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#66 Jul 30, 2007
Charles, they're legal bars, but they're scummy nonetheless. The so-called "fashion shows" are just scantily clad hookers (yes many of them are "escorts") walking around giving lap dances all night as though it was a bachelor party. And then of course there's the illegal video poker that at least used to be in Playpen, etc. Don't know if they removed them yet or not, with all this attention the mob's getting now with this trial downtown, but, those machines been there for years before that, that's for sure.

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#68 Aug 2, 2007
I dont know what the big deal about having a porn store there. If these people really cared about there kids then why do they let them on the streets? Mannheim road in general is a rough place to grow up. Instead of targeting the porn shop, why dont they target all the Mexican gangbangers who live in the area and sell drugs? Stone Park is a shit hole with trailer parks and hookers. The only nice part is the Italian American center on 35th.

Of course the mob has a finger in the store. They control the porn business in Chicago and people should realize that when they open up a place. You either pay your tax or go out of business.


#70 Aug 6, 2007
I heard that from someone before also. That Mazzulla's not actually Italian-American at all but he uses that to get what's left of the Stone Pk vote and stay in good with the guys whose money really opened the bookstore. That would be too damn rich if he were 'busted' by somebody in the glory hole backrooms at that place. Great post, #69. Very informative.
Big Ken

Chicago, IL

#71 Aug 7, 2007
Kick Back Bennie is still at it.. he's stealing from the school's too. He claims he's a gangsta..But he uses the police dept to hide behind. He harasses and illegally uses public resources...
Another View

Machesney Park, IL

#72 Aug 7, 2007
My interests are always piqued by ostensible do-gooders, holy-rollers, and community activists who demand moral reform based upon their flawed perception of human nature. These zealots believe that the seedy side of life and immorality as they see it can be summarily wiped out. What complete fools! It is simply fact that Stone Park's topless bars, adult bookstores, and similar businesses and activities appeal to a broad range of people and meet their wants and needs. The idiots that think that they can simply raise their voices, stomp their feet, and spew their "logic" to banish such businesses and activities are either completely ignorant of the fact that the underbelly of human activities has been around since the dawn of man or are simply desperately counter-reacting to their own negative impulses and thoughts. Remember Jimmy Swaggert?

These businesses and activities exist because there always has been and always will be a market for them. The "shoppers" are not composed only of the poor, morally bankrupt or corrupt, or psychopaths --- they are composed of people from Lincoln Park, Naperville, Hinsdale, you name it! Go to a topless bar in Stone Park and you're as likely to find an attorney or a politician as you would be a drug dealer or a prostitute.

Who's kidding who here? The Stone Park's of this world will alway be. You can banish them from one area, but they'll spring up almost instantaneously in another. After acceptance of the phenomenon, all you can hope to do is try to contain it but you'll never eradicate it.

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#73 Aug 9, 2007
scorpionking60164 wrote:
<quoted text>
Lets toilet paper the place in protest, but since these are beaners, we can use tortillas instead!
Haha. Boo hoo, I hate Mexicans.
I love how you use racial slurs over the internet. Your idiocy is tremendous. Anyway..
If this ''business'' is doing their work legally I don't see a big problem with them being open. As it was said before they provide a service to people who are lacking a sex life. As long as they abide with the laws I couldn't care less what they do.


#74 Aug 14, 2007
what about the other bookstore? Excaliburs I think it's called? Mob owned also, or what? Melrose , on Lake Street, just east of Lake and 25th.

Lombard, IL

#75 Aug 14, 2007
heres the deal.these posts are for getting together to do something.heres how i feel.if this problem directly relates to you do something about it.since your scared to mess with a so called mob mess with the guys actually causing the problem-the horny guys doin obsene things.its a bookstore.what goes on inside is that buisness', buisness.if you feel someone is acting unappropriate in public,confront them,you and your buddies.get the scum out.but theres always some more right around the the police everytime you see someunappropriate action,or not,just call the police tell them whats up keep it short and annymous and just keep callin till the police get the idea.give em somethin to do.they'll role around everynow and then and before you know it,thes horn balls will go elsewhere.shit post a sign in the middle of the night somewhere"no parkin lot sex!" or whatever you need to say.just do somethin for the kids they dont need to be playin around this busy street and in alleys.they are liable to get hit by a car,a mack truck,somethin.parents control your KIDS!!!do somethin!! fuckin egg the horny gay guys in there cars foolin around.i don't know.and the world turns....


