Comcast is a horrible place to work

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Cable Guy

Valley Springs, CA

#1 Jun 21, 2008
Here some facts about Comcast.

They do not pay well at all and advancement is extremely hard.

They over work their technicians and make taking a lunch almost impossible on atleast 50% of the days.

Getting the appropriate tools for the job is very hard and a pain staking adventure.

Valley Springs, CA

#3 Jul 2, 2008
Don't forget about too heavy workloads and no lunch break. I'm sure the Cal Dept of Labor would love to know more about this.
Time to unionize.
haha_I_feelYourP ain

Lodi, CA

#4 Jul 3, 2008
you sure you dont mean dish? lmao same thing there :[

Valley Springs, CA

#5 Jul 5, 2008
Oh yeah, also that they took away MLK Birthday, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day away from the technicians while the office people and managment get to spend the day with their families. I am shocked that we still get Thankgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day off, but that will probably change soon enough with these idiots that are running the company.
Don't believe it when they say "Employee First", its just a bunch of garbage.

United States

#6 Jul 15, 2008
man pppl go back and forth saying comcast is good place to work or not work but i noticed that all these compliant are from other states becuase i live in florida so I dont know how well the company treats employees

Manteca, CA

#7 Aug 7, 2008
They tell you its the law to take a lunch break but overload you with morning jobs which lead to the early afternoon followed but an overload of afternoon jobs to get to so no time for lunch not to mention the required by law 10 minute breaks you are supposed to get. They say that they "pay overtime", but who wants to go home late every night or some of the people in my office have a spouse who works nights or other obligations.
Yeah Boi

Sebastian, FL

#8 Sep 17, 2008
You all couldn't hack it. Its a great place to work. Maybe you didn't manage your time or route properly.

A word of advice dont put too much salt on the fries, at your new job
Super Tech

Elmhurst, IL

#9 Oct 8, 2008
I have been with them for 2 1/2 years. Yes, sometimes you work overtime and sometimes you miss a lunch. I get paid pretty well, I have every tool and equipment i need and enjoy the work. IS IT POSSIBLE YOU ARE ONE OF THE LAZY TECHS I GO BEHIND AND CLEAN UP THE MESS? that's the only part I don't like, lazy people who resort to whining on the web instead of to your HR, that do a half-asses job...
Super Tech

Elmhurst, IL

#10 Oct 8, 2008
AAA wrote:
Oh yeah, also that they took away MLK Birthday, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day away from the technicians while the office people and managment get to spend the day with their families. I am shocked that we still get Thankgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day off, but that will probably change soon enough with these idiots that are running the company.
Don't believe it when they say "Employee First", its just a bunch of garbage.
its "think customer first" and every employee in country still gets memorial,4th and labor day off, MLK is just an appeasement day...

Manteca, CA

#11 Oct 11, 2008
Up until 4 weeks ago us heer in Central California lost MLK, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day for 2008. About 4 weeks ago we were told that they have now abandoned that and we will get those days off automatically again. And it if you want to work O/T those days you can.

"Super Tech" first thing is out here they do go by the term "employee first" as well as "customer first".
Secondly, I too am one of those that has to go and clean up after others but its mostly after the crappy contractors that they hire. Most of our in house techs do a great job. I have been doing this for a very long time and have seen it all from TCI, Continental, Media One, AT&T and now Comcast.
Too much emphasise has now been put on "numbers" and there is way too much micro managing going on.
The Stockton leadership team is about as out of touch with today's field work environment as John McCain is about the "average Joe six-pack".

It may be better in Illinois, and I know people who have transeferred here from other parts of the counrty who have said how bad things are run here from what they have seen elsewhere.

Try getting on average 90+ points per day and your first job is close to an hour away.

Lombard, IL

#12 Oct 22, 2008
y dont all of you quit bitching about the lunch deal dispatch gives you the jobs not supervisors and supervisors tell you to take a lunch and that dispatch cant tell you when to not take a lunch.. idk maybe its different in your guy's area but i take a lunch every day wether im behind or not

Since: Oct 08

San Francisco, CA

#13 Oct 25, 2008
I am surprised Comcast hasnt hired illegals of any country to replace there employee's. So that they dont have give there employee's what they deserve. A good working enviroment.
big jim

Crystal Lake, IL

#14 Nov 12, 2008
i to work for comcast loved my job tell thay told me i have a choice take a damotion or leave because my job which was in construction is going by by which is very dumb move because win crap hits the fan an stuff is on ground who the hell is going to get back up in air not contractors @ 3 am ......
downward spiral

Union, NJ

#15 Nov 19, 2008
Ive been at comcast for a couple years now and I agree that its been going in the wrong direction. Alot of the higher up jobs have been downsized and alot of hrs responsibilities have been put on the techs I hate all contractors like everyone of you and I try to do the best job possible but I rarely get to take lunch I never get the 10 minute break and I bust my ass for unfair wages. I like my sup and the bosses and they even agree that its to much work . It sounds like its the same all over and how are you supposed to move up in the company when 10 out of the 12 months theres a hiring freeze.

