Garbage Diggers........

Austin, TX

#65 May 12, 2011
Michael Jones wrote:
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If you got hungry enough you would eat out of a trash can too.
It's HUGE business for I.D. theft.
hungry divers can be found behind stores.

Since: Jul 09

Modesto, CA

#66 May 13, 2011
jhx wrote:
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It's HUGE business for I.D. theft.
hungry divers can be found behind stores.
Very true and I was wrong on the food part too. The thread was started to show one person's experience with the diggers, some of whom make messes. Some of them are out only for ID's. Shred shred shred...

Stockton, CA

#67 May 24, 2011
If they dont leave a mess, leave them alone! they are homeless for gods sake.If you shread and dont want the garbage why would you care?

Since: Jul 09

Fremont, CA

#68 May 24, 2011
Marilyn wrote:
If they dont leave a mess, leave them alone! they are homeless for gods sake.If you shread and dont want the garbage why would you care?
If they don't make a mess I will leave them alone. Infact I'll bring out my cans to them if I have not done so yet. I have never had one make a bad mess and leave it, unlike the person who started this thread...
more pressing matters

Fairfield, CA

#69 Jun 13, 2011
Once you take your garbage to the curb it is free reign however recyclables are different. One cans and such are placed in the bin on the curb they are the property of the recycling service. It's pretty bad that someone would overstep the boundary of the property line though. As for police patrolling for scavengers in Stockton...well I don't know when this thread was started but there have been four murders in the past week so there are obviously more pressing matters. Shred important documents and cut the police a break.

Walnut Creek, CA

#70 Aug 2, 2011
is it illegal to go thru company garbage? example.. party citys or walmart garbage? for unused items or such?

United States

#71 Aug 12, 2011
While I agree no one should be going through your trash why not just put the soda cans in a separate bag they can just take with them.

Phoenix, AZ

#72 Aug 18, 2011
lovelyenchantress wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know if it is illegal or not but if it is I doubt the police would see it as a high priority. I caught a man going through my trash can one morning at 3:00am. When I confronted him he acted as if he had a right to do what he was doing. I told him that I recycle all my cans and bottles. He acted as if I was lying and continued to tear open the garbage bags. I offered him food which he turned down so he obviously was not looking for food.
honestly you shouldnt judge people who do that , you never know what there going thru in life now in days theres hardly jobs for people , & what else can they do ..there not going thru your trash can bcus they want to, its becus there in need . the only thing that can help them out with by getting some money is either recycling different sorts of things . & especially if its in your trash then you should bother its useless for you now rigth ?

Phoenix, AZ

#73 Aug 18, 2011
good luck to fred wrote:
i just put my dosgs weekly shit cache right on the top, lol, i dont want my ss# being used by an immigrant, and i dont want my sons school paper being read by a kidnaping racist and i dont want my wifes work schedual to be known by a crackhead.
i do my best to shred and protect my identity but on the real if my trash can just make it into the truck unmolested i would much rather that.
besides trust me, i recycle everything of value anyway, they dont need to be in my fkn can. period.
emphasis on the
"i recycle everything anyway' part, DIP SH!+
you are just so ignorant ! & have no clue what other ppl are going thru , seriously!!!!! not all teh people are the same & well jsut keep everything inside your stupid house & you wont be t MOLESTED & getting your childs school work papers haha you so funny

Dallas, TX

#74 Aug 30, 2011
California law is once that it is at the curb / sidewalk, it is on public property. It is what you threw away so you dont want it. Why are you so upset? All personal information is should be destroyed before you put it out. There are a few communities that do have ordinances against this but then the police have to get warrants when they want to go through the trash at the curb to get evidence to help them build a case. This is what I understand to be true. Watch what you are saying to people
Get out of my trash bum

Modesto, CA

#75 Sep 27, 2011
I hate the effing bummers that are constantly digging through the recyclable bins on garbage day. Like many posters have said, they dump shit all over the ground, leaving a nice mess for me to clean up. Disrespectful pieces of shit. Why should I feel sorry for the bummers? Think I enjoy slaving away in the office for 50+ hrs a week and stressing my ass off? No, but I do what I gotta do so I don't have to pick through fucking garbage cans for a living.

Manteca, CA

#76 Sep 28, 2011
Sandy wrote:
I get woken up time after time by these insensitive garbage diggers scouring through my trash. I certainly do not feel comfortable with complete strangers digging through my leftovers (including personal papers - shredders are messy and I'd like to think I could trust my city to dispose of my garbage securely), when they know where I live. They can see what sort of lifestyle I live and know my address should they choose to rob me... Hell, they know what I've got to steal, just by finding the discarded boxes of my purchases in the trash! And, if THEY don't steal, how can we not be certain they aren't telling relatives or friends in a more desperate situation than themselves what they've seen in my bin, that indicates what valuable items I have in my house. If they are poor, get help from the government; if they are illegal, TOO BAD! They should go back to their country of origin and go through the LEGAL IMMIGRATION PROCESS, like I had to!! I feel it is a GROSS invasion of privacy... I put my trash out on the road expecting it to go to the refuse, ANONYMOUSLY and without being tampered with. I don't appreciated the bags being ripped open and my trash,(including tampons!), strewn across the road, at 6 in the morning, jolting me from my sleep! I have a great solution, and I encourage you all (who are as fed up) to start doing the same - Save emptying the kitty litter until the night before trash day and keep a "juice and vegetable scrap" bucket in the kitchen... After placing your trash bags in the bins and putting the bins on the curb, open the bin lid and pour the smelly contents and cat shit on top on the bags. That should deter those selfish scavengers!! Digging through other people's garbage should be illegal!!!!! America is NOT a peasant society!! We are civilized people and SHOULD NOT be allowing this kind of animalistic behavior!!
your turly right I save a few dirty diapers on thurs and friday set the trash out that will blow they mind iam sick of seein trash blowin throu my street!!!

