K2 incense provides high for some, sc...

K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others

There are 617 comments on the KYTV Springfield story from Nov 28, 2009, titled K2 incense provides high for some, scare for others. In it, KYTV Springfield reports that:

It knocked a Polk County teenager unconscious for five hours, but those who sell it say it's mild and safe.

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United States

#609 Aug 22, 2012
please wrote:
Can u buy it anywhere at all in missouri anymore, other than online
Some headshops sell it but its not.found in gas stations by any means.
big d

Eastaboga, AL

#610 Aug 25, 2012
I smoke cool beanz evryday and so does my father uncle and cousin. I started out small just a hit here and there and would stay blazed for 30 to 45 min. Then I started wanting more. Then I bought some of the MR NICE GUY the real stuf. I smoked a whole blunt with my dad unc and cuz. I thought I was dying on the spot I sat on the edge of my bed and couldn't move for 4 hours I had to stare at the floor and if I moved it felt like I would die. That wasreally the only bad trip I had. Evryonce in a while I will have a minor spaz faze where I get tingly in my arms and my chest hurts. But you have just gotto be eazy with the shit. Take 1 or 2 hits and PUT IT OUT. Especially if your alone. Don't want to start wigging out by yourself.

United States

#611 Oct 11, 2012
Yeah I smoke up synthetic all the time. I dome 4 gram bags in one night. Every time I fall asleep on the stuff I don't remember going to sleep, although I've never tripped off of it or anything.
Fellow smoke

Saint Louis, MO

#612 Oct 28, 2012
It sucks

Saint Louis, MO

#613 Oct 28, 2012
I smoked mad hatter last night for the first time. Alone. I'm very inexperienced when it comes to smoking I haven't even smoked pot yet. But I took about four hits and it was there. Everything changed. I tried acting normal so I got In the shower but for some reason I shut my eyes. When I shut then it was like a living hell. Like I was going insane I was seeing weird shit and it wouldent stop it would not go away. I finally reilized I was high I could move my body but I went under water?.... That was the worst under ever so I shit my eyes and I was stuck under water. And I was bagging my self around and punching my self in the face. I bet I looked fucking crazy dude. I came up from the water there was blood all over. And everything was going side to side and I had to keep telling my self that this was real Billie. Your okay. Just get back to your room. I had to hardest time putting my clothes back on I kept falling. I was seriously trying to hard. And I remember I was afraid to open the door but I did it. The side effects went down from there but this shit is crazy and not recommended I thought I was gunna die my heart beat increased after two hits. And I couldent think straight. Fuck that. Crazy shit DON'T TRY IT YOU'LL REGRET IT

Garden City, MI

#614 Oct 31, 2012
I have smoked k2 many different kinds of the incenses I hate this stuff I have had many bad experiences on it and this past weekend was the worst I was seeing things like an overload in my mind there where thousands of tiny pictures and swirling colors it was cool at first but then I felt my heart stop after it had been pounding I was sweeting and thought I was going to die my friends said I started twitching and then just stopped I was unconscious for about five min I don't remember any thing from after I felt my heart stop I woke up to all my friends standing over me when I woke I got really sick and started throwing up ive had heavy lungs sense and it feels like broncidis but the doctor said I have chemicals on my lungs this is very serious I only would take one or two hits my boyfriend however has been smoking it for three years he's done much more serious drugs in his past but now only does k2- incense he goes through 3 of the 3g bags weekly and I'm afraid for his health he's never caused harm to himself or me but when he does it sometimes he doesn't talk right or he asks me to hold him he's only told me about a few times when he's had bad trips on it but they don't seem near as bad as my trips were I refuse to smoke it my boyfriend smokes a joint or sometimes a blunt to himself within an hour sometimes less then an hour And it scares me he will fall asleep and forget things he sometimes sweets and other times I have to check and make sure he's breathing because he looks so still how can I get him to stop? He's tried so many times but he always begs me to let him get a bag he wants to stop for me like he did all the other drugs but if he doesn't have it he's in a bad mood and can't sleep at night he gets sweats and feels sick... Idk what to do because I want him to stop but how can he stop without it hurting him? Please help me I don't want to lose the love of my life because of this stupid drug its an awful drug please don't get addicted people!
Edward Castillo

