The real Mark Zigler

Elk Grove, CA

#22 Mar 29, 2010
Bill wrote:
We just got home from Central Valley Nissan in Modesto where we had to leave the same Murano since it basically lost most of its power (covered under warranty) and ofcourse it being a Sunday the rental agencies are closed and they gave us a vehicle to use to get home so we can then go back tomorrow and get a rental car to use until the repairs are made.
They didn't have to do that for us and everytime we have an issue or just want some service work done we only go to Central Valley Nissan, they have treated us so well, especially after hearing about our horror show with Stockton Nissan, especially with manager Mark Zigler and Scott Sniffin.
The next car we buy will definately be bought in Modesto at one of the Central Valley Auto Group dealerships.
In this day of a lousy economy, one would think that all dealerships would treat their customers like Central Valley Nissan has done with us.
Now, this is getting comical with the repeated positive refrences to Central Valley and attempted slander of Stockton. Any rational thinking human being now has to wonder..."who is really behind all of these continued posts?" I would immediately see through your facade. What free services are being offered to continue to attempt to slander the honest, hard working professionals at Stockton? The more I read this post the more it sounds like a commercial for CVN. So, maybe enough is enough, because we all can now see the REAL motivation for you to write this dribble. You are pathetic.
PS/ Again, I no longer work for Stockton Nissan, so this is my opinion, not the dealerships. I would send my mother, best friend or anybody I know to Stockton for Sales or Service!
The real Mark Zigler

Elk Grove, CA

#23 Mar 29, 2010
Bill wrote:
The used car sales manager was extremely rude and they do not back up their cars repair wise.
I will post more details later.
Stockton Nissan has sold and serviced THOUSANDS of cars and trucks. The staff are second to none in this industry. After working for Scott Sniffin for over 4 years, I can tell you that he manages his business with integrity and fairness. Any time there was an issue, he would always lean towards the benefit of the customer, even when it may not have been required or "deserved".
"Bill" contacted the dealership after several attempts to purchase a car at other dealerships, but could not attain financing, due to challenged credit, and having huge negative equity in the trade which was broken down. They were demanding to be pre-approved before coming in, and stated they were tired of being denied, and lied to at other stores. They insisted on an answer immediately, as their car "would not make it up the hill". We finally received an approval from one source. The lender structured the deal to where there was little or no profit in the deal, based on their poor credit and negative equity, but...we took the deal to try to help this customer who would have otherwise been stuck. When they picked up their Pre-owned Murano, they were overjoyed, due to the fact it was exactly what they wanted, and was AWD. Upon presenting the features of the vehicle, I explained very clearly the operation of the rear differential lock on the center console, and let them know that it should only be used in limited traction conditions, ot dry highway type driving. They left the store happy. Shortly thereafter we were informed there may be a problem with the car, it was towed from their foothill location in which we paid the $200++ towing bill. We also sent a porter to bring them a loaner car, right to their doorstep. Upon inspection, we found the differential lock button, not just depressed, but PUNCHED THROUGH the center console! They had a VERY unruly child bouncing all over the interior of the car before leaving the dealership, so I can just imagine what may have happened. Well, they complained that it was burnt, but indeed the fluid heated up, expanded and some fluid exited through the venting tube, spilling on to the muffler. The differential was drained, flushed, serviced, and road-tested. There was never an issue with the muffler at that time. after the customer had picked up the car and a few days later the issue of the "damaged muffler" arose. The husband told me one thing, while the wife contradicted him in as much as where the vehicle had been driven since leaving our store. Regardless, we AGAIN, attempted to help, by inspecting the vehicle, at no charge. We discovered the muffler had some sort of contact with something painted and found concrete residue where the muffler had contacted something like a wheel stop or a curb. We declined to pay for a muffler that had clearly been damaged after leaving the store the second time, because if the damage had been there previously, we would have noticed it. I trust Stockton Nissan's service department with my personal vehicles, and have had nothing but great service, before during and after my employment there. I have nothing at all to gain or lose by spending the time to write this, but after seeing this pack of slanderous lies and one sided commentary, I had to respond. No matter how fair and ethical we are, how hard we work to help a customer who was "stuck", no matter what type of slander and verbal abuse we take from someone like this. I took pride in my efforts to make Stockton Nissan a great place to buy and service your car. I no longer work at Stockton Nissan and this is solely my opinion. I have nothing to gain or lose by replying, other than people have a right to hear the TRUTH. Please see my responses to other slander on this issue here on Topix.
The real Mark Zigler

Elk Grove, CA

#24 Mar 29, 2010
Well, Well,
Seems I may be on to something here...
Murphys, CA ??? "Heather S." or "Pete" (both from Murphys) may be also posting as the "imposter Mark Zigler" ...
Remember this:
Sending a post from an IP address is like fingerprint that you can't erase.

