Comcast is a horrible place to work

Zionsville, IN

#110 Jun 30, 2012
You all should try it on our side. I do 200+ pts per day, 6 days a week (55-70hrs avg). To make in the mid 40's. This same workload 10yrs ago would have made me near 100k. So at least they are not cutting inhouse's pay like they are doing to our side.
Zero Percent Repeat Rate

Richmond, VA

#111 Aug 23, 2012
I have worked for Comcast for years and I LOVE IT. If your not getting a lunch break your doing something wrong. Plan your route out and dont over think your jobs. I Hate it when techs get to a job and for the first 30 minutes they just bitch about it. Stop bitching and get to working. I get paid well and they take care of me and my family. Everyone talks about the bad and never the good. Heres a list of the pros
1- Free cable, phone, internet
2- Great benefits
3- Time off with Pay
4- FREEDOM of not having someone watching you all day
5- Take your trucks home = Saving gas and miles
6- Working from home straight 2 your 1st job
7- Pay with bonus and raises
Im sure im leaving out some more but COME ON have a job so consider yourself LUCKY. Alot of people will kill for a job these days!!

Angels Camp, CA

#112 Sep 20, 2012
Those who say they love their job are most likely the ones who are manager's pets and get special treatment. I have been through each company before Comcast in the last 20 years, TCI, Continental, Media One, AT&T and now Comcast.
If I to rate each one on a being happy and looking forward to my work day the order would go like this.
1. Media One (they saw how below the techs were pay scale wise, made a nice adjustment and those stock options were great. Very good middle management too.)
2. Continental (only 2 words, Amos Hostetter. A great man who respected his employees)
3. TCI (the first one for me and it was an enjoyable enviroment)
4. Comcast (just totally abusive of workers, from work load per day to too much middle management and unfair/Napoleon-esque supervisors. Just see how many employees have been injured on the job in the last couple of years, the numbers have increased by a lot)
5. AT&T (they were by far most horrible)

Is a union the answer? Not sure on that, but management needs to take a softer stance on bottom line and look at things such as employee safety (they talk a good talk about that, but its just to cover their ass in public). They are so concerned about making appointments in the 2 hour window they provide and it goes a technician when they miss one so corners get cut and accidents or higher than expected repeat T/C's occur. They cannot have it both ways. The techs are too stressed out and as of now with a slowly recovering economy there isn't too much else out there to switch jobs. Comcast uses this to their advantage but I hope they are ready for a mass exodus once the job market improves. Comcast is no different than so many other huge companies like Big Oil and such that are whats wrong with our economy. Our call center outsourcing is horrible to say the least.

And to the poster just above me, FREEDOM? GPS, ever hear of it? This is so micromanaged these days they don't have to be with you on each job personally, they are though through technology.

Angels Camp, CA

#113 Sep 20, 2012
mike wrote:
I work for Comcast in PG County MD. Been here almost 2 years & contracted for CUI 2 years prior to this. I started at 13.50 once i passed my ct3 training & bumped up to 15.20 when I was field certified. About 6 months ago i was able to go to CCT4 training & now I am at 18.00. Now is the work hard? yes is there times I dont get my lunch? yes sir, but if you can find a job out of school with no degrees making more then me let me know. I also had a interview today for a Sup position I applied for in Waldorf which would salary me at around 50,000 a year ( around 25.00 an hour) all this in less then two years! So just know the hard work does pay off
If you are only being paid $18 per hour as a CT4 then you sir are being WAY underpaid.
romeoville ill

Romeoville, IL

#114 Oct 1, 2012
we are trying to get the teamsters union at the warehouse and also trying to get techs involed try it

East Providence, RI

#115 Oct 28, 2012
Comcast sucks

East Providence, RI

#116 Oct 28, 2012

East Providence, RI

#117 Oct 28, 2012
Tomorrow hurricane sandy its hitting us and Comcast its making us working like nothing it's happening ,now tell me what in the hell this company's doing this,oh wait a minute,because they don't care about the employees ,they care about the money,we are just a number easily replaced,,,,,,,,
No one

Angels Camp, CA

#118 Nov 27, 2012
Comcast is corrupt
bad andy

Fresno, CA

#119 Dec 26, 2012
Been working as contractor for the pass 12 years. I see people come and go. I start when continental sole mediaone then att then evil comcast. Some move in to inhouse, some still contractor. Thing are much different now a day? More work for the same pay. Lol. What happens what comcast get rid of the unions and give their team a nice BBQ day. Lol seen than inhouse tech been meaner and some lazy. Blame everything on contractor. Look around is take one contractor tech to do over 200 points. Thats cake to us.That say probably take inhouse 5 tech rolls out. Look around have you ever see most inhouse tech get down and dirty? In my book 'no' supertech with no pay? Lol. Trouble call and other is bullshit put on a tech is so stupid. They just want to treat everyone like machine. They not human.