Dallas, TX

#615 Nov 6, 2012
This was my first time doing k2 and it was king kong this shit was no high it felt like i was in another body and i couldnt go back to normal this shit scared me so bad i thounght i was going never go back to my normal body and all i remember me doing was screaming and crying for help but it felt like everybody around me sayin wtf in there mind then i tryed to relieve my high by sitting down but i didnt know it was in somebodys front yard then i went to the hospital and they told me i had my heart rate,blood pressure very high. SO I RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT DO THIS BECAUSE IT WILL SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU and it will really fuck up your system with all the toxic chemicals it has So if your looking for a high i would recommend just weed because k2 just takes it overboard so never ever try this shit called k2 beacuse it is shit and will only scare you not get you high
scared str8

United States

#616 Nov 11, 2012
Took 3 puffs...never again.

Saint Louis, MO

#618 Nov 21, 2012
K2 is By far the worst thing I've ever smoked in my life. You hve to keep telling our self this is real and shit and you go places you can't explain after it started wearing off I noticed I had busted my lip I remember deep in my trip it felt as if someone was punching me in the face. And also my nose was swollen, I must have fallen. But as all this was happening I was in the shower worst place to be... Worst thing ever I thought I was dead

United States

#619 Nov 28, 2012
Hey what about the white widow will it show up on probation drug test its the little containers with black label

Austin, TX

#620 Dec 9, 2012
I get my herbal incense at www.novanovelties.com

Bloomfield, IN

#621 Dec 13, 2012
Victim wrote:
I tried the mad hatter incense and the result was sudden muffling of all sound, and soon the spinning started. Not long after, the only way I can describe it was many eternitys of hell. Also the were sections that I took to escape, for those who have seen inception, the description is limbo.
That is exactly what happened to me. It was horrible.. I'd never smoked anything before and the people I was with said that 3 hits was normal. Bull! Once the carried me to the car I remember being in the back and yanking on the window that was halfway down and thinking about jumping out.. It was horrible.

Bloomfield, IN

#622 Dec 13, 2012
Has anyone had a flashbacck to when they tripped? Like I can just be sitting somewhere sometimes and I'll get the feeling of when I tripped and I feel like I'm going to black out or freak out. For example, I was in my Biology class and my teacher brought up how what you see is upside down in your eye (I already knew this) but then I started to think, what if we're actually all on the ceiling right now and stuff. Also, I can't smoke real weed without freaking out. I stay calm but on the inside I feel like I'm about to flip like I did on Hatter. Can tha shit fuck up your mind for good?

Jacksonville, FL

#623 Dec 20, 2012
Don't use Cool Beans, it is not a safe brand of incense.

East Maitland, Australia

#624 Dec 20, 2012
Anon wrote:
LOL Reading through these posts is absolutely hilarious! Hell, half of these kids' accounts I don't even believe, but they ARE entertaining, like any good piece of fiction....
The other half; I would love to see these kids doing some REAL drugs, like LSD. They couldn't handle their high for 20 minutes, try 12 straight hours of tripping! Hahaha!
Please, weak minded individuals should NOT do drugs, go drink some wine coolers and play drunk with your cheerleader friends!
I have taken all sorts of drugs in my time and this stuff is the worst stuff I've tried everything can look cartoon you get panic attacks you go into pretty much an awake coma. It is bad shit I have had Huge nights on all sorts of drugs and never had these problems I have smoked pot for ten years and had no problems. This drug is worse it is so addictive I put it in the same boat as heroin and ice and those sorts of drugs this drug will ruin your life if your not careful. So before you try it think of the ones you love cause you might lose them all cause this drug will control your life.
Katherine Clairmont

Kitchener, Canada

#625 Dec 30, 2012
Alexandre Dimov wrote:
Raise your hand if you knew that the JWH compounds are dissolved in acetone? Would you soak your weed in nail polish remover before smoking it? If not, then don't smoke K2.
Acetone isn't nail polish remover. Nail polish remover contains acetone. Acetone is a common organic solvent, used in many forms of organic chemistry. It is found in the human body as a neurotransmitter. It is present in urine.

