police need to make a stop to latino ...

police need to make a stop to latino gangs!

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Hanford, CA

#1 Sep 4, 2008
everything is getting out of hand, ever since they enforced border laws! they seem to be crossing the border even faster!
God you people

Stockton, CA

#2 Sep 19, 2008
Excuse me It's not just the Mexicans.

Towson, MD

#3 Sep 23, 2008
say man i live in baltimore maryland and are
latino population is at 46, 000 in the city
but we do have the MEXICAN MAFIA 18TH gang here
in baltimore gangs are not going to get young
kids no where but death

Meridian, ID

#4 Sep 26, 2008
Latinos need to stop Latino gangs. Have they no pride in their culture?

Riderwood, MD

#5 Jan 7, 2009
latino gangs hit baltimore county cities
barrio locos latin posse
varrio hood mob crew
ms13 is the biggest latino gang in the baltimore
metro dundalk rosedale brooklyn park
randallestown middle river maryland
woodlwan maryland parkville essex maryland
d.d.p dominicans dont play from new york city
mexican mafia middle river towson white marsh
cantosville maryland
these latino gangs are in to the drug trade
gun sales they are getting bigger gang colors
orange green white blue black these gangs
have mafia boss in the county cities they are in
with tree top pirus chost town bloods
purple city pirus
these are just some of the gangs
that are fighting for streets and neighborhoods
here in the baltimore metro area
hi my name is jose lopes i work with the
baltimore county gang unit we also have
diffrent crip sets like 187 mafia gangster crips
rollin tens crip set
cash flow mafia gangster crips
mudertown crips these gangs have girls to
but we are working real hard with baltimore city
police and maryland state police we even
have white hate gangs in harford county maryland
westminister maryland howard county in some areas
here in 2009 some gangs have just 15 to 25 members
some have 50 to 100 members this gangs age are
from age as young 9 to 25 years old
most of these gang members are from baltimore area
but we do have gang members from new york city
new jersy texas and even have some crip members
all the way from losangeles ca we have some
girl gangs in baltimore city and county that
are part of some of the crip sets and blood sets
and we have neighborhood girl gangs that are part
of latino gangs as as just block gangs
like the hood rat posse girls in east baltimore
ghetto mod girls the gangster mafia girls
the cherry hill south side piru blood girls
blvd girls north avenue girls green mount dragons
these gangs that are girls have sex with some
of thir home girls some girl gangs just like to
party and some will sale drugs and guns just
like the boys will as are latino populatinon grows
the gangs will get bigger but we are working hard
to get them out of here latino gangs are also
in middle schools high schools and some in grade
schools these gangs they go to house partyies after school met at malls parks to get kids in
we have more latino police on the baltimore city
police and baltimore county police

Towson, MD

#6 Jan 23, 2009
ms13 and us surenos 13 eme mexican mafia we
are looking to move in to african tree top pirus
bloods hoods in woodlwan randallestown west
b.more to take over purple city bloods blocks
look home boys we have mack 9s guns see treetop
pirus bloods talk to munch and if they are
real they would come see us just like purple city
pirus see we know that baltimore is 65 prcent
black so what we are killers to homie we do not
talk we do look slobs we are downtown we party
at the clubs but we get down and nasty to homes
we sets mostly in towson middle river essex
rosedal dundalk patterson park west b,more
sandtown thats pirus area not a thing has happed
but it will see we do not like ms13 but here
in baltimore and washinghton dc area we have to
come as one to take over some blood hoods here
in baltimore and dc area we do not hate blacks
we just hate the black gangsters we are surenos
mexican mafia tree top pirus KILLERS and purple
city KILLERS SEE WE HAVE home boys from dallas
houston mexico city and homies from southern ca
we have a set in highlandtown called highland town
13 surenos eme mexican mafia we ms13 and surenos
united we are going to be strong and nasty .
only boy

