new paltz, it huge and wonderfull. Think of it this way, the city may need to put out money to build it, but think about how much money the city would make as income during the summer. If its nice, clean and big, kingston would make a killing and would have another way of income towards kingston city recreational dept. Just a suggestion.