Drs Odie - Camille Seale

Florence, AL

#105 Apr 15, 2011
Want to know more? My e-mail odieseale@sbcglobal.net
We love you E.C. Note: you can't believe everything you have been told. We'd love to see you'all and minister there again or have you come here.
Love, Odie

United States

#106 Apr 16, 2011
i know z and his family quite well they live in one of the dome houses. they are good people raising their children as best they can in an environment that is not hostile and they dont meet people at the road with guns any more than you do. they are good people and they have a faith of their own n they choose to enjoy it n not push it in peoples faces. they are easy going and like to talk n visit just like other people. just because they have chose to live away from other people is fine with me. and there are a fiew that have more than one wife but most have just one. and they marry outside of the people there they have just asked for their children not to marry black people which is something i have found out alot of people out here do as well so how is it that they are so different from us? the kids that are raised their live everywhere i know of one hat moved to tenn. and another that moved to la. they all work togather as a whole family and community. like in the garden and things like that to be able to lve a good life they take care of their own elderly by sharing the duties amongst the families,they all work togather in anything that is built or needs fixed so that everyone does better. if my house needs fixed they will fix it if their car needs fixed i will fix it or if we need help in anything else and someone else in the community knows how to do it they do it no questons asked that is why they have done so well togathe. i am proud to be friends with thim they are good people and are not out to be of any harm to anyone.

United States

#107 Apr 17, 2011
what wrote:
i know z and his family quite well they live in one of the dome houses. they are good people raising their children as best they can in an environment that is not hostile and they dont meet people at the road with guns any more than you do..
I have to disagree with you about the not meeting people at the road with guns part- maybe they no longer do but I know for a fact that they did so back in the 1990s. When I was a teenager, my boyfriend and I were out driving the backroads down by Elohim City and we had some car trouble. Three men from Elohim City, carrying high powered rifles came over to our truck which was sitting stranded on the public county road tht runs past some of the homes. The men seemed fairly friendly, but I stayed in the vehicle and refused to speak to them because I was put off by the fact that they walked up to us carrying large guns. My boyfriend talked to them and they helped him get the truck going.

I got the impression that they were so used to carrying the guns around that they really didn't even think that someone might take it as being a possible threat of violence. They acted more like the soldiers do at checkpoints on a military base. Nonetheless, I don't think that being approached on a public road by men brandishing large firearms is acceptable and if it s still going on, the police should go talk to them about it.
Odie_ Camille

United States

#108 Apr 28, 2011
Serious Nibbler wrote:
<quoted text>
Zera's wife, my sister - Rachel. No better person on this planet. Their house (one of the dome homes) burned down earlier this year. She's in a mobile home now about a mile away. Only one of her children are still there.
Hey Dan, we've really missed you. Rachel is a princess among women. I really miss the people at Elohim City and hope one day to minister to them again. Many lies have been spoken, especially from the missouri head, but one day all will know the truth. Hope you'll contact me. We are in Skiatook, ok. odieseale@sbcglobal.net
Love you all....
Odie_ Camille

Morocco, IN

#109 Apr 28, 2011
Oh please, some of you posting are the real crazies. I've ministered there several times and they are beautiful people. They work, have their own gardens, sawmills, trucking companies, etc. They teach thei children with an excellent cirriculm and when they finish H.S. they are at a 2nd year college. That's just a little that I'll share with you. Be blessed and not ignorant.
Tim Tuttle Redux

Tahlequah, OK

#110 May 10, 2011
Watch this Video and tell me what you think.. I did see a rifle on the wall in their church in this video. This is just a segment out of the whole documentary.----
&NR =1
Jennifer wills

New Smyrna Beach, FL

#111 Aug 9, 2011
I am the ex-wife of Robert Millar's Grandson, and I lived in this community for 6 years. I did not grow up in this community (i grew up in "the world") but I was brought into it at the age of 23. I had my first 2 children here and although I do not agree with most of their politics or relegion , I will say that this group of people is harmless and non aggressive. They believe in being left alone to live their lives as they seem fit. I must say that I agree with them because I too refuse to allow anyone to tell me what I should or should not believe(which is one reason I did not fit into this community). They have a lot of bad press on them because of kindness. They believe in accepting everyone just as Jesus did. This is America home of the free and the brave. This group of people is loving and kind to strangers, even though I am not as accepting as they are, they are not to be held responsible for what happened with the FBI building. They are only guilty of being kind, as the bible states to be. They have some outrageous beliefs, I,myself could not abide by, they are committed to excellence. Excellence to family and community. They believe in the loving grace of God as any Christian would. They are innocent of hatefulness as they have been accused.