Riderwood, MD

#7 Jan 29, 2009
we are from southern ca but now we are out here
on the east coast washinghton dc area northern va
out side of phiadelphia out side of boston ma
we are in new jersy new york city miami atlanta
nasville and here in baltimore area cities of
harford county maryland ovelea maryland towson
catonsville maryland greektown in baltimore city
like any one we wear the number 18TH STREET ON ARE
heads arms backs we have some whites are gang
but we get the ones that will not talk to police
because they know better because we will kill them
homie we wear black and brown colors we have girls
to we have homies out here in b,more from
long beach ca santa anna ca west lake area of
cental losangeles ca and homies from dallas houston and mexico city see we have drugs that
come all the way from MEXICO CITY AND TEXAS
that we pick up from B.W.I.INTERNATIONAL air port
here in baltimore maryland 18TH STREET MEXICAN

Riderwood, MD

#8 Jan 29, 2009
hi my name is russel latino gangs in baltimore
metropolitan area in 2009 tortilla flats
cyclones 13 f13 t-town flats
florencia 13
18th street gang surenos 13
these gangs are in some baltimore county cities
anne arundel county maryland
and baltimore city these gang members are cental
americans and mexicans baltimore never had latino
gangs back in the 80s or 90s but now with the
drug trade latino gangs are here now no they
are no where is big as the african american gangs
but these gangs are here teaching the loco kids
how they do things in southern ca and dallas houston texas we do have ms13 gang which is
the biggest latino gang in the metro area
but most of them have gone underground now
but with they are active in some areas
mostly the washinghton dc area but over here
in baltimore 18th street surenos 13 are getting
bigger surenos 13 wear blue 18th street wear
black and brown these guys come from texas southern ca and some from mexico city
latino population is only 3 precent here but
they are making moves in the drug trade here in
baltimore metro area they have girls that are in
the gangs as well baltimore police is working
hard with other police from other cities like
dallas houston losangeles new york those cities
have told baltimore police a bout gang members
moving out here to let them know just like
most of the bloods and crip sets are from baltimore but we do have crip members and blood
members from new york city area new jersy and
some members from losangeles area and these guys
will have girls working in the gangs sailing
drugs but mostly dance in the clubs and work
the sex trade in baltimore these gangs are fighting for neighborhoods the latino gangs have
drugs that come in to baltimore from texas southern ca and mexico city we also have crips
and bloods that bring weed and drugs from
new york metro and some times southern ca
these gangs have big time guns that will hurt you
we have 85 gangs in the baltimore metro area
this is sad as hell the dam mayor she knows a bout
the big gang problem we have here she needs to
get out of office and let some one that loves this
city take over ok this out of town gangs that come
here will fight baltimore drug gangs and will
take over some streets of the city and countyies
thats why THE BALTIMORE F.B.I TEAM and police have
to make it real clear that gangs will not stay
in baltimore the police have to make it hard for
them here in 2009 we have dominicans dont play gang dead man inc white hate gangs baltimore
it is like the middle east things must get better
pe wee

Riderwood, MD

#9 Jan 30, 2009
whats up homes eme mexican mafia we are here in
b.more maryland we have been here for the last
4 to 5 years now we have mexican gangs here
we carry hard core members we have sets in
fells point highlandtown patterson park
dundalk middle river maryland towson maryland
essex maryland parkville maryland overlea maryland
catonsville maryland arbutus maryland we are in
to gun sales drug trade we are from dallas houston
mexico city we fight any body we do not hate blacks we are all bout money the only thing we hate is gangs that try to take over are blocks
in the areas of baltimore city and county their
are other latino gangs here in b.more muder land
D.D,P.DOMINICANS DONT PLAY gang from nyc they are
in the county mostly towson est point area
harford county maryland lansdowne baltimore highlands area brooklyn area of baltimore
ms13 they are the biggest latino gang in the b,more metro almighty latin kings are from new york city area they are out in harford county
cockeysville huntvalley maryland