You have a serious case of "believe everything the media tells you" syndrome. Just because "Dateline" says bad men use acetone to make meth, or something similar, everyone immediately assumes it's liquid death.

I wouldn't say "go drink acetone"; that would most likely make you quite sick but if you want to exclude a product based on the fact that acetone was used in its production, you'd better face facts: The FDA has acetone listed as "generally recognized as safe" for food, up to 8mg/L. That's more than you'd consume in these synthetic smoke blends, since the acetone evaporates off anyways.

dihydrogen monoxide is used in the production of high explosives and drugs all over the world. Every mass murderer and child rapist has admitted to using dihydrogen monoxide daily. IT MUST BE DANGEROUS.
My expierence

Gainesville, TX

#626 Jan 1, 2013
I never smoked weed, smoked prolly 20 cigs my whole life ..... my friend was smoking gorrilla dro one night and i decided to try it... He had smoked some right before we made out and after i had the huge urge to smoke somethin so i asked him if i could try it... I had no idea wat it was or could do to you.... I took 3 hits, felt nothing, we did a sling shot, nothing, then did another and nothing.... He had to go to work so i was gonna go back home.... As i was walkin back to my car it hit me... Scariest thing ever! Felt like i was spinning and the whole world was shakin back and forth really fast... I couldnt drive, it was hard to breathe, my hands anarms were tingling, could barely make out the time, 11:05... I called him and he stayed on the phone with me thru it and it seemed to last forever! Then it seemed to start to fade but it only kept coming and going. It would b easier to breathe then i could hardly breathe and everything was shakin and spinning... Felt like i was gonna puke... And everything was goin thru my mind... Someone was gonna find me, i was gonna go to jail or was gonna die.... Finally after wat seemed like over an hour i was able to start driving... It had been abt 8-10 mins.... As i was driving everything was going really fast but was really goin like 10mph... Made it home, threw up and got n the house.... He said to eat and drink somethin to bring me back down... Helped some and was able to go to sleep... The next day i felt like i had a hangover, hands were shakin and would get the same dizzy shaky vision but not as strong.... I did it a few times after that but was nothing like the first time! Sex was great during the high too.... He ended up gettin dehydrated and almost had a heat stroke and was hospitalized! We havnt smoked it since.... He had smoked it 5x or more a day though.... But it was some scary shit and even though sometimes it was fun i dnt think i will ever be tryin that again!!
My expierence

Gainesville, TX

#627 Jan 1, 2013
Also heard voices and saw things and mouth would get very very dry... Heart raced... Felt very heavy.... And now for some reason after smokin it a few times my memory has seem to have gotten worse! My friend said he dnt remember a lot of stuff he did while he was smokin it so i wonder if it could screw with the part of ur brain that is ur memory.... He would almost act drunk... Glassy eyes, stumble when he walked, stuttered real bad when he talked... He lost abt 40 pounds too and he actually ate more....

New Canaan, CT

#628 Jan 3, 2013
will wrote:
Mad hatter incense smoke that I tripped out great carnival ride lol take 3 big hits and u will regret it promis
I smoked k2 add I took 5 hits add all I know is I'm out side freaking out every thing was grey like a staticky television the I thought I was dead I was screaming for the amble lance then I just start running around worst and scaryest felling ever in my life

New Canaan, CT

#629 Jan 3, 2013
s surtees wrote:
i believe it should be banned i seen my son have a smoke of it and that was enough to turn me off it dont last long but it is no good he went in to a rage looking at his wife like she was the devil and singing out .and this is freely sold to children may be that is why we are seeing a lot of young lives taken take it off the market for god sake stop bringing all this shit in .
i smoked k2 add just freaked out after like 5 hard hits a week later I still fell scared and dizzy some times

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