Richgrove, CA

#17 Jan 16, 2009
I'm a contractor here in fresno. Enjoy working but damn those lazy as in house. Driving 3 to 4 vans to a job, come on. In house don't like us contractors hate you guys with a passion too. We all do the same thing. Deal with it. There's always going to be something said. There is good and bad tech from either side so no need to judge. Do your thing and pay your bills.
Bunch of Dummies

Hendersonville, TN

#18 Mar 13, 2009
I worked for Comcast for 4 years as a technician. The office where I worked whom, the technicians couldn't get into after 430 or 5, when the supervisors and manager were gone. We asked the question every year and got the same response, we can let you use the office after hours, because of too much sensitive information around. You guys pass by enough places with bathrooms on the way back to the office. Well I guess they think all of us have very big bladders. They expect us to turn in our vans at the end of the day, but do all your paperwork in your van and hold your urine or feces while you do it. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! this is the 21st century, ever heard of putting deadbolts on your doors, if you are afraid of people looking at sensitive information. Because after driving a van for 8-12 hours a day and then going to the office, you would like to get out of it for a while and do paperwork and use the bathroom. Everything is blamed on the technicians, even problems in the headend, the supervision won't make adjustments to the techs repeat rate. They tend to put people in places that have no idea of what the technician is doing. Some of the managers that are in place haven't been in the field in years, so how can that manager know what the technician is doing if the last time that manager was in the field, they didn't even have internet service. Like I said technicians are used and abused and appreciated very little by the management. They expect the most from a technician and do the least for them.

Sacramento, CA

#19 Apr 3, 2009
I've also worked for comcast for a number or years, was a contractor for a year before i went in-house. I've never been treated so badly or payed so poorly at any job i've ever had, I'm been in the telecom industry for a little over 10 years and the other posts nailed it, they promote the people that kiss thier ass and don't have a clue how to do the job. We had a tech that R/S'ed most jobs he had and now he's our north valley trainer, and we've had a tech that they made a "acting lead" tech about a year or more ago that generated more work orders that said in the notes to never send him back. In the years i've worked here it's just getting worse, the poster was right about them making up number to set you up to fail. I've brought up that the numbers are unfair as far as repeats that you have no control over as the other poster had said, no matter how valid of a point you bring up they ignore it. I thought maybe it was just my office that was run poorly but i can see by all these other posts that it's a company wide problem. These people that think it's a great place to work must have never had a desent job in thier life. The managment is saying that this year may be our last bonus because of the economy but i just looked up the companys Q1 earning statement and it looks like their expecting to excede last years figures. I agree we should get a union in place but at least in my office we had alot of new hires that don't realize what a shitty place it is to work yet, the managers have way more control then they should with no oversight. When the employee handbook says right in there that they can make additions without letting you know whats to stop them from adding a entry if they want another reason to get rid of somebody. We have a employee who has a class action lawsuit about them overloading us with work and we can't take our lunch or breaks, In my office at least i know that every tech in there has worked many days without lunch or breaks. I also agree that the managers havn't been in the field for years and they tell us we have to do all these tests and make sure we do this and that and they don't bother to give us any extra time on the job. Customers wonder why sometimes we're short with them? If only they knew what it's like to work for this company i would think they'd be a little more understanding.
We need a union

Valley Springs, CA

#20 Apr 18, 2009
This is really getting out of control!
The expectations on all of us are greater than they were several years ago and yet the rate of pay stays the same.
We have become phone technicians without the proper increase of pay (ever see what AT&T or Verizon techs make with a far lesser work load?).
You'd be surprised just how much better they are compensated. I knoew a tech who went to Verizon from being a cable installer/service tech making about $19.00 per hour at the time. He started off making $17.50 with Verizon and within 3 months he was up to $22.00 and in a year he was almost to $27.00.

We get a workload that in the majority of the cases does not give us the proper lunch break required by law. They say that if we get stuck on an AM job that runs us late and then have a full slate of PM work that we should take our break while at the customer's home. Tell me how that would look to a customer if they see us sitting out on their front lawn eating a sandwich.

I hope that this class action suit that is being brought gets some results because Comcast has gone way too far with the demands they put on their employees.
I really don't know who gets surveyed when we see some of the results that say "Comcast is a great place to work", I think it only managers and office people who are questioned, not the front line so-called "faces of the company".

I hope I get called to testify in this suit since myself and my co-workers are not sending back out little envelopes opting out of it.

Where the hell is the IBEW? Its time people, we need to wake up and have a voice. I have been doing this line of work for over 15 years now and have pretty much seen it all and this is the time that we all must rise up and "get er done".

Hopewell, VA

#21 Apr 25, 2009
All I need to say is some of you are complaining and bitching about comcast especaially the ones that have been there more than 90 days, if you hate your job so much, no one has you handcuffed to comcast. QUIT!! I hate people who work for an company that complains, complains and complains but yet they do not have the motivation, courage, or even experience to leave and persue something that you think you would love to do. Every job has problems, and nothing is perfect at any job. So suck it up stay there and try to do your best and move up within the company or shut up and quit. You always have options in life and no one is pending you down to your employer, if your not happy LEAVE!!! I work for comcast and I LOVE IT, I work hard everyday and they reconize my work and award me for it, so if your not a slacker and you follow all of the rules, you will be fine.
The Voice

Valley Springs, CA

#23 Jun 16, 2009
Comcast California is what I am speaking of, especially in teh Central Valley.
The ops manager (Tim)is basically a dictator, he thinks he knows it all and its his way. I too have seen a growing trend in the company that they are really treating their employees like third rate citizens with everything they are throwing at us with the same level of pay.
Is it right that someone can go from being a video/internet tech to also being a phone tech and not get a raise? You are doing a whole new job, learned a new skill and yet you make the same and must await your yearly "insulting" minoot percentage raise come March or attempt to go to another level of "Commtech" but pretty much have the final test just about impossible to pass?
It really is time for employees to unionize, I really do not know why so many are scared. Sure the company has used scare tactics in the past and even fired an employee in Oakland who used his voice. But we all need to stand together as one and get the IBEW involved now, ask any AT&T or PG&E employee and they will tell you how crazy it is to NOT be represented.
Think about it long and hard my friends, its something that needs to be done or its only going to get worse.

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