Riderwood, MD

#10 Jan 30, 2009
more dominicans cental americans and mexicans
ARE living in baltimore areas of pimlico
hamilton wavery park heights parkville
overlea towson lansdowne essex linthicum maryland
woodlawn randallstown brooklyn area dundalk
west baltimore east baltimore middle river
we work hard for what we want we get college
education iam a dominican we have 13,000 of us
dominicans here in baltimore area which is
a good thing i would like to see more latino
night clubs in baltimore county in years to come
are latino population in baltimore metro was at
65,000 in 2007 we are here to stay we have a
gret fest in patterson park in the summer time
i know that we have three latino cabs companyies
here we have latino clubs three or four but i
would like to see more in baltimore county to
we have money to opean clubs we just have to
do it we have latinos from new york texas miami
even from southern ca baltimore has to get better
we need more good paying jobs to stay here
we have 3or 4 latino rap groups here that are moving up and will have 5 latino youth baseball
teams this year age 8 to 14 boys and girls we
will have dominican youth baseball team mexican
team porto rican team and a cental american teams
teams will start in mid march and the summer
this will be great for the youth we will play
teams from baltimore anne arundel county
the dc area and we will have summer basketball
teams age 8 to 16 and mens basketball teams
we will play teams from here in baltimore washinghton dc newyork boston phiadelphia
we will have a pro am basketball like they do
in cities like new york city boston phiadelphia

Sacramento, CA

#11 Feb 2, 2009
Cop,s will never stop latino gang,s vola de pendejos. CAN,T stop Won,t stop!!!! hasta la muerte u maranos.

Bel Air, MD

#12 Feb 5, 2009
i work for THE BALTIMORE COUNTY police gang unit
i have been working for the county dep for 14
years now we had crime here in county cities
but not gang problems but gangs started coming
to baltimore county back in 2,000 and 2,0003
but we have police in evrey town in the county
we good police that know a bout gangs we have
bloods crips white gangs now latino gangs that
LATIN KINGS they go by the 5 star crown black
and gold ms13 have gang sets that in dundalk
cockeysville parkville woodlawn catonsville
randallestown arbutus halethorpe they wear ms13
on their hands heads backs they are more underground now the they are in the drug game
and gun sales and put their girls in the dance
the baltimore metro area but they are big in
the drug gun and sex trade in 2009 they have
diffrent sets here in baltimore they have girls
in the gang to they like west coast latino hip
hop music but most of the 18th street gang members
that are over here in baltimore metro are from
dallas houston mexico city but now we do have
a few from the southern ca area the gang colors
are brown and black they have 18TH STREET ON SOME
AREAS of towson middle river essex overlea dundalk
and rosedale area and parksville and they are also
in harford county area to but we are doing every
thing we can to stop this guys the sad thing is
that they have guns A.K.47S and mack 9s
johnny boy

Towson, MD

#13 Feb 13, 2009
iam part of E.M.E.18th street mexican mafia
my set is in brooklyn maryland X.V.lll

Baltimore, MD

#14 Feb 13, 2009
the 18 the street MEXICAN MAFIA GANG is growing
in baltimore county and city
columbia licycos are in brooklyn maryland x8
hoover locos in towson maryland xvlll
shatto park locos in middle river maryland 666
surenos 18th street 999
INGELWOOD 13 THEY are in upper fells point
and dundalk maryland
these gangs have been in baltimore for the last
two years now they are big in the drug trade
they have girls that roll with them they have
guns they are from southern ca area these guys
are age 14 to 30 years old the young ones are the
ones on the streets of baltimore metro area
they bring drugs from southern ca to baltimore
metro area and the washinghton dc area they go
to both air ports in pick it up they are also
in suitland maryland new carrollton maryland
river dale maryland gleen dale maryland bladensburg maryland and faimout heights maryland
those are cities in prince georges county maryland
but the washinghton F.B.I.AND BALTIMORE F.B.I
are working real hard to stop these nuts from
putting drugs in the streets of baltimore and
washinghton dc streets they are also working with
losangeles POLICE A BOUT these 18th street gangsters

