Jim Ray

Erick, OK

#42 Sep 22, 2009
Did you get the movie Hey, we had a old hand dug Hidding Hole back behind, by the bluff, it's got some secrets in it, but I bet your afraid to go see.

Might be a Hidden room in it full of treasure's.

“An Earth Bound Misfit, I”

Since: Feb 09


#43 Sep 23, 2009
I think I finally got the pics of the dome homes in Elohim City post on topix. the link is


or just click the photos tab

Since: Sep 09

Waldron, AR

#44 Sep 30, 2009
Stilwell Cartel wrote:
<quoted text>So who fathers all the children there now since the ole man is dead. Is that where Timothy Mcvey worshipped and fasted at ?
No all the children do not have one father. Also, Timothy Mcvey was mad at the city for not letting him in he was living with the KKK not the city.
BAD BAD Leory Brown

Haskell, OK

#45 Oct 1, 2009
Who knows why they are like they are.....but as long as they don't bother me then I'm alright. They can keep their little secrets to them selfs..

“An Earth Bound Misfit, I”

Since: Feb 09


#48 Oct 14, 2009
Published October 08, 2009 02:34 pm - Joseph Josiah Stone was found not guilty on four counts.

Jury acquits area man of threats to Elohim City group


STILWELL – An Adair County jury has acquitted an area man on charges of transmitting threatening letters.

The panel found Joseph Josiah Stone, 48, not guilty on all four counts filed against him following a two-day jury trial last week. Stone represented himself in the case presided over by Special District Judge Dennis Sprouse.

Matt Orendorff, a Sallisaw attorney, sat at counsel table with Stone.

Stone, also known as Joseph Stone and Charles Scott Reeding Jr., was also charged with two counts of threatening violent acts and a single count of threats or harassment by phone.

Assistant District Attorney Kenneth Wright, of Delaware County, served as special prosecutor in the case.

The acts allegedly occurred in June 2008. He was formally charged Sept. 19, 2008.

Prosecutors had alleged Stone threatened to poison Dorcas Millar’s water source.

They also alleged he said, of a pair of Elohim City residents, that “John and Zera needed to go, even if that means they have to die,” and that he was willing to do whatever it takes,“even if that means destroying life at Elohim City.”

Another count alleged he phoned the Adair County DA’s office and said he would get involved, if the DA didn’t, and “it would be really bad, really violent, and there would be blood at Elohim City.”

A "special prosecutor" is brought in for this case?? The Special Prosecutor" loses the case even though the guy defends himself!!!
Serious Nibbler

Tulsa, OK

#49 Nov 15, 2009
I lived there for 10 months in '92-'93, and then for two years after Rev. Millar had passed on. He was my father-in-law for 12 years.

You have nothing to fear from them. In all the years I was associated with them, I never witnessed or even knew about an act of violence. Certainly no one was ever shot at. I can tell you that if they did shoot at someone, they wouldn't miss. I was the guy by the way who got caught between the bumpers while jumping the guy's truck. I wasn't hurt. The guys with me weren't my sons - just friends.
Serious Nibbler

Tulsa, OK

#50 Nov 15, 2009
Mergenta wrote:
Elohim City , Well lets see they do not bite.My brother is 3/4 cherokee and they were very nice to him we lived close by for about a year. My mother and myself became friends with The Zara's wife and daughter.We are not all white ourselves. they do not hate. They really would not even care if you were a purple alien from the planet Klacktos 9.They just seemed like a comunity in he wrong time. Kind of like a Christian puritan camp of old.Worship the lord alot do chores alot then worship alot more and more.They even have a time of fasting for the lord.They will not shoot at you and they will answer all questions you ask as long as you are nice and courteous.No Matter your race.
Zera's wife, my sister - Rachel. No better person on this planet. Their house (one of the dome homes) burned down earlier this year. She's in a mobile home now about a mile away. Only one of her children are still there.

Gray, GA

#51 Nov 15, 2009
Cripes that BEAUTIFUL home of many floors that I drooled over burnt.I am sorry to hear that is everyone ok I am worried now I have to hear more is star ok?