Idiots..."every village has one"
just a fly on the wall

Elk Grove, CA

#25 Mar 29, 2010
Heather S wrote:
Stockton Nissan also treated my husband and I badly. The entire experience from the sales department to the service department was nothing short of horrible. We had problems with our used vehicle from about week 2 of ownership and those in charge of that place really could care less about the buyers once the car leaves the lot.
We have already traded in the car at Central Valley Nissan and yes, they do treat THEIR customers right.
Screw you Scott Sniffin and your lousy business practice.
More Commercials for Central Valley??...hmmmm??? A trend? Seems like one to me, even as a casual observer, I would venture to say, with 5 Nisssan dealerships located within 60 miles, and only ONE gets slandered, and ONE gets praised. Sounds more and more like a personal vendetta. Wow....really?
just a fly on the wall

Elk Grove, CA

#26 Mar 29, 2010
Richard wrote:
I too bought a used vehicle from them and was very unhappy with the whole process and when I had a repair issue with my car they were not very accomodating and it was still under warranty. I will never by another vehicle from them again as I was treated poorly by Mark. They make car buying way too complex and they seem to come back at you with issue after issue.
Is it Richard, William, or Bill today from Lathrop?? quick think fast...uuuuhh, yeah, I thougt so. Not just a coincidence, now is it? See, I changed my name now too....buzzz buzzzz.
just a fly on the wall

Elk Grove, CA

#27 Mar 29, 2010
mike hancho wrote:
stockton nissan can eat ah dick
Wow, Mike, very eloquent commentary. Typical of the mentality of those who have posted slanders here. Slander, oh, I'm sorry too big of a word for you? obviously....look it up in a dick-shunary, moron.
Moron: you will find that meaning in there, too...right next to your picture!
just a fly on the wall

Elk Grove, CA

#28 Mar 29, 2010
These guys are criminals. It starts with Scott Sniffin, the owner. He's a lying, conniving piece of work and his style of business flows downward throughout the whole dealership.
Long story short.....we bought our 2006 Nissan Pathfinder LE brand new from STOCKTON NISSAN. We bought the $5000.00 maintenance package. We've never been really satisfied with the service or personnel over there, but it was close to where we live and the dealership where we bought it.
Our real problems started when they sold us defective tires, balanced them incorrectly and completely botched the alignment.
We attempted to show Scott the tires, but not only would he have no look at them, he said he would not take back used tires whether they were defective or not.
We had new tires put on elsewhere. We have documentation that the tires are defective. We had the tires balanced correctly. The tire technician said he had never seen such a job of balancing by the dealership. When two rows of weights have to be added on 180 degrees of the tire, there's a problem. That's STOCKTON NISSAN'S SERVICE TECHS....
We then had it properly aligned where all four wheels were found to be incorrect just days after the STOCKTON NISSAN alignment. W
We just want our 740.00 bucks back for their inept work and defective tires. That's not even considering all of the headache we've been through....
I do have a clear recolection of the day you came to the store. What it all boils down to, really, is the manner in which you approached Scott. Based on your physical state, there were definate signs of some "substance issues" making you sweat profusely on a cool day, and your pupils were dialated to the size of dimes. You had your fists balled up and came at him like a mad dog. You are very lucky your hand stayed at your side, because I was standing next to you, and if you had so much as twitched, that would have been the last thing you remembered of that day. Scott actually took time to try to speak to you and asked one or two simple questions;
1) Did you attempt to contact us WHEN you had the issue, so it could have been addresses at that time?
Answer: NO
2) Did you give us an opportunity to examine the tires/mounting BEFORE they were dis-mounted from the rims?
Answer: NOPE
3)Long before a tire wears out from poor alignment, there are VERY strong indications that there may be a problem. Did you have your vehicle maintained by the dealership? And if so, what was recommended? The dealer does not have a crystal ball to find the answers to your issues, you must make someone aware that there is a problem, BEFORE it becomes a major one.
Were YOU as much to blame for tires wearing un-evenly or mis-alignment? Did you, or someone else, ever bump in to a curb or something? EVER?
Answer: Probably
Who would just spend $700+ dollars, and just ASSume someone would just write them a check, without being given a chance to find remedy, possibly from the tire manufacturer? Last time I checked, Stockton Nissan did not MANUFACTURE tires. If you feel there was evidence of poor workmanship or installation issues, did you attempt to seek remedy from ANY source? No, you just bought the tires, and because some "tire shop" told you they were defective and mounted wrong. My guess is that the tire shop wanted to sell you some tires, sucka! Sounds to me like you got "screwed", but not by the dealership.
I no longer work for Stockton Nissan, but still maintain my relationship with the service department, and Scott. They operate with integrity and fairness. If given a chance to address your issues PRIOR to you just going off to some "tire dude", and had you approached Scott and Ron like a MAN, you would have found the experience to be quite different.
on to your game