San Juan, TX

#112 Aug 9, 2011
Perhaps workin mans wife moved there. She was very racist so I'm sure she fit in

Salinas, CA

#113 Aug 14, 2011
Lived there. Good people there, but be sure allis not what it seems.

Salinas, CA

#114 Aug 14, 2011
Jennifer Wills, I lived there and agree with you. Just remember More than one wife is common, Guns at prayer is common, How many sons are doing time as a result of the ARYAN LIBERATION ARMY for bank jobs? Lets see I remember finding a military blasting cap after cleaning an old school bus of weights. Mr. Zink who has passed away as a result of a fight and being run over by a tractor trailer handed it to Zara Patterson <chief of security> and supposedly its in the water pond . Dont forget the stand off,s , Execution coinciding with bombing, you are obviously looking out with out knowing. Remember strassmeier.

Broken Arrow, OK

#116 Sep 1, 2011
scary as hell

United States

#117 Sep 2, 2011
Tim Tuttle Redux wrote:
Watch this Video and tell me what you think.. I did see a rifle on the wall in their church in this video. This is just a segment out of the whole documentary.---- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =ygUhvZuC6fEXX&NR=1
They live way out in BFE surrounded by communities of drunk indians, hell I'd have guns too!!!!! lol

Washington, DC

#118 Dec 16, 2011
I would check with a Mr. Mark Potock of the SPLC....The SPLC was running the city as a false flag op. .....go look it up.....They are real terrorists

Since: Aug 11

United States

#119 Dec 16, 2011
I met a girl from there a few years ago.. Didn't know she was from there till she told me a few weeks later.. She seemed normal for the most part. I had a few classes with her she was very intelligent

Broken Arrow, OK

#121 Dec 29, 2011
i've heard that they are very anti-government, yet they are signed up for every government handout they can get.

Haskell, OK

#122 Apr 26, 2012
i got lost up on oak ridge mountain trying to find a house and accidently drove through there yesterday. looks like theres not many people there anymore. was still creepy. only seen one woman who looked like pure white trailer trash....

Fargo, ND

#123 Sep 23, 2012
Feds and those they recruit is what happens to places like this. They talk them into blowing things up, then arrest them as the hero of the day and write such things as:

http://www.adl.org/learn/Ext_US/Elohim.asp ...



They even have some type of satellite tracking system via National Geospacial-Inteligence Agency and Patcon (patriot conspiracy)
Also the home of a german intelligence agent smuggled in/out through mexico and seen at the OKC bombing site rigging bombs a day or 2 prior to bombing.
(most from movie A Noble Lie)
We need to acknowledge and stop such activities and stop the in the box thinking where the media puts us, if we want to straighten out US problems and global 'intervention' of terrorism, as many events are launched by our own.

Broken Arrow, OK

#124 Sep 24, 2012
Elohim Ciy has become quite the urban legend. Yes, it exists, but I don't think these people are the Ruby Ridge/Waco types. They basically just want the government to butt out of their lives. Just because they practice their 2nd Amendement right to bear arms, homeschool their children, and live independently from the rest of socity does not mean they are terrorists. How is their way of life any different than the Amish? The county has more trouble from the mainsteam population than it ever had from the Elohim City folks.

Wiesbaden, Germany

#125 Nov 8, 2012
How many people live in Elohim City now? There were up to 120 about 10 years ago ...

United States

#126 Nov 22, 2012
Ralph wrote:
How many people live in Elohim City now? There were up to 120 about 10 years ago ...
alls I no I live n bell an been thru their several times I've seen em shooting full auto ak 47 to many times crazy white people an guns n the muddle of nowere not for me

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