Community Members:

Please be advised that HSP, Inc., dba Teen Triumph and Options in Education, Inc., is a chronically mismanaged nonprofit via board president, David Scatena and executive director, Marti Frederick and her husband, chief financial officer, Craig Frederick.

HSP operates a 36- bed, level 12 ($9000 per youth per month-2.7 million annually) group homes and a Non Public School (Options) 55- students @ 1.3 million annually).

The severe issues concern money and the agencies refusal to release annual audits and board/agenda minutes. And the fraud & embezzlement of public funds for personal profit. Out of the 5.5 million at least 2.25-2.75 vanishes each year.

1) 1990 wages @$10 per hour.
2) No employee evaluations since 2005
3) Falsify staff qualifications through the DSS points audit. 1/3 of employee's are functionally illiterate.
4) Routinely conceal attempted youth suicides, statutory rape, verbal & physical violence against youth.
5) 2012/12 San Joaquin Grand Jury reported a myriad of wrongdoing.
6) 20 employee's illegally fired since 2010 in an attempt to "kill" the institutional memories.
7) A vicious, ruthless, group of socio path type of behaviors of ugly lies, deception and threats' to conceal the 20 year fraud.