In 1944 a teenage boy from Stockwell, Indiana was executed in the Nevada gas chamber. His name was Floyd Loveless. We believe his story can be very important in teaching disadvantaged teens to stay in school and escape a life of violence and incarceration. His story, as tragice as it is, can be very inspirational to teens .. in his last letter to his grandmother in Stockwell.. he wrote that if given a second chance he wanted to prove to others that he could still do good in this world. He wasn't given a second chance. He left Stockwell in 1942 and was arrested, tried and executed in Carson City, Nevada 1944. We are looking for newspaper articles in Stockwell press that covered the story, old photographs of Stockwell between 1926 and 1944. We found that the prison warden did send his body back to Stockwell after the 17 year old was executed. If any information, you can email me at Many thanks.