Elk Grove, CA

#29 Mar 29, 2010
Heather S wrote:
Stockton Nissan also treated my husband and I badly. The entire experience from the sales department to the service department was nothing short of horrible. We had problems with our used vehicle from about week 2 of ownership and those in charge of that place really could care less about the buyers once the car leaves the lot.
We have already traded in the car at Central Valley Nissan and yes, they do treat THEIR customers right.
Screw you Scott Sniffin and your lousy business practice.
Free oil change from Central Valley? wow...
You would think that there are more constructive ways to address problems,(or PERCEIVED problems) at the dealership level. Did you voice any issues to management or to the owner? Probably not. Since you did not state a particular issue, I would venture a guess you cant pinpoint where the dealership was at fault.
As a former employee, I can assure you that given an opportunity to do something to remedy an issue, Scott would not hesitate to help. That, of course, is if you approached the issue in a civil and adult manner. Again, probably not.
Mark Fly On Game

Elk Grove, CA

#30 Mar 29, 2010
OK, now...once and for all...
I think anybody who reads this thread can assess the facts. There is a common denominator with all of the complaints here. Perception of "a car dealer in general", and how the issue was approached. I can assure you, there is no better place in Stockton, or surrounding areas to buy or service a Nissan product. Ron Aguilar is a talented, dedicated service manager, and the service technicians are second to none. There are hundreds of storys I could relate of how the service department fixed other stores botches, but we dont have the time for all of them. AND, how the owner INSISTS customers are treated fairly and given all the information to make an educated and informed buying decission. He does not tolerate abusive sales tactics in his store. He takes part in all daily operations himself. When I was employed at Stockton Nissan, I learned much from Scott Sniffin as to how to operate a business with integrity and fairness. They are there to make a profit, sure, but continue to strive to improve the store and customer service. I can relate dozens of storys where a customer was asking for help, and where most stores would have told them they were on their own, Scott helped. Sometimes when we KNEW the customer was fabricating something, or just looking to "get something for nothing " it was easier and more beneficial to just take care of it, than to agrue the point with them, just to prove we did nothing wrong or improper. But there has to be a limit, and unreasonable people and their demands do not bode well in a fair business environment. When a store does it right, you rarely hear about it, but consider this fact: For over 5 years, Stockton Nissan has been engaged in selling and servicing automobiles under Scott's ownership. THOUSANDS of new and used cars and trucks have been sold and serviced. We can count one ONE HAND how many dis-satisfied people posted here. The dealership is run by human beings, and sure, there had been mistakes on rare occassions, and will be more. But they learned from them, and given proper opportunity, gladly helped those who reached out in a civil manner for assistance. I truly miss working side by side with Scott, he was a fair and ethical man to work for. I continue to have my vehicles serviced by them, despite the 30 mile drive, it is well worth it. I stand to gain nothing by posting here, as I have moved on to another business endeavor, but felt a need to address the unfair slander perpetuated by a few foolish people here.
Mark Zigler

Elk Grove, CA

#31 Mar 30, 2010
Hey, I gotta agree with that guy on that one. A couple yers ago I tried to deal with a couple local used car dealers and was getting the run around, and they couldnt evem get me a loan. Our neighbors got the hook up with Mark at Stockton, so we went there. The finance guy got us pre-approved while we were checking out some used cars there and ended up driving home in a car. wasnt exactly what we were really trying to get, but it worked out. anyway, after they helped us and were cool about it, got us a good rate on a better car than we thought we could get, I felt bad having to call and say that we had a problem. Since the car was used, I kinda figured they would tell me sorry, but they totally took care of everything. They gave my wife a car to drive when they were fixing it. It turned out that when we drove to a friends on a dirt road and there was a rock stuck in the brakes. They diddnt even ask for anything and it wasnt there fault. We sent some other people there too and one friend couldnt get financing, but said they were really cool about everything. and then they ended up getting a co signer and going back and getting a Titan. oh well, just wanted to say sometimes if you are cool, people will be cool to you.

Since: Jul 09

Livermore, CA

#32 Apr 9, 2010
A few years ago I saw a bumper stick that said "We took it up the ass at Tracy Honda".

We laughed and never did go there when looking for a car...