Serious Nibbler wrote:
<quoted text>
Zera's wife, my sister - Rachel. No better person on this planet. Their house (one of the dome homes) burned down earlier this year. She's in a mobile home now about a mile away. Only one of her children are still there.
Red dirt

Erick, OK

#52 Nov 17, 2009
thier nice to a 3/4 indian how would they trear me a full blown Hebrew?
Red dirt

Erick, OK

#53 Nov 17, 2009
opps "treat"

Bunch, OK

#54 Nov 17, 2009
with the job that i do i see the millars every once in awhile. if you didnt know em you wouldnt even know theyre from the city.nice folks all except the all mighty joseph,josiah stone.didnt care for him much...said he was a lover,prophet,and a jugde and threw me a buisness card.....

Lexington, KY

#55 Jan 22, 2010
Elohim City, Mostly religious and nada radical to the point of doing anything terroristic. They believe God will take care of all the problems and in their pride they think they will be set up to rule the rest of us. Mostly pentecostal in their beliefs...
Pride is their main failure. They think they know more than the rest of us and have no clue about how Jesus Christ opened the way into the holiest of holies for all of us and not just them.
Mostly I do believe the majority of them need to learn what it is to be saved eternally. They still hold to the belief their actions makes them holy when the Bible clearly states that Satan and his Angels teach Jesus Christ but their end is according to their works...so I am of the opinion they need to know the truth, the real salvation of God.
Far as the physical condition of the place. Most of those living their do not know what it is to hold a real job. They live in a commune and have that mentality. Some of the leaders have molested young women 14 years old and younger. Of course they would never admit this, but that is a fact and I have the evidence to prove it. So are they anything to fear...? NO!
Elohim City is not the City of God. They just think it is.
Concerning the Oklahoma bombing: Robert Millar, founder, was the spiritual leader of a murderer Wayne Snell who was known to say, " we need to drive a truck full of explosives into that building", referring to the Federal Courthouse in OKC, the mural bldg. Snell is buried at Elohim City. So you decide if they had anything to do with the bombing.
Personally, I would not give that group a second thought. If anything, they are to be pitied. The young people there need to be taken out and given a chance to live a normal life.

Muskogee, OK

#56 Feb 4, 2010
Well when I lived up near them they did not seem prideful and they also helped anyone who needed it my dad got down in his back and they brought us a load of wood and would not even take a thing in return. And as for the out to rule the world and everyone in it part I think you have watched too much Pinky and the Brain.

United States

#57 Feb 4, 2010
Its a good place to keep your butt away from its not a place for your no its not for you pie slave they'll shoot you .

United States

#58 Feb 4, 2010
Tthey find out you got pis they'll shoot you an i will tell them

Muskogee, OK

#59 Feb 16, 2010
I love how people who dont really know anythig love to act like they do by putting their ideas about their fear of the unknown down as factual information. I suggest if you want to know about them go ask THEM be nice and respectful like you would expect people to treat you in your home. And stop believing others twisted half truths that they heard from a friend who heard from a cousin who heard form someone who knows someone who has Drove by there and made up stoies to make themselves look tough or make the people out there look bad because of their ignorance and being to lazy to find out the truth themselves. And as for blaming them for what a couple stupid peolpe did that they themselves kicked out of the village is like blaming every American in the here and now for the slavery in the past people get educated and stop the ignorance,or at least act like you have half a brain.

United States

#60 Mar 6, 2010
Never been down there, but lived in Claremore my whole life (26 years). I don't really understand having an extremist view, then going and hiding from the rest of society. If you are going to have a view you should be able to justify it to others even if they don't support it. Society is always going to advance and if you ain't here to support your own cause, then don't bitch when society shuns your views.

I don't expect any sort of social advancement to be sparked from the confines of Elohim City. A society of like-minded individuals having no true debate with anyone on their extremist views. Sounds like a recipe for some stagnant soup. So Elohim zombies have fun fading into Oblivion without attributing anything to the advancement of society. You are not special.

United States

#61 Mar 8, 2010
Pie Slave wrote:
<quoted text>
No hybrids allowed there!!!
well well someone like you they wouldnt have if they knew you they take you out an shoot you for sure .

Haskell, OK

#62 Mar 8, 2010
do they have a mayor

Sycamore, GA

#63 Mar 9, 2010
i been thru there and they had kids out there with guns on the ball court i think they are crazy. isnt that where the oklahoma city bomber was hiding at? i know al the mailboxes last names were mc somethings

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