Cable tech or satellite ect. There is no moving up or made more money. They probably plan to replace you soon or later. LESS PAY =HIGH PROFIT MARGIN

MY ADVISE TRY [email protected] IF YOU CAN.
Alan Valdez

Salt Lake City, UT

#120 Jan 4, 2013
I agree they fired me for no valid reason...i worked their collections in sandy utah....Horrible place to work...they are a false company ....
James C

Angels Camp, CA

#121 Jan 10, 2013
This company also has covered up a major issue with power supplies for the DCT 700's a few years back when they got so hot that they cracked and in a few cases caught fire. One almost burned down an employees' own house. I don't think that is something that they wanted out there for the appropriate authorities to get notice of. But yes it is true and did happen. Comcast is a very corrupt and deliberate about company. They are now trying to push the whole "must take your lunch" thing yet still load up the techs with work causing late/missed appts which later on goes back against the tech if they are trying to promote.

As far as that contractor from Fresno who posted recently. Dude, any inhouse tech, well most of them could do 200 points a day if we weren't held to a higher quality/low repeat numbers than you are. But thank you and yoru fellow contractors for the job security. Everything the inhouse techs do is held under such scrutiny that its hard to sit down with fear of breaking the microscope up our asses.

James C

Angels Camp, CA

#122 Jan 15, 2013
Anyone else get something from the Attorneys representing the 2 Comcast workers in California about getting back pay for lack of of lunch breaks and a potential claim to get compensated for it?

Chicago, IL

#123 Jan 15, 2013
Comcast Washington State wrote:
Workers lost the lawsuit about gender discrimination. 16 of us are former employees of Comcast. Supervisors sent us emails asking us to work off the clock without pay. After we complained to HR, all 16 of us were fired for trivial reasons that would normally get a warning. The supervisors still work there What do you think of how workers lawsuit against Walmart for making them work off the clock?. You are so smart and articulate I would value your opinion. Is filing complaints with Dept. of Labor enough? Do you think we could win a class action lawsuit? Do you know of any good employment lawyers in Washington State?
Corporations are out of control.

Woods Cross, UT

#124 Feb 14, 2013
Comcaster wrote:
I work for Comcast and make much more than 25/hr. To think that a longshoreman would even get into the conversation. When you look up slacker in the dictionary it says see LONGSHOREMEN. Without the union they couldn't hold a job at Burger King. Sorry Burger King I know your people work harder than longshoremen
Hi I just had a question, I'm starting training on mon for spectraseven for a technician at Comcast , and I was wondering if they pay for training?
Big joe

Key West, FL

#125 Mar 21, 2013
y dont all of you quit bitching about the lunch deal dispatch gives you the jobs not supervisors and supervisors tell you to take a lunch and that dispatch cant tell you when to not take a lunch.. idk maybe its different in your guy's area but i take a lunch every day wether im behind or not
yes but when you are late to jobs because you take a lunch shows up as missed appointments on your evalauation
Big joe

Key West, FL

#126 Mar 21, 2013
I worked christmas 2 years in a row because i was on call and dispatch just gives out a full days work
Big joe

Key West, FL

#127 Mar 21, 2013
Contractor wrote:
You all should try it on our side. I do 200+ pts per day, 6 days a week (55-70hrs avg). To make in the mid 40's. This same workload 10yrs ago would have made me near 100k. So at least they are not cutting inhouse's pay like they are doing to our side.
yes i have always said contractors work very hard comcast couldnt make it with out you thanks
Burned out

Amherst, NH

#128 May 29, 2013
Comcast is a slave driver! You're working in a fish bowl, they're always listenng and be-littling you...they even keep track of how many times you piss! Unless you're management, when your job is to scrutinize subordinates.
Michigan tech

Roseville, MI

#129 Aug 3, 2013
Cable Guy wrote:
Here some facts about Comcast.
They do not pay well at all and advancement is extremely hard.
They over work their technicians and make taking a lunch almost impossible on atleast 50% of the days.
Getting the appropriate tools for the job is very hard and a pain staking adventure.
Hmm, in Michigan we can get in trouble for not taking our lunch and it's not that hard to advance and get your pay up if you are a decent tech. The only techs that complain about low pay are the ones that seem to have to worst numbers. To get the correct tools, all it takes is asking a supervisor or manager, or ordering from the warehouse. As a new hire you get over 20 paid days off a year.... Can it really be that different where you work?

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