Oakdale, CA

#33 Apr 20, 2010
Stockton Native

Stockton, CA

#34 Aug 26, 2010
Mark admit it Scott Fired you

like he fires everyone,10 different managers, He puts the blame on everyone but himself, He has to report to Michael (fresno auto group for those who want to know the real owner)so he can save his over weight self..

and why are you trying to act like you are educated in your grammer wake up this is the car business
The real Mark Zigler wrote:
[Again, I no longer work for Stockton Nissan, so I can reply frankly and openly, but not on behalf of the dealership.
You brought your own misery on yourself, all we did was our jobs.
I also want to address the issue of the offer to "unwind" your car deal. The owner "OWNS" a business, and hires managers to "manage" it. This particular owner is on site more than ANY other OWNER I have ever come in contact with in over 25 years in the auto industry. He happened to be out of town with his family that evening, trying to enjoy his time off with his kids, but had to deal with YOUR drama over the phone with me. At that particular moment, we had not actually secured financing based on the agreed terms of your contract, as signed. At that moment, we were choosing to exercise our right of rescision under paragraph K of your contract. Part of your down payment was in the form of a "hold check" and had not been negotiated yet, what you were demanding was the entire amount. It was after hours for our business office, had it not been, you would have been given cleared funds on the spot, and sent packing in that clunker you sputtered in to the dealership in. As far as needing the money to "go up the road and buy somewhere else" Well, you had already tried that and been shot down EVERYWHERE. In addition, you were offered the balance in the morning. If you had the ability to "go up the road" and buy elsewhere, you could have easily written them a check that night, they dont run to the bank to cash your check that moment. You also lied as to the repairs needed on your trade, but we took that in stride, assuming the worse. THAT is why you could not take the car home, the check engine light was the least of it, the car had valve damage and a burnt turbo. We lost heavily on that car at auction. This is the way it is... We made next to nothing on your deal, based on the max the lender would allow financed, with your buried state of your trade. We were saddled with YOUR self created issues, and YOU chose to keep the car. We would have GLADLY returned your down payment (the cleared amount) THE NEXT MORNING to have you out of our hair. We really diddnt need YOUR business that bad. Again, I can state that Stockton Nissan was a great place to work. Scott operates his business with integrity and fairness. The service department is second to none, and I have been having my personal vehicles serviced there, before, during and after my tenure with the company. I have bought 4 vehicles from the dealership myself, and I have counted over 40 friends and FAMILY members who have purchased vehicles from Stockton Nissan. I continue to recommend the dealership to any and all who I come in contact with.
Bring IT oN

Carrizo Springs, TX

#35 Aug 31, 2010
Consumer looking to buy

Sacramento, CA

#36 Jun 30, 2011
I don't know if the above comments will get the dealerships attention but it sure got my attention. I thought these kind of dealerships were a thing of the past.
I'm looking to get a new Frontier crew cab 4x4.....but I think I'll just keep looking.
Sorry for all your problems with this dealership but I sure appreciate the heads up!

Valley Springs, CA

#37 Sep 21, 2012
So many pro Stockton Nissan comments from Elk Grove? Same poster it is, this topic has kept me away from when I bought a car several months ago. I won't say which dealership I went to, but it was north of Stockton and I even heard negative comments about Stockton Nissan while I was there. I was at a Chevy dealership by the way.
popcorn mama

Stockton, CA

#38 Feb 7, 2013
i didn't know this forum existed. and back in 2009, i should have reported to nissanusa but i did not. a few times i'd gone to stockton nissan after buying my rogue in modesto. went with my boyfriend because we live in stockton, and i left each time frustrated and offended at the condescending attitude i received from one of the service agents who i checked my car in with. i have not been back to stockton for service since. i have really enjoyed my rogue, but it's very disappointing to me the service dealerships have provided. attitude, information, and a lack of integrity.

after reading the previous posts, i had to write that i concur. unfortunately, i have tried other service departments. only one i've not tried is elk grove, and i've heard good thing about them. they will be my next dealership to try.
Josh Berger

Dixon, CA

#39 Jul 18, 2014
Just wanted to let everyone here know that as of January 2014, this Dealership is under new ownership. The Company that owns it is Lithia Auto Stores, which is a big publicly traded company. Much different experience now, and you all should give them a 2nd chance.

Modesto, CA

#40 Jul 19, 2014
I just came from there and they where horrible, to be short a sales person told us: fu$&@you to my dad and my grandma I guess that's all I can say
Sharon Johnson

Stockton, CA

#41 Jul 24, 2014
Scott Sniffin is the most evil man I've ever met in my entire life!!!! 8 years ago I bought a used car from this dealership and my rear suspension bolt just snapped in half while driving on a cliff in Sonora. When they found out my master mechanic grandpa was accusing them of not doing a proper safety inspection they came after me HARD! I was only 22 years old and Mr. Sniffin called me EVERY day AT WORK yelling at me, trying to intimidate me...and he did so! I got so upset I would throw up!!!

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