How long untill theatre goes dark? Seriously! A week and a half of Tommy!(including previews)and then to put it bluntly, a lot of crap. We get over the hill rock bands with maybe 1 or 2 original members. They may sound great, but in general you get a shell of the band with members who were not even born when the bands had hits and you still pay top dollar. The ladies night guitar jam was a diaster except for the Jill Gallager (?) Band. The 2 solo women were ok but I would not have put them with the other 2 bands. Good open mike material and Bella's Bartok was musical vomit. Truely the worst "music" I have ever heard. Sounded like everyone was singing off key and each band member was playing a different song. Sorry about he rant but except for comedian Ron White selling out, the Colonial seems to be on its way to darkness again.