#76 Aug 23, 2007
My lover caught a serious STD here and proceeded to bring it home to me. This is no joke, theres a lot of activity which goes on here, a lot of action, and not that many men use protection. Many are married, some are gay and partnered. I know it had to be here because this was the place where I followed him to on several occasions (though I myself did not go in) and its obvious what he was doing in those backrooms, while cheating on me. Furthermore I've heard from other friends that the backrooms are indeed filthy here and that men will urinate back there, in the viewing booths, sometimes through holes in the wall and onto another man , all kinds of things go on back there that you just wouldnt believe if you just drove by the place, frankly. I'm just furious about it personally.


#77 Aug 27, 2007
I have a good mind to just go in there and slap one of the owners or managers silly. I'm just spitting angry that these backroom bookstores still have no restrictions on there. Wait until we organize la divina Raza unida and hit them with the protests and the boycotts. Then they will hear the voice of the people.

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#78 Nov 6, 2007
lets not be a-holes about this issue...the problem is obviously corruptin and mob greed (which those of you who spew hate havent even touched while choosing to praise those of italian background and pummel the "illegals" or those of a more brown-skinned hue for the problem). scores is on the corner of a residential street!! Hell, any place that is going to open will be on a residential street!!! im surprised that there wasnt a strip joint opened in the strip mall just north of north ave - remember...before the dmv moved in there and there was nothing there...after zayres closed?!! the basic problem is our proximity to the airport...yes folks!! O'HARE!!! if you look at any major...or for that matter any minorly-major city this type of business thrives!!! its the same over by midway. they are hubs for entertainment for travellers - without discrimination. you fly away from home and you can have a little bit of what ever you are looking for that reminds you of what you are missing. ITS THE SAME ON THE NORTH END TOO!!!! has anyone driven through desplaines, roselle, rosemont? yeah they are all 'newer' suburbs that didnt have the infrastructure for much business zoning initially and have been able to break ground to create more of a central business district...which is what is now happening in the city. the compartmentalization of lives. remember when chicago use to be a great theater city and part of the experience was going into the variouus neighborhoods to connect to and get the slice of life that tha experience had to offer (those days before disney shat all over the art form). i digress...yeah, there use to be hooker stings all the time along mannheim. i havent heard of any lately...does that mean that they are all gone? more recently ive heard of the people being set up while washing cars at the place on north...what do we do about that? have any kids who play in the parking lot near the galaxy gone missing? come home with an STD? molested in any way? not that becomes the new criterion which this place gets judged but there are far more incidious venues near and far that require all this pent up tension that has manifesed itself on this blog!!
i have patronized this establishment n many occassions drunk, sober, and stoned! times i can remember and times i cant. i have never brought anything home(STD)!!! A FOUL PERSON IS A FOUL PERSON IS A FOUL PERSON!!! its like the saying: guns dont kill people people kill people so i think we can dispense with that pretense.
this town would have no revenue if it were not for the bars, and restaurants, and strip joints, and shady used car dealers, and car fixers, liquor stores, and laundromats, and all that goes into making a town a town. and incase you were wondering there are places like this in naperville, aurora, bolingbrook, burr ridge, oak park, multiple places on the north shore, and every place else that people have think that they have 'gotten themselves out of the situation'. ou never escape it...its always there whether you see it or not. would we prefer that the sign was taken down (out of sight out of mind)? it doesnt make it go away. the kids will still play in the parking lot!!
lastly, i will say that this would only happen in a purely puritanical and patriarchal society as ours!!! only those that we consider to be our 'enemy' now (after 9/11) would regard this as...anything!! it is what it is...human nature and capitalism coming to a crossroads. this is just one of a million intersections. nothing will ever be as it 'was'...thats not implied in the definition of progress!!