Cypress, TX

#77 Nov 9, 2011
at least you get to eat every day

Fairfield, CA

#78 Nov 16, 2011
brock wrote:
at least you get to eat every day
Simple... but speaks volumes!

Riverside, CA

#79 Jan 25, 2012
Well, I just caught someone digging through my recyclables can. And just as other people has said, he acted like he had every right to do so. I don't like people digging through my trash, scattering it around the street and making a mess. It's frustrating that there is apparently nothing I can do about it other than call the police, who won't show up because it's a low priority.

We are required to pay for trash pick-up by the city, it's part of the monthly utility bill, along with paying for sewing, electricity and everything else. It is illegal for people to take recyclables out of the can here in Riverside, as the city uses what it gains from the recyclables to offset the cost of the trash pick up. Which use to be $15 a month years ago, and now is about $60/month.

So I looked it up, and once the recyclables are put on the curb, they are considered city property here, and taking recyclables out of the can is illegal. But the reality of the situation, and this is what is really ticking me off, is that these scavengers are stealing and getting away with it.... and there is apparently nothing I can do about it. Because I can't DO anything to them without breaking the law myself. Yet when we call the police, nothing is done because it's a low priority (aka not an emergency). Hell, when I was robbed it took the cops 3 hours to respond because no one was bleeding. So I really don't feel like calling the police does any good these days, which is really frustrating.

And yes, I've read the posts where people are saying "Man up and kick their ass." But guess what, then you've committed Assault and Battery. And what if they guy is bigger or stronger? Then you get hurt. You can't pull a weapon out, because then you are guilty of Brandishing A Deadly Weapon, which is a misdemeanor. And heaven forbid you ever actually use said weapon, because then you're guilty of attempted murder, which gets you life in prison.

So you can't do anything but call the cops about it, and the cops never show up, or if they do all they'll do is tell the scavenger to move along. So they go to another neighborhood and steal the recyclables there, and come back a few months later after you've forgotten all about it.

Why don't people have the right to stop scavengers from rummaging through their trash cans? To stop them from stealing recyclables that are intended for the city to offset the cost of trash collection so we don't have to pay so much? To stop them from scattering garbage all over our streets? Law enforcement isn't doing anything about the problem, and the citizen's hands are tied by the law.

Dry Ridge, KY

#80 Feb 26, 2012
For the less fortunate? That's one thing, but to clearly go into my property and rip open bags of garbage I have tied up is rude. I'm the one that has to go out and pick that shit up and re-bag it all. Thus, I have to spend more money because I have to now use more bags because they are so inconsiderate. It's gross and nasty. I can see if there is a table or chair someone wanted. That's not in a trashcan. If there is a law. I will call the police every chance I can get or see them. Matter of fact, I just had someone do this. I was trying to see if there was a law against it. Broad daylight dude ripped open all my bags. I cussed and screamed at him. I would say I made him feel stupid, but clearly he is going through trash bags during the daylight. Clearly pride isn't something he possesses. Pathetic. Next time I will punch him in his face.

Manteca, CA

#81 Sep 20, 2012

It is a misdemeanor in Stockton, CA to do this!!!!! I am ok if they are not making a mess HOWEVER 6 people have been through my trash in the 3 hours its been on the curb and they started making a mess everywhere!!!!! The guy that started throwing stuff everywhere I was polite to and said to get out of my trash and he said get over it this is normal. Really?!?!?! maybe if you were a little nicer I would give you food. I recycle as well as donate anything usable! They are not going to get anything by making a mess!

Riverside, CA

#82 Dec 3, 2012
Just rub black axle grease all over the trash. After they get covered in the stuff they'll avoid your trash bins.

Riverside, CA

#83 Dec 3, 2012
The cost of refuse collection in San Bernardino is offset by the money the city gets from the recyclables so when these people steal recyclables it's the same as stealing money out of my pocket because the city then has to increase the collection fee to cover the loss. The practice needs to stop. They are no different than the thieves that steal copper from air conditioners, electrical power vaults, and street lights. Every recyclable thief I've encountered is a Mexican.

Pompano Beach, FL

#84 Apr 1, 2013
Fed Up Stocktonian wrote:
WHy are the people rummaging through our neighborhoods garbage bins? Is this not illegal?
Why is the PD/sheriff doing nothing to stop them?
TOnight I was driving down a city street while two people were walking the neigborhood going from trash can to trash can. A City Police Officer drove right by them without even slowing....
Two words: identity theft

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