Baltimore, MD

#15 Feb 14, 2009
iam from seattle wa and iam african american
that has been here in baltimore for eight years
now and hate the african americans here they
must be the worst that i have never seen
the black women here are sorry looking the city
is sorry i mean you go to new york city and
blacks latinos whites people are cool the women
in new york are nice to talk to the clubs are
a lot differnt thin the clubs here and even
back home in seattle people are better we do
not hate people in seattle here in baltimore
this hate black on black hate whites do not
like blacks we do not have that back on the
west coast i am happy as hell that i am moving
back to seattle where people do not care a bout
what race you are like here in baltimore
i mean come on man as long as i have been here
in baltimore i have never seen a black man
with a nice looking white women or latino women
maybe i should have moved to new york city
but seattle is a great city oh and see why some
whites do not like to go to baltimore city because
of the black uneducated dam fools killing each
other oh and when i here this dam baltimore blacks
talk a bout every where is the same that is not
true baltimore is 10 years backwards it is not
a good city for some looking to have a nice black
women or white women it is just to much hate

Towson, MD

#16 Feb 18, 2009
WHATS up homie this little tony
from columbia lic cycos iam from south cental
losangeles but we are in greektown here in
b.more muder land other 18th street mexican
mafia sets hoover locos
shatto park locos are in brookyn maryland
and surenos 18th street E.M.E.are in rosedale
maryland see we all are united as one we are
mostly in baltimore county in cities of
towson middle river essex dundalk parksville
we are deep in the drug trade here in b.more
metro area in 2009 but we have been here for
over two years now but my homies in greektown
baltimore we go not take shit from no one
homie we have girls that will kick ass just
like we do vato but is like this here we
people that you look out for the baltimore police
and are sets in the county will pay people
that will tell them when the dum police is
around we keep it real hell with tree top pirus
purple city pirus we do not have sets like
that not no purple city but we do have treetop
pirus the they are over in compton ca
but hell with both of them vato because if
we see them trying to stop us making money it
will be people getting hurt we are b.k.killers
and M.S.13.KILLERS FOR real vato columbia
liccycos XV 3

Baltimore, MD

#17 Feb 22, 2009
tortilla flats and the cyclones 13 latino gangs
are in anne arundel county maryland these two
gangs are in linthicum maryland glen burnie md

Sacramento, CA

#18 Mar 2, 2009
You white trash citizens will never get rid of gangs.Can't stop Won't stop!!!!

Towson, MD

#19 Mar 6, 2009
whats up home boys 18th street mexican mafia
my set is called insane publos in park heights
in north west baltimore we wear that brown and
black colors we all so are in the greektown
and dundalk essex middle river rosedale hunt valley maryland maryland as well as highland town
we make money homie we are mexicans out cental
americans we have 18TH MEXICAN MAFIA ON the side
walks of some areas of park heights middle river
towson dundalk we run down to west virginia
north carolina and back home to houston and bring
that good get money high drugs back to b.more
and sale it on the streets
raymound cuz

Baltimore, MD

#20 Mar 6, 2009
tortilla flats cyclones 13 are surenos
we are out side of baltimore in cities of
halethorpe maryland linthicum maryland
west virginia nothern virginia out side of
washinghton dc blue sureno pride 13 the sky is
blue we ride nice cars have nice looking women
new latino night clubs are coming to cities
in lansdowne baltimore highlands area and one
is going to be in south gate maryland but see
the dam anne arundel county mayor they do not
want any clubs where people can have a nice time
homie but we party any way sureno way and 3 lowrider car clubs are in pasadena ferndale
and brooklyn park see this is new to the baltimore
metro area but is going on this spring and summer
see we latinos are coming to maryland from
lots of cities my homies are from losangeles meto
area see whites in anne arundel do not like
african americans or latinos because they think
we just to dum to work or to college no not all
of them but most of them if thats the way they think then hell with them because we are here to
stay white people are not god they can not make
african americans move and they can not stop us
from living here ok see latinos are living here
from mostly east coast cities but a small number
of us are here from southern ca texas and arizona
but we do not take on shit from whites

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