#80 Feb 16, 2008
i think it's great that there are still places open for ADULT men(gay/staight/bi)and or women(although most women i know simply are not into pornography)to go to for Adult recreation. people know the risk for std's and it is their choice to pratice safe sex. it's stupid to demonize these places(ie.mob connected,children running around outside)because they are offering a place for adult people to engage in adult sexual contact. freedom in this country is very important,if you do not approve of these places,do not go.
Heavy Duty 911

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#82 May 16, 2008
It's a beautiful world out there, you just need to know where to look. I, was an employee for the woman that owns Scores with a partner, for a number of years as it operated as the Sugar Schack. She demanded that all her dancers both male and female act and perform in the classiest manner
they could on stage, and violators were fined. She payed large amounts of property taxes and sales taxes, which help to support that community. The same Latinos that are complaining should look around at the community and their neighbors. The local family that owns that grocery store next to the galaxy book store is part of an organized Mexican drug cartel family, and their other businesses in the town have been raided before, for that reason. The patriarch of that family is now serving a lengthy prison term for his part in drug conspiracy and supply. Look up and down the streets that once was home to single families, now housing multiple families illegally,and a good majority of them illegal aliens. The best, is with the streets being overcrowded with the parked cars for all these people, that so many poor and minimum wage working families can afford high ticket vehicles,$40,000.00 custom painted p[ick ups with the 22" rims that cost 4-5000 a set for tyhe cheap ones. I, don't know about you, but when I was a kid cutting grass or working in a factory I never came close to being able to afford anything so extravagent. The same cry babies who are complaining about the businesses in their community need to look at their friends and relatives who are suppling and transporting the drugs which are a major part of the moral disinegration of our society.

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#83 Jun 16, 2008
i am visiting chicago area in late July with my wife. i would love to take her to an adult book store and let people watch as we have sex in a booth. maybe my wife would even hand job if not suck a couple guys off while i'm banging her from behind. would this book store be a safe place for that or would someone have another suggestion?
FormerGalaxyCash ier

Marengo, IL

#84 Jul 7, 2008
First response to Joe: it probly wouldn't be ideal for ya to take your wife there. there are rules. read the rest!!!

I have had so much fun reading these posts! I am female, and I worked as a cashier or counter girl during 3rd shirt at galaxy. Yes, Omalley and stone park is very corrupt. but when i worked there...we had rules and i enforced them. First, only one person to a booth. second, the light on top of the booth had to be lit (meanin you put money in to watch a movie). there was no loitering in the back...i kicked plenty of guys out waiting for actions...even got called a couple of interesting names. also, women were not allowed in the back booths.....reason being is that alot of women that came in with guys ended up being prostitutes. i also had to check the very back door (the exit) to make sure it wasn't proped open...some guys even did that to get the hookers in. if i saw anything that was out of order or character...i threw the person out or called the police (they always showed up for me...probly cause i'm a chick! LOL).

i was very strict when i was there. i don't know how it is these days, i haven't been there in a while. but just know...i did run a pretty tight ship back then. oh, and i did do parking lot checks too!!!
Horny F--K

South Charleston, OH

#85 Jul 10, 2008
You know what you can't control everyone... Where there are bad apples there is bound to be more rotten somewhere else... Get off your preaching boxes! Keep your own kids at home where they belong! Who cares what race ethnic background they are... We have them in every walk of life. Like some previous people posted before; look into your own backyards with your own families and fix that hypocritical BS first.

Belvidere, IL

#86 Jul 14, 2008
Great place to jerk off or get a handjob.

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#87 Jul 15, 2008
What is the story on this place? I just went there recently , do you think its really mobbed up or ??? No I dont think its going to go anywhere either though. I think its operating legit , however it might have got started...

Indianapolis, IN

#88 Oct 11, 2008
I like galaxy video. they have variety of nice movies

Western Springs, IL

#89 Mar 18, 2009
brujeria wrote:
I heard that from someone before also. That Mazzulla's not actually Italian-American at all but he uses that to get what's left of the Stone Pk vote and stay in good with the guys whose money really opened the bookstore. That would be too damn rich if he were 'busted' by somebody in the glory hole backrooms at that place. Great post,#69. Very informative.
what was on post # 69

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